Welding Procedure Specification (WPS

Code: AWS D1.1 Company Name: www.WPSAmerica.com Address: info@WPSAmerica.com, 1 (877) 977-9353 Identification #:

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Is WPS Prequalified?

Welding Process:

Process Type:


Supporting PQR No.(s):

Base Metal Part I (Material Spec., type or grade):
Group I and II of Table 3.1-AWS D1.1

Base Metal Part II (Material Spec., type or grade):
Group I and II of Table 3.1-AWS D1.1

Thickness*/Pipe Diameter:
Groove or Fillet Range: T>=6 mm (1/4 in.) * If Prequalified, qualified range as shown in Sketch

Filler Metals: AWS Classification*/AWS Specification:
E70C-6M H4 A5.18 * Electrode-Flux Class. (SAW)

Joint Details/Sketch:

Joint Design Used (Design information for Prequalified WPS as shown in Sketch):
Root Opening G: mm (in) 0 Root Face RF: >=3 mm (1/8 in.) Groove Angle: 60 Radius (J-U): n/a

Weld Type:
Partial Joint Penetration Groove Weld

Joint Type:
Butt Joint Corner Joint

Backing Option:
Welded without backing

Backing Material:

Back Gouging Method:

Identification #: GMAW-DEMO Sheet 2 of 2 Electrical Characteristics: Current Type/Polarity: Transfer Mode (GMAW): Tungsten Electrode (GTAW): Type: N/A Size: n/a Shielding: DCEP Spray Gas Composition (Flux for SAW): Ar + 5 to 15% CO2 Gas Flow Rate: 40 to 50 CFH Gas Cup Size: 5/8 in.1 Time: n/a Additional Notes: The end of contact tube recommended to be recessed in the cup nozzle at least 6 mm (1/4 in.2 of AWS D1. Grind Number of Electrodes: Single Electrode Spacing: Longitudinal: n/a Lateral: n/a Angle: n/a Contact Tube to Work Distance: 1 to1-1/8 in.4 mm (0. Min C (F): 0 to 10 (C)-Table 3.) Technique: Stringer or Weave Bead: Stringer Bead Initial/ Interpass Cleaning: Wire Brush. Min/ Max C (F): 0 to 10 (C)-Table 3.2 of AWS D1.4 mm (0.4 mm (0.) Manufacturer/ Contractor Welding Engineer: Authorized by: Name: Weld Guy Title: Welding Engineer Date: 12/12/2005 Name: John Smith Title: QA Manager Date: 12/12/2005 . Peening: n/a Heat Treatment: Preheat Temp.1 Postweld Heat Treatment: Temp.052) 3 to n GMAW E70C-6M H4 1. Welding Procedure Weld Pass Layer(s) No. 1 1 to 2 2 to n Filler Metal Diameter mm(in) 1 GMAW E70C-6M H4 1..052) Filler Metal Process Classification Current Wire Feed Current Travel Volts Type& Speed Amps Speed (in/min) Polarity (in/min) 200-250 200-250 270-300 DCEP DCEP DCEP 200-250 200-250 270-320 25-27 25-27 26-28 10-14 10-14 12-18 Remarks or Heat Input Root Pass Fill Pass Weld Size >= 10 mm (3/8 in.. C (F): n/a Interpass Temp.052) 2 to 3 GMAW E70C-6M H4 1.

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