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How You Should Respond to the Ed Wood, the Prophet Prophetic Importance Derek P Gilbert......Page 14 of Genesis 6 . Jim Wilhelmsen...Page 42 Christian Theology and an ET Reality, The Atlantis Scroll Part 1: The Historical Part Two of Three Background Michael S. Heiser .page 18 Stan Deyo ..........Page 47


From the Publishers Desk
Thomas R. Horn he 60th anniversary of the Roswell event will be hosted by the city in 2007. In an attempt to end what they are calling “the turf wars” that have developed between the UFO Museum Research Center Board of Directors and other local organizers, the City of Roswell will coordinate the UFO Festival in 2007. The Museum had taken over coordinating the annual festival three years ago, during which time the numbers of visitors have steadily declined. A featured guest of next year’s event is sure to be Jesse Marcel Jr., whose new book Roswell: It Really Happened will have been published . Col. Marcel claims the famous event was otherworldly, including the recovery of an extraterrestrial craft. Marcel’s father, Maj. Jesse Marcel Sr., was the lead military investigator into the crash of 1947. Some think whatever really happened there will never be known. The US government says it was a simple case of misidentification. But as most people know, this was not the military’s first position. On July 8, 1947, the Roswell Daily Record carried the RAAF (Roswell Army Air Field) release as its headline, front-page story: “RAAF Captures Flying Saucer on Ranch in Roswell Region. The intelligence office of the 509 th Bombardment group at Roswell Army Field announced at noon today that the field has come into possession of a flying saucer.” By evening, newspapers including the Chicago Daily News, the Los Angeles Herald Express, the Spokane Chronicle, the Sacramento Bee, and others were reporting the news. Then something happened, and by the following day the RAAF had issued a retraction: “An examination by the army revealed last night that mysterious objects found on a lonely New Mexico ranch was a harmless high-altitude weather balloon— not a grounded flying disk.” The contrast of statements by highly trained personnel set in motion the greatest cover-up in American history, says Col. Jesse Marcel, who is admittedly the only civilian alive to have handled the UFO “debris” from the Roswell crash site. I sat down recently with Col. Marcel, and he shared information with me, on and off the record. I heard things I had never heard before from ufology’s legendary friend. Marcel is almost seventy-years-old now and is a soft spoken, gentle man who comes across as ultimately believable. When I asked Jess, as he prefers to be called, if his father—the Intelligence Officer at Roswell Army Air Field at the time of the Roswell event—could have been mistaken about what was recovered during the field investigation, he answered without hesitation, “No way,” and then proceeded to tell me why.


When later I pressed about Mogul balloons and Operation Paperclip as alternative theories, he shared at length the number of times he had joined honest investigators in a side-by-side comparison of their “evidence” with his drawings and material examples; each time there was not a single correspondent to what his father had brought home from the ranch that night. Getting to the big questions, I offered, “But of course whatever happened at Roswell, surely could be explained as top-secret terrestrial technology, right?” As cool as silky water, he looked at me and replied, “Tom, what I saw was not of this earth. Though it was material, I held it in my hands, and the pieces were as light as a feather.” I gave Jess greetings from Stanton Friedman, who together with Bill Moore had brought the Roswell cover-up to international light many years ago, and then I said, “So you, like Stan Friedman, believe the Roswell debris were most likely a physical technology?” Jess smiled and told me how Friedman was such a close family friend. I am not sure he ever did get around to answering my question about technology. However, Col. Marcel, like his father before him, is a career military man (he had just returned from Iraq where as an ear, nose, and throat specialist he was busy patching up


soldiers). Over the years he has participated in field investigations of crashed known craft and is very familiar with many hardware components. To this day he has never seen anything resembling the Roswell artifacts. Marcel then proceeded to tell me an intriguing story about an incident that had happened some years ago, when he was scheduled to be in Washington DC. To this day he does not know how the participant knew where he would be at that particular time. When he arrived at his motel, there was a message waiting for him on the phone in his room. It was from a man we will call Mr. “X.” He wanted to meet with Marcel the following day at 1:00 PM in a certain room at the Capital building. Marcel felt uneasy but agreed to go to the meeting. On arrival, he was ushered into the office of Mr. “X,” who got right down to business. “X” wanted to talk to Marcel about Roswell, and he asked if Jess would be more comfortable “in a secure room.” When Marcel explained that he would not be saying anything he had not said before, “X” pressed the idea of the alternate meeting area, explaining, “Well, maybe I want to tell you something you do not already know.” Leaving the office, they proceeded to the secure room where no listening devices existed, in an area Jess described as “the dungeons of the Capital building.” They sat at a table where Marcel noticed a book about alien abductions, UFO technology, and Roswell. “X” tapped on the book with his finger and said outright, “This is not fiction.” The mysterious government insider (later identified as Dick D’Amato, an aide to Sen. Robert Byrd) continued talking for a while and then asked Marcel if he knew where the material recovered from the Roswell ranch was being kept. Jess found the question curious and said, “No. Don’t you?” “X”’s answer was as enigmatic as the question, so Marcel responded with an inquiry of his own: “If extraterrestrial activity is real, and you guys know it, when is the government planning Official Disclosure of what really happened at Roswell?” “If it was up to me,” “X” said, “we’d be doing it now.” Following a story like that, I just had to ask Col. Marcel if he personally knew of other members of the government and military who also are anticipating a future moment when the representatives of the world’s religions and leaders of nations will stand in the well of the United Nations and say, “We have an announcement to make. We are in contact with extraterrestrial intelligence.” Marcel grew silent for a moment, then looked at me and whispered, “Yes.” Suddenly the phone rang, and Col. Marcel had to leave the building. This issue of OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE (formerly ANOMALOS MAGAZINE) includes a look at Christian Theology and ET through the eyes of Dr. Michael Heiser. Derek Gilbert amuses with his idea of how ET might be involved in the Apocalypse by contrasting the Left Behind books with a prophecy from schlock filmmaker Ed Wood’s Plan 9 From Outer Space. David Flynn offers another genius discovery by decrypting a never-before-seen prophecy about America in the Bible, while other articles in this issue of OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE will challenge your perception of reality on “ghostbusters,” Masonic doctrines, the Tower of Babel, and other special features.


. However. This kingdom is an empire of denial—the denial that the entropy and death that we strive to overcome is but a natural result of the 6 . . who holds all things together (Heb. Mankind began to build an astrological tower called Babel. But what could Satan offer? Satan excited in Eve a similar desire by which he fell: the desire for selfpromotion (Ezek. and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually” (Gen. then your eyes shall be opened. So the LORD scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth . . let us go down. he stepped before Eve with the aim of hijacking her worship. Go to. Paradise resulted from the creation working in perfect harmony with its Creator. that they may not understand one another’s speech. Death is the end that finds the prodigal who does not return. and ye shall be as gods . and in defiance of God (consciously or unconsciously) strives to become a god himself. God said.5). Wishing to elevate himself above God. et al. this striving is in vain. which they have imagined to do. the desire to obtain godhood became physically manifested in a sacred building project. The kingdom of Satan is one in which mankind follows Satan’s example. 89). . the serpent tempted Eve with the prospect of becoming like a god. Satan. “For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof. Created in the image of God. . and into darkness descended the future of the human race. tore through this harmonious relationship between God and man. “(Gen. Paradise had been traded for deception. that the wickedness of man was great in the earth. And the LORD said. Behold. “And now nothing will be restrained from them. sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly. the people is one. without God. Gen. the imagination of mankind has worked toward godhood. we were designed to serve and reflect God. . Harris.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE Imaginations . envious of God and His creation. because of man’s inherent sinful nature. which the children of men builded. Our very fabric of existence is torn apart. and there confound their language. Function and form were brought forth from the mind of God but in accommodation of the freewill of Adam and Eve.” (King James Version. We were designed to worship and serve God. “And the LORD came down to see the city and the tower. 6. Later God would observe “. and we must do so. This sacred building project was mankind’s attempt to ascend to the heavens both physically and spiritually and become like gods. and they have all one language. . . 28). which they have imagined to do.11:5-8). Generations after the fall in Eden. we cannot escape entropy and death. From the moment the serpent tempted Eve. In the Garden of Eden.5).” but even in the midst of our technological progress. 3. or suffer mechanical breakdown through unintended employment. the serpent of old. Eve fell. which means the gate of God (Missler 33. and this they begin to do: and now nothing will be restrained from them. 1:3).

“I will ascend above the heights of the clouds. . Michael Heiser’s website www. and they dwelt there. As a result. It is important to note that the phrase “the sons of God” in the above passage is read in most English Bibles as “the sons of Israel. the sons of Israel did not yet exist. the Dead Sea Scrolls. 89). . We then learn that the people united on the plain of Shinar and built the Tower of Babel. .14. and they will tell you. as well as the Greek Septuagint.” Further evidence that it should read “the sons of God” and not “the sons of Israel” is that Israel was not in existence when God divided mankind and fixed the borders at Babel. We must look to the past. and slime had they for morter.8). however.” However. He was a mighty hunter before the LORD: wherefore it is said. and burn them thoroughly. work and destruction of the Antichrist. also known as The Song of Moses. [. et al. he fixed the borders of the peoples according to the number of the sons of God” (emphasis added) (Deut. One day.” Destruction of the Tower and the Division of the Nations God destroyed the Tower. We are his trophies: the defiant prize he dangles before the Creator. yea. And it came to pass. It is important to note that the term “sons of God” is used both of fallen heavenly beings (Psalm 82. he fixed the borders of the peoples according to the number of the sons of God. Nimrod—The Rebel The name Nimrod implies “rebel” or “to rebel” (Missler 33. We learn in Genesis that Nimrod founded the first great empire: “And Cush begat Nimrod: he began to be a mighty one in the earth. Unger 53). “Remember the days of old. More detail of this division can be found in Deuteronomy 32. Thus. the famous theologian and writer.michaelsheiser.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE abandonment of our designed place and function. Satan will largely succeed. [. which Satan first told to Eve in the Garden. and thus was a forerunner of Antichrist” (57). . 10:8-10). However. regardless of the price the creation pays in the process. When the Most High gave to the nations their inheritance. it is apparent that part of God’s judgment at Babel was to allow a stubborn people to inherit nations under the power of angelic beings. Deut. on a plain called Megiddo (Rev. This unification was first attempted under Nimrod at Babel. 16:13-16). Author Dave Hunt explains: “Satan’s promise to Eve that she could become one of the gods became the foundation of pagan religion worldwide. Nimrod was very likely the first emperor to be deified. Therefore. as they journeyed from the east. 11:1-4). confirm that the earliest versions read “the sons of God. Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the LORD. something deeper than that which appears on the surface. is the foundation of all paganism—a foundation that will be harnessed by another rebel. that there is here a complete typical picture of the person. when he divided mankind. And they said. . And the beginning of his kingdom was Babel. the word “Babel” came to mean 7 “confused language” (Harris. and of one beneath the historical narrative. . Go to. ask your father. As a further resource on this topic I highly recommend Dr. let us make brick. And they said one to another. [. But the LORD’s portion is his people. and let us make us a name. . let us build us a city and a tower whose top may reach unto heaven. And they had brick for stone. and he will show you. and Erech.] we cannot fail to see that there is here. though only for a brief moment.7). that they found a plain in the land of Shinar. God also divided the people and created the nations. Nimrod was the figurehead of Satan’s first attempt at creating a unified kingdom that defied God. the gate of God (Harris. with the fact in mind that Deuteronomy 32 references heavenly beings: “.1-8) and unfallen heavenly beings (Job 38. in the land of Shinar” (Gen. Satan’s kingdom is a kingdom with the single purpose of uniting us against God. Arthur Walkington Pink (1886-1952). Satan’s goal is to take the Creator’s place. et al 89). The foundation of Satan’s future kingdom is being laid before our eyes. . the coming Antichrist. and confused the peoples’ language. to understand the present. . 32. This was not simply a building but rather an attempt to ascend to the heavens—in the same vein that Lucifer asserts. A key deception underlying this kingdom was the original lie: that one could become like God. 32. This lie. “And the whole earth was of one language. lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth” (Gen.] Thus was born the religion of self-effort. and Calneh. I will be like the most High” (Isa. and Accad.] The rising Tower of Babel seemed to give credence to the grandiose delusion that man could reach heaven by his own efforts. Go to. Jacob his allotted heritage” (English Standard Version.7-9). consider the years of many generations. The tower was man’s rebellious attempt to ascend to the place of godhood. This first effort failed due to God’s intervention. your elders. instead of God.14). This understanding is important because the “sons of God” are identified throughout the Old Testament as divine beings or heavenly hosts. God would choose his own nation later. noted: “In Nimrod and his schemes we see Satan’s initial attempt to raise up a universal ruler of men.

the principalities and powers over the nations. 2. one of the chief princes. Power over the gods is given to Christ’s followers. However. And He was saying to them. for He died and rose for both the Gentile and the Jew. God promises to make Abram into a great nation. saying. and I am come for thy words. By creating His own nation.” And He said to them. both the inhabitants of the pagan nations and of Israel. constitute at least part of the false gods in the Old Testament. therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into His harvest. nailing it to his cross. . having forgiven you all trespasses. being dead in your sins and the uncircumcision of your flesh. The Messiah. triumphing over them in it” (Col.10. but the laborers are few. . where Christ sends out seventy disciples corresponding to the seventy nations and the seventy fallen sons of God: “Now after this the Lord appointed seventy others.” [. . through Jesus one can have authority over the gods of this world. 6. lo. “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood.1-3. in turn. to those who were near to him. which is the head of all principality and power. and nothing shall injure you. Behold. that the spirits are subject to you. and sent them two and two ahead of Him to every city and place where He Himself was going to come. However. and they did so unto them” (Parry 45). but rejoice that your names are recorded in heaven” (NASB. it can be further deduced that there must also have been seventy “sons of God” because Deuteronomy says that God divided the nations “according to the number of the sons of God” (Deut 32. that one man shall not understand the language of his neighbor. he made a shew of them openly. thy words were heard. And having spoiled principalities and powers. Power over the Gods In chapter 12 of Genesis. came to help me. even the demons are subject to us in Your name. Nevertheless do not rejoice in this. I send you out as lambs in the midst 8 of wolves. God reclaimed the nations. Thus. hath he quickened together with him. and over all the power of the enemy. God divided the people into seventy nations. I have given you authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions.8). and I remained there with the kings of Persia” (Dan 10. . but against principalities. With this information. such as The Book of Jasher 9. saying. 13-15). He would later create a nation of His own through which he would work. But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days: but. Fear not. and to chasten thyself before thy God. God gave dominion of the seventy nations to seventy angels who. which was contrary to us. He would mercifully preserve a people to protect the line leading to the Messiah. Come let us descend and confuse their tongues.12-13). Have you ever wondered why the Creator of the Universe would be the God of one nation in history? Many antagonists to Judaism and Christianity point to this as evidence that Judaism originated as a cultural religion. 17-20). defeated the gods of the nations.] And the seventy returned with joy. and took it out of the way. Michael. Through the power of Christ’s blood. as is evidenced in the below passage from The Gospel of John. our real joy comes from the fact that our names are recorded in heaven and that what was lost in Eden will one day be restored.32— which specifically states that there were seventy angels involved: “And God said to the seventy angels who stood foremost before him. Daniel: for from the first day that thou didst set thine heart to understand. God preserved a people for the line leading to the Messiah. but that is exactly what occurs in I Kings 22 when He chooses to allow a lying spirit to entice Ahab. the principalities and powers. beginning in Genesis 12. “I was watching Satan fall from heaven like lightning. It is surprising to some people that God uses fallen angels to work His will at times. Territorial Spirits The allotment of the nations to the seventy fallen sons of God explains the territorial references in scripture such as the following passage in Daniel: “Then said he unto me. against spiritual wickedness in high places” (KJB. “The harvest is plentiful. Go your ways. through the cross: “And ye are complete in him.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE It can also be deduced that when this occurred. Luke 10. perhaps. [. Eph. “Lord.8 as well. against powers. ] And you. By His blood He stripped the fallen sons of God of their power. He was not giving up on mankind altogether. against the rulers of the darkness of this world. This reasoning seems a bit stretched until one finds that this conclusion is confirmed by noncanonical sources. I suspect that God is using fallen angels to further His ultimate purpose in the case of Deuteronomy 32. With a proper understanding of the allotment of the nations amongst the fallen sons of God we have a convincing answer to this accusation. behold. as there are exactly seventy nations identified in the Table of Nations in Genesis 10. Later. Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us.12). .

hope. Dr. We also recognize names of Greek and Roman principalities such as Jupiter. As Dr. showing the Tower of Babel and carrying the slogan: ‘Many tongues. Besides the merging of technology and paganism.” we find the outstretched hands of the gods.’ by which we usually mean that they must have been figments of the imagination of pre-scientific people. told me of sensing the presence of a specific power of evil over the city of Prague some time ago. a striving that promises human enhancements.’ In case the point was lost. Geographically. the United Nations goal is to unite the nations. a crane in the background was (continued on page 55) . One example of political globalization is 9 the United Nations. its consciousness and its full participation in the continuous process of creation” (Arrowsmith 285). there are yet two more elements emerging for the Antichrist’s future kingdom. the false religion of Satan’s kingdom was not destroyed but rather was dispersed and fragmented. a planetary prayer book is being composed by an increasingly united humanity seeking its oneness.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE In this passage the Prince of Persia delays an angel of God for twenty-one days. Perhaps we see the influence of the Prince of Persia today underlying the words and actions of the modern day leaders of Iran. Aphrodites. one voice. It is built in the shape of a truncated pyramid. This accounts for some of the similarities among different mythologies.N.11). Perhaps we have reached a time of cosmic evolution. the rise in popularity of the New Age Movement is now forcing many of us to reexamine these points of view” (85). and prolonged life as well as the populace control necessary to form a unified society. Diana. its happiness. genetic modification. said the following at the UN’s twentieth anniversary of The Meditation Room: “Meditation. The confusion of languages explains why identical characters in these mythologies have different names. Bacchus and Venus. They promise a period in which mankind takes the next step in evolution and finds the god within. . foreseeing and planning all go hand in hand in so many different ways at the U. who declare that Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth and repeatedly deny Israel’s right to exist. After all. 13:15). are merging. He also reports that former Secretary of the Interior James Watt. he sees the UN building itself in terms reminiscent of the Tower of Babel: “. Secretary of ECOSOC. On the cross. for example. the tall building of the UN is an edifice of human hope and dream jutting into the universe and receiving from that universe increasingly clearer messages. Muller states. If nothing else. Christ triumphed over the principalities and powers. but they are left to work their evil until Christ’s triumphant Second Coming.N. Bible Teacher Alan Franklin observes:[* File contains invalid data | In-line. C. Those who follow this thinking call this metamorphosis enlightenment. For me the tall building of the U. Dr. changed their language. Poseidon. . perceives specific dark angels assigned to the White House” (80). Concurrently. In the book Wrestling with Dark Angels. will multiply.4). I have no doubt that as time goes by credible stories of breaking powers over areas. Wagner further elaborates: “We have already seen that in the Old Testament the names of the principalities ruling over territories were known.” as Dr. the same territorial principalities were known by different names among different people groups. and harmony. through sensitivities acquired in his past association with the occult. modern day Iran is in the former area of Persia. they are political and economic globalization. vision. These two trends. Our most frequent categorization of these names is ‘mythology. promising an existence of peace. in current times there is evidence that nations and territories are under the influence of fallen principalities and powers. just as the people were unified at Babel. Muller so blatantly describes. prayer. Jamie Buckingham. Little by little. once again forming an inclusive. and gave them over to the fallen sons of God. In other words. As its name implies.” Whether by “cosmic evolution. Robert Muller. or by more political means. dream. When God divided the people into nations. 2. and as we pass through the proverbial door of technological “salvation. unified religion in accordance with the future system of the Antichrist (Rev. Peter Wagner of Fuller Theological Seminary notes: “Research on territorial spirits is so new that the case studies that have surfaced tend to get told over and over again. which supports multiple New Age organizations and foundations. guidance. is an edifice of human hope and dream jutting into the universe and receiving from that universe increasingly clearer messages. both small and large. the move toward a one world religion and government can be seen everywhere. Rebuilding the Tower These same gods and beliefs are being defragmented and reunited today in the revitalized paganism of the New Age movement. Within the headquarters of the United Nations is The Meditation Room. mankind’s technological striving for godhood is accelerating as knowledge increases (Daniel 12. love. Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear call it the great delusion (2 Thess. The United Nations wishes to replace the true God with a unified religion. revitalized paganism and advanced technology.JPG *] “An amazing poster was issued by the European Union.

