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Assignment-Time Management Skills

Assignment-Time Management Skills

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Published by: Lynn Bennett Bible on Dec 18, 2011
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1. Assignment: Time Management Skills   Review your completed Appendix F.

Prepare a 350- to 700-word paper describing the time management tools and methods you will employ to successfully reach your academic goals. Address the following questions: o o o o How do you establish priorities? Who makes up your support group? What is your backup plan in case your computer goes down? How do you keep track of your assignments and due dates?

Effective time management is very important in life especially when you are trying to balance school, work, and a family. Many people go through life lacking these skills. Without these skills, you feel as if you work hard all day but never really get anything accomplished. This can be very frustrating and stressful. Taking the time to learn time management skills can make your hard work be much more effective and you will feel less stressed. You will also feel as if you have actually accomplished important things that advance you toward you academic future. I have learned many time management tools and methods that will help me along my journey of academics. One of the most effective time management tools that I have found is the use of a planner. Once I started my planner, I printed out each of my class syllabus and transferred all of the information such as assignments and due dates to my planner. Then I added my study time, reading time, and class time into my planner. Once I had all of this information in my planner then I prioritized them. I numbered them beginning with the number 1 being the most important and on down the line. This helps me to know what I have to get done then I can go to the next. Sometimes the least important things have to be moved to the next day if I need more time on the more important items that day. If they go to the next day then they become more important. Using the planner helps incorporate all of my schoolwork that I need to do around my work and family life. Another important factor in my academic goals is the help that I get from my support group. My husband, children, mom, dad, and my neighbor, Tina, are the people that make up my support group. They are important to me because if I feel that I am overloaded with things to do I can delegate to them some of the less important things that I need to get done. This is very helpful and makes me be able to focus on the important things such as long assignments, reading assignments, and study time that sometimes take more time than I set aside for. They are always here for me when I need help and it is very important to me that I know that I have them standing beside me through my long academic journey.

It is also a great idea to have a backup plan in case you have unexpected things occur such as internet going out or computer issues. I always back up my work on flash drives, keep printed copies of my syllabus, and print out important assignments in case my computer crashes. If my internet goes down I can always go to my neighbor’s house or to my mom’s house and use their internet service to complete my assignments and make sure that I get them turned in on time so that I do not lose points for being late. This insures me that I can keep my grades up and maintain my GPA. I think that maintaining a planner and prioritizing what is in it is a very important time management tool that everyone should use. I also feel that having a support group and having a back-up plan in case issues arise is a big part of successfully reaching your academic goals. These are just a few things that I can do to make my academic goals less stressful and they make my goals seem easier to accomplish.

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