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PHD Prospectus

PHD Prospectus

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programmes

Indira Gandhi National Open University
Maidan Garhi, New Delhi – 110 068

An electronic version of the Prospectus and Application Form is also available on the IGNOU website: http://www.ignou.ac.in

Applications for admission to the Ph.D. Programme should be submitted on the prescribed form at any time of the year to: The Director Research Unit, Room – No. 3, Block 6 Indira Gandhi National Open University, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068 Contact No: 011-29534326, 011-29571523 E-mail Id: ignouru@gmail.com, researchunit@ignou.ac.in Applications received upto 30th June – An Entrance Exam will be conducted during August of the year and will be considered for admission to the January session of the year. Applications received upto 31st December – An Entrance Exam will be conducted during February of the year and will be considered for admission to the July session of the year.

PRICE : Rs.750.00 by cash at the Counter Rs.800.00 by Registered Post

RECOGNITION: IGNOU is a CENTRAL UNIVERSITY established by an Act of Parliament in 1985 (Act No. 50 of 1985). IGNOU Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates are recognised by all the members of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and are at par with Degrees/Diplomas/Certificates of all Indian Universities/Deemed Universities/Institutions vide UGC Circulars No. F.1-52/2000(CPPII) dated 5 th May, 2004,; D.O. No.F.1-25/03(CPP)-II) dated 28th July, 1993; F.1-8/92 (CPP) dated February 1992 & AIU Circular No. EV/ B (449)/94/176915-177115 dated January, 1994.

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May, 2009 © Indira Gandhi National Open University All rights reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced in any form, by mimeograph or any other means, without permission in writing from the Indira Gandhi National Open University. Further information on the Academic Programmes of the Indira Gandhi National Open University may be obtained from the University’s office at Maidan Garhi, New Delhi – 110 068 or from any of its Regional Centres spread across the country. Printed and published on behalf of the Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi by the Registrar, MPDD. Laser typesetted at Graphic Printers, Mayur Vihar, Phase I, Delhi-91. Printed at

D Programmes 83 87 93 95 108 .D Candidates Research Guides / Supervisors for Ph.D Programmes Schools/ Institutes / Centres/ Divisions / Units of the University Regional Centres of the University 7 12 23 29 32 60 62 International Division & Partner Institutions for International Students 71 Guidelines for Preparing Research Proposals Recognition of IGNOU Degrees Programme Coordinators for Ph.D Programmes Academic Programmes Offered by the University Guidelines for Filling up the Application Form for Ph. 4. 7.D) Programmes Specific Eligibility Criteria for Ph. 10. 8. 11.CONTENTS Message From The Vice Chancellor Page No. 1. 12. 9. 2. 5. 6. 13.D Registration: Discipline-wise Important Tips for Ph. 3. The University Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.

Today. More are in the offing. IGNOU has the largest number of foreign students. and at a variety of levels to meet the life-long education. This National University established by an Act of Parliament in 1985 has provided opportunities for over 2 millions of people to acquire a university certification. We have so far 310 academic programmes. N. The university is a success story in democratization of education. I wish you all success. workplace education and career progression. gainful employment. The self-learning study materials have been offered to you in such an excellence that you can prepare yourselves easily and feel as if your teachers are seated beside you. training and capacity building and public service needs of anyone. Care for learners’ education is best taken at IGNOU though it is in the ODL mode. degree. Europe. For learners abroad.Message From The Vice Chancellor Dear Learners I have great pleasure in presenting you the Prospectus 2009-10 of Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) for the various certificate. among all Indian universities. IGNOU works through its presence in 33 nations and 47 collaborations with world-class foreign universities in Asia. anytime. teaching and capacity building of yours through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) pedagogy driven by Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs).D prospectus in particular and common prospectus in general will give you the comprehensive information about the opportunities IGNOU has opened for the student communities. The university values the appropriate use of the Information and Communication Technologies and the satellite media to enhance the quality of teaching-learning process. IGNOU is committed to quality education. Quite often the University organises interactive video conferencing with learners. The selflearning and self-instructional materials developed by IGNOU have earned world-wide recognition. All these programmes are for capacity building of people of all classes and echelons. anywhere. (V. Africa. Enjoy your studies at IGNOU. post-graduate and doctoral research programmes. IGNOU recognizes the importance of sustainable and affordable high quality programmes and courses across disciplines. most of them are nationals of other countries. IGNOU functions through a large network of Regional Centres and Study Centres within the country. diploma. 2009 . Similar collaborations are being organised more and more to give IGNOU internationally vibrant excellence. The Ph. Rajasekharan Pillai) Vice Chancellor 29th May. These efforts are supported by personal contacts with experts in the subjects at your Study Centres so that your academic problems are easily solved. aiming at bettering their livelihood. Australia and also a few in the USA.

IGNOU has reformulated its vision keeping its objectives in focus. Today. and to promote. coordinate and regulate the standards of education offered through open and distance learning in the country. Centre for Extension Education. To achieve the objectives of widening access to all sections of society and to provide continual professional development and training in all sectors of the economy. in a relatively short time.. As a world leader in distance education. more than 2300 Study Centres within India and around 53 Partner Institutions in 33 countries outside India. to all those who require them. i. shall provide seamless access to sustainable and learner-centric quality education. uses multiple media and latest technology in imparting education. Canada. to focus on specific learner groups Prospectus and Application Form 7 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. National Centre for Differently Abled and National Centre for Innovation in Distance Education. training and extension activities. the Vision reads. to reach out to the disadvantaged by offering programmes in all parts of the country at affordable costs. The University utilizes services of a large number of Academic Counsellors (Faculty) from conventional institutions of higher learning and professionals from various organizations. The University is committed to quality in teaching. The University offers a wide variety of courses programmes in various fields/disciplines in the form of Certificate. THE UNIVERSITY 1. to offer high quality. Diploma. it serves the educational aspirations of more than 2.1 Introduction The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU).1. research. innovative and need-based programmes at different levels. Diploma in Management and Diploma in Distance Education with a strength of 4528 students. and acts as a national resource centre for expertise and infrastructure in the ODL system.0 million students in India and abroad through the twentyone Schools of Study/Institutes/Centres and with a network of 62 Regional Centres. the University. with the following mandate: to provide access to higher education to all segments of the society. The University has. it was conferred the Centre of Excellence Award in Distance Education in 1993 and the Award of Excellence for Distance Education Materials in 1999 by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL). skill upgradation and training to all by using innovative technologies and methodologies and ensuring convergence of existing systems for massive human resource required for promoting integrated national development and global understanding”. The University began by offering two academic programmes in 1987. community education and continual professional development. the National Resource Centre for Open and Distance Learning with international recognition and presence. was established by an Act of Parliament in 1985. contributed significantly to higher education.D) Programme . “Indira Gandhi National Open University. Today.e. The University has also established a Staff Training and Research Institute in Distance Education (STRIDE). Degree and Doctoral programmes comprising more than 1300 courses with the support of the faculty members and academic staff at the Headquarters and Regional Centres.