theistic Weltanschauung and those who do not. since ontology is one’s basic conception of reality. to hear and understand their prayers. the antitheistic and anti-spiritual Weltanschauung is designed to relocate the Eschaton of Heaven and Hell within the ontological plane of the physical universe. Simultaneously. especially faith in a prayer-hearing God. In fact. because it acted as the progenitor for the anti-theistic and anti-spiritual Weltanschauung. What the National Geographic channel fails to mention is the fact that CISCOP members are already ideologically predisposed to reject God and the supernatural. How does one explain this paradox? It is this researcher’s contention that the anti-theistic and anti-spiritual Weltanschauung was spawned by an older religion. Secular Humanism: The Religion of Man Apotheosized To be sure. is an unproved and outmoded faith. numerous permutations of this philosophical camp have emerged. Scientific materialists typically suppress such contentions. . More than a few have been the products of sensationalism and superstition. Reasonable minds look to other means of survival” (Humanist). . religions. segments of the scientific establishment are beginning to acknowledge the centrality of nonperceptible entities to the 10 examination of perceptible phenomena. The final result is an ideology of control devoted to the transformation of prima materia and a secular religion devoted to the apotheosis of man. In the atheistic camp. . Encapsulated within this declaration is the anthropocentric aphorism of Protagoras: “Man is the measure of all things . However. most contemporary movements that have ostensibly eschewed a spiritual outlook have sociologically behaved like religions. H Communism and fascism are two such cases in point. Materialists. and Marxists are just a few of the resulting variants. Since the inception of the anti-theistic and antispiritual Weltanschauung. the countless theoreticians of these different anti-theistic and antispiritual camps have had their occasional epistemological feuds. Regular viewers of the National Geographic channel have probably already noticed the cable station’s overall prejudice against the belief in a supernatural reality and a transcendent God. While the more deistic philosophies of both Lucretius and Aristotle might present some exceptions to this division. (In other words. one would find the likes of Socrates and Plato. it is because it is actually the second oldest faith in existence. the anti-theistic and anti-spiritual Weltanschauung adamantly opposes most. all share the same core metaphysical convictions: matter holds primacy and the ontological plane of the physical universe constitutes the totality of reality itself. diverting people with false hopes of heaven hereafter. if not all. Many CISCOP members are also secular humanists. assumed to love and care for personas. Yet. one needs look no further than 1973’s second Humanist Manifesto for a succinct synopsis: “As in 1933.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE Nothing Beyond the Flesh: The Theocracy of Prima Materia Part One Phillip D. To understand what secular humanists believe. even the most stridently secular movements are conceptually predisposed to religious thought and behavior. secular humanists. Members of CISCOP (Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal) routinely appear on National Geographic programs. based on mere affirmation. If this Weltanschauung seems religious in character.) Of course. one would find Democritus and Protagoras. offering so-called “scientifically credible explanations” for otherwise unexplained phenomena. To be sure. many theoretical physicists and biophysicists have observed that science and mysticism are assuming convergent trajectories. humanity has divided somewhat evenly into two diametrically opposed camps: those who subscribe to a spiritual. the outright rejection of all extraordinary possibilities is symptomatic of epistemological rigidity. it is the scientific materialist’s ontological conviction that there is nothing beyond the physical universe. Collins Anatomy of a Weltanschauungskrieg istorically. In the theistic camp. one could convincingly argue that deism is little more than a camouflaged form of atheism. Thus. functionalists. This religion is purely occult in character and. physicalists. still appears as harmful. Ultimately. humanists still believe that traditional theism.” Human reason dethrones God and becomes the chief facilitator for man’s salvation. Salvation is redefined within a purely Darwinian context as survival. While institutionally accredited science has typically shunned the paranormal and supernatural. not every claim of paranormal or supernatural experience is genuine. and the continuity of the species becomes synonymous with immortality. However. Salvationism. and to be able to do something about them. it relocates God within man himself. which can stultify the broadening of human knowledge and the expansion of methods for scientific inquiry. behaviorists. it remains deeply embedded within the supposedly secular mind. The philosophical milieu of ancient Greece illustrates this division.

is explicable from the fact that the things ‘done’ or ‘said’ were not the things actually to be revealed but merely symbolic means of conveying the intended truth to the minds of the votaries” (Angus 62). but rather. omniscience is a trait reserved exclusively for deities. Thus. only the most ardent mystics accepted the inner doctrine of apotheosis. YHWH. one must first claim omniscience. in part. Authors Ron Carlson and Ed Decker explain: “It is philosophically impossible to be an atheist. mysticism and realism. “Whether out of historical ignorance or willfulness of both. “Humanism is not new. eloquently observes. Although these groups espoused an ostensible belief in God. atheism is not the rejection of a deity. These organizations represented “a revolt against the traditional interpretation of the Bible as 11 maintained by the ecclesiastical and civil authorities. Atheism provides the philosophical segue for the enthronement of man as god. compared with the publicity with which they generally commenced in the streets. However. morality and laxity. Egypt--and. For the more carnally inclined. you would have to be God yourself. Ever present was the theme of humanity made divine through the enthronement of man’s reason. and transferred it to a thoroughly thisworldly plane. Angus wisely observes: “Men entered the Mystery-cults for different purposes: there were all degrees of belief and unbelief. and against the philosophical and theological underpinnings provided by the Church for civil and political life” (Martin 519). in the material and physical. However. They latched onto what they considered to be an ultrasecret body of knowledge. 33 rd Degree Freemason Albert Pike reveals that “all the Masonic associations owe to it [the Kabbala] their Secrets and their Symbols” (744). In this sense. In fact. man’s second oldest faith. the superstitious would approach because of the magical value attributed to the formulae and sacraments. Indeed. They borrowed other symbols—the . The carnal could find in orgiastic processions and midnight revels opportunities for self-indulgence. In fact.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE Whittaker Chambers. Italian humanists bowdlerized the idea of Kabbala almost beyond recognition. perceive symbols of the truth dear to his heart. a gnosis. Conversely. these associations had their own conception of the original message of the Bible and of God’s revelation. which they based in part on cultic and occultist strains deriving from North Africa-notably. It is. the claimant must conclude that he or she is a god. Angus contends that the central theme of the Mystery religions was “that the march of mankind is Godward” (43). in fact. the ascetic would look upon initiation as a means of buffeting his body and giving freedom to the spirit. former member of the communist underground in America. “Initiates of those early humanist associations were devotees of the Great Force—the Great Architect of the Cosmos—which they represented under the form of the Sacred Tetragrammaton. The ultimate objective of self-deification was veiled by secrecy and semiotic manipulation: “The secrecy with which the Mysteries terminated behind the veil of the temple. their notions of a Supreme Being were largely a derivative of the Kabbala. which acts as the retainer of the ancient Mystery religion. deceased Vatican insider Malachi Martin examines the emergence of “a network of Humanist associations” throughout early-Renaissance Italy (518-19). Of course. spelled with a capital M to connote the purported divinity intrinsic to humanity. As Martin states: “Not surprisingly given such an animus. But to have infinite knowledge. Numerous motives compelled people to accept the religion. according to Martin the early humanists modified this ancient Hebraic doctrine considerably. Therefore. Simply stated. since to be an atheist you must have infinite knowledge in order to know absolutely that there is no God. humanism and Masonry have shared a long historical relationship. In Morals and Dogma. to conclude with all certainty that there is no transcendent God outside the ontological plane of the physical universe. humanism is the religion of self-deification. in Baker 206). Again. many of the semiotic artifacts comprising the early humanists’ iconography and jargon were directly related to Masonry. It’s hard to be God yourself and an atheist at the same time!” (17). few were even aware of it. the mystic would in enthusiasm or ecstasy enjoy the beatific vision by entering into communion with God or by undergoing deification” (42). and his development is guided by his own cognitive powers. In The Keys of This Blood. The special gnosis they sought was a secret knowledge of how to master the blind forces of nature for a sociopolitical purpose” (519-20). S. It was central to the religious doctrines of the ancient Mystery cults. Its god is Man. A similar culture of obscurantism exists in Freemasonry. Its promise was whispered in the first days of Creation under the Tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil: ‘Ye shall be as gods’” (qtd. The god that is gradually evolving is Man himself. This enthronement begins with the recognition of a significant paradox inherent to atheism. on the classical Jewish Kabbala” (519). the educated could. not every adherent of the Mysteries necessarily subscribed to this doctrine of apotheosis. the Jewish symbol for the name of the divinity that was not to be pronounced by mortal lips. which were prominent in Babylon and Egypt. this belief is nothing new. such doctrine was seldom acknowledged. it is the belief in an emergent deity. They reconstructed the concept of gnosis.

Hell for punishment and Heaven for reward. Eugene.: The Official Website of Darwinian Dissent. Cheque Mate: The Game of Princes. The new Mason was no longer an architect of freestone. In 1999. He is also currently co-authoring a collection of short stories. PA: Whitaker House. During the course of his seven-year college career. Nevertheless. Ron. The new secular faith eviscerated the heavens and relocated all of religion’s traditional metaphysical concepts within the ontological plane of the physical universe. Richmond: L. still guarded by the ‘Charges’ and the ‘Mason Word.’ freemasons diminished progressively. there already existed— particularly in England. Pike.E. 1419639323/conspiracyarc-20/. 12 . Humanist Manifesto II. About the Author Phillip D. Scotland and France--medieval guilds of men who worked with ax. In 2006. 1994. However. poetry. eds. Oregon: Harvest House Publishers. the late 1500s would witness the amalgamation of these two groups (Martin 522). chisel and mallet in freestone. and the ideological hostility to both tradition and faith of the other. Namaste Magazine. He has also written articles for Paranoia Magazine. which is available at: http:// www.D.. the new Masonic doctrine appeared to be one that thoroughly eschewed Christian concepts: “There was no conceptual basis by which such a belief could be reconciled with Christianity. should have made the two groups about as likely to mix as oil and water” (Martin 522). and prose entitled Expansive Thoughts. Malachi. New York: Dover Publications. Freemasons by trade. Carlson. he earned an Associate degree of Arts and manifesto2. meanwhile. S. The new Masonry shifted away from all allegiance to Roman ecclesiastical Christianity” (Martin 522).1942. 30 September 2006 <http:// www. Works Cited Angus. Ed Decker. Inc. Springdale.I. Phillip has studied philosophy. NewsWithViews. and the Pyramid also comprise the esoteric semiology of Freemasonry. 1975. 1973. priest and pope” (Martin 522). and eternally perpetual Sacrifice of the Mass. It will be available late Fall of 2006. much of the ecclesiastical establishment was corrupt and in desperate need of reform.. during the time that the cabalist— humanist associations—were beginning to find their bearings. aristocrats. religion. with the humanists. The traditional faith of the one. The ultimate eschatological vision of this revolutionary faith was the enthronement of the secular humanists’ god: Man. saints and angels. 1991. Jenkins. In the 1300s. and Godfearing in their religion. B. he was an architect of a Novus Ordo Seclorum (Latin for “New Order of the Ages”). Morals and Dogma. The Mystery-Religions: A Study in the Religious Background of Early Christianity. the “alternative” offered by sociopolitical Utopians was far more authoritarian than any of its religious counterparts. the All-Seeing Eye. 2002. MKzine. For precluded were all such ideas as sin. these shared characteristics were the result of a merger between the humanists and the old Mason guilds: “In other northern climes. He has recently completed a newly expanded and revised edition of The Ascendancy of the Scientific Dictatorship (ISBN 1-4196-3932-3). Indeed. 1995. Evidently. Moreover. Albert.P. he earned a bachelors degree with a major in communication studies and a minor in philosophy. their Novus Ordo Seclorum was no less religious in character. What is the explanation for all of these commonalities? According to Martin. P. The Keys of this Blood. Baker. The most evident corollary of this organizational coalescence was a noticeable difference in recruiting practices of the Masons: “As the number of working or ‘ they were replaced by what were called Accepted Masons—gentlemen of leisure. Collins acted as the editor for The Hidden Face of Terrorism. Fast Facts on False Teachings. Kurtz. there couldn’t have been two organizations that were more diametrically opposed than Masonry and humanism: “No one alive in the 1300s could have predicted a merger of minds between freemason guilds and the Italian humanists. even members of royal families—who lifted ax.’ The ‘speculative’ mason was born. Out of the Lodge would spring many varieties of sociopolitical Utopianism.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE Pyramid and the All-Seeing Eye— mainly from Egyptian sources” (Martin 520).H. A union that no one could have expected.H. chisel and mallet only in the ultrasecret symbolic ceremonies of the lodge. the ACL Report. and classic literature. New York: Simon and Schuster. a far more important union took place. American Humanist Association.americanhumanist.html> Martin. To be sure. Jeffrey. these were men who fitted perfectly into the hierarchic order of things on which their world rested” (521). Wilson. The Great Architect of the Cosmos. Countless revolutionaries would rise up against the dominant ecclesiastical authority and attempt to install their own theocratic order. and E. and Conspiracy Archive.

skeletons. Another time Grandpa single handedly captured a couple of “dangerous runaway convicts” in an old attic. and other necessities. word had spread that the house was haunted. The bird mimicked local outlaws “Sam” and “Gus” and discussed their plans to rob banks. Soon. “Is there such things as ghosts: mournful. An old man cometh up. Other times he bartered for food. Many times I have thought. I was entertained by all of the stories. they would hear a strange knocking under the floor.11-20: “Then said the woman. Saul is absolutely convinced it is Samuel. and he is covered with a mantle. Wherefore then dost thou ask of me. he became known as a Ghostbuster. And the king said unto her. logical explanations for the socalled “hauntings.” some of them quite humorous. damp basements. she cried with a loud voice: and the woman spake to Saul. and folks immediately gave credit to poltergeists. and answereth me no more. Visit us at RNNRadio. a period when times were hard and money was scarce. and one job no one wanted was ghost hunting or “going up against the dead. His fleas were relentless after dark. 1 Sam. and is become thine enemy” (emphasis added) (King James Version. It was not that he had set out in life to become a “spirit seeker. Since the beginning of time. after Daniel Boone. 28. this is Samuel speaking. Well. The first session will discuss these types of spirits-related questions and more regarding topics surrounding All Saints Day and Halloween. satisfied by those that were solved. according to Grandpa. these are questions we have all pondered at one time or another. he was not named John Boone for nothing.” He was a young man in the early 1900’s. his reputation for ruling out supernatural inhabitants preceded him. as the story ends. he was paid good money back then to spend the night in creaky. What form is he of? And she as we take a closer look at the origin and rituals of this season. And Saul perceived that it was Samuel. and bowed himself. Be not afraid: for what sawest thou? And the woman said unto Saul. Raiders News Update will be launching a new weekly radio podcast. fugitive parrot. but I remember wondering about those unsettled tales. What do you think? This month. The one that stands out to me most is “Who Ya Gonna Call?”. Bring me up Samuel. these “convicts” were actually a talking. My Granddad told and retold stories of his earlier days as a “Spook Hunter. bellowed response. Why hast thou disquieted me.” So he took odd jobs exploring unexplained phenomena. abandoned houses. and he stooped with his face to the ground. No one had the guts to investigate the vile voices or the sporadic bumps in the night. disembodied spirits searching for unsuspecting humans to posses? Could there actually be desperate demons frantically grasping for a carnal host or spirits of those that are trapped between Heaven and Hell. seeing the LORD is departed from thee. US Presidents. Anyway.1120)? If taken literally. Years later.” but after having solved a few ghostly rumblings. Once the neighborhood “bogeyman” supposedly inhabited an old. There was a lot of superstition back then. witches. Then said Samuel. “trick or treat!” Then after they get the treat. More times than not. Every time someone would look into buying the house. and the poor old canine scratched and thumped all through the night. nor by dreams: therefore I have called thee. And Samuel said to Saul. to bring me up? And Saul answered. and God is departed from me. Why hast thou deceived me? For thou art Saul. or a familiar spirit. After all. Before he knew it. I was already acquainted with the term. and dark. It turned out to be a mangy stray dog trapped underneath the floorboards. searching for release by making peace with their demise? No doubt. they give the trick anyway: smashing lifeless pumpkins while running and singing their favorite scary tunes. for the Philistines make war against me. there have been reports of ghouls and ghosts from within every culture. with its unforgettable.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE Who Ya Gonna Call? Nita Horn very year on October 31. And when the woman saw Samuel. And he said unto her. as baffled as those who had called him to the bewildering arena. saying. rock n’ roll stars. not a demon. “Ghostbusters!” Long before the movie Ghostbusters came out. and the Scripture does not correct this point of view. neither by prophets. One of the most intriguing episodes of such spirits is outlined in I Samuel 28. You can hear them ringing doorbells and screaming like banshees the old familiar. The medium is also certain it is Samuel and not a ghoulish imposter. and a variety of innocent masked characters run rampant through the streets looking for sweet treats to fill their goody bags. the brave and renowned frontiersman who was known to have smiled a bear right down out of a tree. 13 . that thou mayest make known unto me what I shall do. I saw gods ascending out of the earth. supplies. I am sore distressed. there were a few mysteries Grandpa could not explain: situations E where he scratched his head while walking away. Though most of the tales were easily resolved. empty cabin. there were simple. he held the grandkids spellbound as he retold these numerous tales of Ghostbusting and mystery solving. Whom shall I bring up unto thee? And he said. old barns.

Wood’s style was perfectly suited to the B-movie genre.600 other soldiers died. (I’ll leave the disturbing implications of this newest development for another time. often in one take. His pitch. Plan 9 from Outer Space. as he managed to secure financing from the Baptist Church of Beverly Hills for a new movie starring Bela Lugosi. Ed Wood. Jenkins has spawned a miniindustry of apocalyptic spin-off novels and movies and soon a first person shooter computer game. Jenkins. (Standard practice in Hollywood today is to shoot no more than two or three scenes in one day. A Passion for Angora Edward D. had it not been for a couple of odd details that were featured in Tim Burton’s 1994 classic. far and away the most successful Christian fiction title ever. Wood moved to California and began offering his services as a scriptwriter and director to anyone who would sit still for a pitch. He was one of 400 US survivors of the invasion of Tarawa. New York. was that the church could take its seed money.) The flagship Left Behind series has sold over 75 million units to date. While the film offers a fascinating insight into his own personality. long removed from his glory days during the 1930s when he and Boris Karloff defined movie horror. and then use the profits to do the Lord’s work. A second oddity about Wood is that he somehow met and befriended the aging and drug-addicted Bela Lugosi. churning out as many as thirty scenes a day. the Prophet or Why the Apocalypse Will Be More Like Plan 9 From Outer Space Than Left Behind by Derek P. he wrote his own scripts and worked fast. Like so many men of his generation. it also reveals the near total lack of talent that would be the hallmark of his career. narrow skirts.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE Ed Wood. Grave Robbers from Beverly Hills In 1959 Wood’s persistence and infectious optimism served him well. From this bizarre partnership sprang Wood’s magnum opus. one of Wood’s quirks was his fondness for dressing in pumps. How ironic then that a man who is arguably the worst storyteller of the last century came much closer to predicting the shape of the Apocalypse than Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. was born in 1924 in Poughkeepsie.After a stint as a carnival geek. His persistence paid off with an opportunity to write and direct a story inspired by the sex change of Christine Jorgenson. apparently. as he himself enjoyed cross-dressing. Glen or Glenda. Jr. Glen or Glenda and Bride of the Monster. Wood. Wood was drafted and served with distinction in WWII. Messrs. Wood was actually considered a bit of a ladies’ man. In fact. This series of novels created by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B.) His career might have left no mark on Hollywood at all. Gilbert F ew works (including the Bible) have influenced the concepts modern Christians hold of the prophesied end times like Left Behind. Despite this peculiarity. and angora sweaters. Speculation abounds. invest in a surefire winner. but no one really knows why he chose to dress this way. and he remained faithful to the women in his life. But it was Lugosi’s final film appearance that was to be Wood’s crowning achievement. Lugosi had starred in two of Wood’s films. during which 3. 14 . much less on American culture. As was alluded above. LaHaye and Jenkins deserve a healthy share of credit for the surge in sales of Christian fiction novels over the last ten years.

