What Is Cyber Crime ?

Technique In
Cyber Crime?

How To Prevent
Cyber Crime?

HISTORY OF CYBER CRIME ? ‘72 TCP/IP invented ‘79 First computer worm created ‘83 First virus created ‘95 Internet-based computing take over from PC-based computing ‘08 51 million people bank online ‘09 80 million Americans e-file their taxes ‘10 285 million records breached .

Cybercrime : Top 20 Countries .

TYPE OF CYBER CRIME ? • • • • • • • Computer viruses Harassment : cyber stalking Fraud and identity theft Phishing scams Information warfare Obscene and offensive content Cyber terrorism .

CYBER CRIME TECHNIQUES? • Phishing : setting up a fraudulent website • Network Intrusion : directly breaking into the network • Trojan Horses : installs itself and remains dormant until the victim visits predetermined web URL • ‘Real world’ theft : stealing financial information by installing ‘skimmers’ .

keep them up to date. password protect it. • Keep your operating system up to date with critical security updates and patches. • If you have a Wi-fi network. • Make sure your employees and family members know this info too! -THE END- . • Don't share access to your computers with strangers.HOW TO PREVENT ? • Use anti-virus software and firewalls . • Don't open emails or attachments from unknown sources.

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