Today.D) Programme . it also uses electronic media for imparting education in a big way. Every School is headed by a Director supported by the faculty. religion.3 Prominent Features IGNOU has certain unique features such as: national and international jurisdiction flexible admission rules individualized study: flexibility in terms of place. 1.4 Academic Programmes The University has established number of Schools of Studies which are mainly responsible for developing academic programmes and related courseware adopting multiple media approach. region. Besides print and face to face contact. supervising and developing of courses. The Schools of Studies currently in operation are as follows: Prospectus and Application Form 8 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. 2004. Emphasis is now being laid on developing interactive multimedia and online learning. and a few Study Centres across all Regional Centres enabling the University to transact interactive digital content. pace and duration of study use of latest information and communication technologies national and international student support services network 1. and the establishment of the Inter-University Consortium.2 Objectives The Indira Gandhi National Open University was established by an Act of Parliament in 1985 to achieve the following objectives: democratizing higher education by taking it to the doorsteps of the learners. The Distance Education Council of the University which is also an Apex Body for Open and Distance Learning System helps in regulating and maintaining the ODL system in the country. With the launch of Edusat (a satellite dedicated only to education) on 20th September. promoting and developing distance education in India. 1. providing access to high quality education to all those who seek it irrespective of age. it has large number of Teleconferencing Centres at all Regional Centres. setting and maintaining standards in distance education in the country as an apex body. and adding value to the traditional distance education delivery mode with modern technology-enabled education within the framework of blended learning. media personnel and other support personnel in planning.and enrich the distance learning system. the University has ushered in a new era of technology-enabled education in the country. offering need-based academic programmes by giving professional and vocational orientation to the courses. and gender.

School of Computer & Information Sciences (SOCIS) School of Continuing Education (SOCE) School of Education (SOE) School of Engineering & Technology (SOET) School of Health Sciences (SOHS) School of Humanities (SOH) School of Management Studies (SOMS) School of Sciences (SOS) School of Social Sciences (SOSS) School of Agriculture (SOA) School of Law (SOL) School of Journalism & New Media Studies (SOJNMS) School of Gender and Development Studies (SOGDS) School of Tourism and Hospitality Services & Sectoral Management (SOTHSSM) School of Inter-disciplinary and Trans-disciplinary Studies (SOITS) School of Social Work (SOSW) School of Vocational Education & Training (SOVET) School of Extension & Development Studies (SOEDS) School of Foreign Languages (SOFL) School of Translation Studies & Training (SOTST) School of Performing & Visual Arts (SOPVA) Institutes and Centres at the University. Centre for Extension Education (CEE) National Centre for Innovation in Distance Education (NCIDE). National Centre for Disability Studies Other Units/Centres of the University. Prospectus and Application Form 9 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme . They are: Staff Training and Research in Distance Education (STRIDE). which have core academic staff are also involved in developing courses and academic programmes.

The entire course ware (self learning material) of all courses has been placed on the e-gyankosh of the university (http://www. continuing education and professional development at work place. diversification and update of knowledge. They are launched with a view to fulfill the learner’s needs for: improvement of skills. reading and comprehending the print material. listening to audio. This helps the learner to know the academic effort he/she has to put in. supervised by the instruction/unit designers and edited by the language experts at IGNOU before they are finally sent for printing.The University offers a wide range of academic programmes both short-term and long-term. The University has introduced a number of modular programmes in order to provide a greater and more flexible learning environment.D) Programme .in/) for students faculty. wherever necessary. seminars. self-enrichment. The material is previewed and reviewed by the faculty as well as outside experts and edited/modified. before they are finally dispatched to the Study Centres and telecast through Gyan Darshan.ac. to successfully complete a course. Each credit is equivalent to 30 hours of student study comprising all learning activities (i. Similarly. audio and video cassettes are produced in consultation with the course writers. projects and the termed examination of each course in a programme. professionals and others interested. Prospectus and Application Form 10 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. and empowerment. in-house faculty and producers. Undergraduate Degree. Thus. Completion of an academic programme (Degree or Diploma) requires successful completion of the assignments. and writing assignment responses). Diploma. workshops. practical. Postgraduate Degree and Doctoral Degrees which are conventional as well as innovative. credit and non-credit programmes leading to Certificate.e. 1. a 4 credit course involves 120 hours of study and an 8 credit course involves 240 study hours.5 Programme/Course Development Learning material is specially prepared by teams of experts drawn from different Universities and specialized institutions in the area spread through out the country as well as in-house faculty. watching video. This material is scrutinized by the content experts. especially those of the disadvantaged sections of society. on-line contact. attending counselling sessions. The University follows the ‘Credit System’ for most of its programmes.. Most of these programmes have been developed after an initial survey of the demand for such programmes. The focus of the programmes are to meet various academic and employment needs of the people. teleconference. which is available through the Internet and on Direct to Home (DTH). acquisition of professional qualifications.egyankosh. A number of programmes have been designed to meet the requirements of continuing education and training of employed people for professional growth.

