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Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development

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Published by: Deepak Mohanty on Dec 18, 2011
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Understanding Rural Enterprises & Value Chain

Enterprises Enterprises Small Scale Medium Scale Large Scale Modern Small Scale Ancillaries Tiny Sector Cottage Industries Household Industries Handloom Khadi Village Industries Handicraft Agricultural Coir .

Value-addition through: Change of shape Change of place More Satisfaction etc. Policy Surrounding Customer System Source Input Process Output Market Resources: Men Suppliers Machines Vendors Materials Management Money etc.Production System (Input-Output-Model) Competitor Community Govt. FinishedGoods Or Value-added Services Users Customer s Feedback Nature Technology Figure: System View of Operations Management Function .

Simple value chain in agriculture Production Processing Wholesale Retail Consumer Input Supply .

Equipments. Stock.Enterprises Hospital Input Patients. Medicine. Medical suppliers. scheduling. product promotion. ticketing systems ------------------------------------ Process (Psychological) Health care treatments Output Healthy/ cured people Restaurant (Physical and exchange) Food preparation and services (Physical) Fabrication and assembly of components or an automobile (Informational) Teaching and learning Satisfied customers (full stomach) High quality automobiles Educated/ graduated people Sales to satisfied customers Fast and accurate delivery to retailers On-time and safe delivery of services Automobile factory College/ University Departmental store (Exchange) Selling by Attractive display. Nurses. Books. airplanes. Doctors. Sales team Retailers. Teachers. crews. Equipments Hungry customers (empty stomach) Raw metals. transportation/ distribution (Physical) Moving to the destination Distribution center Airline Agriculture Agro-industry Dairy Fisheries Forestry ----------------------------- ------------------------------------ . Stock-pickers Travelers. Class-rooms Shoppers. Worker Students. Sores. Displays. Tools. orders (Physical) Storage.

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