scientists in England have pointed out that the Somatic Cell Nuclear Transfer process requires so many eggs that the time has come to consider using the eggs of cattle. shall we say. the Left Behind series. it is that Wood’s understanding of the hostile intentions of the “visitors” was correct. Those with a biblical worldview understand the reason for these visitors’ hostility: ETs are actually fallen angels. and healthier with each passing generation. Bride of the Monster. pigs.3). the ETs intend to take over the Earth. Humans were given dominion over the Earth and the right to judge the angels someday (1 Cor. the Watchers gained the cooperation of humanity by sharing forbidden technology. (I disagree. To borrow a line from Wood’s other Bela Lugosi feature. is that the timing and method is God’s. and to many of these heavenly hosts (about a third of them. a bit less clinical. we will remove the barrier between God and ourselves. features Plan 9 costar Tor Johnson. the fallen angels wanted to create “a race of atomic supermen which will conquer the world!” According to the Book of Enoch.26). chimeras possessing a blend of human and animal DNA have already been created. trading like most Christian literature. Fixing all of the goofs. truths that we should use to guide us in the coming final showdown between God and the rebel angels.25-27). the resurrected corpses are slow and stupid (traits exhibited by most movie zombies that render them pretty much useless for conquering the Earth). coincidentally. Indeed. These truths are outlined as follows: 1. Better still. and cheap production values would require remaking the entire film. 15 . As a result. the character Jeff Trent asserts that the “flying saucer” is from another dimension. Even worse. Even so. but it was renamed because Wood’s backers considered this title sacrilegious. the method was. this is apparently intolerable. much worse— but I digress. Extending the Span of Human Life by Unnatural Means is Not Necessarily a Good Thing. either that or its counterpart. we are told the new technologies will allow us to actually transcend the limits of our humanity. or rabbits in order to ensure a constant supply of “human” stem cells for research. there is no question that these unnaturally revived creatures are just plain evil. they are willing to do or say anything to derail God’s plan. are much. according to John). The string attached to the top of a wobbly UFO in one of the opening scenes is the least of Plan 9’s mistakes. either heaven or hell. The “plan nine” of Wood’s film describes a scheme to reanimate corpses—a stock theme of horror and science fiction literature since the days of Mary Shelley and Bram Stoker. The production itself is a clinic in how not to make a movie. however. We are told that genetic engineering is necessary research. We will live longer and be stronger. In Plan 9. resurrection of the dead has been a core Judeo-Christian belief since ancient times (Job 19. Even so. 6. Plan 9 puts forward prophetic truths that are sadly missing from the Left Behind series. inspired by such tales as the legend of the golem and the myth of Osiris. hidden beneath this veneer of shoddy filmmaking.” In other words. continuity errors. In contrast. If we have learned anything from the thousands of reports from experiencers. smarter. completely ignores the UFO phenomenon. 2. The one feature unique to Noah’s time that is being repeated today is the modification of human DNA. Manos: The Hands of Fate and The Beast of Yucca Flats. We are told the experimentation in genetics labs is for the betterment of mankind and the billions being spent on stem cell research and gene therapies will someday eliminate disease. In Plan 9. but the goal was the same. The key. which. While this field of science is basically still in its infancy.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE Plan 9 bears the honor of being dubbed “Worst Film” of all time by Michael and Harry Medved in their 1980 book The Golden Turkey Awards. A snippet of dialogue between the protagonist and his wife suggests that Ed was fully aware of the origin of the film’s visitors: Paula Trent: “A flying saucer? You mean the kind from up there?” Jeff Trent: “Yeah. Jesus told His disciples that one of the signs of His imminent return was that it would be “just as it was in the days of Noah” (Luke 17.) The film was originally titled Grave Robbers from Outer Space. In Noah’s time. In effect. Don’t Trust Aliens.

the alien ships in the film are so unsafe they need wires to keep them aloft! But what if it is all a ruse? What if the purpose of crashing a few craft and leaving them for examination is intended to convince humankind that our guests are biological rather than. since the film was not released until 1959) conflagration. Are we to believe that ETs successfully crossed the vast ebony gulf of interstellar space. which offers some comfort in the face of the visitors’ obviously superior technology. as I believe. an army to oppose the returning Messiah at the Valley of Megiddo? The parallels between the giants who walked the Earth in the days of Noah and the direction of today’s genetic research are striking. or Nazi origin. The point is that the similarities to Plan 9 in this regard are obvious—the alien craft in Wood’s film eventually crashes in a spectacular (by the standards of 1930s special effects—which is too bad. is the downed craft at Roswell. But in spite of his breathtaking ability to spin cinematic lead out of. The Future: Where You and I Are Going to Spend the Rest of Our Lives Now. debris. New Mexico. 3. Flying saucers have an annoying tendency to crash. this indicates fallibility associated with finite. was clever enough to conceal a brilliant prophetic vision beneath a façade of bad filmmaking. organic beings such as us. the phenomenon of unidentified spacecraft crashing into the earth is one more important point that was completely ignored by the creators of Left Behind. so I will not list them here. There are others.or pan-dimensional? Either way. I have to be honest—he really was a bad filmmaker. somehow left behind a more plausible scenario for the prophesied cosmic end game than the authors of the most widely distributed books on end times prophecy since the Bible itself. as much as I would like to think that Edward D. jumping higher. well. Jr. the Left Behind books completely ignore the role that the transgenic and transhumanist movements will play in the coming cosmic showdown. of course. although. Is the true purpose of genetic engineering the regeneration of the nephilim. Jr. Indeed. While Plan 9 does not go beyond simply the danger of tinkering with the natural order of things. Edward D. Need it be mentioned that genetic research holds great interest for the militaries of the world? Much time and money has been invested into developing soldiers capable of running faster. Wood. Wood managed to produce a glimpse of eschatological insight with Plan 9 from Outer Space. only to crash into their intended destination? Certainly. braving radiation. absolutely nothing. and an enormous fuel bill. extra. The most famous. There is an obvious contradiction inherent in the UFO phenomenon. and fighting longer with less food and sleep. just as our “visitors” have concealed their true natures and intentions by sacrificing a few high-tech flying ships. it is not universally agreed as to whether the ship was of extraterrestrial. There is no doubt that however he conceived his apocalyptic vision of the coming end of days. 1947.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE knowledge for our help in bringing about our own destruction. Flying Saucers are Unreliable Transportation. and I am admittedly not an expert on recovered UFOs. Wood. 16 . which nearly destroyed mankind before the global flood of Noah. The result was an army of nephilim. whether by divine revelation or through a simple desire to exploit the last film footage ever shot of Bela Lugosi. extradimensional.

Earthquake Resurrection manages to offer a fresh take on the events of the End Times. In the future. STARTLING NEW BIBLICAL EXEGESIS REVEALS THAT (C) COULD BE THE CORRECT ANSWER.” – D.000 years of analysis and debate of apocalyptic prophecy. .” ARE YOU READY FOR THIS ? AVAILABLE NOW AT The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11 www. c o m . “The most convincing explanation of end times prophecy I have ever heard or read. I'm tempted to steal it anyway. . to report it as my own. (b) A mass. .com ISBN 1-4116-3970-7 – Tom Horn of Raiders News Update WHAT DO T H EY H AVE IN COMMON? T H I S C H A N G E S E V E R Y T H I N G .OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE “David achieves the near impossible: After 2. worldwide alien abduction to take away “intolerants” for reprogramming. . Adams 17 w w w . I had never contemplated the interesting premise Lowe eventually puts forth. e a r t h q u a k e r e s u r r e c t i o n . earthquake resurrection . (c) Simply “missing persons” amidst the greatest global catastrophe since The Flood. the simultaneous DISAPPEARANCE of millions of believers will be understood by those still on the earth as: (a) The mysterious catching-up or rapture of the Bible has occurred. as a twenty-five year veteran of theological review. it's that creative.” – Derek Gilbert of PID Radio Der NEW BIBLICAL EVIDENCE FOR A FUTURE GLOBAL The Resurrection to SUPER-EVENT Immortality of: Jesus Christ The “Many Saints” of Matthew 27 “I have to admit.

are incredibly tiny objects that do not have physical parts.”2 Since at least some atoms had come together to compose earth and its living things. I addressed why Christians should care about ufology.”3 I 18 . The most noteworthy of the atomists concerning this topic were Democritus (ca. and since there is an infinite number of atoms in the cosmos. cannot be split. and which are either point-sized (size less) or they have a tiny size. and that of philosophy. Epicurus and Lucretius objected to the ancient idea that the gods interfered in human affairs. PhD n the inaugural issue of ANOMALOS (now titled OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE). Atomism gave them a completely materialistic (“matter only”) view of the universe. Part 1: The Historical Background By Michael S. their alternative required the elimination of the gods from creation. divided or cut. This debate predates the time of Jesus. To give a brief overview of the atomists’ beliefs: “the word ‘atom’ is used in two distinct divisions: the atoms of physical science.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE Christian Theology and an ET Reality. In much of the contemporary evangelical Church.a. I overviewed a host of worldview and theological issues that would require attention from thoughtful Christians should an intelligent extraterrestrial reality ever become known with certainty. The atomist position was obviously not rooted in empirical science. and Lucretius (99-55 BC). and which make up absolutely anything that exists. Heiser. There was no need for a divine creator of nature when everything in the universe came into being “as a result of the chance jostling of brute matter (a. Atomism is traditionally associated with the latter. My aim over the next several issues is to revisit my overview and focus on each individual issue raised therein. The atomists further argued that this potentiality was surely destined to become reality. the possibility of an intelligent extraterrestrial reality is typically either dismissed as intrinsically incompatible with the Bible and biblical theology or is avoided due to a presumed link with demonology. articulated as it was in a prescientific era (at least in terms of astronomical technology).k. The result was that the idea of other worlds was viewed as not only coherent.. to the atomists it stood to reason that some of the infinite number of atoms could have also come together in a multitude of other possible combinations beyond the earth. atoms). but inevitable. Like the more well-known deists of the modern Enlightenment period. In the course of that discussion. 450 BC). However. Epicurus (341-270 BC). having been traced to the discussions of the Greek philosophers known as atomists. It is most appropriate to commence this multi-part examination with the focus of this article on the history of the Christian perspective on extraterrestrial life. For philosophical consistency. where philosophers have argued that the basic building blocks of reality. the Christian view has not always existed within these perimeters.

”7 The sixteenth century saw more of the same openness. there were other worlds). not all medieval thinkers agreed.”4 Paul is arguing that the true God is the creator of everything that is. And. Nicholas of Cusa argued that “. . If there were worlds beyond the known planets (the known kosmos). . also if their whole region is in a concealed proportion with our own. that were other worlds. this would mean there had to be another Mover— something philosophically impossible for Aristotle. This 19 . By the middle of the fifteenth century. .OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE However. 47. It would take another two centuries before the Church embraced that postulate. With respect to the latter. In 1277 a theological conflict within the Medieval Catholic church resulted in the famous (or for Thomists infamous) 219 Propositions. It was possible. Plato and Aristotle denied that there could be other worlds for several reasons. In his On Learned Ignorance (1440). q. especially in the wake of the heliocentric universe championed by Nicholas Copernicus. it would be subject to dissolution and decay. which commentators frequently (and correctly) point out as meaning much more than the planet earth. the Middle Ages marked a turning point in the Christian attitude toward the possibility of there being other worlds. especially since he associated the idea of a plurality of worlds with the supporters of chance (see his Summa Theologica. but it is reflected in the biblical Greek word kosmos. do not have any proportion with the inhabitants of our world. but also. but these worlds were unseen by humans.6 However. planets. [L]ife. Aristotle’s views. which argued that what is possible in nature tends to become realized. moon. but in reality.24. pars I. However.. since this region remains unknown to us. and so the word kosmos here means more than our pale blue dot of a planet. in Acts 17. Aristotle believed that the other planets were of a completely different substance than the earth and held that the universe must be finite. The writings of these philosophical giants. that these arguments make little sense given what is known today about the universe. . did not go unchallenged. and stars were “the world. They believed that there were in fact other worlds. Aristotle won the day and his influence held sway over most structured learning and the Church well into the Middle Ages. Ockham created an analogy to the known world. a . Aristotle’s well-accepted (among Christian creationists) notion of a Prime Mover (single pre-existent creator) compelled him to reject other worlds. despite Aristotle’s recognized brilliance. [. For example. The Epicureans (followers of the atomomist Epicurus) did not buy his approach for a second. . an equally significant question was whether this was probable. Copernicus argued not only did the suncentered universe displace human life as the center of the universe.] But. Plato believed the earth was simply unique.e. so might other worlds “sprout up” outside the natural environ of the known world through the agency of the Prime Mover. One can only speculate how Aristotle’s views might have differed if he had the scientific knowledge available today.” another odd-sounding argument of Aristotle and Plato makes more sense to the modern ear: if “the created world were a composite (i. For Aristotle. the principle of plenitude led some Christian thinkers to approve the idea of the existence of extraterrestrial life. animals and plants. is to be found.3). He noted that just as earthly life forms (say. also its inhabitants remain completely unknown to us. Yet. the Prime Mover lived on the edge of the known universe.] The inhabitants of other stars. wherever they are. . as it exists here on earth in the form of men. of course. Given this notion that the earth. the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 BC) disagreed with such speculations of the atomists. The reasoning behind Proposition 27 was linked to the idea that any denial of other worlds impinged upon the doctrine of omnipotence. let us suppose.” 5 Obviously. In fact. for the finality of the universe [. it was common among the ancient Greeks and Romans to think of the “world” as a central Earth with its Moon and Sun plus the five planets and the fixed stars. became extremely influential in Christian circles. Plato also held that there were no other worlds. by way of this brief summary. Etienne Tempier. But for Ockham. like Aristotle. Paul speaks of “the God who made the kosmos [emphasis added] and everything in it. Since the Prime Mover was seemingly interested only in this planet (recall the geocentric notion). a tree) could sprout up in “non-natural” environs (like water). agreed. It is obvious. Lastly. in a higher form in the solar and stellar region. then. Ockham asked whether the First Cause (the Prime Mover) could create multiple worlds. it really does not. this affirmation for the possibility of other worlds’ existence fell short of actually declaring that there could be intelligent life on those other planets. The most famous medieval theologian. Their influence lasted for centuries and is one reason why the Church initially took a negative view on the idea of other worlds and ET life. These propositions were issued by the Bishop of Paris. particularly Aristotle. Medieval Catholicism One of Aristotle’s most famous intellectual descendants was the Oxford-educated Franciscan. William of Ockham (1280-1347). Ockham believed that entities would not be multiplied needlessly. Saint Thomas Aquinas. Proposition 27 condemns all who hold the Aristotelian position that the first cause cannot make more than one world. these sages knew nothing of entropy. the sun-centered universe implied that the stars were suns like our own. in their prescientific age. In his reasoning. This idea may sound strange. the simplest answer (Ockham’s razor) was that there were no other worlds. This reversal in position echoed an earlier notion of the principle of plenitude. Ockham’s answer may seem to go against the beliefs of his teacher.

Philip Melanchthon argued against the plurality of worlds “because their inhabitants might be left without a knowledge of Christ or that his death and resurrection might have been required more than once.”9 (It is important to note: Melanchthon’s reasoning that the presence of an intelligent ET is impossible due to the doctrines of the incarnation. and the most eminent among DVD Just $19. eighteenth.”12 During the seventeenth. ET. however. and in 1600 he was burned at the stake.) Other Christian writers followed Melanchthon. among them American Puritan preacher Cotton Mather (seventeenth century). As science journalist Fred Heeren notes. In 1578 L. and nineteenth centuries.11 By way of illustrating an accepted Protestant position. since Scripture does not mention the known planets. being far better and happier than ourselves. redemption. Danaeus stated that the idea of life on other planets should not be accepted since it is not taught in Scripture. and as will be discussed in another issue.10 The Scottish preacher and mathematician Thomas Chalmers (early nineteenth century) also promoted this idea. the arguments supporting this objection are not terribly coherent. it should not be given the weight it often is. “Almost all the astronomers of our day. and J. wrote in 1847. if not all.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE idea prompted Dominican monk Giordano Bruno (1548-1600) to propose that there might be an infinite number of suns with inhabited planets. Suffice it for now to say that this objection was not an issue among most. (2) God’s omnipotence and infinitude required that there be an infinite number of such inhabited worlds. and salvation foreshadows the forceful use of this same objection by the famous non-Christian (deist) writer Thomas Paine. The arguments behind this objection to an ET reality will be fully examined in a future article.8 This argument was quite problematic though. and the Modern Era In view of the influential thinkers within Catholicism who had weighed in on the extraterrestrial question. Bruno took the idea that God’s omnipotence allowed the possibility of other worlds to two more extreme positions: (1) those worlds were likely inhabited by intelligent beings.95 Available at www. several prominent Protestant preachers became devoted to the idea that there could be intelligent extraterrestrial life. Protestantism’s emphasis on the authority of Scripture typically prompted its spokesmen to take a negative stance. A number of prominent scientists embraced this possibility: Sir William Rowan Hamilton (1805-1856). his works were anathematized. Protestant Reformers were obliged to respond. Bruno was arrested in 1592. As such. the rise in astronomical science and improved technology for observing the heavens led (perhaps inevitably) to a spike in enthusiasm for the idea that there are a plethora of other worlds that are inhabited by intelligent beings. Church officials were in a less tolerant mood. a French physician and critic of extraterrestrial 20 . Sir David Brewster (1781-1868). the Reformation. Norman Lockyer. Christians prior to the Reformation.theUFOstore. As François Plisson. consider Timothy Dwight’s sentiment: “it is most rationally concluded that intelligent beings in great multitudes inhabit [the moon’s] lucid regions. there were two sides to the ET debate within Protestantism. By this time. Yale president/minister Timothy Dwight (eighteenth century). François Arago (1786-1853). and the grandson of Jonathan Edwards. As was the case historically with Catholicism.


”14 Newton’s law of universal gravitation implied the universality of natural laws.”15) Also. At the end of the 17th century. in which a distant god created the atoms and gave them an initial shove.”13 As Benjamin Wiker points out in his essay on the history of the ET life debate: “The 18th century was a time of transition for the West.”17 Of particular influence. by Mr.] And since the fall and mortality of mankind. The reasons for this antagonism have been hinted at in this discussion. would be to have it populated by millions of intelligent beings dispersed throughout the cosmos. freely adopt the opinions that not long ago were viewed as being able to spring only from the mind of a madman.] And in the meantime. Christians joined the bandwagon. The best way for the universe to accomplish this apparent divine intention. . English theologian Robert Jenkin tried to relate other worlds to a Christian view: “I observe. but even if they were fallen. as a foundation for his geometrical account of nature. In essence. Theologically conservative Catholic and Protestant thinkers were amenable to the idea. the closest Newton could come to Christianity was deism. 1884). they may be either for mansions of the righteous. Historically and theologically. To be more exact. of course. It was quite another to assume that life on earth had arisen by wholly natural and random processes. that though it should be granted. evolutionary biology piggy-backed off the primary rationale for the possibility of ET life— a rationale that had been acceptable to many Christian theologians. or places of punishment for the wicked. says Pohle. This issue as well will be the subject of another article. Newton had used the materialist atomism. [. The theological battles that ensued in the wake of Darwinism (and which are in many respects still being fought by Christians) have understandably resulted in an almost hyper-sensitivity to anything associated (rightly or wrongly) with evolutionary thinking. based on Newton’s work. and nineteenth). that some Planets be habitable. (Once again there is this concern regarding the perceived problem of “alien redemption. or that they ever have been.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE them. As a result. By the end of the nineteenth century. entitled Stellar Worlds and Their Inhabitants (Die Sternenwelten und ihre Bewohner. Discovery of a World in the Moone (1638). take note that this supposition does not derive from evolution. The Incarnation was simply jettisoned as cosmologically incompatible and therefore irrelevant. ultimately rooted in the thought of Epicurus and Lucretius. It was one thing to suppose. Pohle believes the reason the universe was created to be so vast was so that creation could give glory to God. II. The English Bishop John Wilkins argues in favor of an inhabited moon in his book. . During the above mentioned centuries (seventeenth. eighteenth. Pohle argues for the reality of a plurality based on the vastness of the physical universe. Munich 1957. and so the same could be extended to planets elsewhere in space. Christ could have died for them also. from a Christianized culture to a secularized culture. From this compelling proposition it was extrapolated that other stars might have their own planetary systems that could sustain life just as Earth. that they must be actually inhabited. And for this reason. standing midway between Christianity and atheism. 109). and the several parts of it at an equilibrium in their gravitation upon each other. Deism. was the religion of transition. [. . they do by their several motions contribute to keep the world at a poise. Newton’s principles. since the evolutionary approach to origins would have to wait another century for its debut via Charles Darwin. after the resurrection. the situation is not the same. deism was the religion of the Newtonians. though. which in turn fosters the assumption that life might have arisen elsewhere. namely the extension of Newton’s “natural laws” to the vast universe. vol. . at the very least the idea that the Creator’s greatness and glory are compatible with intelligent life in the cosmos is coherent.16 Finally. this amounts to little more than letting the godless frame the debate on a subject that has significant theological importance. determined not to let the deists monopolize the discussion. Anglican theologians discussed the possibility of extraterrestrial life in terms of natural theology. In this book. n. it doth not therefore follow. at least in Europe. For now. Wilkins suggests that intelligent beings on other worlds need not be like humans—fallen from grace. being placed at their respective distances. 22 . The 19th Century Turning Point By now it should be clear that the question of ET life has not always been met with hostility and suspicion within the Church. Today. those “natural laws” went well beyond Newtonian physics to “natural selection” of Darwinian evolution. Schmaus. 18 Pohle’s thesis gained considerable weight in Catholic circles due to its reiteration in one of the most widely diffused European theological textbooks of the twentieth century (M. Katolische Dogmatik. that there were other worlds in space that could sustain life. the notion of ET life smells a lot like evolution to many Christians. was the nineteenth century theological work of Joseph Pohle. This logic is basically the same as that found today among evolutionary proponents in the field of astronomy. Although Pohle could be faulted for overstating his case and pressing his logic.

