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My prayer is that this collection of Your holy and liberating words will be pleasing to You. translated by Swami Tapasyananda). and bring Your devotees joy. with this verse: “Just as the light-waving ceremony to the sun is only the offering of his own light back to him. O Mother. 2007 1 . just as the offering to the moon with the water emanating from the moonstone is only giving back what belongs to the moon. Source of all Learning. this hymn to You is composed of words that are already Yours” (adapted from the Sri Ramakrishna Math edition. Holy Mother.DEDICATORY PREFACE Sri Sankaracarya concludes his wondrous hymn to the Divine Mother. and just as making a water offering to the ocean is only returning what belongs to it—so. Joseph Molleur Vedanta Society of Iowa May. this Upanishad is likewise an offering to You of words that are already Yours. only the arrangement is mine. The Saundarya Lahari (“Inundation of Divine Splendor”).


Madras: Sri Ramakrishna Math. N. 3 . RSSD Reminiscences of Sri Sarada Devi. translated by Maloti Sen Gupta. Swami Prabhananda. Recorded in Bengali by Her Devotee-Children. and others. 2004. 1986. Madras: Sri Ramakrishna Math. translated by J. 1982. Original in Bengali by Swami Saradeshananda. translated by Swami Nikhilananda. Kolkata: Advaita Ashrama. MSH The Mother as I Saw Her: Being Reminiscences of Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi.LIST OF ABBREVIATIONS GHM The Gospel of the Holy Mother Sri Sarada Devi. Compiled and edited in Bengali by Swami Purnatmananda. Dey.

126) OM. (GHM. perhaps out of their mind. save me. (GHM 204) 5. yet I have to take care of thousands—monastics some of them. (GHM 321) 4 . crying “Mother. Peace is the principal thing. and enjoy peace. My dear. THE MOTHER 1. (GHM 114) 2. (GHM 305) 6. Could I be one-sided? (GHM 376) 4. Beings all over the universe are my children. peace be unto all. One needs peace alone. my son. I am the mother of the virtuous as well as the wicked. p. that the Master looked upon all in this world as Mother? He left me behind this time for demonstrating that Motherhood to the world. Do you know. I bless you from my heart that you live long. Peace. I am your Mother and you are my child. they too (foreigners) are my children. attain devotion. some householders and yet others. I haven’t borne a single child.PEACE INVOCATION My child. the mother cleanses him. I. peace. If the son defiles himself. (RSSD 209) 7.” (RSSD 205) 3. I have to run the house including everybody.

People call me “goddess. as it were. Whatever thought arises. Am I then a superhuman being? I never knew what worry was. Do not make any distinction between Sri Ramakrishna and me. Whenever I like it. (RSSD 199) 2. When I had occasion to go to him [Sri Ramakrishna] next. “Who am I to you?” At once he replied. as soon as I met him. “She who is there also dwells here”—pointing to me. I myself am Sita. If the one who is within me once raises his hood. there is none among Brahma. I asked. (GHM 388) 5. I myself am Maya! (GHM 147) 9. (GHM 148) 6. do not trouble me too much. (RSSD 48) 8. Or how could you explain all the strange things that have happened in my life? (GHM 60) 3. Otherwise how is it possible for me to get any disease? (GHM 49) 7. in the palm of my hand. Now-a-days I find my mind having a strange power. it comes true. I do not know for whose sins I have been suffering in this body. (GHM 37) 4.” and I too am led to think so. Vishnu or Maheshwara that can save you. (GHM 370) 10. be it good or bad.II. pointing to Kali’s temple. And the vision of God—it lies. (GHM 22) 5 . Look here. I do not remember having committed any sin since my very birth. I can have it. I have been suffering from this ailment [nettle-rash] for the last three years. HER TRUE IDENTITY 1.

