Does the punishment fit the crime in your opinion?

Punishment is a form of revenge; Dante takes revenge on many of the people that he hates. He puts some of the Ghibellines and even some of the black Guelphs into the circles of hell. Although the punishments for circles 8.9 and 8.10 are extremely harsh, they do directly correspond to the crime that was done on earth. Sinners that produced discord, they are hacked apart by demons, depending on the type of discord, such as religious, family and political, the punishment is much more harsh. The sinners go around in a circle, get torn at by demons and then walk in a circle, by the time they reach the demons again their wounds have healed, just to be reopened by the demons. In bolgia 10 of circle 8, their punishment slightly matches their crime, they were falsifiers in life and now they pay for it with eternal thirst. Just as they had a thirst for crime and money, they now have thirst for water, which they can’t falsify in hell. Their punishments are symbols of the vile things they did when they were alive, and supposed to be doing good.

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