Price mainly depends upon nature of the market.The market in this segment is highly price sensitive. In this industry every firm is a price follower.First entrance has the advantage in this industry. Airtel wishes to maximise its market share by chargin different prices charges for both Gsm and Broadband

Broadband pricing generally depends upon the speed and the downloading limit.Below are the prices of 512kbps speed and unlimited downloading pack of different regions Delhi-Rs 649 per month Chennai-Rs 749 per month Nagpur-Rs 749 per month

GSM cards can be both prepaid and postpaid

Prepaid:Prepaid means u pay before u make a call.Airtel has a large dealer base network
from where you can get your phone recharged.Recharge facility is also available online these days.Different prepaid recharges available these days are listed below RS 100 –Calling value of 87 rs Rs 444-full talk time recharge Rs 62-1000 national and local sms Rs 88-unlimited sms pack

Postpaid plansThe customer has to pay a monthly bill in postpaid plans.Some of the different postpaid plans available are: monthly telecom service airtel rental (in area airtel Rs.) Delhi 249 199 1p 50p airtel other mobile 1.2p 60p to


airtel to free local free local landline seconds sms 1.2p 60p 10500 149mins 150 150

Different pricing strategy followed by Airtel are

999/. The strategy is not relevant in recent times on the account of increased number of competitors in this segment.etc.Geographical Pricing Airtel charges different prices for different cities and different countries Time Pricing Airtel is also following time pricing strategy as they drop rates at nights (11pm . Psychological Pricing: This type of strategy targets the emotional rather than rational appeals as most of the value recharge are of smaller denominations i. 30/-. The brand was projected to the elite and corporate as a symbol of leadership and excellence.gender. .and tariff and broadband plans are of Rs 99/-. 10/-. .e Rs.7am) and also charges different prices during festive season Price Discrimination strategy Price discrimination strategy is also followed by airtel.etc.The two examples are Campus cards Friends Card Price Skimming: This strategy was adopted by Airtel during the initial years when competition was limited and scope for expansion was very they charge differently based on age. 60/.

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