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According to such theorists. von Daniken’s premise took America by storm in the 1960’s with the proposition that mankind was possibly the offspring of an ancient. T 26 . encounters with other-world beings. Some accept this as an alternative to the biblical account of creation.13). and of terrifying weapons that were like lightning. The startling image. According to the theory. Mr. One of the more disturbing aspects of the “beings who breach the gate”. etc) could be viewed as evidence of “aliens” transgenically or genetically modifying ancient people and animals. This is visitations by small. Ron Hubbard (Church of Scientology founder) conducted a second ritual. Daniken continues: While [the] spaceship disappears again into the mists of the universe our friends will talk about the miracle—”The gods were here!”. lions with heads of bulls. In the introduction to his bestselling book. 28. (10) As was illustrated in the Hollywood films Contact and Close Encounters Of The Third Kind. weird.7) what had scared her so much. The Endorian witch may have identified one of these “gods” as the deceased Samuel. Some. perhaps the first. California.. is “abduction”. Then their texts will relate—and drawings will show— that gods in golden clothes were there in a flying boat that landed with a tremendous din.” (26) Von Daniken also says the odd appearance of some of the gods as depicted in various hieroglyphs (human-like creatures with falcon heads. Ufologists like Daniken assert that the gods of the mythological record may have been evidence of. these are “the gods of mythology” and are responsible for creating the human specie. who.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE The following chapter is excerpted from the upcoming book by Tom Horn: experiments. and stone tablets these space travelers’ arrival. I nevertheless proclaim that these “strangers” annihilated part of mankind existing at the time and produced a new. is a father of the ancient astronaut theory. like the thirty-nine members of the Heaven’s Gate cult. and they will recount that the gods promised to return. said: I claim that our forefathers received visits from the universe in the remote past. even though I do not yet know who these extraterrestrial intelligences were or from which planet they came. Many adepts of Enochian magic and Ordo Templi Orientis believe they succeeded and that she—the whore of Babylon—walks the earth today. as Babylonian and earlier “gods” have been depicted as coming through “gates” for some time.. rocket scientist and cofounder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Jack Parsons and his pal L. He called the being “Lam” and drew a portrait of it. It would come as no surprise. but many Christians are uncomfortable with the idea of communicating with the dead and insist the reference had to be to something else. detailed almost ninety years ago. bears powerful similarity with “Alien Greys” of later pop culture. she answered. and a reaction to. When Saul asked the woman with the “familiar spirit” (1 Sam. Chariots of the Gods?. and departure as a “supernatural” encounter between gods and men.” in an attempt to reopen the gateway created by Crowley. Defining the Gods of Gateways A popular hypothesis sometimes called the ancient astronaut theory claims that super-intelligent beings have been visiting the earth through dimensional gates for eon. the archetypal divine feminine.. carrying boxes in front of their chests. it might be argued. The Amalantrah Working In 1918 famed occultist Aleister Crowley attempted to create a dimensional vortex that would bridge the gap between the world of the seen and the unseen. miraculas. who supposedly pilot UFOs NEPHILIM STARGATES: AND THE RETURN OF THE WATCHERS CHAPTER TWO he story in 1 Samuel 28 makes reference to the beings that ascended up from “out of the earth” as “gods” (1 Sam. 28. homo sapiens. timeless phenomenon is recorded in the mythos of every ancient culture. This universal. They will hammer and chisel in the rock pictures of what they had seen: shapeless giants with helmets and rods on their heads. They wanted the spirit of Babylon. The two men were not seeking audience with Lam. It is uncertain how many believe such a theory.they will make a record of what happened: uncanny. 28.13). typically Grey creatures.. They will write about chariots which the gods drove over land and sea. to pass through the portal and to incarnate itself within a human being.. perhaps ongoing. subscribe to an eerie amalgam of mysticism and conventional religion. staves from which rays are shot out as if from a sun. ancient men would have considered space travelers as gods and would have recorded via hieroglyphs. balls on which indefinable beings sit and ride through the air. megaliths. The ritual was called the Amalantrah Working and according to Crowley became successful when a presence manifested itself through the rift. Nearly three decades after the Amalantrah Working. who committed suicide in Rancho Santa Fe. “I saw gods ascending out of the earth” (1 Sam. and who believed they were being summoned by a UFO trailing the HaleBopp Comet. Erich von Daniken. Exactly what else this being might have been is the question. the “Babalon Working. but approximately eighty percent of Americans alone believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life. extraterrestrial experiment. which continues to be reported around the world.

Some interpret this Nibiru as “a distant planet” while others say it should be translated. who came from Ta-Ur. Gen. ancient Chinese folklore tells of visitation by beings from a distant land of “flying carts. why have heavenly beings visited (and continue visiting) the earth.37).” We find: · The Egyptians originally migrated from the biblical land of Shin’ar. 6. marrying women. pollute. as did Herod seek baby Jesus in order to have Him killed.. Regardless of one’s interpretation of this particular verse.4).” · In the Book of the Dead (Plates 7-10) there are prayers for deliverance from the Watchers (Tchatcha. Jesus Christ speaks of these days (of Noah) as being comparable to the time leading up to His return and to the end of the age (Mathew 24. which means the Land of the Watchers. are all viewed as examples of earth visitation by ET. the “pillar of cloud” in Exodus 13:21-22.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE and conduct various experiments on unwilling abductees. and resultant abductions and experiments. the “Far Away Land. Nephilim (giants referenced in Gen. The Egyptians called it Ta Neter—The Land of the Watchers “from which the gods came into Egypt. some of the supernatural beings saw that these girls were beautiful. so too Satan wanted to stop the promised seed before it could be sent by God. They engaged in experiments resulting in a race of mutant offspring called nephilim. the princes of Osiris). and what is this genetic tinkering about? One theory says when the protoevangelium was given (the promise that the seed of the woman would produce a child who would crush the serpent’s head). there were giants [nephilim] on the earth who were descendants of human women and the supernatural beings (TEV. Satan (as opposed to aliens) was trying to produce a race of mutant warriors to exterminate the Jewish race and. so they took the ones they liked.. As did 27 Pharaoh destroy the Hebrew children so that the deliverer might not be born. Are current “UFO” visitors. worse.” · The Sumerian scribes referred to the Watchers as Anunnaki. “They” (Those Who Have Come Through the “Gates”) Were Also Called “Watchers” The ancient astronaut theory and the teaching of theologians alike look to the prehistoric legend of Watchers (mysterious beings who first appeared in the early cultures of the Middle East) to discuss the Annunaki (Sumerian Gods). and even later. as does the dragon of Revelation 12 wait to destroy the seed of the woman as soon as it is born. supernatural beings (aliens? fallen angels?) appeared from heaven and performed genetic alterations on human DNA to intercept. which. this explains why people like the Sumerians of Mesopotamia.4). 6. and girls were being born.. “Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came. From Thomas’s point of view. Daniken is Right: There Have Been Strange Visitors According to the Bible: When mankind had spread all over the world. and fathering halfhuman children. with subsequent religions adopting similar ideas of powerful beings—with names like “Zeus” and “Apollo”— visiting the earth.” . documented “dogfights” by gods in flying machines. Thomas in his book The Omega Conspiracy says Satan had additional plans to killing off the Messaiah. According to Thomas.D. and Elijah’s “chariot of fire” (2 Kgs 2:11).E. the same as those of Noah’s day? If so. Yet my friend I. In the New Testament. they said. brought with them a pantheon of deities. and the creation of mutant DNA following earth visitation by “gods. and Daniken claims the Bible itself is the “greatest UFO book of all time!” The “wheel” in Ezekiel 1:15. to genetically alter creation from the image of God to one of Satan’s own. While much attention is given to interpreting Sumerian cuneiforms as evidence of this alien-human interaction. and cut off the birth line of the Messiah.In those days. a Sanskrit text.” the Drona Parva. Radical aspects of their procedures can include impregnating abductees and later removing hybrid embryos. whose legends preceded much Hebrew folklore. Such activity is seen as the malevolent relationship between certain humans and these “gods” of creation. “came from Nibiru” to judge/rule the inhabitants of the earth. thousands of years ago heavenly beings visited the earth.

The murder of their beloved ones shall they see. and reports of “beings” transversing portals (i. After studying this and other ancient records. and have taken unto themselves wives: ‘Ye have wrought great destruction on the earth: And ye shall have no peace nor forgiveness of sin: and inasmuch as they delight themselves in their children. and have defiled themselves with women.. as we approach the end of the age and the coming of Armageddon.[and are] reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day” (King James Version. and over the destruction of their children shall they lament. thou scribe of righteousness. · The Apocryphal Book of Enoch associates the creatures of Genesis 6 with the Watchers: And I Enoch was blessing the Lord of majesty and the King of the ages. Jude 1. and shall make supplication unto eternity. Do biblical and extra-biblical records support the ancient astronaut theory that alien creatures traveled from distant planets or different dimensions and genetically tinkered with Homo sapiens? Were these flying geniuses afterward honored in the images and folklore of the gods of mythology? Or is Thomas correct in that Genesis and similar books are a record of fallen angels acting in accord with Satan? We may find out sooner than we think. the lesser “angels” that followed the two hundred.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE · The Bible refers to Nephilm. Thomas concludes that recent “UFO” abduction activity may indicate a return of the servants of the Watchers. the holy eternal place. 28 .D. Whoever or whatever these beings are.E. the reality of their activity can no longer be doubted. and have done as the children of earth do. · In the Book of Jubilees—AKA the Apocalypse of Moses—the Watchers are compared to supernatural beings mentioned in the sixth chapter of Genesis. Enoch refers to the Watchers in the High Heavens as separate from the ones on Earth. go. ufonauts) are coming in with regular frequency.. The fallen class of Watchers are considered by some to be the same creatures who in the Book of Jude are called the “angels which kept not their first estate.e.3-8) · According to the Dead Sea Scrolls.6). but left their own habitation. Thus. declare to the Watchers of the heaven who have left the high heaven. which also means those who came from Heaven to Earth. but mercy and peace shall ye not attain.’” (1 Enoch 12. Unexplained phenomena are occurring all around us. only two hundred of this larger group of powerful beings called “Watchers” departed from the higher Heavens and sinned. and lo! the Watchers called me—Enoch the scribe—and said to me: “Enoch. I.


much to your horror. In real life. I truly believe that we are all here to love and help each other. You awake to find next to your bed a group of short creatures (now incorporated into our Lexicon as “Grays”) with large. In fact. For those of you who are not familiar with these phenomena. without clothes. Bruxelles. specifically.” “Who took you? What did they (‘the aliens’) look like?” “I am not sure if they took me at that time. and therefore. ———A short Bio of Corina Saebles: In 1956 I was born in Belgium. This is just a little bit about who I am. . the short version of what happens goes something like this: You are laying in bed next your spouse. and you are lying. Interview with Corina: “When was your fist abduction? How old were you. The above scenario is of course a fictional account of what abductees report. However. .”they” float you out of the room by taking you through the closed window. T 30 . researchers have found that the hypnotized person is in a VERY suggestive state. Marzulli he abduction phenomena have been explored in detail by Dr. bedtime. In actual cases the information is most often gathered by way of hypnosis. My background involves nursing in private hospitals with the elderly and teaching special needs children. “They” begin to probe your genital area. One of the characters. bluish-white light would then The Abduction Phenomena by L. I found Corina to be a warm and great communicator. This bright. While they are saying this. when suddenly you have a feeling that someone is in your room. Contrary to most abductees. It was in Quebec. I have actually written about abduction phenomena in The Unholy Deception. and then when my children were around five-years-old. I would always ask my parents to check for monsters under my bed and in my closet. and you find that it is very painful. I met Corina recently at a UFO seminar in Denver. This is where my experiences started. the second book in the Nephilim Trilogy. that you are paralyzed. I am a spiritual individual with a very open mind. I have had the pleasure of interviewing Corina Saebles about her abductions. Canada. I cannot verify that the information she has given me is true nor can I verify that the events described herein actually have transpired. . I have had many experiences over my lifetime. has been abducted since her childhood. yet. Corina has not found it necessary to be hypnotized in order to remember her abductions. Every fiber in your being is screaming in fear. the glass is not broken! You next find yourself in what appears to be a ship of some sort. my parents decided to move to Quebec. Having had a near death experience a few years ago. if true. there is no way of knowing to what extent the information given is legitimate. Not long after. where my father was then enlisted in a nearby Military Base. I have also really enjoyed doing volunteer work for most of my life. They tell you that you have been chosen and that they need to perform experiments on you. they began to have experiences as well. on a cold metal table. A.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE Helen. almond-shaped eyes. black. Canada. where both of us were speakers. You also discover. I have read both books and found the accounts. Jacobs in his books Secret Life and The Threat. Of course the problem with hypnosis is that it is unreliable. The book chronicles her trying to find a “way out” of the cycle of abduction. to be extremely disturbing. You discover that the entities are communicating with you telepathically. but I was terrified of nighttime. and where did it take place?” “I was five-years-old when I had my first experience. I was only fiveyears-old when they began.

tried to fight them. and I am unable to move. Some are making hybrids.” “Did they ever impregnate you?” “There is actually one unusual pregnancy (1984-85). and no hair. They remind me of our own scientists in a way. They looked half human and half ‘them. except for my eyes.” “Did they show you anything of what might happen in the future?” “No. My friend and I had at least one hour of missing time and also suffered bruises and burn marks on our bodies. during the night I had a nightmare . unfortunately. But the scariest part was this scary.” “What do you think their agenda is?” “I believe that different ones have different agendas. fetus and all. they will sneak up on them. There were at least nine eyewitnesses to what happened. .” “How often have the abductions happened?” “I am not sure. but I can tell you from experience that I do NOT believe them to be here for our greater good. but they will do it at a very gradual pace. put them to sleep.” “Where did they say they came from?” “They have never told me. A. The doctors had told me that it would be impossible for me to conceive.” “Do you think they will reveal themselves to everyone?” “Yes I do. . They somehow render a person physically unresponsive. skin scrapings or remove a tooth. almond-shaped eyes doing ‘experiments’ or medical procedures to me.” “How many of them were around you at the time of the examination?” “Which time? Usually for us. Some were saucer shaped.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE appear outside my bedroom window. it is at least three to five of them at a time. others were shaped like boomerangs. which will increase as time goes on. ‘But the kitty had no ears Daddy!’” “Can you describe what happened?” “Later on in my life. . and then proceed to take some blood samples. gray-looking face that would be staring at me with these huge.” “Have you ever tried to stop them?” “I have prayed.” “What do you think their ‘end game’ is?” “I am not sure what their final intentions are.’ “And then I would say. but when I did they were amazed. they would always come back with ‘Oh it’s just a nightmare honey!’ Or ‘It’s probably just a wild cat from the forest behind our house. At least not the ones that have been in our lives. I explain some of the things that they did.” “Did they examine you?” “Yes they did.” “Were you inside a ship?” “Sometimes but not always. I am screaming in my mind and try to move.spiraloflife. At three and a half months. The next morning when I would try to talk to my parents about and check out the Nephilim Trilogy by best selling author L. two small holes for its nose area.’” “Did you see anything else while on board the ship that you remember?” “Other humans sometimes. I have seen them with my own eyes—hundreds of glass containers filled with a strange liquid and fetuses floating in them. they will ‘TAG’ them so that they may follow them for the rest of their lives to know more about them. which went missing overnight. It had a slit for a mouth. 31 . Then last but not least. They are already in the process of doing this.” Go to www. and there were even cigar-shaped ones as well.” “Do they mention religious figures like Jesus? What do they say about him or other religious figures?” “My own experiences have never included them asking me anything to do with religious figures of any kind. . When they discover new species of animals. 2003.” “How did they communicate with you?” “Totally telepathically. I have been intuitive since childhood. but things have progressed since my NDE (Near Death Experience). Marzulli! Order now and receive a free audio CD of an in depth interview with Marzulli.” “Did you fight them?” “You bet! I tried many times. There were no explanations for what happened.” “What did the ship look like?” “I have seen many different ships. I had other things take place where I recall beings about three to four feet tall with large. but they are in control. woke up and all was gone. Whatever visions I have had about the future . black eyes. In my book. etc. but most of the time. but my children tell me that I have gone missing during the night on at least four different occasions. but no voice escapes me. black. has been through my own intuition. They had me on a cold steel table and used different ‘tools’ to do a variety of different procedures to me.” “Do they continue today?” “The last serious ‘abduction’ was on July 31. to no avail.

and it is still under their control. the spiritual realm is subordinate to the scientific.” America exists as the greatest economic and military power in modern times.1 During the ritual of graduation. lies. and what is the root of all evil? Who displayed all the kingdoms of the world in a moment of time to Jesus Christ saying: “If thou therefore wilt worship me.3 by David Flynn Babylon Revisited In America’s modern colleges. for this is really what “bachelor” means. a student’s four years of intellectual labor and thousands of dollars produce only the graduation of one degree. the illuminated elite maintain the facade of mainstream academics for the unwashed masses. This accomplishment earns the student a Bacchus laurel. They understand the spiritual nature of reality. He is the prince of this world.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE Prophecy of America in Daniel 3. though there are 360 degrees in a complete circle. the graduate of one degree frees the symbolic mortar for the mason by arcing the tassel and string along the surface of their mortarboard hat (as a pestle scooping mortar). At 33 degrees. the inspiration of rebellion against God. The highest members of the “occult Brotherhood” past and present consider themselves graduates of 33 degrees. to carry the cement for building to the stonemasons. No move is accomplished in the occult elite’s governing of this earth without the guide of powers in high places. Greek god of wine revelry and facades. The occult elite believe that the world is under the authority of powerful spiritual beings in high places. and drunkenness.” and Satan—the “adversary. obscures our view of its authorship. the degree candidate wears a symbolic hat—a mortarboard. Who built the first city? Who was the first banker. Though many theologians and eschatologists have dismissed . He is the Devil. Upon receiving the laurel of Bacchus. This discrepancy between the possible number of degrees that can be earned by the occult elite versus the non-occult elite underscores the difference in mindset of those in true economic and political power of the world and the rest of humanity. this driving force of world civilization.2 It would not be possible to acquire 33 degrees through the academic institutions of Europe and America in one lifetime. all shall be thine” (King James Version. “rebel. or altogether nonexistent. The stonemasons are the true builders of civilization.7)? He. 32 the elite illuminated man is so completely aligned to the spiritual realm that he takes for granted the theurgy that occurs in his life. Luke 4. The mortarboard represents the common person’s function in a world system controlled by the occult elite. Bacchus is the Roman version of Dionysus. Only through the membership in the secret fraternal institutions of the occult can 33 degrees be obtained. Yet the Bible proves otherwise. At the same time. the “architects” fashioning events in modern times. and he or she does this with great joy and accomplishment! The academic system of the West was designed by the occult elite from the beginning. In the world of academia.