(GHM 301) 3. seek his protection. we are rooted in the Master. Whatever you do. What else is spiritual life besides praying to the Master. nothing will go wrong. He is all in all. Sri Ramakrishna is everything—both Guru and Ishta. One can worship through him all Gods and Goddesses. and he left the world as soon as his identity was discovered. At every step of life keep the Master in mind. (GHM 164) 4. He alone is the embodiment of all Deities. (RSSD 271) 6. You can address him as Maheshwara as well as Maheshwari. If you repeat his name. He is our ideal. He alone is the embodiment of all mystic syllables. (GHM 22) 8. There was none but the Master everywhere. The Master is really God who assumed a human body to remove the sufferings of men. every creature was He. the lame too were Master. Whatever we may be. He moved about just as a king walks through his city in disguise. repeating his Name. (RSSD 222) 6 . Ah! How kindly Sri Ramakrishna treated me! Not even one day did he utter a word to wound my feelings. SRI RAMAKRISHNA 1. (GHM 60) 2. (GHM 376) 7. Our Master alone is Maheshwara (Supreme God) and Maheshwari (Supreme Goddess) as well. Then it dawned on me that the creation was His. if you keep a firm hold on the Master. then no pain will seem painful.III. Who doesn’t have sorrow or suffering in life? They are inevitable. I saw that Master was immanent in every being. he will give you strength. and contemplating on him? (With a smile) And the Master? What is there after all in him? He is our own eternally! (GHM 86) 5. Wherever I looked I saw Master—the blind.

(GHM 100) 12. It will be a heinous sin on the part of the Master if he does not protect those who have taken shelter at his feet. Certainly one can be free from sin by confessing it to one like him. then the Master will see that everything is set right. and who want to lead a good life. (GHM 92–93) 11. (GHM 166) 14. He saw everything. He alone will protect you. If you pray to him constantly before his picture. The place where the picture is kept becomes a shrine. GRACE 1. (GHM 37) 10. His words are the words of the Veda. (GHM 22) IV. who have taken refuge in him renouncing all. (GHM 151) 17. The Master will be your protector. you will attain to everything in life. You must live in a spirit of selfsurrender to him. you certainly shall. Master did not come to destroy tradition. If anyone surrenders himself totally at his feet. (RSSD 214) 16. Nothing can be attained without his grace. both here and hereafter. (GHM 131) 15. he knew everything. If you can follow even one of his instructions. The Master is ever-present. Our Master was a man of direct perception. my child. (GHM 305) 7 . Don’t be afraid.9. Is it any ordinary person who has cast his influence over you? (RSSD 213) 13. You say you haven’t seen the Master? I tell you. then he manifests himself through that picture. Sri Ramakrishna was a perfect soul. The Master has predetermined what he is going to accomplish.

He bestows His grace upon anyone He likes. (MSH 211) 3. One hears the anahata-dhvani prior to the rousing of the Kundalini. Nonetheless. then your call will be responded to and your prayers granted through His grace. One suffers as a result of one’s karma. If you exert yourself sincerely and. is anything possible for anyone? Oh bound soul! Surrender. (GHM 27) 4. Even then. truthfulness. God wants sincerity. instead of blaming others for such sufferings.2. others did not receive it at all. (GHM 220) 5. Practice meditation sincerely and then you will understand His infinite grace. (GHM 310) 6. joy and peace through the grace of Mother Durga. pray to Him from the core of your heart. Well. and depending entirely on His Grace. God-realization depends upon the grace of God. Grace is the important thing. In olden times the ascetics practiced austerities for thousands of years with their feet up and heads down. (MSH 63) 8 . only some of them received God’s grace. We shall try our utmost. May my children have every blessing. one should pray to the Lord. banishing all other thoughts. everything will be done by the grace of Mother Kali. (GHM 408) 10. God is realized only through His grace. (GHM 167) 8. It entirely depends on His will. for they remove the impurities of one’s mind. one must perform Japa and meditation. If Mahamaya does not open the way. (RSSD 300) 7. bear them with patience under all circumstances. and love. Then alone will She take compassion on you and leave your path open. So. (GHM 217) 9. and with fires burning under them. But this is not possible without the grace of the Divine Mother. surrender.

