Lifting The Sky foT Health Chi Kung is an experience, not just a gathering of knowledge. So practice is essential.

The following exercise is one of the best in Chi Kungbeneficial to both the beginner and the master. Some variations in the technique, even some minor mistakes,are permissible. The form in Chi Kung is not an end in itself, but a meansto induce energy flow inside the body. But it is of the utmost importance to breathe gently. A common mistake among beginners is to imagine that the more forcefully one breathes, the more powerful one becomes. That is not true. In Chi Kung training, what is breathed in is not just air, but cosmic energy, and forceful breathing often constricts the flow of cosmic energy. Another important point is to be relaxed. Keep your mind free from distracting thoughts while doing the exercise. These three points are fundamental to all Chi Kung practice. But if you are a total beginner, even these may be difficult to follow. If that is so, don't worry. For the time being, just try to perform the exercisenaturally. Stand relaxed and upright with your feet fairly close together. Hold your arms straight down, with your hands at right angles to the forearm, and the fingers pointing towards each other, in front of you (figure 1.1). Bring your arms in an arc forward and upward so that the palms, still at right angles, now face skyward (figure 1.2). Breathe in gently through your nose as you do so. Look up at your hands. Gently hold your breath. Next, push your palms up, still at right angles,

3 Lifting the Sky Fig. that they return to your sides.1 ~ . but the energy flow it induces. the form itself. Like many other Chi Kung exercises. If about ten to twenty times.feel your And each time you lower months. but what is significant is not headto look forward. the results will be quite noticeable.the form is I your mouth. Each you practice only this one exercise about ten times every morning without fail for three your palms to the sky. 1. and you will understand why it is one of the best in feel the flow of energy down your Chi Kung. 1.TheArt of Chi Kung Then lower your arms sideways This Chi Kung pattern is called Lifting The Sky.1-1. At the deceptively simple.

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