This means that between the first temple’s destruction in 587 BC by the Babylonians until the second temple’s destruction in 70 AD by the Romans there were: 587 BC . ye fall down and worship the golden image that Nebuchadnezzar the king hath set up:” (Dan. the governors. “occult significance in earth location. That at what time ye hear the sound of the cornet.222 444. 5772 is the Jewish calendar year for 2012. 561 BC may have actually been the year in which Nebuchadnezzar erected the obelisk. the judges.” the liberator of the Jews.” The longitude of the Federal Capitol building sits exactly on the 77 meridian 00 minutes. these men refused to worship the obelisk and were thrown into the fiery furnace. However. Lamech accidentally killed Cain.77 x 7 years + 70 AD. and 77 x 7 = 539 BC (the end of Judah’s exile). In 587 BC ~ 586 BC Nebuchadnezzar destroyed the temple in Jerusalem and brought the Jews into exile in Babylon.3 In fact the whole of the Washington DC complex was arranged in latitude and longitude that relates to the number 77. When Jesus came to the world the first time His number was 888.222 = 666. and captains. resides in Washington DC. As is mentioned above.76 x 33 = 586: the year that Babylon destroyed the temple of Jerusalem. The history of Daniel 3. The secret meaning of this date is discovered in the understanding of the two advents of Jesus Christ.5 To this author’s knowledge. The latitude is 38 degrees.660 inches tall.3. a relationship seems to exist between America’s founding date and the chapter and verse of this referenced passage in Daniel: 1776 / 3.760 divided by 365. It is an often unrecognized fact that the name “Cyrus. this finding is published here for the first time. The proportion between the Jewish year of 2012 and the founding date of America is “hexagonal. The latitude at 38. the treasurers.5 degrees is half of 77 degrees. 3. psaltery. It is important to note that 561 BC is a year that is equally spaced between the destruction of the temple of Jerusalem and the decree by Cyrus to “rebuild” the temple. (equal distance letter skip) that appears throughout the entire text from Genesis to Revelation. harp. It was Cyrus who released the Jews from captivity to build the temple in Jerusalem. since God himself swore to revenge Cain.7 . If the numbers of the AMERICA code in Daniel 3. the occult version of Jesus is Lucifer.666 x 6 = 1776.941176479 x 2 = 3.50 degrees in minutes. the exact latitude of the Washington DC is found. After all.3 = 538.444 5772 x the latitude of Washington DC “38. is found in Daniel 3. Lamech cursed anyone harming him 70 plus 7 times.”7 Because the bible code of America. and languages. 53 minutes. Daniel 3. Interestingly. the sheriffs. There were 7 x 7 years from the early calculation of the exile 587 BC to the late calculation of the return 538 BC. At 555 feet tall. 17. Lamech’s curse was directed against God. The strange thing is. When Jesus comes again the number is double: 1776. To you it is commanded. who freed the Jews from their exile. in biblical 360 day years the same duration is 666 years: 666 x 360 days is 239. and all the rulers of the . 38.3 until the last letter of the name AMERICA in the text there are 33 Hebrew words.7 = 586 BC (the beginning of Judah’s exile). it is also 6. only. The ancient order of Free Masonry had a spiritual design for America at its inception. 33 seconds. 538 BC is the date that Babylon fell by King Cyrus. means “he who possesses the furnace. the Talmud.3-5 reads: “Then the princes. America’s founding date factors into the number of the beast of Revelation in an intriguing way: 1776 + 666 x 6 = 5772. By moving the decimal place to the right one number. The name AMERICA is spaced 17 letters apart in 33 words: 33 / 17 = 1. the largest obelisk in the world. It can be speculated that America’s supernatural purpose according to the occult elite is to initiate His Second Coming. is twice 888—the number in Greek letters for Jesus. and 1.07 x 7. This is the shortest els.5” =222. This number is a hidden symbol of the Babylon captivity of Judah: 77. 1776. dulcimer. a country born in 1776. According to the extra biblical texts the Book of Jasher. The location of Washington DC was selected according to the tenets of mystical toponomy. and Abednego were among the select Jews who served in the court of Nebuchadnezzar as his counselors. sackbut. 4 Because Lamech understood God’s sevenfold curse on anyone harming Cain. the counsellors. and Midrash.2425 solar days = 656. were gathered together unto the dedication of the image that Nebuchadnezzar the king had set up.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE America’s significance in end-time prophecy. the Washington monument.444 + 222. Seventy-seven is a number from biblical narrative associated with ancient patriarch Lamech. As it just so happens.3-5).7 x 7 years .6 The date of America’s founding.44058 solar years subtracted by 70 AD = 586 BC. seconds.3 are multiplied: 17 spaces x 33 words = 561. The name “AMERICA” can be found in the bible spaced 17 letters apart in Daniel 3. Interestingly.8235 decimal degrees is 38. Axiomatically. Then an herald cried aloud. and all kinds of musick. These years can also be calculated using the “77” degree longitude of Washington DC.3 is also important. Meshach. nations. These are all “solar years” of 365 days.3. an obelisk and they stood before the image that Nebuchadnezzar had set up. O people. according to the AMERICA code.88235. Daniel witnessed the fall of Babylon by King Cyrus in 539 BC ~ 538 BC. the illuminated elite have not. flute. provinces. Shadrach. This proportion can also be broken down in the following manner: 12 x 333 + 1776 = 5772 5772 x the longitude of Washington DC “77” = 444.941176479.” In other words: 5772 .666 33 From the beginning of Daniel 3. Furthermore. In fact.

and all kinds of musick. that the image of the beast should both speak.14-15).31). 3. spoken of by Daniel the prophet. Meshach. But if not. The Washington Monument was designed as a tribute to George Washington.3-5 describes all “nations” being forced to worship the “image. sackbut.15). Looking again at Daniel 3: “Nebuchadnezzar spake and said unto them. clod breaker. The Babylonians used it to pave their streets and hold their walls and buildings together.31 “. 13. and did live. Boats along the Euphrates were constructed with woven reeds and sealed with pitch. “And he commanded the most mighty men that were in his army to bind Shadrach. the temple of Jerusalem must be built. which had the wound by a sword. (Daniel 12. be it known unto thee. Meshach. Meshach.15: “When ye therefore shall see the abomination of desolation.5 + 38. and rose up in haste. and Abednego. that they should make an image to the beast. the flame of the fire slew those men that took up Shadrach. flute.) “Shadrach. and Abednego. and said unto his counsellors. “George = earth worker. George considered himself (as do all high-ranking fraternal members of the order) to be descended from the line of Cain.” i. And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast. and to cast them into the burning fiery Furnace. This message of death for those who refuse to worship the image of the beast is paralleled in Daniel: “And whoso falleth not down and worshippeth shall the same hour be cast into the midst of a burning fiery furnace” (Dan. and he will deliver us out of thine hand. The afore mentioned text of Daniel 3.5 = 2007 (6 x 38.5 + 38. which could be connected in some way with America’s influence over Israel or perhaps only its past influence. our God whom we serve is able to deliver us from the burning fiery furnace. and commanded that they should heat the furnace one seven times more than it was wont to be heated” (emphasis added) (Dan. and the 34 . In order for this prophecy to occur. and the form of his visage was changed against Shadrach.5) 1776 + 33 + 33 + 33 + 33 + 33 + 33 + 33 = 2007 (7 x 33) The average Hebrew year is slower by a day every 231 Gregorian years. 24.1415)? The word for “music” in Daniel 3. 11. Therefore because the king’s commandment was urgent. 24.11 states that Jewish temple rituals will be renewed and then interrupted before the return of Christ. True.) The fiery furnace referred to in Daniel 3. 3. and they have no hurt. Lo. . and who is that God that shall deliver you out of my hands” (emphasis added) (Dan. O king.3 containing the AMERICA code and the quoted passage from Daniel 3. O king.6 was used against the Jews by conspiring Chaldeans. . and Abednego. and Abednego: therefore he spake. and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed” (Rev. meaning “clod-breakers. Meshach. well: but if ye worship not. let him understand):” (Matt. the first clod breaker or farmer and the first murderer. and they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate” (Dan. and Abednego. If it be so. we are not careful to answer thee in this matter. walking in the midst of the fire. and the furnace exceeding hot. Jesus is referring in this verse to the prophecy spoken in Daniel 11. Meshach. nor worship the golden image which I have set up? Now if ye be ready that at what time ye hear the sound of the cornet.” Since America is and historical Babylon was the nexus of the civilized world and both are/were “superpowers” to which all nations are/were obliged to submit in some respect (whether they benefit(ed) or not). saying to them that dwell on the earth. O Nebuchadnezzar. ye shall be cast the same hour into the midst of a burning fiery furnace.6). and dulcimer. stand in the holy place. and shall take away the daily sacrifice. in this light Daniel 3.5 + 38.” These people were also synonymously the Babylonians.5 + 38. that we will not serve thy gods. (whoso readeth. The natural resource that Nebuchadnezzar used to fuel his furnace to such high temperatures was crude oil.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE Using the longitude of the capital of America there is also a mathematical suggestion of the coming year: 1776 + 77 + 77 + 77 = 2007 (3 x 77) 1776 + 38. ye fall down and worship the image which I have made. and they shall pollute the sanctuary of strength.5 + 38. (This may metaphorically refer to the artful manipulation of countries through finance and political machination. psaltery. As a 33rd degree Free Mason.15 that prompted the worship of the obelisk has the following meanings: a) to trim. nor worship the golden image which thou hast set up. I see four men loose. .e.16-19). harp. Is it true. answered and said to the king. prune b) to be pruned c) to pluck or make music by plucking or pulling strings. This fact is strange because this number (231 or 77 x 3) happens to be the distance in years between 1776 and 2007.3-5 seems not only a record of the “image worship” event during the Babylonian exile but also a prophecy concerning the Antichrist in the same vein as Matt. This prophecy concerning the antichrist is mentioned again in Revelation: “And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast. Did not we cast three men bound into the midst of the fire? They answered and said unto the king. It was the cheapest and most efficient fuel known. and spake. O Shadrach. . He answered and said. 3. Then was Nebuchadnezzar full of fury. O king. . do not ye serve my gods. It was so plentiful in ancient Babylon that it collected in large pools on the ground’s surface. Then Nebuchadnezzar the king was astonished.

And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning. (New York: J. 3. in looking at Revelation 18. one must wonder about America’s fate: “Therefore shall her plagues come in one day. Land locked Babylon in Iraq is not in any danger of an ocean wave generated by a cosmic impact. .org/monuments/ washington-monument/ 7 Blue Letter Bible. 5 Oct. Alas.tourofdc. 18. their salvation by God.8-10. The events in our near future may be a war with Iran as well as a cosmic impact. in December 2003. shall bewail her. This blasphemous King of Babylon toasted his pagan gods with the Holy vessels of the temple of Jerusalem. The AMERICA code embedded in the chapter 3 text suggests a metaphorical link between the imagery of the past “fire” judgment of the Jewish men in the furnace. a temple that no longer existed (as is the situation in our day). and did eat grass as oxen. If the pattern of bible prophecy can be superimposed over current events. 2006 <>. and mourning. and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her. Daniel 5. 1945) 861. reprinted: (Richmond: L. Saddam Hussein—who believed he was the reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzar—was driven from power through his arrogance. The culmination of the goals and wealth from the ancient mystery schools is more closely connected with it than any other country. Blue Letter Bible. saying. 2 1 35 . 6 Monuments and Memorials: Washington Monument. . 2006 http://www. Department of the Interior. 21). 5 Oct.blueletterbible.H. America wields the greatest power over the earth at present.) Notes The Columbia Encyclopedia. Since America resides in ancient Babylon as the ruling force holding that country together. All Bible quotes King James Version. Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down. 3566). Torah4u (Bible Code Program. 20-25). “Dictionary and Word Search for (Strong’s 3565. 5 Oct. What city is like unto this great city! .2). Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry . and then the book ends. The Daniel 3 story paints in broad strokes the time of Israel’s exile up until the return of the “Son of God. Inc. The National Park Service. Albert Pike. for your redemption draweth nigh” (Luke 21:28. Parry & Company.” Cyrus the Great of Persia (now modern day Iran). It also suggests current events of the pruning of Israel’s land by the artful political and economic “music” of America (as was alluded to previously in this analysis of Daniel 3). 4 The Book of Jasher. till his hairs were grown like eagles’ feathers. saying. which is one of the most powerful signs to have appeared from the “hand of God. and shall be found no more at all” (Rev. prepared for the Supreme Council of the 33rd Degree for the Southern Jurisdiction of the United States (Charleston: 1871).” The title “Son of God” is used for the Messiah in prophecies of His First and Second Coming throughout and lament for her. deals with Beltshazzar. (Note: Page 861 completes the explanation of the 32nd degree. and his body was wet with the dew of heaven. Arikh. Standing afar off for the fear of her torment. Likewise. That very hour of the toast God send part of a hand to compose writing on the wall that pronounced Beltshazzar’s doom. that mighty city! for in one hour is thy judgment come. 18.” Belthazzar’s fate: an attack by the man whose name means “possessor of the>. And the kings of the earth. who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her.H. and cast it into the sea. It is uncertain if America will survive as ancient Babylon did. 1996-2002. 1887) 32 (ch. This may occur together or as separate events.33). And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone. The best course of action? “Look up and lift up your heads. when they shall see the smoke of her burning. In modern times. and America’s influence over world events pertaining to the safety and future of Israel. looking like a wild man as he was wrestled from his hole in the ground in modern day Babylon. and famine. America IS the ruler of Babylon. 5 Anipan. . the exact date and year of the last 7 years of history has not been “fixed” or defined in these calculations. # Creator): Israel. the King of Persia will move against America’s armies stationed there. The succeeding chapter. alas. 2006 <http://earth. saying. 6th Ed. The very next chapter (Daniel 4) focuses on Nebuchadnezzar’s fall from power through his arrogance: “The same hour was the thing fulfilled upon Nebuchadnezzar: and he was driven from men. Though the timing of God is set as has been discerned in this article. . death. and his nails like birds’ claws” (Daniel 4. Edition Book manufacturers. . that great city Babylon. Jenkins. The 33rd degree is not discussed and the initiate waits for the secret of 33 degrees at induction into this last rank. After this happens the temple of Jerusalem will be built as it was after the overthrow of Babylon by Cyrus. U.S. but America certainly is. 3 Google Earth. All that can be said for certain is that we are on the brink of very serious events.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE form of the fourth is like the Son of God” (emphasis added) (Dan.

may I say that I do not have all the answers and neither do you. and upon her head a crown of twelve stars” (King James Version. In the meantime.1) is an obvious reference to Israel and the Jewish people when one compares the symbolism of this verse to that of Joseph’s dream in Genesis 37.” so we only know part of the story. behold. for to devour her child as soon as it was born” (Rev.3-4). We will have to wait to get the full version. let brotherly love abound.” and it ain’t Dracula. a. So the “main man” is Satan. 12. . Rev. traveling in birth. Does the Rapture happen before. The last guy to have all the answers got out of here almost 2. and the moon under her feet. This article will trot us through chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation. it will attempt to shed a little more light on when the Rapture will happen and will add some more colour to the overall picture of what is to come. “the prince of darkness. distant primeval past. This becomes plain as we read on: “And there appeared another wonder in heaven. After all.3-4. or at the end of the Tribulation period? Is the Body of the Church mentioned in the Book of Revelation at all? Are Christians ever going to stop beating one another up over this vexed question? Coming as I do from the cloistered calms of The Emerald Isle.8 and are called the “princes of this world. . and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to be delivered. And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven. 12. in the middle. I have dreamed a dream more.1: “And there appeared a great wonder in heaven. The dragon is. 9-10. In doing so. “Now we know in part . Joseph says: “. otherwise known as the Apocalypse. . who is the Serpent of Genesis 3. one third of the “stars” of heaven are cast down to earth. Moving on in our study of Revelation. according to Rev. sometimes prophetic utterances are not so understandable and have dual or multiple meanings.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE Revelation Rapture: An Anomaly? by Patrick Heron he debate rages on. who is the serpent. and. Behold.k.a. The seven heads and ten horns are figures of speech for his aides de corps. and pained to be delivered” (Rev. the second verse says. They are mentioned in 1 Corinthians 2. and seven crowns upon his heads. . At this juncture. who brought forth the Messiah. To start with.2). 12. and behold. These stars are actually those angels who rebelled with Satan and tried to usurp the throne of God way back when in the dim. . This will become plainer as we further examine Revelation. Revelation 12. Of course the woman is Mary. And. I believe this “casting to earth” is still in future. 36 T . 37. So don’t go getting your knickers in a twist about who’s right and who’s wrong. 9). little did I realize that brother could castigate brother so viciously in this civil war of words until I dipped my toes in the continent of the United States. However. Satan—the Devil. 12. the sun and the moon and the eleven stars made obeisance to me” (Gen. a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns.” We all know who the chief prince is. a woman clothed with the sun.000 years ago and has not come back yet. of course. “And she being with child cried.

As I write this. having great wrath. Contrary to popular belief.” And again in verse 10. the Devil and his angels were not cast out of heaven way back in the days of yore when they rebelled in the original coup. as now it is appropriate to shift our focus to the next four verses in Revelation 12: “And the woman fled into the wilderness. and there also is a multitude of these spirit men.6 (the place where the Jews will be protected). And some say that Petra is the spot in the “wilderness” described in Rev. he has access day and night to God where he continually accuses the brethern (us) because of our sins down here. 2. Therefore rejoice ye heavens. 2. which is the same word used in the well-known section of the Bible (1 Thessalonians 4. Then the dragon and his princes finally succeeded by murdering Him at the crucifixion. maybe some distance from this celestial city. We are made of clay. by the blood of the Lamb. Perhaps we should think of heaven in different terms. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and the sea. 12. which is waged between two sets of spirit men. and his angels were cast out with him” (Rev. And whereas thou sawest the feet and toes. that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days. This is what “angels” are: men. for the Devil is cast down unto you. 12. and they loved not their lives unto death. and to his throne” (Rev.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE When Jesus was born. Of course the reason Satan and his comrades wanted the Messiah out of the way harks back to Genesis 3. be on the lookout as we progress through our study for the above quoted phrase. or fallen angels. called angels. After my last interview on “Coast to Coast” radio in June last. as God raised Jesus from death three days and nights later. However. There He sits with His son on his right hand side. Thus in heaven. in chapter 2 of the Book of Daniel. shall it break in pieces and bruise. Just as the world we live in is a big place. forasmuch as thou sawest the iron mixed with the miry clay” (Dan. Here Daniel describes four kingdoms. How do I know this? Because verse 8 says. neither was their place found any more in heaven. He is caught up to heaven. He said he had found the Nephilim.17) that describes the saints who are still alive at the coming (parousia) being “caught up” to meet the Lord in the air. One interesting side note though is that the word in Greek for “caught up” is harpazo. We shall return to the importance of this point later. the kingdom shall be divided. it may be that the same applies to heaven. Verse 7 describes a war in Heaven. Verse 42 goes on to state that the toes were of iron and of clay. Satan and his chiefs have spent nigh on 6. even as iron is not mixed with clay” (emphasis added) (Dan. He is born. Later the crowds tried to throw Jesus off a cliff.1112).43). part of potters clay and part of iron. where she had a place prepared of God. Most experts on the numerology of the End Times (and I am not one of them) agree that this refers to the second half of the seven year period.5. a man named Greg Shaver from Oregon contacted me. Now let us imagine that Satan and his angels are in a different location in heaven. In other words. The victory shall be ours: “And they overcame him. (By the way. I am many thousands of miles from Australia. which are far more powerful than mere human beings. which accused them before God day and night” (emphasis added) (Rev. but only temporarily.40-41). When verse 6 speaks of the woman fleeing into the wilderness. 37 twenty-four elders sit on thrones round-about. is where the Throne of God resides. and ye that dwell in them. When verse 43 states that “they shall .000 years endeavoring to derail prophecy and avert their inevitable demise. “seed of the woman. they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another.” which is not a very nice prospect if you happen to be Satan. which is called Mount Sion and the Heavenly Jerusalem. It is significant to me that this same word is used here as in Revelation 12. and the power of his Christ: For the accuser of our brethren is cast down. the Devil and his evil spirit men are defeated and cast out. or of the dust of the ground as it says in Genesis.”) The next verse in Revelation 12 must be the shortest definition of the life of Jesus in the Bible: “And she brought forth a man child who was to rule all nations with a rod of iron: and her child was caught up unto God. which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth. but there shall be in it the strength of the iron. Nevertheless. 12. The fourth one is still in the future and describes the government that will rule on the earth during the seven years of the Great Tribulation as described in the Apocalypse: “And the fourth kingdom shall be strong as iron: for as much as iron breaketh in pieces and subdueth all things: and as iron that breaketh all these. which is on the other side of the globe. Herod sent out his troops to slaughter all the innocents under two. 12.10). and the dragon fought and his angels. Thus. 6-9). And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon. that old serpent called the Devil and Satan. 12.15 where God promises Satan that the “seed of the woman” will ultimately “crush your head. “…neither was their place found any more in heaven. they are not flesh and blood men as you and me.9). it is referring to a future flight of the Jewish people in the time of the Tribulation. And prevailed not. because he knows that he has but a short time” (Rev. and by the word of their testimony. As the war ensues. But the cruncher is in verse 43: “And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay. Now is come salvation and strength and the kingdom of our God. But read on. And where are they cast to? “Into the earth” (Rev. “And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven. Not a battle but rather a war. Especially coming (as this promise did) from the Most High God. but instead they are spirit men.years-old in Bethlehem. 12.5). And the great dragon was cast out. the capital city.