WORK 1. you will attain everything. (GHM 7) 2. Son. Total detachment comes later on. sing the praises of God. FAITH 1. If you have them. Please pray for me that I can do so till the last day of my life! (MSH 139) 9 . Through work alone can one remove the bondage of work. (GHM 367) 2. why. considering all work to be His work—service to Him. not by avoiding work. may you have faith and devotion! (GHM 375) VI. after many such attempts. it is all my work! (RSSD 238) 4. One should not be without work even for a moment. Gradually. firm faith will come. Always be engaged in some work or other. Doubts will arise and again faith will come. it is good to work. (MSH 135) 3.V. work for your living. My son. And the work that you are doing. dear. (GHM 14–15) 5. If you don’t work who will feed you? Work. Faith and steadfastness to your ideal are the main things. Only work. One must do some work. This way alone faith is strengthened. May your spiritual consciousness awaken. eat well. (RSSD 38–39) 3. It is conducive to the health of both the body and the mind.

you get to think of all that you have done and not done during the day. Then doing Japa one has to meditate on the form of one’s Ishta. When you sit at dusk. (GHM 133) 7. How can the mind be kept well without any work? Is it possible to meditate for all the twentyfour hours of the day? So one has to take up some work. (GHM 177) 4. one sees only the face of the Ishta. Will these things be possible later on? Whatever you want to achieve. Repeating His name will make your mind steadfast like the flame of a lamp protected from wind. Though in the beginning. Do your spiritual practice ardently. There should be a regular time for the practice of Japa and meditation. one must meditate on the whole form from the feet upwards. practice all these things right now. austerities or worship. (GHM 105) VII. It is good to do the right kind of work. That keeps the mind in good shape. Therefore. Then you have to compare the states of your mind yesterday and today. (GHM 219) 10 . SPIRITUAL PRACTICE 1. One feels happy in doing good and one suffers by doing evil. It is like the rudder of a ship. this is the right time. regularity in spiritual practice should be observed. My child. At least once at dawn and dusk one must sit down for spiritual practices. (GHM 396–397) 3. no matter how busy one may be with worldly matters. achieve now.6. (GHM 322) 2. For no one knows when the auspicious moment will come. It comes suddenly—one has no hint of it before hand.

(GHM 102) 5. Bhakti or devotion alone accomplishes everything. (GHM 22) 4. One’s love of God depends entirely upon one’s inner feeling. (GHM 13) 11 .5. (GHM 87) 3. How can one achieve anything without effort? One must devote some time for prayer even in the midst of one’s household duties. do you see how effective is the power of practice? In the same way. Well. (GHM 59) 2. As one calls on Him. Neither Mantra nor scripture is of any avail. With a little practice one gets such joy! (GHM 408) VIII. One must work hard. Love of God is the essential thing. Yes. loving devotion. This love is to be cherished. man achieves the highest goal through the practice of Japa. Have intense devotion to God. Even the impossible becomes possible through devotion. Japa leads to success! (GHM 227) 6. One realizes Him in proportion to the intensity of one’s feeling for Him. (GHM 359) 6. Japa leads to success. DEVOTION 1. But realization of God cannot be achieved without ecstatic love (Prema Bhakti) for Him. has nothing more to fear. Is the value of a thing to be gauged by its price? It is the love and devotion with which a thing is offered that really counts! (MSH 109) 7. with sincere faith and devotion. Anyone who has once called on the Master. by His grace one gets Prema-bhakti.

He does not make an effort to repeat the Name. But when you do not achieve such concentration of mind. It is not an easy task. MEDITATION 1. (GHM 59) 3. One should practice Japa and meditation at regular times. If one is steady in meditation. he feels as if the holy Name bubbles up spontaneously from within himself. don’t force yourself to meditation. Why can’t one meditate if one has a pure mind? Why should one not be able to see God? When a pure soul performs Japa. In time the mind itself becomes the Guru. (GHM 305) 6. it is very good. (GHM 213) 5. (GHM 214) 12 . you will have meditation spontaneously. (GHM 70) 2. On such occasions finish your spiritual practice by simply saluting the Lord. Practice meditation regularly. Compared to meditation. for your mind is still unripe. The day on which you have the right mood. The practice of meditation will lead your mind to such one-pointedness that you won’t like to give up meditation. your mind will become steady. If one is able to pray to God and meditate on Him for even two minutes with full concentration. one will clearly see the Lord in one’s heart and hear His voice.IX. After prolonged practice of meditation. it is easier to till a plot of land. (GHM 176) 4.

