The Soldier

By Tom McGinn From out of the streets comes the true soldier He may not be as bright but usually bolder He has seen fist to fist and hand to hand Long before he met the drill sergeant man From the concrete jungles that he has come from He is now in the bush aiming a gun It is from here he fights someone else’s war While back on the street someone is killing a whore He thinks to himself with the enemy so near If I were back home I would be drinking a beer The enemy opened up and the tracers started flying He heard a buddy get hit he believes he is dying There wasnt much anyone could do he knew Because the incoming started crashing through His whole world exploded everywhere around him The sound of the enemy charging began to drown him With friendly artillery pounding ahead of their fields of fire The enemy stopped just short of the wire The firefight died and boredom soon returned Plus my feelings of patriotism that he had earned Once this all passed him his thoughts did roam I could soon return to the concrete jungle that I call home