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Best Business Ideas 2006

Best Business Ideas 2006

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Published by: azim9531 on Oct 29, 2008
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Modern aviation is nothing to laugh at.

Although crying about it is quite acceptable. Especially when you discover that your $600 ticket
entitles you to an extra pack of peanuts, a seat that doesn’t recline, and the stewardess’s tortured
life story.

Before the situation goes from bad to worse (her teen years were soooo tragic), pull out the
SkyRest. The miraculous, wedge-shaped travel pillow makes even the most uncomfortable spots
downright pleasant.

Just set it in your lap and snooze. The angle ensures that your head always stays forward. No
more back and forth between the tray, the headrest, the window, and your neighbor’s shoulder.
Or use it as an impromptu table, foot prop, or back support during long layovers. Because it easily
inflates and deflates, you’ll always be able to give things a rest.

Source: [DailyCandy]

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