the university utilizes electronic media in a big way for imparting education and training through its Electronic Media and Production Centre which is established specially for this purpose. Teleconferencing with its vast network of downlink facilities (one-way video and two-way audio). Most of the instruction are imparted through distance education methodology rather than face-to-face communication using multiple media for instruction viz. Gyan Vani FM Radio Channels and Interactive RadioCounseling through FM channels. workshops. audio-visual material aids. professional organizations and other places of relevance depending upon the nature and requirement of the programme. etc. the University has established large number of Study Centres throughout the country. Support services are also provided through the Work Centres. watch/ listen to video/audio programmes and interact with the Coordinator and Academic Counselors on administrative and academic matters.D) Programme .COURSE FORMULATION Need assessment Defining target groups Course identification COURSE DESIGN Outlining structure Identifying media and their component Finalising unit-wise course outline Identifying themes for audio-video programmes Course delivery strategies Deciding candidate’s evaluation system MATERIAL DEVELOPMENT Course writing Content editing Format editing AUDIO-VIDEO PRODUCTION Preparing academic note Developing academic script Developing Production script Programme production Language editing Developing of graphics Finalising manuscript Pre-testing of materials Printing and/or it formatting and website designing Periodic revision Post – production activities Preview Final approval Process of Course Development at the University 1. interactive satellite based education (Edusat). practicals. field work. In order to provide individualized support to its learners. These Study Centres are co-ordinated by the Regional Centres and Recognized Regional Centres (in case of Defence Personnel). special centers for specific purposes have also been established (depending upon the nature and requirement of the programme) in collaboration with the industry and or with specialized training professional organizations/centres. At the Study Centres. (two-way audio and video). The list of Regional Centres is given in the prospectus for information. Gyan Darshan (Television) Educational Channels with DTH facility. Programme study Centres. The Open University system is more learner-oriented and the learner is an active participant in the pedagogical (teaching and learning) process. seminars.6 Instructional System and Programme Delivery The methodology of instruction in this University is different from that of the conventional universities. Prospectus and Application Form 11 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Wherever training is required. Further. project work. self instructional print material. Skill Development Centres and Special Study Centres established in the educational institutions. refer to books in the library. counseling sessions. the learners interact with the Academic Counselors and other learners.

the study is expected to provide new and original insights into the problem or the area under investigation.D in Nursing Ph.D in Chemistry Ph.D in Political Science Ph.D in Civil Engineering Sl. No 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 Name of the Programme Ph.7 for fee details to be paid by the research candidate for Ph.D in Life Sciences Ph. 2.D in Extension Education Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering Ph. 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 Ph. & Information Science Ph.D in Community Outreach Note: Please see Section 2. The University offers Ph.D in Management Ph. DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (Ph.D in Mathematics Ph.D in Agriculture Extension Ph.D programmes in 38 disciplines for July 2009 session.D in Social Work Ph.D in English Ph.N o 1. At this level.D in Rural Development Ph. Prospectus and Application Form 12 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D in Informatics Ph.2 Sl.D in Journalism & Mass Communication Ph.D in Vocational Education Ph.D in Economics Ph.D in Physics and Astrophysics Ph.1 Introduction The Doctoral Studies Programme aims at training professionals and teachers in the skills and competencies related to the systematic investigation of various issues and problems in the area of their study.D in Law Ph.D in Computer Sciences Ph.D in Tourism Studies Ph.D in Child Development Ph.D in Lib.2.D in Nutritional Sciences Ph.D in Women’s Studies Ph.D in Information Technology Ph.D) PROGRAMMES 2.D in Hindi Ph.D in Physics Ph.D in History Ph.D in Sri Aurobindo Studies Ph.D in Gender & Development Studies Ph.D) Programme .D in Commerce Ph.D Programmes on Offer for July 2009 Name of the Programme Ph.D registration/re-registration.D in Sociology Ph.D in Knowledge Management Ph.D in Distance Education Ph.D in Public Administration Ph.D in Education Ph.

Phil.D. b. through laid down procedures will be eligible for admission into a full-time Integrated Doctoral Programmes offered in collaboration with institutions of repute. and in an entrance examination conducted by the University at the national level on the pattern of UGC/CSIR. Provided further that candidates who are employees of the University shall have completed at least two years of service in the University on the date they submit the application for admission. Prospectus and Application Form 13 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Category A: Candidates having M. The process of assigning Course Work and related details are placed in subsequent paras.3 a) General Eligibility Criteria A candidate will be eligible for admission and registration for the Ph.D Category B: Candidates who have to undergo basic Course Work before or alongside undertaking dissertation work. The candidates to be registered for Ph. Degree or those candidates who have cleared JEST of DAE. OR ii) b) Talented graduates in a discipline. and accordingly shall apply for registration of Ph. It will be based on the discipline he/she studied and of the Doctoral Committee recommendations. The Course Work could be assigned to Category A candidates also.D programme shall be placed in two categories. who can directly undertake dissertation work for Ph. The candidates who fall under the category specified above under a. However. candidates holding an M. or 5 years’ relevant teaching/practical/industry/ professional experience.D programme provided he/she qualified: i) for the award of the Master’s Degree of any recognized University/Higher Learning Institution in the relevant discipline or any other qualification recognized as equivalent thereto in such fields of study as notified for the purpose from time to time by the University. with the help of the Doctoral Committee shall decide the curriculum of the Course Work to be assigned to candidates.2.Phil. The faculty concerned.1 will undergo the Course Work before/alongside undertaking dissertation work. or GATE of IIT. or UGC-NET. Candidates under ‘Category A’ above shall make a presentation of their research proposal to the Doctoral Committee of the School/Institute/Centre concerned. The procedure to be followed for the selection of these candidates is given in subsequent paras. or those having 5 (five) years of relevant teaching/practical/industry/professional experience will be exempted from appearing at the Entrance Examination.4.D) Programme . of 2.

Phil or 5 years teaching/practical/industry/professional experience (with/without course work) is of 2 years minimum and 5 years maximum. Applications received upto 31st December – Entrance Exam will be conducted during February of the year and will be considered for admission to the July session of the year. Research Unit. New Delhi – 110068. the School/ Centre/Institute/Unit concerned will look into applications received for the Ph.D and the duration of the programme will be 2 years to 5 years. the minimum and the maximum time for completing the Ph. (c) Candidates with M.6 i) Ph. Prospectus and Application Form 14 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.4 (i) Duration of the Programme As per the Ordinances and Regulations of the University.D Application Form Qualified/eligible candidates will submit filled-in performa for admission to the Ph.D and the School/ Centre/Institute/Unit will decide about conducting or not conducting or giving effect to any other criteria (duly approved by the Vice Chancellor) for selecting Ph.D Proposal/Synopsis to the Research Unit of the University.Phil or 5 years teaching/practical/industry/professional experience (Category A) who will be prescribed Course Work by the Doctoral Committee are required to pay additional fee for Course Work.D programme for candidates with M.5 Entrance Examination The University conducts an Entrance Examination for all eligible candidates. The programme duration of this category is also of 2 years minimum and 5 years maximum. Maidan Garhi.D candidates out of the applications they receive. 2. However. Indira Gandhi National Open University.D programme along with the Offer Letter. Proposed dates for Entrance Examination and Admission Cycle i) ii) Applications received upto 30th June – Entrance Exam will be conducted during August of the year and will be considered for admission to the January session of the year.D) Programme . other related documents and Research Proposal (about one thousand words) on a selected theme for thesis work to: The Director.D programmes with the Course Work are of 3 years minimum and 5 years of maximum. will conduct the Entrance Examination.Phil or 5 years teaching/practical/industry/professional experience (Category A) without Course Work will directly undertake dissertation work for Ph.D programme shall be 3 years to 5 years from the date of registration of the programme. The details are given below: (a) Ph.2. However. The Research Unit will declare the results and inform candidates with an Offer Letter asking the candidate to submit the application within in 3 months along with the Ph. Block No 6. Room No 3. the duration of the Ph. 2. (Category B) (b) Candidates with M. The Research Unit with the support of the School concerned.D Registration Procedures Submission of filled-in Ph.

