Job Location/Site: Task/Activity: ERECTION AND DISMANTLING OF SCAFFOLDING Work Area:
Emergency situation /Evacuation

JSA NO:11 PCR NO : PCR NO: Date:

Permit N0:

Gas Leak / Fire /Any Emergency: In case of emergency, all works must be stopped, equipment must be switched off
and left in safe condition. All personnel shall reach the nearest muster point considering the wind direction (upward or cross-ward) WHO IS AT RISK





Morning tool box Meeting And JHA Discussion


Work Permit

 People Not Understanding What The Plan Or Hazards Are; People Afraid To Ask Questions  Presence Of H2S gas and Toxic gas In Work Areas  Presence of chemical or flammable items  Unauthorized commencement of works  May result in exposing people and/or potential to harm or danger.

   

People Equipment Facility Environment

 Make Sure Everyone Is Involved With The JSA/JHA Discussion And Understands; Encourage Everyone To Ask Questions And Participate. Don't Make Anyone Feel For Speaking Up Or Questioning  Try To Identify These Types Of things In Your Work Areas Before Starting the work; Clear Carefully Work Areas By gas testing and daily site inspection  Authorized work permit holders shall ensure obtaining and maintaining valid work permits.  The supervisor responsible for this activity has to check the PPE of his staff to ensure that all required items are available and properly used.  Inform all people regarding permit conditions before work starts.  Supervisors must conduct daily toolbox talk about nature of work and associated potential hazards and their essential precautionary measures.  Carryout gas test by QP Authorized gas tester time to time.  All groups working in different area inside station shall have H2S personal gas monitor(certified)

   

People Equipment Facility Environment


Gas test

 May found toxic gas or H2S gas leak  People or extreme oxygen limit in air Environment



5  Erection & of Scaffolding 6 Use  Damage to onsite detectors  People /switches / transmitters etc  Facility  Equipment   Fall of objects / Tools.JOB SAFETY ANALYSIS (JSA) FORM SL.  Provide temporary holding area at location that will not congest/obstruct plant access or restrict mobility of other activities. 7 8 9 10 11  Accidental Fall of Person  Unstable Scaffold  Weak Scaffold  People              People Facility Equipment People Facility Equipment People Facility Equipment People Facility Equipment  The Scaffolder must use Safety Harness/full body harness to prevent accidental fall  The scaffold must be inspected.  Observe extra caution in mobilizing material at site  Take extreme care during erection and override it if needed. high windetc) or other unsafe conditions.  Nearby existing facilities if any subject to physical damage during material hauling  People  Equipment  Facility  Survey the area and confirm safe location of temporary of material prior to hauling. couplers will be stored on the ground or anytime scattered on the ground.  People  Facility  Equipment     Provide guardrail & toe board to prevent falling of tools /objects Don’t keep the unnecessary materials on the scaffold platform Hand tools to be tied with permanent structure or person If required barricade the area during erection work. congestion in the work area if hauling/storing of material in not properly planned and coordinated. certified & tagged bythe competent person confirming its suitability  The scaffold tag must indicate the maximum load that itcan bear  Damaged Scaffold  Modified Scaffold  The scaffolding is to be inspected at least weekly for any damage due to weather condition (rain. No pipes. addition in the scaffold.  Obtain necessary permit  Provide temporary holding area at location that will not congest/obstruct site access or restrict mobility of other activities.   In case of any modification.  Scaffold rack is a must for holding scaffolding material. ithas to be reinspected & certified Page 2 of 3 PJ247/JSA-11-REV-0 ERECTION AND DISMANTLING OF SCAFFOLDING . access obstruction.NO ACTIVITY STEPS HAZARDS INVOLVED WHO IS AT RISK CONTROL MEASURES 4 Scaffolding Preparation of work/Hauling of materials  Mobility restriction.

JOB SAFETY ANALYSIS (JSA) FORM SL. 13  Incomplete Scaffold 14 15  Old Scaffolding Housekeeping Clean up worksite  Doubtful Integrity      Do not use if it does not have valid inspection tag attached  Remove tools equipment and rubbish from worksite and maintain a clean work environment.  Arrange housekeeping on daily and every shift bases  Supervisor shall conduct tool box meeting in this regards Slips trips and falls due to poor housekeeping People Environment Facility Equipment Project Engineer PREPARED BY: HSE/QA/QC Manager REVIEWED BY: Project Manager APPROVED BY: Page 3 of 3 PJ247/JSA-11-REV-0 ERECTION AND DISMANTLING OF SCAFFOLDING .NO ACTIVITY STEPS HAZARDS INVOLVED WHO IS AT RISK CONTROL MEASURES 12  Improperly Supported Scaffold  People  Facility  People  Facility  Ensure Scaffold is securely supported on a rigid groundand not on process piping / vessel or equipment  Do not use if green Tag is missing  Do not use if red tag is available.

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