bright lights one sees when looking at the sky of a clear night. and the earth opened her mouth. especially since the Great Pyramid is held in such awe and wonder by people of the world. the Devil goes after the Jewish nation. Perhaps this is how they will present themselves once more.” the pronoun “they” has to be a reference to the Nephilim. We are given a good mind-picture of this event earlier in Revelation: “And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth. . but this idea does pose an interesting possibility. full of knowledge. it makes sense that the Nephilim might make their appearance in a similar way. the Book of Daniel.13). and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth” (Rev. when she is shaken of a mighty wind” (Rev. We know that Satan always copies (apes) what the true God does. Perhaps the young man’s dream of pyramids suspended in the sky was a vision from God. the Nephilim of Genesis 6. wouldn’t you agree? When the original Nephilim descended to earth on Mount Hermon in the days of Jared.2. little. they do not fall to the earth.) I am taking for granted that you. These “stars” are not those twinkling.” Or.” Regardless of their specific strategy.11). In his own words: “In the dream.” and most of them I read with a great pinch of salt. where she is nourished for a time. I pointed to the sky and said.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE mingle themselves with the seed of men. That is. 6. the “stars of heaven” referenced in Revelation 6.” Some of them were so close they were huge (imagine the Great Pyramid suspended in the air). but I know this was divine. It is important to note that the word “stars” is often used symbolically for angels both good and evil. Maybe they will promise to bring the world to a higher plain in the next step of the evolution of mankind. Scripture does promise that in the End Times.17). I looked up into the sky and saw hundreds of floating/flying pyramids. these so called “gods” of ancient mythology will be released again into the earth to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting world. are incarcerated in the Abyss or Tartarus because of their sin and violence that precipitated the Flood in those antediluvian days. even as a fig tree casting her untimely figs. are fairly well acquainted with many of the events and time lines associated with the Book of Revelation.13 shows the evil angels finally getting evicted from heaven. I got an interesting email from a believer who hails from Australia. And to the woman was given two wings as of a great eagle. . which is shaken by a great wind. Therefore. that she might fly into the wilderness into her place. How pertinent and topical when we reflect and look upon presentday news as it unfolds before our very eyes on a daily basis. He told me he had a dream last year while in New Zealand that led him to my book. I felt very real dread and fear. and half a time. for “as it was. 12. does it not? Again. after the peace treaty breaks down. who will inhabit the world once more in the coming Apocalypse. . everyone except for the elect. The original fallen angels. little. wisdom. maybe this “lie” will be that the Nephilim will appear on earth disguised as “aliens” to make things aright. Therefore. they appeared as beautiful men.” (Acts 2. In the second half of the seven years. he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child. But something struck me about this particular vision. and power.13 are the same as the “star” in Revelation 9:1 that falls to earth having the key to the bottomless pit. This is why we are described as miry clay as opposed to the strength of iron. but I digress. And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman. and they are described as figs falling from a tree. “. I get a lot of newsletters from people who say they receive “visions. as a reader of OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE. that God shall send them strong delusion. and your young men shall see visions. . “I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy. future spirit men. so now we can move forward. when 2 Thessalonians speaks of these coming end days. And the princes of this world (Satan and his followers) know that the coming New Jerusalem will descend out of heaven to this earth in the future and that this 38 city is pyramidal in shape (Revelation 21). I am not saying that this is definitely the case: that the Nephilim are going to descend out of heaven in pyramids. It was so real that when I awoke. And. so shall it be.” Now I am not categorically saying that this is what is going to happen and that the Nephilim will make their appearance in this fashion. (This peace treaty was brokered by the antichrist between the Jews and the Arab nations. . that they should believe a lie” (2 Thess. and times. Revelation 6. This intrepid young man is off to Iraq as a prayer warrior with some other Christians. But according to Revelation 9. “The Nephilim are here. For when those twinkling. And the earth helped the woman. bright lights fall. as we have already learned in our discussion of Revelation 12.13-16). Quite a picture. Plus. that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood. all of civilization will be deceived by these beings and their magic and power. Therefore. the Devil and the rest of his cohorts are to be kicked out of the sphere of the heavenlies and cast down to the earth in the coming Apocalypse. etc. I was standing on the top of a mountain. We are mere humans compared to the spirit men who will fall to earth and appear as gods in the future. I was very much shaken. and they were irresistible to the woman of the world in those days. For there is not time nor space here to explain all of the nuances of this story. and they will convince the world of the idea that “we are rid of those stupid Christian fundamentalists (because the Christians would have been already caught up in the Rapture). from the face of the serpent. the fallen angels. which describes these powerful.9. I have normal dreams. Returning to our study of Revelation 12: “And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth. in the near future. .

We are told that the Devil tries to drown the Jewish people with a flood. as members of his Body. As a result of this. 24. 2. The Greek word for “away” in the text is apo. this begs the question. Now if one were to see a volcano. for he knows his time is short (Rev. so too we. except there come a falling away first. are caught away when we are gathered together with him as described in 1 Thessalonians 4. “I beheld Satan as lightening falling to earth” (Luke 10. . and we cannot lose it. the metaphor of the man child being caught away to God is a description of the gathering together of the Body of the Church.16 the devil tries to drown “the woman” with this flood but fails miserably as usual. So Satan and his minions have got to go. from all through the ages. The context for the entire chapter (set in verse 1) is the “gathering together” of the saints: “Now we beseech you brethren by the coming of our lord Jesus Christ and by our GATHERING TOGETHER unto him” (emphasis added) (2 Thess. and there can be only one outcome. “a group of people left behind. We may fall out with our earthly father and never talk to him again. When we are born-again. as does “man child” refer to Jesus in verse 5. The key to understanding this verse lies in the words. and that man of sin be revealed. may I recommend you read a good book on this subject. where are the rest of God’s people? Where did they go? I think the answer is given earlier in the chapter. Wow. at this juncture I would like to reiterate some important points.” (Rev. In Revelation 12. Therefore. Israel is situated not so far from this area in North Africa. he or she would describe it as a burning mountain. we become part of the Church of God. Apollyon and those Nephilim who have been incarcerated with him in the bottomless pit are released to inhabit earth once more. Now there is a war in heaven between Michael and his warfaring angels against the dragon and his evil spirit men.” Verse 17 concludes our study of Revelation 12.15 where we are told that there would be enmity between the “seed of the woman” and “the seed of the serpent.18). we are told by the revelator that he saw what looked like a burning mountain cast into the sea. Or it can refer to all those born-again believers who have the seed of God in them. such as The Nephilim and the Pyramid of the Apocalypse by that good-looking Irish guy. No more than we can lose the seed of our earthly father. it would cause a Tsunami hundreds of feet high. There is a clear run for a Tsunami across the Mediterranean. we receive the seed of God in us. arrive.12). After all.13).” as the “remnant” are those saints who will believe in and turn to Christ when they find themselves in the midst of the tribulation period. for that day shall not come. The same holds true for the eternal seed we are given. There is not enough room in the heavenly realm once many millions of believers. However.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE If you find yourself at a loss and want a fuller explanation of the facts. that have a dual meaning. The Devil cannot accuse them anymore before 39 God. But in the original Greek. my dictionary defines it as. wow. or guarantee. 6.17). Greek is a numerical language as is Hebrew.1).” In fact. Now comes to pass that prophetic utterance made by Jesus in Luke. and went to make war with the remnant of her seed . and one did not know what it was. when the child is caught away to God and to the throne of God. Oregon.3). Christ is the head. Picture this: Jesus gets back to headquarters with his Bride. also called the Rapture. Why cannot this be a literal event? In chapter 8 of Revelation. and Israel is on the coast. the son of perdition” (2 Thess. and he is wroth. Perhaps this is why in Matthew 24.” Well if the Devil goes after the “remnant” of the seed of the woman. It is the token. Thus. “remnant of her seed”? What is this verse saying here? The word “remnant” literally means. but we will always have his seed in us.16). as the earth swallows up the water. We are also called the Bride of Christ. both verses 5 and 17 may very well be examples of prophetic statements. “falling away. apostasia does not mean apostasy. And scientists tell us that if La Palma. This seed is eternal. for there will be no more sinning after we get our new spiritual bodies. which earlier in this article I mention do exist.” Most commentators and teachers say that this is referring to a “falling away” of the Church from the Word and from God (even though there is no mention here of either “the truth” or the Word or God). “leftover. Remember the man child in verse 5 who was caught up unto God and to His throne? Well. wait a minute. The word “apostasy” has been transliterated into the English language from this word. falls into the sea. Paddy Heron. one should run for the mountains (Matt. Scholars get this notion from the Greek word used in the text which is apostasia. 12. is to thank for the following insight). Jesus warns: when one sees these things happening. Woe to the inhabiters of the earth. an active volcano in the Canary Islands. so we cannot lose the seed of our heavenly Father. This is why verse 17 says that the Devil goes to make war with the “remnant of her seed. we are members of his body. About the same time of the Rapture and Satan’s subsequent ousting from heaven. one would want to get to higher ground. the Body of Christ. 2. Verse 3 says: “Let no man deceive you by any means. When we believe in Jesus Christ and get born from above. 12. What happens next? Verse 17: “And the dragon was wroth with the woman. The Devil and his angels are ousted out and fall to earth like figs falling from a tree shaken by a mighty wind (Rev. one-third of all boats in the sea are destroyed. . when the Messiah arrives back in heaven having gathered together his espoused. Chapter 2 of 2 Thessalonians is given over to the timing of this event. for the Devil is fallen to earth. if there is a Tsunami on the way. It can also refer all the way back to Genesis 3. . The “seed” of the woman in verse 17 can refer to Jesus. would one think he or his Father are going to put up with the Devil slandering his Bride in their presence? I trow not. of our salvation. First (Greg Shaver from Springfield.

to be revealed. who lived and reigned on this earth prior to the Flood of Noah and who’s ruins are with us to this day. allowing God to work mightily. King James Version. there is no apostasy taking place in these latter days. it makes way for the Antichrist.8-9). then the man of sin (the son of perdition) called the Antichrist can be released. .” In other words. which is living in the Body of the Church at this present time. with all power and signs and lying wonders” (2 Thess. In summation. (The Greek word for “revealed” is emphanizo.W.” In other words.” Of course those of you familiar with my book The Nephilim will know that Apollyon is how the Greeks spell Apollo and that he was one of the main leaders of the original pantheon of Greek gods known as the Olympians. It is clear from a literal interpretation of this passage that the “falling away” is speaking of a departure of something away from one place to another. Hence it is used as motion away from a place. The man’s name is given in Revelation as both Apollyon in Greek and Abaddon in Hebrew. the Antichrist. I sure am glad I ain’t going to be there. But when this body of people is “taken out of the way” (2 Thess. known as the “Rapture” or “gathering together. Verses 6 and 7 go on to talk of the “man of sin . . It literally means “there is one who holds fast. there is a war in heaven. as God and His son are not going to put up with the Bride of Christ being slandered in their presence. the opposite is the case. the man of sin.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE Apo is a preposition and denotes motion away from the surface of an object. The Devil and his angels must go. The Apocalypse begins. and pornography than any other country. E. once this departure. The Bible. (The Companion Bible Appendix 104). Yet there is a polarization right down the middle of society because so many good Christian people in the States are endeavoring to stand on God’s Word. which mean “destroyer. then the man of sin will be free to be “revealed” (2 Thess. The Companion Bible. South America.” Verse 8 and 9 state: “Then shall that wicked be revealed . Today there is an estimated 80 million. people are going to see the fallen angels just as the original humans saw and cohabited with these same fallen angels who materialized on the earth as recorded in Genesis 6. What we are instead seeing is “the latter rain” and God pouring out His spirit as many thousands turn to and trust in Christ and his Word on a daily basis. not meaning that he will be destroyed but rather meaning that he goes on to destroy almost the whole world. they have to walk out on their faith. 40 . 2. In fact. for the US has more guns. 2. for their place is found no more in heaven. 2. from being revealed and that is holding him fast in captivity in verse 7 is the Holy Spirit. drugs. Aren’t you? Works Cited Bullinger. This is actually somewhat of a paradox. Again. the believers there have so little going for them. The thing that is preventing the man of sin. Jesus comes back to gather his Church and take them to heaven where he has been preparing a place for us. . About the same time. the son of perdition” (2 Thess. For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he who now letteth will let. who goes to his destruction. The Greek word for “withhold” is the same word as “letteth” in verse 7. 2. there were about 1 million evangelical Christian believers. whose coming is after the working of Satan. and elsewhere. 2. Hence the term “falling away” is speaking of the Church departing away from the surface of this earth and heading in an outwardly direction. After all. there are thousands coming to Christ on a daily basis all over the world. and wonders. something is holding fast the man of sin in this place of detention until something else causes that which is restraining him to “be taken out of the way. look at all the millions of Christians there are throughout the United States.” has occurred. When the church is departed. After the Revolution in China. They fall to earth like figs dropping off a tree shaken by the wind.6-7).3) who is incarcerated: “And ye know now what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time. Korea. . which means “to cause to be manifested or shown plainly and clearly. not so many years ago. there is no apostasy happening today. Furthermore. the Beast from the Abyss. and the Church in China is experiencing signs.8) to the world. This Apollo goes on to become the Antichrist. The same is true of the Church in other Third World countries. miracles. which culminates with the last and final battle that begins at the Valley of Megiddo. There is revival going on in parts of Africa. And of course. until he be taken out of the way” (2 Thess. money. Remember the context: the gathering together of the saints.7). It can be described in terms of a line being drawn from the circumference (or outside) of a circle and going away in an outwardly direction.) Therefore.


To “live by the sword and die by it” is an option to defend oneself by lethal means. one fails to fulfill the higher ministry as a witness. most important missing elements of eschatology (study of end-time events) is the Genesis 6 scenario revealed and the realization of how the Genesis 6 scenario will be replayed in the end of times. when events have already progressed beyond the possibility of human interference. Unconditional prophecies are those events and situations that are part of a bigger plan leading toward God’s perfect and ultimate will.” From a pastoral role. In this wrong thinking one loses focus on a higher calling and becomes captive by the temporal disruptions.10). just how big this connection really is. especially when involved in a ministryrelated topic. The enemy Satan would like to turn the hurt and disappointment into anger and hostility toward the Church and create a further estrangement and isolation for the prophetic individual.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE How Respond Prophetic How You Should Respond to the Prophetic Importance Impor tance of Genesis 6 Jim Wilhelmsen A Problem Ignored set up my Web site in 1999. 13. is described as such: “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb. What has come to a surprise to me is the fact that my bigger ministry has been to the many Christian individuals who have recently come to understand the events in Genesis 6 and their replay as “aliens in UFOs. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints” (King James Version. Most readers are probably already familiar with these events. Many times these events are very negative.” The biggest problem most individuals I have encountered have had is how to relate to their local fellowships when trying to share some of this information. I also wanted to provide an alternative. at best. The qualification of this interpretation is supported by the concluding statement. Rev. The first part of this scripture warns against an incorrect the mental attitude in the midst of this end-time scenario.10) of the believer holding out for God’s very best. and I Have to Do Something About It! One of the largest. and by the word of their testimony.10 warns against the physical response to the wrong attitude.” and at worst they are asked to leave the fellowship. I do not want to be sensational or at the same time downplay the importance of the Genesis 6 paradigm. I hope this article will help the New Testament believer through some difficult times as he or she realizes what he or she should I and should not do with all of this strange-sounding information. and as a result. on a global scale. in context.” I have had some counseling success with abductees. he is giving a choice for believers. One settles for second best by acting in a physical manner as opposed to maintaining a spiritual response. But what should we do with the message? How are we to balance our own lives in the midst of proclaiming this urgent message? What is the big picture concerning our personal involvement? The first thing to realize is that much of the prophetic aspects of the replay of Genesis 6 in our day are unconditional prophetic events. The second part of Revelation 13. If they were positive. which connotes that not reacting in this manner is the “patience and faith” (Rev. we would find ourselves trying to assist God in their completion. This is Big. By not seeing the bigger picture within these events. at best they are considered nice but sort of “out there. His best for us. This is why there is a warning to the saints 42 living during this time to refrain from this kind of interference: “He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. The purpose of this article is not to discuss the Genesis 6 events but rather to give guidance to the New Testament believers who are going to be involved someday in explaining to the masses of fellow believers and others just what is going on. which appears to be permissible but will result with one’s own shortened life and thus diminished potential of ministry by meeting an early death by the same means. In this reasoning it is important to know that unconditional prophecies are usually not known or understood until they have already happened or. biblical-based counseling for victims of “alien abduction. This problem has become a bigger ministry for me than any other aspect of the topic of UFOs/ aliens and Genesis 6. My main focus was to inform the public about the biblical perspective on UFOs and “aliens. Human nature is such that we would tend to interfere with unconditional prophecies if we knew all the details before they actually happened. and if they were negative we would try to prevent them. Regardless of how well they present themselves and the information. Most of us have encountered this type of rejection. To lead into captivity is the attempt to seize the moment by one’s own understanding. Most who have studied and made the UFO/alien connection to Genesis 6 realize. but abductee counseling only represents a small part of my personal ministry. and they loved not . in this time as prophets or witnesses for the truth. but they are a necessary part of God’s plan. I believe John is not describing the taking of prisoners here but rather. the natural reaction is to support against or prevent negative things from happening that are predestined. 13.

The Blood of the Lamb Accepting Christ is the only dimensional bridge back to the intended creation. as we understand that there is a better place of existence called eternity. The ability to willingly die for our faith is in our focus.” taken from the testimony of the blind man given back his sight: “Once I was blind but now I see. the whole body of believers suddenly had the knowledge some of us have about the role aliens and UFOs will have in the end-time great deception. we should as. as it is not yet one’s job to convince the unbelieving church about these matters. The shed blood then makes the believer aware of this difference without knowing necessarily the physics behind it. as I have seen many gifted men and women of God have their faith shipwrecked by the enemy through a rebuking and unbelieving Church. in order for some of these events to come to their completion. the masses will not yet understand.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE their lives unto the death” (Revelation 12:11). It simply is not God’s will at this present time for the majority of believers to accept or to know end-time truths. To further spiritualize this idea. rather than the present mortal existence on this earth. “die daily” to our old ways and habits that reflect this present world system and gather the power and awareness of the new world to come and its reality. one must realize that others are not going to be receptive because they have not been called to understand yet. even if told. the majority of believers must be oblivious to their imminent fruition. and you are wrong?” A sudden fear came upon me that was instantly removed. The power of the blood of the lamb is the power of a sense of newness and hope and the realization of belonging to a better dimension. the born-again experience is best described by the words to “Amazing Grace. I wondered for a moment (or rather in retrospect. Our only order is to remain faithful and overcome this present system. Thus the question remains. and hope. as the end-time great deception is all part of the big picture. Additionally. I cried like a baby. And we will not create heaven on earth in this dimension. First I will explain what not to do. Our focus becomes fixed on another dimension. The Greek word for witness is “Martus. eternity with the one who loves and created us. our mortal existence is going to burn up and come to an end. In this remembrance of my testimony. Our spiritual focus to overcome the ways and manners of this world is our most general order. We also know that this present. promise. I immediately snapped back like a rubber band to a spiritual reality the world could never understand. for the appointed duration. I remembered a hot day in July of 1974 as I was in my living room praying for the first time in my life. feeling like I did when I came home from the Army in 1970. In that moment of fear and uncertainty. we have the strength to obey the last part of the above referenced scripture: “. It is just not going to happen yet. and what does one do with oneself? Stay where you have been planted . as they are born-again and touched by His Spirit. and mortal life is going to end. aware of this dimensional difference of heaven and earth. one becomes forever changed. . In that very moment only what I could describe as something like a warm blanket of love floated over my whole being. Word of Their Testimony Each person who crosses over spiritually and is born-again experiences a change in his or her perception of the surrounding world and one’s own life in it. as mentioned earlier. how 43 does this insight apply in one’s daily life now? This issue is probably the most important aspect of this article. what does one do with it. was maybe told in a whisper by the enemy): “what if this could be true. Certainly God’s plan will be carried out without our help or interference. all one can do with the masses is plant a nonforced seed for future recognition. One must realize that he or she has an understanding of something that is unconditional and predestined. The shed blood of Christ gives a supernatural hope and expectation to something more than just this mortal life. That experience was the Word of my personal testimony. The blood of the lamb makes each person. I had no more fear of what awaited beyond death. This revealed knowledge gives the believing individual the power to overcome the horrible global events around him or her and even the mundane things in one’s daily life that take place here. As a result. the body could prevent it from ever happening. Understanding this concept should take the pressure and burden off one’s shoulders. Furthermore. If tomorrow. So What Do You Do Now? Knowing where the ultimate road may lead in the near future. one knows end-time information ahead of the majority of one’s fellow believers. heaven. In its simplest form. I felt clean and new. therefore.” from which the English word “martyr” was derived (PC Study Bible). This act could only be accomplished by God alone and He. linear. The individual process leading to this moment of decision becomes one’s personal story or the Word of one’s testimony. being fully man and yet God in the flesh. I suddenly knew beyond my own natural senses that God was my Father. At this point. it is not our job nor God’s will. It is fact that in the near future we may be called upon to die because of our faith. which we cannot see as God does. To do so would actually go against the ultimate will of God. in this fallen dimension. . which was very hostile toward a biblical perspective. Loved Not Their Lives unto Death Equipped with this mental and spiritual realization of our own personal testimony.” While researching and reading a very deceptive book about the UFO/ alien agenda. the Apostle Paul put it. for who is the endtime message. I was asking Jesus to come into my heart. Our natural tendency to interfere is prevented by the Holy Spirit via this “blockage” of understanding. and they loved not their lives unto the death” (Revelation 12:11). One should not expect that one self nor anyone else is going to “wake-up” the church to important end-time understandings.