iii) iv) Acceptance Letter and CV from External Supervisors a) Attach a duly signed Acceptance Letter from the External Research Supervisor stating that he/she would guide/supervise the candidate as an external guide/supervisor for Ph. telephone number. the School/Institute/Centre is not being able to arrange for research supervisor. b) v) In case a candidate finds the list of internal and external supervisors inadequate or no names of supervisors (internal & external) placed in the prospectus. (for contact). However.D forms along with research proposals to the School/Institute/ Centre concerned of the University. proposals which do not match the research areas of the faculty/ supervisors may not be accepted). research publications etc. objectives. fax. In case. The research proposal in the prescribed proforma should clearly state the problem. b) Prospectus and Application Form 15 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. the candidate can also suggest a person to supervise his/her research work.D application form to the University. name of the supervisor. academic qualifications. The Director of the School/Centre/ Institute will do the needful with the support of his/her faculty in arranging research supervisor(s) (internal/external).. hypothesis.D Application Forms: After initial scrutiny. Research Supervisors: Lists of approved supervisors made available by the Schools/ Centres/ Institutes concerned are placed in the Prospectus for use by the candidates. etc. In case any candidate proposes an external supervisor he/she is required to enclose an Acceptance Letter and a brief CV of an external supervisor stating his/her willingness to supervise the candidate. provided the person is qualified as per the norms laid down by the School Board concerned approved by the Research Council of the University. etc. The Doctoral Committee may recommend the candidate for direct admission on the basis of her/his research proposal. academic/research credentials in terms of books. Enclose a brief CV of the External Supervisor giving details viz. address of the supervisor. email. present position and occupation. Based on the Doctoral Committee recommendation. In addition. date of birth. proposals not pertaining to the research interest/area of the faculty/ external supervisor will be returned.D vacancies available under a specific supervisor and subject to expertise availability in a particular discipline (for example. the Research Unit will forward filled-in Ph.D Programme. yet the candidate could submit his/her filled-in Ph. sources of data. methodology which may include sampling design. The list placed in the Prospectus are for information (of the candidates) subject to Ph. and expected outcome of the study.D) Programme . the application will be returned to the candidate stating the reasons. vi) Processing of Research Proposals for Ph. data analysis.ii) Scrutiny and Process of Ph.D Registration a) If the School/Centre/Institute concerned will ask the candidate to present her/his research proposal before the Doctoral Committee of the School/Centre/Institute concerned. years of teaching/professional/ industry experience. name of the university/institution with which he/ she is/was working.

(if required) in her/his proposal and. Maidan Garhi. on carrying out the same to the satisfaction of the School/Centre/Institute concerned.D. an extension up to six months may be given by the Vice-Chancellor.D registration along with prescribed Programme Fee and other documents if any to: The Director. Prospectus and Application Form 16 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. All first time proposals/modified proposals rejected by the Doctoral Committee will be intimated to the candidate stating the reason(s) by the School/Institute/Centre concerned. The Director. approved by the School Board and Research Council. Indira Gandhi National Open University. recommend her/his candidature for registration. to resubmit the research proposal to the School/Centre/Institute concerned. Research Unit for formal approval of the Vice-Chancellor. d) e) Candidates recommended by the Research Council/Research Council’s Standing Committee will be registered for the Ph. Research Unit will intimate the candidate and issue notification about his/her selection asking the candidate to fill-in and submit the performa of Ph. However.D Registration A candidate who has been offered registration (under category A or B) shall deposit the prescribed Programme Fee within a period of three months. Based on the Report. Research Unit.c) Doctoral Committee could suggest the candidate necessary modifications/changes. a prescription to that effect of exemption shall be made by the School Board or the Area Committee concerned to be approved by the Research Council. under special circumstances.D Programmes The Course Work shall be prescribed by the respective School Board or the Area Committee (discipline) concerned based on the recommendations of the Doctoral Committee. (viii) Timelines for Ph. A written request with mention about the compelling reason(s) to this effect will have to be made to the Director. proposed research supervisor(s) or faculty of the discipline will help the candidate if necessary. New Delhi. Programme (provisionally) by the Research Unit of the University either for January or July. If the candidate fails to submit the fee. cycle depending upon the completion of all formalities for registration. All eligible Ph. The Course Work in all cases may be completed within one year from the date of registration.D) Programme . Provided that where such Course Work is deemed unnecessary. In such situation the Director of the School/Centre/Institute concerned will prepare the Report of the Doctoral Committee and communicate it to the candidate and the Research Supervisor(s) concerned with appropriate advice asking the candidate to resubmit the Proposal. (vii) Course Work for Ph. A candidate may be exempted (partially or fully) from the requirement of the Course Work by the concerned School Board or the Area Committee and endorsed by the Research Council.D candidates shall be notified by the Research Unit based on the recommendations of the Doctoral Committee.110068. The Director of the School/Centre/Institute concerned will forward minutes of the Doctoral Committee through the School Board and relevant documents for consideration and approval of the Research Council. the offer of registration shall be treated as cancelled.

