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Lesson Plan Form

School: Vermont Elementary Mentor name & email: Melissa Ortiz, Mentee name, grade, & ethnicity: Math, Reading, or Both?: Reading Skill targeted: Sight Words Book used in lesson: Spiderman (Character) Learning style: Auditory, Visual Previous Skills Required: Office Hours Math Grad Student Jesse: Mon: 9am-2pm Tues: 1pm-5pm Wed: 1pm-4pm Fri: 11am-5pm Literacy Grad Elizabeth: Mon: Tues: Thurs: Fri: Student 10am-4pm 11am-3pm 1pm-5pm 11am-3pm

Goal of Lesson (What will the student be able to do at the end of the session?): The student will be able to successfully pronounce and read common sight words/ high-frequency words.

Description: (How will you teach new concepts (I do) and how will you practice those concepts (We do, You do)? How will you use different learning styles (visual, kinesthetic) to reinforce a concept?) I will make a game consisting of Spiderman as a pawn that shoots his web out to jump higher onto buildings. The buildings and the environment will be drawn on a paper by me with different sight words in different places where Spiderman can travel. When I write them in front of the student the student can repeat them back. Then the student will start from the bottom of the page and work his way up the buildings traveling to the top, reading the sight words.

Duration (How many minutes/days/sessions): 45 minute session

Materials (Be Specific, include all materials): Paper, markers

Comments: (What other information about the student or previous lessons are relevant to this lesson? What plans for modification/extension do you have?) The student should need to work on high-frequency and sight words. A good foundation in these words should make the activity more enjoyable so the student does not feel discouraged that this is new material.

Measure of Success: I know we accomplished the goal because my mentee can (How did the student demonstrate to you that she/he reached the goal set out above? ) Read the sight words and high frequency words.