2. I will usually receive something of a personal nature so that I realize my weakness. we need to remain in our churches that currently. but until that time he or she must remain patient and in top condition. At the very best all we can expect or hope for is a place that will accept us and tolerate the message as long as we do not push it on others. and soon these beings will make their appearance to bring us into a greater cosmic community and a New Age of enlightenment for mankind. the understanding of the end-time great deception is for two groups of people. which helps to remind me of my dependence on him. and other objects in the filter. talented. You Are a Human Filter. The scriptures allude to this thought in its reference to the little foxes that can ruin a vineyard by stealing the grapes a little at a time (Song Sol. the clouds of heaven in the Bible are extraterrestrial spacecraft. Go Where the Fight is Today Without exaggeration there are hundreds of thousands of people flocking to the New Age belief system.2). Realize that no matter how anointed. fruitful life in Christ with the ability to endure the rejection and nonserious treatment by the world and fellow Christians. However there is exciting news. but we do not come with an agenda to push this information on everyone. The gift and ministry of a prophet is free. Sometimes it is the little things that will clog and contaminate us as a filter. This should be enough to sustain us until the big day when all the information surrounding the end-times great deception comes out into the open. Be Careful It has been my experience in the past that many times just before the Lord gives me some understanding that is not personal but rather is more global or universal. We have the truth. He will humble me in some further shaping way. Waiting for Our Time Waiting for our time is an action like that of a prizefighter. dirt. Right now we are to share with anyone who is willing to listen or who inquires. In the process one drops the filter on the ground. with a servant’s attitude.” For now that is OK. and certainly someday soon. only make light of us. or experienced one is in the Word and gift ministries.15). it is important to Him and to oneself. our ministry for now is simply to those who are genuinely interested and to those who are running into hell who believe the lies in which we have the truth. churches will be shaken and will be rocking on their foundations because of their lack of scriptural knowledge of these topics and events. the UFO/alien lies become a public challenge to our faith. Likewise we are human filters that have to be clean in order for what the Holy Spirit is pouring through us to come out pure and clear. clear message that is easily and boldly proclaimed. HOLINESS: “For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but HOLY men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost (emphasis added) (2 Pet 1. The Lord in these present times has allowed many to know these end-time truths. This scattering is the function of being salt. there is a mission field for having this understanding of UFOs/ aliens and the Genesis 6 paradigm. so we should go and tell New Age followers in any way and manner that is scriptural and fruitful. Salt and Light Today as events are. It will usually be something that I may comment back to him. we can have an exciting.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE Most of us find it very hard to remain in a church that will not tolerate our message or us. One group includes the few individuals who are drawn to those who have endtime knowledge and are compelled to ask questions and have an openness to the information given. Remember. and we are to reach out to our fellow believers in our local churches. at best. The rewards rendered by obedience (which leads to Holiness) are a powerful. We no longer stone the unpopular prophet but rather the Church’s softer way to dispose of an unpopular prophet is to simply ignore him or her and exclude him or her from involvement and activities until so discouraged he or she just goes away. We are in a sense in a holding pattern until we are needed. it is to be almost expected. Today we live in a much kinder and gentler society. 44 . We are in a sense building pillars within the church to be an emergency support for the time upon which we are called. one will probably remain on the outside of things and not be too actively involved or invited to minister. Targeting New Age believers should remain our focus at this time. These individuals have forsaken Jesus Christ and the Bible for every wind of doctrine. Be the bigger. Imagine one pouring a brand new can of oil into one’s car and using a strainer funnel to direct the flow of oil into one’s engine. “Well that isn’t really that big of a thing and certainly not related to my ministry is it Lord?” One better believe if the Lord brings something up. This is where our ministry becomes a public one. wiser brother or sister without a condescending attitude. ready for action. remaining friendly and loving toward one’s fellow brothers and sisters. and as a result. When. We will always be looked upon as a bit “out there” or “kooky. but we are scattered into all various parts of the body of Christ. Do not let this be a discouragement. Getting Stoned As a Prophet New Testament Style Realize also that in the Old Testament times prophets who carried an unpopular message were stoned to death. and now there is grass mixed with sand. How pure is the oil going to be when it has to pass through this dirty oil filter funnel? It will be a mess. Events will create this need naturally without our plans or schemes. and then. but discipleship and obedience are necessary for this gift and ministry to be performed with accuracy. It is ok to abide faithfully where one is. Scripture reminds us of one important quality for a prophet. We are to just simply stay where we have been planted in our local churches and endure and bear with them. He or she must stay in shape and be ready for the big fight whenever the opportunity comes. even to our fellow believers. One of the fastest growing “New Age” doctrines is the concept that aliens are our creators.

How outlandish would it be if the player. This prophecy was personal. it has no business being revealed ahead of God’s intended time. confirmation. “See this?” (as she pointed to her bulging belly) “I’m carrying God in here. Every time he went in. In 1979. Joseph was another who received a supernatural revelation (in the form of a dream): “And Joseph dreamed a dream. instead of going to the huddle. and he told it his brethren: and they hated him yet the more” (Gen 37. to discuss with ones self as a mental exercise of analyzing. She kept the disclosed information secret. and he realized that he was too weak and too old to ever perform what he hoped he would someday do for the Lord. While I was Pastor of one of the first evangelical Christian Motorcycle Ministries. I was the authority figure of this ministry. means to remember and guard or protect the matter. an angel told me so. perhaps. his countenance was different. A Recent Personal Example of a Mistake with Balance My father was a living example of both examples. young or old. and if you knew my Dad.” my father began to believe that someday in the “end-times” he would assist people who would not take the “mark of the beast” in escaping to safety. a triple bypass. He began to lose his shortterm memory. For instance. Whether it be that small. to whom he spoke. as he should have died that year. guarding it by keeping it to herself. “Ponder” in the Greek. the bearing witness of the Holy Spirit while hearing a sermon or teaching. sumballo (Strong’s number 4820). and faithful as He is. What results would have happened if Mary went strutting around during her pregnancy telling everyone.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE When God Speaks One of the tests of maturity in a Christian’s life is one’s reaction when God speaks. was the first part of the prophecy fulfilled. upon hearing that she was going to birth the promised Messiah. we all agreed. Much of his strength was in the hope of this prophecy not yet fulfilled. my Dad’s witness was leading a nurse or fellow patient to Jesus. Do You Have the Play or the Ball? To illustrate. pondered this in her heart: “But Mary kept all these things. an impression while reading from the Word of God. Joseph in his youth and lack of experience blurted out his dream to his brothers without realizing that there existed a tense relationship between them and that the dream would only inflame things further. the Christian who has just received a form of revelation from the Lord could be likened to a football player sitting on the bench. suntereo (Strong’s number 4933). he just saw all of this as a missionary journey. Mary. or even information gleaned from someone else in the form of a personal prophecy. all of which he survived. means to throw together. The coach approaches the benched player and gives him the next play to give the other ten players and sends him out onto the playing field in the huddle. I prayed and pleaded with the Lord for understanding. Nine of them were my brother’s kids who were not exposed to too many things about the Lord. He was miraculously brought back to life without any damage. In 1984 my father was dead from a heart attack for more than ten minuets. My Dad’s prophecy was stated that “The Lord was going to extend his life beyond his time and that he would be a pillar to 45 others and that when they came to him they would trust him because they knew he would not turn them in. we had a rigid line to tow in order to let the rest of the world see that this was a legitimate ministry.” While this statement is true. or definition directing whether or not a revelation is only for oneself or for a certain group of people at a proper time. The scripture also tells us that she kept those things the angel spoke to her. The last time he was in the hospital. He stayed around out of a sense of duty and responsibility because he still had something to do. Do Be. Since that time my Dad had several other heart attacks far less severe. if he had used wisdom in of what he spoke. and pondered them in her heart” (Luke 2:19). and when he spoke.” Because of the part of the prophecy regarding “not turning them in. and he kept it to himself for awhile. discerning. and settling the matter in one’s own mind. Acting upon a revelation prematurely can have a very negative effect and produce intended results that affect more than just the individual. how he spoke. and also angioplasty. He began to be depressed and brokenhearted that somehow he had failed the Lord and was being passed over. Bikers and authority are usually not the . Christians get caught up in the excitement of a revelation and speak or react before the proper time or even before having complete knowledge. started running toward the end zone as if he had the ball and were going to single handedly win the game by scoring the touchdown all by himself. This. and thereby be the mother to the incarnate God. This knowledge was meant to be kept secret and quiet. everything worked together for the good in the end. As a result. His life had been supernaturally extended. but it could have been less intense for Joseph. many of our members including my Dad and I were prophesied over by a well-known missionary evangelist Steve Fato. He became a familiar face at the local hospital. It is important to wait upon the Lord for further direction. Many times. The fulfillment of his dream turned out to be a Romans 8:28 plan. I got the answer. still voice heard during a time of being quiet before the Lord in prayer. This is true wisdom concerning supernatural revelations. he became bold and shared with his eleven grandchildren the rest of the prophecy. a personal revelation just for her. what we do next with this revelation may determine an outcome for more than just ourselves as we learn to wait upon the Lord.5). “Kept” in the Greek. Do Not Be Two examples of do’s and don’ts are illustrated in the Bible. This foolish act started the course of events that would actually fulfill his dream. One thing of which to be aware: many times truth shared with others ahead of its intended time will produce confusion instead of the intended direction and guidance.

And if one makes a mistake. They also knew that whatever was said to them never came back to me or anyone else. my Dad. just being himself. Strong. But until then. and do not be a reactionary. The Bible. but to talk to my folks. Nashville: Regal Publishers. The next time my Dad went to the hospital it was the last time. and not faint” (emphasis added) (Isa. Our duty for the current times is to minister in the small ways we can. enter into joy of your Lord. New King James Version. I would advise the believer to get over oneself and press forward. Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. 1976. God can make it right with a humble spirit and willingness to learn (Romans 8:28). The prophecy may be true. he never let it dictate his daily life. my Dad heard the words from the Lord that every bornagain believer longs to hear.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE best mix. but it may be only for oneself or others in the right setting of time. The Lord will always confirm His will in a two-fold manner. James. PC Study Bible Library. “Well done thou good and faithful servant. aliens or God?” At this time one’s knowledge tempered by the Holy Spirit will make one the pillar of strength for many and the victorious warrior in the final big fight against the powers of darkness. they shall run. and I think he was a bit disappointed that he was not going to do the things he hoped he would. and many would not come to me with their problems.” Bibliography The Bible. and I realized that they were parents to everyone who never had a loving parent. 40. no one is not going to get stoned in today’s social climate. King James Version. wait upon the Lord for further understanding: “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength. I shared this with my Dad. In Conclusion It is my hope that I have provided some understanding of a bigger picture. and then obey. Now my Dad was never a “biker” and got his first motorcycle at fifty-years-of-age to be with his son. even in this Christian environment. I did not like it then.” He was also the same way with his eleven grandchildren. When I was a kid some of my friends would come over not to visit me. which will aid in remaining patient and walking in His love in the midst of ridicule and the rejection one might be facing.31). “Who’s your Daddy. When God speaks one needs to listen. Wait for timing and discernment so that the revelation is able to produce the good fruit intended and not division or confusion. 1996. Unger’s Bible Dictionary 46 . instead they always went to my parents. I was the authority figure. but looking back on my life. how blessed I was to have such loving parents who could love beyond their own. “Look up and know your redemption draws near.” What About You? When God speaks.Seattle: Bible Soft. Wait upon the Lord. they shall mount up with wings as eagles. Many times making mistakes is the only way to gain wisdom. and this was no different. The day will come when no one can run away from the end-time great deception as it becomes public and forces everyone to consider. With this balance and living a daily walk in obedience with the Lord. it would be by the Lord’s direction and not anything he could or would do in his own power. and not be weary. fulfilled the prophecy. Although my Dad had a hope in a wrong interpretation of a personal prophecy. My father was the confidant to everyone in the group. He realized that if the prophecy was going to happen. and they shall walk. but there was also a peace that maybe he had not failed the Lord after all. My Mom and Dad were in my ministry. On January 17. God is never late and anything done in haste or strife is never going to be right. My Dad was a pillar in the church and a confidant who “would never turn them in. 2000. wait.

and where falling out of the straight line had been made regular by the surrounding ditch. They were spaced about 16 to 19 kilometers apart and led toward the Persian Gulf. Twice in the year they gathered the fruits of the earth--in winter having the benefits of the rains of heaven. The maiden had already reached womanhood when her father and mother died. and in summer the water which the land supplied. Farther inland. There were two of land and three of water. and breaking the ground. it was carried round the whole of the plain and was ten thousand stadia in length. I had secured documentation from an oil exploration team of a survey they had made just off the coast of Bahrain. “inland. one of warm water and the other of cold. this part of the island of Atlantis. The fact that the Plato’s report states the extent and shape of the great. Poseidon’s Palace and the Atlantean Metropolis “Near the plain again. “I will now describe the plain. that they were. Poseidon fell in love with her and had intercourse with her. likewise. so they should be detectable with a modicum of effort using modern technology. the oblong plain. so I am certain that. In fact. and small depressions throughout and about the area I have designated as the Fertile Plain of Atlantis. gravel ridges. In this mountain there dwelt one of the earth-born primeval men of that country. It was excavated to the depth of a hundred feet. there was a mountain not very high on any side. and by them they brought down the wood from the mountains to the city and conveyed the fruits of the earth in ships. In late 1988. enclosed the hill in which she dwelt all round. in addition to so many others. and making every variety of food to spring up abundantly from the soil. making alternate zones of sea and land larger and smaller encircling one another. so that no man could get to the island. when they introduced streams from the canals. “natural” depressions that are spaced very closely to the anticipated distance. even though these canals 47 appeared so regular as to have been artificial. which he turned as with a lathe. It was naturally for the most part rectangular and oblong. The depth. surrounding ditch could never have been artificial reminds me of a similar line that I had read in an oil exploration report. cutting transverse passages from one canal to another and to the city. could never have been artificial. Their documentation also revealed they had already decided. with little effort. being a G_D. straight canals of a hundred feet in width were cut from it through the plain and again let off into the ditch leading to the sea. these canals were at intervals of a hundred stadia. each having its circumference equidistant every way from the centre. width. I must say what I was told. whose name was Evenor. and length of this ditch were incredible and gave the impression that a work of such extent. and he had a wife named Leucippe. As can be seen from the dotted area on Map ASM-6. and also in the centre of the island at a distance of about fifty stadia. faced or “looked” to the south and was sheltered from the North by the Zagros Mountains just across the Bay (at that time). It received the streams that came down from the mountains and wound around the plain and met the city. The 100-foot-deep and 600foot-wide aqueducts were located farther inland for shipping timber from the Jabal Tuwayq and the Zagros ranges to the capitol city of Atlantis. Nevertheless.” 118 There are numerous ruins of unknown origin. bringing up two springs of water from beneath the earth.”119 .OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE The A t l a n t i s S c r o l l s art Part 2 of 3 by Stan Deyo B y adding the term. Plato went on to say. and its breadth was a stadium everywhere. and they had an only daughter who was called Cleito. just prior to flying to the Middle East. He himself. even a cursory glance at the map inland from the Mesopotamian end of the Persian Gulf reveals a number of parallel. instead. “ Plato meant the measurement of the island across its middle from the seashore on the southern edge of the Persian Gulf. found no difficulty in making special arrangements for the centre island. as it was fashioned by nature and by the labors of many generations of kings through long ages. for ships and voyages were not as yet. subterranean imaging systems will eventually reveal many these ancient aqueducts. and was there let off into the sea. just natural formations. This documentation made mention of some very unusual aqueducts that they had stumbled across at the bottom of the Gulf in the shallows off Bahrain. particularly the 1800 kilometer ring-moat around the Fertile Plain.

48 . until I can get into the area to inspect the dig. as it had no sharp peaks and was situated squarely in the middle of the island where Poseidon would make his home. fertile garden on the northern tip of Bahrain. freshwater also rises in submarine springs on the seabed and has for centuries been captured in skin bags by divers. “ the northernmost island of the two islands that comprise Bahrain. the encasing formations of sandstone would have eventually been removed due both to natural erosion and to quarrying of the colorful sandstone layers to build their bridges and dwellings. This water percolates through water-bearing rocks beneath the seabed to rise under pressure in Bahrain. This area of the world is renowned for its diapiric salt domes and more than 150 salt domes have been mapped in the southern Iran and Persian Gulf regions alone.120 Therefore. it is not Poseidon’s Island--even though it is close. which includes “al Muharraq. submarine aqueducts of “natural” origin have been observed. “The northern and northwestern areas of Bahrain form a narrow belt of date and vegetable gardens irrigated from prolific springs and wells that tap artesian water.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE “Near the plain again. the extent of the collapsed dome will remain a guess at between 5 and 50 meters. Poseidon’s Island was surrounded by three moats of water (ASM-2) that were cut perfectly equidistant from the homestead in the centre of this small island.”122 I have illustrated the layout of the construction they performed on Poseidon’s Island in ASM-2.” sets the location of Poseidon’s Mountain close to the Fertile Plain located at the end of the Persian Gulf. multi-colored islands due to the presence of varied strata of exotic sandstone. we have evidence of a well-watered. the centre of this small island was about nine kilometers (50 stadia) away from the shore of the Fertile Plain. the location of the island can be readily determined. The salt cores of these domes have penetrated an average of 5000 meters of sedimentary strata to reach the surface. Off the northern coast of Bahrain. further substantiating that it was a small mountain.” Furthermore.5m) in depth and fifty stadia (8 to 9km) in length. and no oil or gas is found in these salt domes. The reference to Poseidon’s use of the artesian water sources fits perfectly with a peculiar phenomenon that occurs from along the Persian Gulf coast from the island of Abu Ali down to the island of Bahrain.”121 Here. the following phrase “. ASM-2 “And beginning from the sea they bored a canal of three hundred feet (91. at least.. Furthermore.and also in the centre of the island at a distance of about fifty stadia. it should come as no shock to anyone when I suggest this “domelike” mountain of Poseidon’s choice would have been a diapiric salt dome that intruded into the sandstone formations of the area. unusual. whereas.4m) in width and one hundred feet (30. The centre of this island and not the centre of Atlantis was referred to by the phrase. and leaving an opening sufficient to enable the largest vessels to find ingress. as I have just mentioned. there was a mountain not very high on any side” reveals his mountain was dome-shaped. so that once the edge of the plain is found. however. which became a harbor. formations. where. I believe this salt dome would have collapsed into itself at some time during or after the cataclysmic destruction of Atlantis due to the erosion of the salt by sea-water intrusion. In the Persian Gulf these domes form spectacular.. making a passage from the sea up to this. but although al Muharraq has a harbor complete with a modern seaway access. Plato referred to this mountain as a “hill”--not a mountain--in the middle of the preceding paragraph. which they carried through to the outermost zone. “in the centre of the island.