(GHM 320) 5. the mind is likely to indulge in various kinds of thoughts. It is the pure mind which shows man the path. none of them [troubles] will be there. Is the mind the cause of troubles only? Even when you try to attain to Brahman. his mind becomes pure. They give different instructions suited to different temperaments. it doesn’t indulge in silly thoughts. There is nothing called impurity outside the mind. (GHM 178) 2. (GHM 76) 3. One gets everything when the mind becomes steady. too. and through such a pure mind one attains knowledge and spiritual awakening. What else does a man obtain by the realization of God? Does he grow two horns? No. At the present stage the assistance of the mind is very necessary. Brahman exists everywhere. THE MIND 1. You may talk of the vision of God or of meditation. 13 . you shall have to carry with you the mind. The prophets and incarnations are born to show the way to a benighted humanity. Nothing can be achieved without purity of mind. (GHM 173) 4. but remember. BRAHMAN 1. (GHM 207) 2. the mind is everything.X. When you attain to It. If the mind is kept engaged in some work. or bones. But if you sit idle. (GHM 214) XI. Everything depends upon one’s mind. or marrow? It is the mind that makes one pure or impure. Please tell me what is impure in your body—the skin or flesh.

Peace is the principal thing. 14 . who does not gain my compassion. the glorious Female. and enjoy peace. peace be unto all. Everything that appears before us is the manifestation of Brahman. attain devotion.There are many ways to realize the Truth. (MSH 104) XII. the Infinite and the Absolute Being. (GHM 47) PEACE INVOCATION My child. He is unfortunate. Nothing can be achieved without sincere love. indeed. Brahman is the “whole. Peace. Even the wise could hardly realize the nature of Brahman by argument. I do not know anyone. for whom I do not feel compassion. the source of this universe of multiplicity.” without anything else beside Him. One needs peace alone.” the complete. the Male supreme. Is Brahman an object of discussion? (GHM 20) 3. COMPASSION AND LOVE 1. He is the “whole. Is the Master a “part” of some “whole”? No. (GHM 126) OM. I bless you from my heart that you live long. peace. He is also the Prakriti or Shakti. not even an insect. of His Power (Shakti). Brahman alone is the Purusha. There is nothing existing but He. (GHM 160) 2. It is His Power that is manifested as all Deities and is worshipped through them. the full.

7 In response to a widow who asked Holy Mother. the symbol of which is OM. Pointing to a picture of Sri Ramakrishna. XII. when incarnations usually outlive their consorts.1 IV.8 To Sri Ramakrishna.” 15 .4 I.4 Speaking to her exasperating close relatives. who was having doubts about Holy Mother’s renunciation due to the latter’s seeming entanglement with relatives and worldly affairs.10 Described as the “prayer she offered from the core of her heart” for her devotees.” IV. II.7 IV.2 To a son of Holy Mother who pleaded with her not to work so much in her old age. primordial sound of the universe.9 IV. when he was ill.1 To Yogin-Ma. To a couple of argumentative nuns who disapproved of image worship. II.8 In response to some women who had accused Holy Mother of being “terribly entangled in Maya” due to her involvement with bothersome relatives and worldly concerns. Response to a monk of the Ramakrishna Order who asked when he would receive God’s grace as a reward for his “hard austerities. VI. The anahata-dhvani is “the mystical. “How many children have you?” In response to a question about why she outlived Sri Ramakrishna. V.5 XI.2 After hearing a song of Mirabai that ends with the line: “God cannot be realized without love.NOTES I.” IV.

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