7000/. 7000/.Phil or 5 year teaching/practical/industry/professional experience by the Doctoral Committee is required to pay Programme Fee Rs 7000/. 7000/(as reregistration fee) Rs. 21000/(Rs. 21000/(Rs. Prospectus and Application Form 17 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Rs. 7.for Course Work fee).000/ under re-registration respectively. 7000/(as reregistration fee) _______ _______ 2 years 5 years Rs.e.per year for three years (i. 7000/(as reregistration fee) Category A (i) Rs. Selected Candidate who is prescribed Course Work (under the Category A) with M. 7000/(as Programme Fee and Course Work fee) Rs. ii) iii) The remittances are to be made through a Demand Draft only in favour of Indira Gandhi National Open University.additionally for Course Work besides Programmed Fee of Rs 7000/.000/.in the 2nd year for reregistration.. The details of Programme Fee and duration of the Programme category wise (A or B) is given below: Duration and Programme Fee Sl.D Programme Fee For Indian Candidates Selected candidate without M.D) Programme . 14000/(Rs.D Candidates with M. Research Candidate Ph.D Candidates without M.000/.000/.000/. (1st registration). 5 years Total Fee Category B Rs.000/ and third year Rs 7. payable at New Delhi. 7000/.for registration fee + Rs.e 1st year Rs.2.in the IInd year).1 i) Ph. 14000/to be paid in Ist year and Rs.annually for 2 years i. 7000/(as registration fee) (No Course Work fee) Rs.Phil/5 years teaching/practical/industry/professional experience (under category B) is required to pay Programme Fee Rs 7.Phil or 5 year teaching/practical/industry/professional experience is required to pay Programme Fee Rs 7. 7000/(as reregistration fee) _______ _______ 2 years 5 years Category A (ii) Rs.Phil/5 years teaching/ practical/industry/ professional Experience (and If Course work is prescribed by the Doctoral Committee) 1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Duration Min 3 years Max.000/.7. 14000/(Rs 7000/per year for two years to be paid in two equal installments) Rs.7000/per year for three years to be paid in three equal installments) Rs.for first registration and Rs. 7.7 2. Selected candidate who is exempted from the Course Work (under the Category ‘A’) with M.Phil/5 years teaching/ practical/industry/ professional Experience Ph.Phil/5 years teaching/ practical/industry/ professional Experience Ph.D Candidates with M.in the first year and Rs 7000/. second year Rs 7.for 2nd re-registration.No. 1st year Rs 7.

D) Programme .to be paid at the time of application.7. they will work at the University headquarters or at any Regional Centre as and when needed. All full-time candidates shall work towards their Ph. iii) An annual fee of USD 1. Programme Coordinator and Director of the School concerned will take such decisions and advice the candidate accordingly.D programme full-time at the University headquarters or at its Regional Centres or at any other institution recognized by the University for the purpose. Persons employed in any organization and desirous of pursuing the Ph.000/. The remittances are to be made through a Demand Draft only in favour of Indira Gandhi National Open University.for the first year. payable at New Delhi India. the Research Council.2.to be paid subsequently in the 2nd and 3rd years respectively as re-registration for 2nd and 3rd year. All those candidates who are offered a fellowship by the University or any other agency shall register with the University to pursue a Ph.D programme of the University on a full-time basis and comprise the category of ‘full-time candidates’. The registration fee is USD 500/. All registrations to Ph.2 For International Candidates a) Applicants from SAARC Countries i) ii) The cost of application form is INR 1.000/.D programme may register as part-time candidates. All such selected candidates under this category will be intimated separately and accordingly Course Work fee will be charged as per University norms.D programme of IGNOU can be pursued full-time as well as on part-time basis.D.Phil or 5 years teaching/practical/industry/professional experience who will prescribed Course Work by the Doctoral Committee are required/ to pay additionally INR 10. The registration fee is INR 5.to be paid after application is processed and admission is confirmed along with the annual fee of INR 10. on the recommendation of the School Board/Area Committee concerned may allow candidates without a fellowship to register as full-time candidates. if they want to pursue their research studies at their own place of work.000/. Prospectus and Application Form 18 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.000 (SAARC)/USD 1000 (other countries other than SAARC) towards Course Work fee. programme shall be provisional and the same would be confirmed only on approval/ratification by the Research Council. However. In exceptional cases.000/. Candidate Status The Ph.to be paid after application is processed and admission is confirmed along with the annual fee for the first year. The Research Guide(s).to be paid subsequently in the 2nd and 3rd year respectively as re-registration for 2nd and 3rd years respectively. Selected candidates with M.to be paid at the time of submission of application. iii) An annual fee of INR 10. b) Applicants from Other Countries i) ii) The cost of application form is USD 100/.000/.

Prospectus and Application Form 19 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. a panel of experts to be recognized as research supervisors who may or may not belong to the University. the thesis work could be in that language. one of the supervisors shall be from the University. new invention. on the recommendation of the Research Council. or the development of innovative instructional processes. of research being pursued by the candidate. The thesis must be a piece of original research work characterized either by the discovery of new facts. however.8 Quality of the Ph. a retired teacher identified by the candidate to act as her/ his supervisor(s). All the Professors and the Readers of IGNOU shall be eligible to be research supervisors in the discipline concerned of the University. models and systems.9 Medium of Instruction The language in which the thesis and other related work would be carried out shall be normally English or Hindi. a research supervisor shall not guide more than the number prescribed for Ph. List of Internal Supervisors of the University and some of the External Supervisors who are willing to guide/supervise research candidates are placed separately. administrative and organizational matters. In cases where the study pertains to regional languages. Candidates can opt for any of the supervisor(s) subject to vacancy/availability and expertise in the area/discipline.D degree and with at least five years of post-doctoral teaching/research experience shall be eligible to be recognized as research supervisors. with a Ph.D Thesis A candidate shall be required to submit a thesis in the format as prescribed by the Research Council. All IGNOU teachers/academics including lecturers/ARDs. The University may allow a change of supervisor under exceptional circumstances. 2.10 Research Supervision Every candidate registered for a research degree programme shall be required to pursue the programme under the supervisor(s) recognized by the University.D) Programme . will be shared jointly in case of joint supervision. formulation of new theories. Supervision/Joint Supervision for candidates shall be assigned by the School Board/Area Committee (discipline) concerned in accordance with their choice from among the panel of supervisors recognised by the university. The School Board concerned/Area Committee shall recommend to the Research Council. At any time.2.D candidate by the University taking into consideration independent supervision/joint supervision of candidates to be taken for research guidance. The internal supervisor shall be responsible for providing the necessary link between the candidate and the University for academic. 2. new interpretations of existing theories. provided the teacher is qualified to do so as per the norms laid down by the University. The School Board concerned/Area Committee may also recommend for consideration and approval of the Research Council. Supervisory responsibility. In case there are joint supervisors.

