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Evaluation Question 7

Evaluation Question 7

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Published by: lil-miss-meghani on Dec 19, 2011
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Lva|uat|on quest|on 7

Look|ng back at your pre||m|nary task (the cont|nu|ty task)ţ what do you fee| you have
|earnt |n the progress|on from |t to fu|| product?
uesplLe belng a shorL producLlon lL Look Lhree hours Lo record our prellmlnary Lask as we
had Lo Lake many shoLsţ whlch made us have Lo move Lhe camera each Llme we dld a dlfferenL shoLŦ Cur
prellmlnary Lask was a very shorL cllpŤ however Lhere were varlous procedures LhaL we
learnL from shooLlng lLţ and lL Look us a few hours Lo fllm as we lncorporaLed many dlfferenL
shoL LypesŦ When fllmlng our prellmlnary Lask we had Lo work wlLh camera of a hlgh sLandard and when we
had Lo seL Lhe camera up lL Look up some of our Llme as lL was our flrsL Llme uslng lLŦ Powever afLer geLLlng
used Lo puLLlng lL up and Laklng lL down we was confldenL and comforLable when lL came Lo
our flnal producLŦ 1he flrsL maln sklll LhaL we needed was how Lo use Lhe cameraţ whlle we
were fllmlng our prellmlnary Lasks we had Lo make sure LhaL Lhe camera was upŴrlghL on Lhe
LrlŴpodţ and LhaL Lhe bubble on Lhe neck of Lhe Lrlpod was ln Lhe mlddle so LhaL our shoLs
were sLralghL and clearŦ Alsoţ when edlLlng our prellmlnary Lasks we sLruggled as none of us
had any experlence when lL came Lo edlLlng vldeos on Lhe sofLware flnal cuL proŦ LdlLlng our
prellmlnary Lasks meanL LhaL we learnL new skllls such as how Lo use flnal cuL proŤ how Lo
add and edlL LexL chooslng dlfferenL fonL Lypes and slzesţ how Lo add muslc and whaL
sounds we should use for dlfferenL scenarlosţ how Lo add speclflc scenes Lo Lhe Llmellne
maklng sure each shoL lasLed for Lhe rlghL amounL of Llmeţ eLcŦ Cnce we had all successfully
flnlshed fllmlng and edlLlng our prellmlnary Lasksţ we had Lo concenLraLe on fllmlng and
edlLlng our Lwo mlnuLe openlngŦ As a group we declded our Lwo mlnuLe sequence would be
a Lhrlllerţ Lhls was Lhe flrsL declslon we made as a group whlch made us become more
organlsed and efflclenL when maklng declslons wlLhln our groupţ so LhaL when we declded
whlch work wenL Lo each lndlvldual we was qulck whlch avolded Llme wasLlngŦ Slnce l was
Lhe dlrecLor my maln [ob wasn'L Lo edlL or fllm however l had Lo help our camera women
and check each shoL was clear and approprlaLeţ maklng sure we was geLLlng Lhe shoLs we
had envlslonedŦ 8y dolng Lhe prellmlnary Lask l found lL helped masslvely as l knew how Lo
work Lhe camera and became confldenL LhaL each shoL we dld was correcLŦ

As we dldn'L have much experlence uslng cameras
before our prellmlnary Lask and wasn'L confldenL
creaLlng dlfferenL shoLsţ we had Lo fllm our
prellmary Lask more Lhan once as we broke Lhe
180 degree ru|eŦ A vldeo of Lhe 180 degree ls on
our group blog whlch sLaLes Lhe camera can'L cross
Lhe lmaglnary 180 degree llneŤ Lhls lnvolves Lhe
camera movlng around Lhe acLorsŦ

1hls ls a long shoL whlch shows Lhe seLLlngŤ
where Lhe scene seLs and allows Lhe audlence Lo
see Lhe whole corrldor whlch ln Lhe case of our
flnal producL shows Lhe audlence lf Lhe acLors
are ln danger by knowlng whaL ls behlnd LhemŦ

1hls shows our maLch on acLlon shoL
whlch shows Lhe connecLlon beLween
one shoL Lo Lhe oLherŦ 1hls ls used when
one scene ls cuL and Lhen carrled onŤ
maklng a smooLh changeover among
shoLsţ maklng sure Lhe audlence
undersLand Lhe change and know noLhlng has happened beLween each shoLŦ
Cverallţ Lhrough dolng my prellmlnary Lask and flnal producL l have learnL how Lo work well
ln a Leamţ lmprovlng my communlcaLlon sklllsŦ l have galned experlence wlLh uslng a hlgh
sLandard camera and vldeo recorderţ focuslng on uslng dlfferenL Lypes of shoL Lypes and
angles Lo creaLe dlfferenL effecLsŦ l have learnL how Lo use Lhe vldeo camera for example
maklng sure Lhe bubble on Lhe neck of Lhe Lrlpod so LhaL our recordlngs are sLralghLŦ ln Lhe
prellmlnary Lask we learnL whaL shoL Lypes would be besL for cerLaln scenarlos by LesLlng
ouL dlfferenL shoLs and anglesŦ

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