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Pop Quiz – Interactive Marketing 6.02.10
1. What percentage of people use Google vs. other search engines (Yahoo, Bing,, etc.)?

A. 12%

B. 65%

C. 91%


2. Which of the following is not an interactive marketing agency? A. Hensley & Co
Terralever 3. Email marketing is primarily considered a(n) __________________ tactic. A. Attraction Retention B. Acquisition C. Conversion D. B. Sitewire C. Off Madison Ave D.

4. Which social media Web site has the most traffic? A. Facebook B. MySpace C. Twitter D. LinkedIn

5. Which of the following is not a conventional size for online advertisements (aka banner ads)? A. 120x600 B. 728x90 C. 150x150 D. 468x60

6. In what year was the World Wide Web invented? A. 1995 B. 1989 C. 1974 D. 1960

7. What has made an impact in the fall of traditional newspapers? A. The Green Movement B. Online Media & Blogs C. Craig’s List D. All of the Above

8. What factor does not play a role in natural search engine rankings?
A. How much money you spend with Google C. Your domain name B. Links to your site D. Meta data 9. The percentage of people that click on an ad vs. those who see it is known as:

A. Conversion rate
Clickthrough rate

B. Attrition rate

C. Open rate

D. | 480.389.5435 Teach to Fish Digital, LLC

Copyright 2010.

10.5435 Teach to Fish Digital.teachtofishdigital.000. 5C. 500.000 | 480. www. 6B.000 Answers: 1B. LLC Copyright 2010. 10C B. 8A. 7D. 2A. 3D. How many iPads have been sold since they were first introduced? A.000 5. .000.389. 4A. 9D.000 C. 2. 50.

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