The Research Unit with support of the School Institute/Centre concerned monitors all activities relating to Ph.13 Progress of Candidates Once the candidate registers for the Ph. However. The application for re-registration must be made within a period not exceeding six months from the cancellation of registration and should be recommended by the supervisor(s) and the School Board concerned. in case of international candidates. All candidates re-registered shall pay full fees annually on re-registration as per University rules revailing at that time and shall submit all such queries/filled in application forms to: The Director. the candidate shall carry out the study and related research tasks under the supervision of the research supervisor(s). Every candidate has to clear coursework on Research Methodology and other courses. to be made outside the University Headquarters will need prior permission of the competent authority.D candidate shall be the responsibility of the supervisor(s). programme. IGNOU. the facilities at the Regional centre libraries may also be availed of The Library and reading hall facilities of ICWA. Each candidate shall give at least two Seminars during the whole duration of the programme before the Doctoral Committee.D.12 Library Facility The University shall extend the library facility as per University rules for all registered Ph. 2.D candidates. New Delhi-110068. Non-compliance with the provisions of the Ordinances and other Regulations of the University. IGNOU. Sapru House. which may not necessarily be conducted at the HQs. Barakhamba Road and other libraries. Maidan Garhi.2. The Director concerned shall report the recommendations of Research Supervisor(s) to the School Board and also forward the same to the Research Unit for placing before the RCSC/ Research Council. 2. he/she shall be assigned one (or more) research supervisor(s). iv) Failure to complete Course Work and/or submit the thesis within the prescribed time limit. all information will be routed through the International Division of the University. candidates. However. The candidate will do the Course Work and dissertation work simultaneously. Prospectus and Application Form 20 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. The Research Council may. prescribed and designed by the Doctoral Committee of the discipline/area.11 Cancellation of Registration The registration of a candidate may be cancelled for any of the following reasons: i) Non-payment of fees ii) iii) Unsatisfactory progress. The Six Monthly Progress Reports are to be submitted to his/her supervisor(s) in the prescribed format. New Delhi are also available for research scholars/candidates of the University on producing a letter of introduction as a proof of registration in the University. Similarly. Monitoring the routine progress of the Ph. if any. any. pre-presentation if. however. Research Unit.D) Programme . New Delhi-110068. For membership.D. the candidate may contact: The Librarian. During the programme period. consider requests for re-registration.

Oral examination iv) Any combination of these methods. After the seminar. the candidate and Research Supervisors will consider the reactions and observations expressed by the participants. On satisfactory completion of the assigned tasks. the research supervisors will permit the candidate to proceed with the submission of her/his thesis. the candidate will be allowed to submit the thesis to the University. shall prescribe an evaluation scheme for the Course Work to be done by the research candidate. Term Paper.15 Evaluation of Ph. v) Four spiral bound copies of the final Thesis and one in the electronic form shall be submitted to the Director. Evaluation Methodology for Course Work consists of Assignments.D) Programme .D Candidates and Award of Degrees Evaluation of Course Work The School Board concerned or the Area Committee. If their assessment is in the affirmative. iii) iv) The candidate shall submit a copy in electronic form and 5 hard copies of the Summary of the dissertation (3000-5000 words) duly approved by the supervisor(s) at least 45 days before the submission of the thesis to the School concerned and the same would be sent to the Director. The audience of the ‘pre-submission seminar’ may remain the same as that of the Doctoral Committee. Research Unit of the University.D should be published/accepted for publication in a peer reviewed/referred journal.14 Submission of the Thesis After the research supervisor(s) is/are satisfied that the candidate has acquired a sound understanding of the substance of the thesis and the relevant research approaches.2. The Director of the School concerned and supervisor(s) will then assess whether the candidate has attained the expected level in conceptualization and quality of research work. Research Unit through the Director of the School/Division/Institute/Centre concerned. The candidate will present her/his thesis work in a ‘pre-submission seminar’ to be convened exclusively for this purpose by the Director of the School/Centre/Institute concerned. However. he/she will be allowed to submit the thesis. The thesis will include a certificate signed by the supervisor(s) about the originality of the work. the supervisor(s) will suggest to the candidate specific tasks to be accomplished before submission of the thesis. 2. Seminars. etc under Continuous Assessment and Term-End Examination and Practical if any under Term-End Assessment. Depending on the nature of the course and the specific needs. if it is realized that the expected level has not been reached. The tools of assessment under Continuous Assessment and Terminal Assessment Prospectus and Application Form 21 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. the evaluation methodologies may include: i) ii) iii) Evaluation system or a comprehensive examination as applicable to the prescribed creditbased courses. as the case may be. A term paper on a theme or presentation of an assignment at a seminar. The submission of the thesis will include the following: i) ii) Before the pre-submission seminar at least one research paper in the area of the study for Ph.

Prospectus and Application Form 22 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme . The research supervisor(s) will ensure that the suggestions of the examiner(s) are adequately addressed before resubmission of the thesis.D. The defence shall be open to all interested participants. iii) On the recommendation of the examiner for the award of a Ph. A Candidate shall be deemed to have completed his/her Course Work successfully if he/she obtains at least ‘C’ Grade (measured on a five point scale) or 50% of the maximum score in the Course Work of the programme. v) If one of the examiners does not recommend the thesis for the award of a Ph. prepared by the external examiner. ii) The examiners will submit their Evaluation Reports to the University individually. The Registrar. concerned. If the fourth examiner recommends the thesis for the award of a Ph.D Degrees A candidate shall be awarded the Ph. the supervisor(s) and the Director of the School/Division/Institute/Centre. Student Evaluation Division of the University shall issue the Provisional Degree and Doctoral Degree to all qualified candidates. shall be notified to all concerned by the Research Unit.D. vii) The date. an open defence of the thesis shall be conducted at the place of research by a panel comprising one of the external examiners.D. 2. The University reserves the right to change the rules from time to time and only the latest rules will be applicable to all the candidates irrespective of the year of registration. Degree. The supervisor will be the Convenor of the panel. to be nominated by the Vice-Chancellor. shall be placed before the Vice-Chancellor for approval. the same should be communicated to the candidate. However. who will be asked to resubmit the thesis with all the modifications within six months. degree. the thesis shall be referred to another examiner for independent evaluation. vi) The examiners’ reports will be shown to the candidate before hand to enable her/him to address the issues raised therein while preparing to defend the thesis during the open defence.16 Removal of Difficulties Notwithstanding anything in the above document.D Degree. Examination Procedures i) The Thesis shall be examined by three external experts nominated by the Vice-Chancellor from a list of 7-10 experts submitted by the supervisor(s) through the School Board concerned. and one of the supervisor(s) of the candidate. The Director of the School/Division/Institute/Centre concerned would be the Chairperson of the panel. along with a one-page abstract of the thesis. if fourth examiner also rejects the thesis. iv) In case any examiner suggests certain modifications and re-submission of the thesis. The modified thesis shall be referred again to the examiner(s) concerned for re-evaluation. the Vice-Chancellor may take such measures as may be necessary in respect of candidates registered with the University for Ph. time and venue of the open defence.will be decided by the faculty of the School and School Board to be approved by the Research Council of the University. the Viva-Voce examination shall be organized by the Director of the School/Centre/Institute concerned. Award of Ph. Degree.D. the thesis shall be rejected by the University. viii) The report of the open defence. with the approval of the Academic Council.