September 1979. All this including the zones and the bridge. a palace of unknown style. Vol 156. and a sanctuary.. and the one which surrounded the central island was a stadium only in width. kept up a multitudinous sound of human voices. they surrounded by a stone wall on every side. were two stadia. and they covered over the channels so as to leave a way underneath for the ships. they divided at the bridges the zones of land which parted the zones of sea. ASP-2: Dilmunite Burial Mounds Aerial view of some of the more than 100. Graves of prosperous. and the canal and the largest of the harbors were full of vessels and merchants coming from all parts. this was everywhere distant fifty stadia from the largest zone or harbor.” as it is almost entirely covered by some 100. including its outer zone of water. they at the same time hollowed out docks double within. and din and clatter of all sorts night and day. The entire area was densely crowded with habitations. The island in which the palace was situated had a diameter of five stadia. country of the rising sun. placing towers and gates on the bridges where the sea passed in. the radius to the enclosing stone wall would have been (50 stadia+13.124 Thus. the one of water.Moreover. for the banks were raised considerably above the water. “It is now clear that Bahrain was the centre of a vanished empire which extended to present-day Saudi Arabia and to which the Sumerians referred in their texts as the realm of Dilmun. Now the largest of the zones into which a passage was cut from the sea was three stadia in breadth. Some of their buildings were simple. no. p.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE The A t l a n t i s S c r o l l Par art Read Part Three In Our Next Issue . the other of land.000 49 burial mounds. (ASP-2) both large and small. dating back to prehistory. and the zone of land which came next of equal breadth. (Photo courtesy of: The National Geographic Magazine. which is largely desert. the diameter of the outermost.2km and 24. from their numbers. leaving room for a single trireme to pass out of one zone into another. 3. and enclosed the whole. another black. varying the color to please the eye. the ends meeting at the mouth of the channel which led to the sea. Recent excavations have proved this to be incorrect by revealing the wall and houses of a town. surrounding stone wall has to be determined by the following: Leaving the palace and passing out across the three harbors. however.9 to 5. Consider this article.4km.5 stadia) or between 23.2 kilometers. but in others they put together different stones.. The stone which was used in the work they quarried from underneath the centre island. healthy people averaged 5’8" in height. and the only region to survive the Flood. “Quala’at al Bahrain: (Northern tip of the island). having roofs formed out of the native rock. on the outer as well as the inner side. and as they quarried. and a third red. you came to a wall which began at the sea and went all round. but the next two zones. who. Until recently it was thought that the pre-Islamic populations of the eastern coast of Arabia went there to bury their dead and that no prehistoric city. would have been 4. and to be a natural source of delight. centre of earthly paradise. Dilmunite culture-located south of the village of Sar in Bahrain.123 The illustration of this arrangement (ASM-2) reveals the diameter of the island. 325) (Inset) Eye-level view of the burial mounds before archeological excavation. and from underneath the zones.5 stadia = 63. temple or palace existed on the island. Holes evidence the work of .000 burial mounds belonging to the Post-Atlantean. which was the sixth part of a stadium in width. 125 Bahrain has been called the “island of the dead. One kind was white.

if permission could be obtained to search the locality! The gold. they had fountains. with the exception of the pinnacles. (Photo: courtesy of: The Readers Digest. At present it is one of the oldest-known civilizations in the world. tin. These metals were all mined from the same mines in central Saudi Arabia and from west of the Jabal Tuwayq as will be discussed in the geological section. the history of the Dilmun civilization may be revealed. the walls and pillars and floor. some of them even older than those discovered at Bahrain. which had its central trading metropolis based near to the Fertile Plain. on the Arabian coast and on nearby islands traces of the same civilization have been uncovered. orichalcum. to Abu Ali. On the surface. there was the G_D himself standing in a chariot--the charioteer of six winged horses--. which reflected a dark reddish color with a golden undertone. for horses to race in. that is. they covered with a coating of brass. and. and the third. There is a possibility that further discoveries might reveal the existence of an even older culture. some open to the heaven. which encompassed the citadel. The detailed nature of “orichalcum” is given in the geological proofs. making it strictly out of bounds according to Arabian custom.” When serious archeological effort is again applied to the Saudi coast. underwater imaging techniques could easily find it. “The entire circuit of the wall. again. and the pinnacles with gold. owing to the excellence of the soil. and others for horses in both of the two islands formed by the zones. Certainly. some for men. The depressions will eventually be proven to have been dwellings and open water cisterns of the metropolis. and Bahrain and on the Saudi coastline along the Persian Gulf. and there were separate baths for women. and half a stadium [91m. brass.128 Here.”126 “Orichalcum” was the Grecian name for an alloy of copper which was malleable and corrosion-resistant. where were growing all manner of trees of wonderful height and beauty. there were the kings’ baths. cannot be excavated. Numerous. Abu Ali. One day. In the interior of the temple the roof was of ivory. However. they coated with orichalcum. and copper would have survived the ravages of the sea and exposure to the air much better than the other metals over the centuries. we see reference to the many artesian springs still in existence today on Bahrain and. and the baths of private persons. and for horses and cattle. and there were many temples 50 built and dedicated to many G_Ds. p. and so I am exploring ways to re-initiate such efforts. and palace already found are but a small sampling of the vast empire. and in length allowed to extend all around the island. temple. on al Muharraq. and the circuit of the next wall they covered with tin.127 This was such a big structure that modern. through archeological work. Here was Poseidon’s own temple which was a stadium [182m. from The World’s last Mysteries. in gracious plenty flowing. having a strange barbaric appearance. and of such a size that he touched the roof of the building with his head. for it is located at the women’s bathing place. I am certain the “even older culture” of “Atlantis” will be recognized. which went round the outermost zone. They constructed buildings about them and planted suitable trees.] in length. Geological Clues . In the next place. also gardens and places of exercise. flashed with the red light of orichalcum. and to Bahrain. so they should be easily detectable by modern electronic detectors in such concentrated areas. one of cold and another of hot water. for such was thought to be the number of them by the men of those days.] in width.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE ancient grave robbers.) The objects that have been dug up indicate the existence of commercial activity oriented towards both India and Mesopotamia. others roofed over. in particular. they covered with silver. Of the water which ran off they carried some to the grove of Poseidon. also they made cisterns.299.1 kilometers from the centre of Poseidon’s Temple island when suitable imaging techniques are employed. and they were wonderfully adapted for use by reason of the pleasantness and excellence of their waters. and all the other parts. while the remainder was conveyed by aqueducts along the bridges to the outer circles. and obsidian blades dating from about 4000 BC have been found. small depressions and ruins have been found on the islands of Qatar. flint instruments. the homes. A race course of the size mentioned should also be detectable at a radius of 2. The key site that would enable a date to be set for the beginning of this culture unfortunately. “The archeological workings at Bahrain are still only in their initial stages. curiously wrought everywhere with gold and silver and orichalcum. and in the centre of the larger of the two there was set apart a racecourse of a stadium in width. shards of pottery. around him there were a hundred Nereids riding on dolphins. which were kept apart. to be used in winter as warm baths. In the temple they placed statues of gold. Faylaka. At one time subterranean canals piped spring water to irrigate the gardens. All the outside of the temple. and of a proportionate height. and to each of them they gave as much adornment as was suitable.

”131 As I mentioned earlier in this discussion. while uplifts of equal magnitude have occurred in Oman farther to the east. or the Phoenicians would have recorded it in their travels around Africa through the Gibraltar Pass. The mechanism for the earthquake that would have sunken Atlantis is there. became an impassable barrier of mud to those voyagers from hence who attempt to cross the ocean which lies beyond. and afterwards when sunk by an earthquake. of the Persian Gulf is most interesting because of the great variety of changes that the area has undergone over the ages. but it certainly would have been when Bahrain was originally named.”132 however.. This region of the world is well-known for its unusually dynamic plate movements. since the Persian Gulf was divided into two water bodies with the passage between the two smaller “seas” occurring on the same latitude as and just a few kilometers north of Bahrain. It is easy to understand Plato’s statement to the effect that the mud of the sunken Atlantis hampered those ships trying to get to the Indian Ocean or the Arabian Sea through the Persian Gulf because the map shows the Fertile Plain of Atlantis was a shallow sink. The net effect of these was the sinking of the capitol city of Atlantis and the plains surrounding them. The depression of the Gulf basin is evidence of a subsidence of. which. greater in extent than Libya and Asia. Every clue fits nicely and exactly. This statement also implied that a sea lay beyond the muddy waters of the sunken Atlantean area. The Zagros mountains extend along the northern shore. These sedimentary strata lie within the bounds of the Mesopotamian down-warp. The Arabian shield is apparently sliding underneath the Iranian plate in the region of the Zagros mountains overlooking the Persian Gulf. it is not hard to understand. I have included the following table to equate the selected ages to the Setterfield Time Line discussed in the Time Scroll. in particular. “In the Arabian Platform we find that to the north and east the bed-rock is buried under thick layers of horizontal or only slightly disturbed Paleozoic rocks. and that it would have blocked the path to the seas beyond. Geological evidence suggests a sudden subsidence in the order of some 200 meters in the southeastern end of the Persian Gulf. The earthquakes. They were formed during Tertiary episodes of folding.”130 The dynamics of this area have been quite unique. Plato has used the present tense form.. From the reconstructed map of the Persian Gulf with the water line lower by twenty meters (Map ASM-3). The western sea would have stretched back toward the Mesopotamian Valley. Paleozoic 600 to 250 million 3600 BC to 2950 BC Mesozoic 250 to 70 million 2350 BC to 2000 AD Triassic 250 to 190 million 2950 to 2750 BC Jurassic 190 to 160 million 2750 to 2650 BC Cretaceous 160 to 70 million 2650 to 2350 BC Cenozoic 70 million to 2000 AD 2350 BC to 2000 AD The geological history of the Arabian platform and. it can be seen that two seas once existed in the Gulf itself. “.the combatants on the other side were commanded by the kings of Atlantis. 51 . The Arabic name “al-Bahrayn” means “two seas.”129\ Massive earth subsidence have occurred in the eastern end of the Persian Gulf. The Persian Gulf was created as a result of these mountain-building processes.5 miles) and contains large amounts of petroleum. An interesting fact can be gleaned from Plato’s account of the sunken Atlantis. these are mainly sediments from the Jurassic and Cretaceous periods and from the earlier part of the Cenozoic Era. No area in the region of the Atlantic presented that sort of a shipping hazard as late as 600 BC. the subsidence. as I have said. while the eastern sea would have met the Gulf of Oman and entered into the Arabian Sea I am not certain that the smaller one close to the Mesopotamian end of the Gulf was present during the Atlantean age. at the very least. once existed.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE To assist in the understanding of events in relation to our revised chronology for the geological processes that formed our planet. and the uplifts that attend tectonic plate movements and the sedimentation processes that follow large scale flooding have all helped to create the uniqueness of this region. which is “situated in a pronounced depression and is connected with the Gulf of Oman through the Straits of Hormuz. a few hundred meters. “attempt to cross” indicating that the condition of impassable mud still existed circa 600 BC. and the thickness of rocks in the Zagros is over 12 kilometers. while the Oman coastline on its Arabian Sea side reflects a rise by an equivalent amount. here the bed-rock has sunk to a depth of about 4 kilometers (2. which occurs in the Persian Gulf region.

and according to that report. copper. but it would also have been more brittle. trenches. it would have corroded terribly in the salty sea environment. significant amounts of the ores of copper (chalcopyrite). copper. but as the silver-gold alloy is not copper based.”133 The alloy could have been formed of either copper and gold or silver and gold. The workings at all of the mines consist of pits. inclined shafts. The gold-copper alloy occurs naturally but does not exhibit the reddish color. silver. and Bir al Hamdan ancient mines. In these mines alone is the proof that Atlanteans had access to gold.” One ancient Greek historian claimed that “orichalcum” was an alloy of copper and zinc (now known as brass). 134 The Hajr mine has the most extensive ancient workings in southern Saudi Arabia (Worl. zinc (sphalerite). Now. was dug out of the earth in many parts of the island. Plato’s statement concerning the abundance of orichalcum on the island gives another clue. “In the first place. A very extensive ancient village adjoins the Hajr mine on the southeast corner of the mine. tin. and brass. both of which occur commonly in the region. iron (pyrite). If this were correct then the physical characteristics of brass would be in conflict with the Plato’s account on two counts. Plato lists brass as a one of the metals the Atlanteans used to coat one of the circular zone walls. 1 to 3 meters wide. and as much as 160 meters long. and lead (galena) were found. since orichalcum was supposed to have “flashed red in the light of the Sun. First. Plato reveals the Atlantean culture had either mined or alloyed gold. orichalcum. However. being more precious in those days than anything except gold. solid as well as fusile. and since he stated that another of those zone walls had been coated with orichalcum. Also. 52 . Jabal Hajr. Hajr Gharb.” Although gold was the main mineral extracted from these mines. and several other lesser occurrences. 1 to 2 (?) meters deep. brass has a color that is more yellow than gold itself. they dug out of the earth whatever was to be found there. so it too must be removed from consideration. The vertical and inclined shafts are as much as 20 meters deep. such an alloy would have had more tensile strength than pure copper.S. and that which is now only a name and was then something more than a name. it can be removed from consideration. 1979).” and many modern translations make this to be “mountain copper. which would have made coating the rocks with it impractical. “The Hajrah-Hamdah group of ancient gold mines is in the Jabal al Hajrah quadrangle and includes the Hajr. Second. and brass (copper-zinc alloy). the latter could not have been what he meant. and vertical shafts. Geological Survey made in southern Saudi Arabia in 1981 proved that a very ancient culture (Atlantis?) had mined for gold and other minerals in the Jabal al Hajrah quadrangle (se ASM-4). Certainly. The pits and trenches are sand and rubble filled.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE ASM-3 Elevated View of Atlantis from Cyprus Orichalcum The Greek word for “orichalcum” was “oreichalkos.” brass does not fit the description. nor is it reddish. The findings of a U.

“chalk” or “chalko. greenish-black. For the most part. Still. The Greek word. Was that other metal “gold”? In nature. gold frequently alloys with copper. more detail can be extracted. It would appear that “or-ei-chalkos” was the name of an alloy of copper and some other metal or metals. and marl (loose clay. and red. Modern translations assume the morphology of “oreichalkos” to have been “oros” for “mountain” and “chalkos” for “copper. so if there were a small amount of gold in the alloy. as does silver. tin. When all the clues are put together. and from underneath the zones. but in others they put together different stones. however. or silt containing calcium carbonate). the presence of which would have dominated the alloy due to the difference in the diameters of the gold and copper atoms.” and if some of you more industrious young metallurgists out there ever brew up some of it.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE The presence of lead in these mines was the single clue that finally identified the mysterious “orichalcum” alloy. Three common colors of the sandstones in the region of Bahrain are: white. and this form of bronze was found to easily workable and very resistant to corrosion. they at the same time hollowed out docks double within. it would allow a certain amount of copper oxidation on the surface of the alloy while still retaining a degree of the lustrous reflection from the non-oxidized gold component in the alloy. another black. There is one oxide of lead that is known as “red lead” (Pb3O4) because of its red color. and al Muharraq contain “arched layers of rock consisting of limestone. Abu Ali. The white sandstone is formed by sand grains of more than 95% quartz and are known as “quartzarenites. and to be a natural source of delight. and lead. we find that orichalcum was an alloy composed of three elements that the Atlanteans mined in their quarries: copper. please send me a sample. If “gold” was not the other metal. and a third red. as is cuprous oxide. sand. varying the color to please the eye.The stone which was used in the work they quarried from underneath the centre island. Some of their buildings were simple. One kind was white. so why would Plato have referred to it by an extended name unless it were something more than just copper.”135 “Al Muharraq” is an Arabic word derived from the verb meaning “to be thin or layered like a cake. The oxide of lead would have given the reddish tint to the already reddish bronze color formed by the copper-tin alloy and the resulting mixture would have been the best metal they could have used for durability. “ means copper all by itself. bronze was made as an alloy of copper and tin.” However. and all three minerals were listed in the adornments of Atlantean structures. what was? The clue comes in realizing that the “Bronze Age” began right in the time period when Atlantis existed or circa 3800 BC. malleability. the red color would have come from the native copper ore. and beauty. both of which were in plentiful supply in the Saudi mines. The Quarry Stones “. there were some forms of early bronze that were found to contain lead.” This name was given to this area because of the multicolored stone strata. sandstone. when exposed to salt-water and air over a period of time a greenish film of copper carbonate (patina) forms on the surface. which dominate the islands in this area.. The color of native copper is reddish. when one analyzes this Greek word in the following manner. furthermore. when copper oxidizes it tends to go darker and darker as time passes. having roofs formed out of the native rock.” If the grains of quartzarenite are cemented together with either 53 . I found an interesting article on the history of bronze that settles the question of orichalcum’s identity once and for all. and as they quarried.. I think we should re-name “orichalcum” to “Atlantean Bronze. on the outer as well as the inner side.”136 The color of sandstone depends upon its detrital grains and bonding material. Even if the alloy had not oxidized. Bahrain.

and petroleum occurs today in commercial quantities at depths varying from less than 100 feet (30 meters) to more than 25..... Obviously. principally those deposited under marine conditions but also including continental sediments. The Encyclopedia Britannica described this process in the following manner: Petroleum is associated with sedimentary rocks.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE hematite or iron oxide. hence.000 meters).. Atlantean Energy Consumption? There is such an abundance of oil in the Persian Gulf area. It is commonly believed that oil is produced by a metamorphic process in which organic material is converted to petroleum. formed either from the green coloring matter of plants (chlorophyll) or from the red coloring matter of blood (hemin). If there had been large amounts of flora (chlorophyll) and fauna (blood: hemin) in the region before the Flood. greenish-black color. large amounts of oil producing organic material would have been present in a “marine environment” next to the Tigris River “delta... then. particularly in the vicinity of river deltas... clay-sized sediment” would have been present in the area in great abundance.000 feet (15. the “finegrained. I began researching the oil formation conditions in the region and found surprising results. they take on the color of red.The preservation of organic materials after the death of their contributors is best obtained by rapid burial within fine-grained. Furthermore. Furthermore.. and if large amounts of other flora and fauna had been washed into the sunken area by the Flood. high potassium content are pink in color.The total thickness of sediments deposited in individual areas may vary from only a few feet to well over 50. 137 Geological studies of the region state that a little heat and pressure helped to form the oil basins in that area. although the Flood would have receded to a very shallow depth of some 200 to 300 meters in the area. all these colors match those used in the Atlantean constructions. Those sandstones containing more than 25% feldspar and... The following information about the conditions that are known to create oil (at least the conditions as most petroleum geologists believe in 1989) shed a new light on the reason for the concentration of such shallow oil fields in the region..000 feet (7. The Berri Oilfield next to Abu Ali contains such an abundance of oil and gas wells. one could not help but wonder if there were a connection between the deposits of oil and the destruction of the portion of Atlantis that later was known as Dilmun.. 54 . What a “consuming” thought! Watch for Part 3 in the next Issue.Many petroleum-like hydrocarbons have been found in recent marine sediments as well as soils in many places throughout the world.Most types of petroleum contain complex hydrocarbon compounds termed porphyries. the ambient heat was higher there.. evidence shows the Persian Gulf region produced oil more rapidly than any other place on Earth because the crust of the Earth was the thinnest at that point.” if not other deltas in the region arising from Saudi Arabia. therefore.500 meters). we have to wonder if we have been burning the metamorphosed remains of ancient Atlantis and its life forms in our automobiles and factories of today. clay-sized sediments along sea margins. these occurrences form a link between present living organisms and the petroleum found in sediments of older geological ages. and when they have been subjected to tectonic activity may become extremely hard and attain a dark. Sandstones having more than 25% rock fragments are known as litharenites.

In the 55 Works Cited Arrowsmith. Book of Jasher. “Religious Symbols of the European Union. Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament. Israel. France. and those who would follow Nimrod have now succeeded in building a parliament building in Strasbourg. Wagner.htm>. Laird. with whose centerpiece is an enormous replica of the unfinished tower of Babel. Conclusion The fallen sons of God are still active among us. Arthur Walkington. 1967. J. Unger’s Bible Handbook. under the influence of the fallen sons of God. Satan will give one last effort to complete a universal kingdom that defies God. 1980. Chuck. It lies not in self-improvement but rather in dying to ourselves so that God may remake us into the creations we were intended to be. New American Standard Bible. (Available on the internet at <http:// www. The Bible. God’s chosen nation. which is fighting to get Britain out of the superstate. behind the world powers that shape our times. was regathered in 1948 after nearly 1900 years of exile. and the fallen gods of this world seek to lead the multitudes astray through paranormal deceptions and lying wonders (Matt. with the central points downwards. As Adam and Eve traded paradise for deception. the first and the last” (Rev.lamblion. The deception of paganism is reemerging with a vengeance through the guise of the New Age movement. Even the secular press could not miss the connection between the old and new towers of Babel. King James Gleanings_Genesis/genesis_16. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers. but it was the counterfeit building of a counterfeit religion. Wrestling with Dark Angels. The Bible. 1922.” Beacon (May-June1980): 285-287. Peter. II Thess.7-12). Dave. 2002. 1994. C. 22:13). “I am the Alpha and Omega. Nimrod and his followers tried to build a tower to reach the heavens. Chicago: Moody Press.php>. but being allowed access to the temple of a bold new empire’” (Franklin). let us remember that Christ said. The story of the rise and fall of Babylon told in Genesis chapter eleven should have been a warning to all men for all time.] Nigel Farage is a member of the European Parliament who belongs to the United Kingdom Independence Party. A Woman Rides the Beast.H. et al. is used only one week in four. However. Parry & Company. as in witchcraft. Hunt. We should not be surprised that many nations of the world. R.pbministries. As it was in the beginning of Satan’s kingdom. Mystical Babylon is now being rebuilt in Europe. He said in an article just after the opening day: ‘We realize we are not merely entering a building. let us not be caught unaware that Satan’s kingdom is rising. . continue to exhibit an unjustifiable hatred of her. shown rebuilding the tower. so it shall be again.) Harris. Alan. the beginning and the end.” Lamplighter Magazine (May-June 2001).24. and it does not lead through the efforts of man but rather through a cross. and the gods of the nations know that their time is short.OFFICIAL DISCLOSURE (Continued from page 9) meantime. The Bible. Israel has reemerged to fulfill her final role in prophecy. 1887. “Meditation and the United Nations. There is one road back to paradise. full of labyrinthine corridors. 2. but inverted. Pink. 24. . Parry. English Standard Version. Above the Tower of Babel were shown the eurostars. Bryan. Chicago: Moody Press. and the stage is being set for the final days. They labeled the new French structure ‘The Tower of Euro-babel. Merrill F. Chicago: Moody Press.’ This monumental building. Unger. so now we have inherited a paradise for deception. Salt Lake City: J. Learn the Bible in 24 Hours. Eugene: Harvest House Publishers. [. Gleanings from Genesis.H. a kingdom that was seeded in Eden and that has roots reaching back to Nimrod and the Tower of Babel. Missler. because the rest of the time the EU Parliament meets in committees in Brussels. (Available on the internet at <http:/ /www. Signs-08. .

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