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WS518: Worship Ministry on the Lords Day Winter 2012 (FOL)

Case Study I Lord, Teach us To Pray PRE-WORK (45 mins)


1. View the [Easter Service] at Ravenswood Covenant from the Entrance of the Choir through the intercessory prayer. (00:00-28:03). While watching this sequence, make notes about what works and what could use some tweaking. Watch Donald Hustad (witness): Musical Responses to Prayers (2:16). 2. Watch Juan Martnez (witness): Growth Areas for Diversity (1:55). 3. Watch Matthew Lundgren (witness): Blended Worship (2:15). 4. Watch Swee Hong Lim (witness): Order of Worship at RCC (1:53) , Tabernacle Model (1:12), Tabernacle Model at RCC (1:38). 5. Watch Samuel Roper (participant): All videos. THE TASK (90 minutes) Now assume that you are planning this service. Your task is to revise this service from the Entrance of the Choir through (and including) the intercessory prayer sequence. You may keep as much of the service as-is, or you may make substantial changes. Either way, you need to provide the reasons for your choices, making strong use of vocabulary, concepts and categories we have learned in this course. DO: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Use the template provided. Write down every element (use the DVD-ROM to help you here) Make thoughtful changes Include all lyrics and text of songs/prayers in this service. Be sure to consider the context of Ravenswood as you make changes. (this will mean exploring the DVD-ROM and the interviews with the participants). 6. Explicitly use course vocabulary, concepts, and categories.

DONT: 1. Make changes without noting why. 2. Keep elements the same without noting why. 3. Confuse RCC with your own church context, plan for the congregation as you have come to know them. 4. Write this in paragraph format.