OR The candidate having Master’s degree in any subject having sufficient background in the area of Computer Science / IT. Planning and Architecture or an equivalent grade from a recognised University or a recognized institution of higher learning. Prospectus and Application Form 23 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.Phil degree and a Post-Graduate degree in a relevant discipline or an equivalent grade from a recognized university/institution of higher learning.Tech in Computer Science / Information’s Technology with 5 years experience either of teaching or in the software industry may also be considered. in any branch of engineering including Design. Candidates of this category will have to appear in an entrance test conducted by IGNOU and undertake Course Work before registration into the Ph. OR Master’s degree in a relevant discipline or an equivalent grade from a recognized university/ institution of higher learning.3 i) School of Sciences (SOS) Mathematics An M.4. General criteria for admission into Ph. OR ii) iii) iv) B.D shall be considered subject to no specific eligibility criteria (if any) prescribed by the discipline of the School/ Centre/ Institute. Eligibility: ii) 3.2 i) School of Computer & Information Sciences (SOCIS) M-Phil Degree in the Computer Science from a Recognised University /Institute of higher learning.D REGISTRATION: DISCIPLINE-WISE Some of the disciplines under Schools of Studies/Institutes/Centres have recommended specific eligibility criteria for specific disciplines /areas keeping in view specific specilisation that are required for a particular discipline/ area. (General Eligibility Criteria). Planning and Architecture or an equivalent grade from any Recognised University or a Recognised institution of higher learning and 5 years of teaching/ industry / professional/ vocational experience in the relevant field.3.D programme.D) Programme .Tech. OR B.1 i) School of Engineering and Technology (SOET) Master Degree in any branch of engineering including Design. SPECIFIC ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR Ph.D programme other than the categories listed in the prospectus under 2. 3. School-wise and discipline-wise eligibility criteria are given below: 3. OR Master’s degree or an equivalent degree from a Recognised University or a Recognized Institute of higher learning in any relevant branch of Science / Engineering & Technology. may also be considered. There will be an entrance test for those who satisfy eligibility conditions for Ph.

NBHM. Phil. CSIR. 3.Anyone who has passed a test like NET. OR Master degree in a relevant area of the discipline or an equivalent grade from a Recognised University or a Recognised Institution of higher learning.Phil degree and a post graduate degree in a relevant area of the discipline or an equivalent grade from a recognised University or a recognized institution of higher learning. GATE or having at least 5 years of relevant teaching / practical/industry/ professional experience will be exempted from appearing in the entrance test. ii) Physics M. D. OR Post graduate degree or an equivalent grade in a relevant area of the discipline from a University or a recognized institution of higher learning with 5 years of teaching/ research experience in higher education. OR Candidates having a Master’s degree in a relevant discipline or an equivalent grade from a recognised university or a recognized institution of higher learning and working in a recognised college/research institution and having minimum five years teaching/research experience iii) Chemistry Candidates having M.D) Programme . Prospectus and Application Form 24 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. OR An equivalent grade from a recognised university or a recognised institution of higher learning.4 School of Humanities (SOH) English An M Phil Degree and a Post Graduate degree in a relevant discipline. worth 64 credits (they may be exempted from Course Work). degree in Physics and a Master’s degree in a relevant discipline or an equivalent grade from a recognised university or a recognized institution of higher learning. Candidate of this category will be required to undertake Course Work worth 32 credits before registration in the Ph. iv) Life Sciences M.Phil. or 5 years teaching/professional experience from a recognised University/College/Institution of higher learning who can directly undertake thesis work for Ph. OR An equivalent grade from a university or a recognised institution of higher learning. Hindi An M Phil Degree and a Post Graduate degree in a relevant discipline. or other UGC.D programme.

3. Instrumentation engineering/Photonics / Applied Opto –Electronics.Phil. will undertake and complete course work to be prescribed by the school. Electronics Engg. and at least 5 years of teaching/ professional/ administrative experience in Open and Distance Learning Institutions. OR ii) A Post Graduate degree in any discipline or an equivalent grade from any recognised university or a recognized institution of higher learning.D) Programme Prospectus and Application Form . and a Post Graduate degree in Distance Education/ Educational Technology/ Instructional Design/ Education with specialization in Educational Technology/Computers in Education. iv) Initially Category A will be considered.. (Ag.7 i) School of Health Sciences (SOHS) Nursing Nursing professionals who have completed their M. 3.6 i) School of Agriculture (SOA) M. or an equivalent grade from any recognised university or a recognized institution of higher learning. 25 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.Tech in applied Physics/Radio Physics and Electronics / Computer Science Engg. 3.Sc.Sc.Phil degree from recognized University OR ii) Nursing professionals having M.5 i) Staff Training and Research in Distance Education (STRIDE) Distance Education An M. .3. Mechanical Engg. / Electrical Engg.8 School of Inter Disciplinary and Trans-Disciplinary studies (SOITS) Physics and Astrophysics (under intergraded mode) i) B.Sc.) in Agriculture Extension / Extension Education / Home Science Extension / Dairy Extension / Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension / Fisheries Extension/ Agricultural Communication / Development Communication /Agricultural Extension and Communication OR ii) Masters degree in any branch of Agricultural Sciences or allied fields (with bridge course). .E/ B. and having 5 years of teaching/industry/ administration/professional/clinical experience. iii) Nursing personnel who have completed their M.Sc in Mathematics/Physics OR ii) B.

iv) Duration of the course is two years for M. An additional one-year period may be allowed for appearing at the examination. the research candidate is required to submit an Initial Research Idea paper (of 10-15 page paper) discussing his or her initial ideas about the area or topic chosen for doctoral research. through national/ regional dailies and the website of Indian Institute of Astrophysics (http://www. Otherwise a successful candidate can join the Ph.iii) The selection will be made on the basis of an Entrance Test followed by an interview. Those who possess M. 3. the Doctoral Committee may exempt a candidate from taking the Research methodology Courses.Phil or equivalent degree in Sri Aurobindo Studies. ii) Submission of Initial Research Idea Paper: At the time of the application for admission. MRD-101 Rural Development-Indian Context MRD-103 Rural Development Planning & Management MRD-104 Research Methods in Rural Development However. namely.in/) in September. 3.res. After successful completion of M. ii) Prospectus and Application Form 26 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. The applicant’s preparation to pursue doctoral level research in Sri Aurobindo Studies will be determined by SACAR.Sc. Bangalore. if they feel so. If the applicant is accepted into the programme.Sc there will be provision for Lateral Exit.9 i) Sri Aurobindo Studies A completed Master’s or M. OR A Master’s degree or equivalent in any subject and satisfactory demonstration of adequate background in the thought and vision of Sri Aurobindo. v) A candidate will get a Stipend at M.D programme in Rural Development. (other than Rural Development) may take three compulsory courses.iiap.Sc.D and subject to their acceptance by the Doctoral Committee.D programme provided he/she secures at least 60% marks at M.D.10 School of Continuing Education (SOCE) Rural Development i) Those possessing MARD with B grade are included as a category eligible for enrolment in Ph. Interview in June and session begins in July.Phil in any subject.D) Programme . written test in December. provided they submit two papers on their chosen subject for Ph. The rates of Stipend and Fellowship will be as per DST norms. Director and faculty during application and admission process. vi) The programme is of residential nature and candidates will be provided Hostel Facility at a very nominal cost at the Indian Institute of Astrophysics. The programme will be advt. this paper becomes the starting point for formulating a focused research topic to be pursued during the programme.Sc stage and a Fellowship (4 years) while pursuing Ph.

Degree and a Post-Graduate degree in a relevant discipline. students with an M.D) Programme .Phil will have to undergo three compulsory courses and also submit two papers as outlined in item a) above. OR ii) A Masters Degree (M. OR ii) Master degree in relevant discipline or an equivalent grade from a recognised University or a recognized institution of higher learning with at least 5 years of teaching experience in a University and demonstrable research experience and familiarity with research methodology in the area of Child Development. OR Masters Degree in Social Work (MSW) with 32 credits worth Course Work if any candidate has done after MSW.Phil.Phil programme or through teaching/research/ professional/public service experience in the area of child development.D.Phil. Prospectus and Application Form 27 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Nutritional Sciences i) An M. on the recommendation of the Doctoral Committee.11 School of Social Work (SOSW) Social Work i) ii) Masters Degree in Social Work with M. Or an equivalent qualification from a recognised university or a recognised institution of higher learning.Phil Degree and a Master’s Degree in Nutrition/Dietetics or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution of higher learning. who can directly undertake thesis work for Ph. The candidate should have exhibited interest in the discipline of Child Development and familiarity with research methodology. 3. 3.iii) Those from other streams (other than Rural Development) not having M.D would be required to enroll simultaneously and successfully complete the Course ‘Research Methods and Biostatistics” (MFN-009). Evidence of demonstrable research experience and candidate’s familiarity with research methodology will be evaluated by the quality and number of research publication.Phil shall be exempted from taking the Research Methods and Biostatistics Course. Course Work All students eligible for Ph.Sc.Phil or 5 year’s relevant teaching/professional experience.12 Centre for Extension Education (CEE) Candidates having Master’s Degree with M. either during the M. Child Development i) An M.) in Food and Nutrition Dietetics or an equivalent qualification from a recognized institution and 5 years teaching/industry/professional/public service experience (in an area related to nutrition/dietetics) at senior level. However.

D programme in women’s Studies as per the decisions of the screening committee. 3.D programmes. OR Candidates having Master’s Degree with M. Screening will be done based on the Section 2 (see section 2 of the prospectus for general eligibility criteria) academic performance at M. 3. Selections will be done on the basis of the above criteria by a screening committee. The university reserves the right not to admit candidates to the Ph. postgraduate degree in relevant discipline.D) Programme . OR Masters Degree in relevant discipline from any recognized university / institute of higher learning with 5 years of teaching/professional/industry experience at senior level. OR Masters Degree in relevant discipline from any recognized university / institute of higher learning with 5 years of teaching/professional/industry experience at senior level.13 School of Law (SOL) Master Degree in Law from a recognized University or from any recognised institution of higher learning. 3.Phil qualification. and demonstrable evidence of research publications/ interest in women’s and gender issues.Phil Degree in LIS OR MLIS with five years of teaching and research experience in lecturer grade. OR Candidates with Master Degree in Law from a recognised university/Institution of higher learning with 5 years of teaching experience or candidates having Master’s Degree with M.16 School of Management Studies (SOMS) Management Discipline Masters’ Degree with M. Prospectus and Application Form 28 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.Phill with Post Graduate Degree in relevant discipline from any recognized university or a recognized institution of higher learning.Phil/Master’s level.14 School of Journalism & New Media Studies (SOJNMS) MA with experience of 5 years in Teaching / Research / Media Industry/ Media Profession.Phil qualification.15 School of Gender & Development Studies (SOGDS) Women’s Studies Besides the minimum eligibility criteria laid down by the University for admission to all Ph.Phill in relevant discipline from any recognized university or a recognized institution of higher learning.3.Phil degree may be asked to take required coursework before proceeding to doctoral research. 3.17 School of Social Sciences (SOSS) Library and Information Sciences MLIS and M. Candidates without the M. no of years of teaching experience. Commerce Discipline An M.

Block 6. 1. Research Unit.D Prospectus for Sale Through the sale counter: Student Registration Division (SRD) Block 3. New Delhi. IGNOU Room No. A candidate is required to enclose a Demand Draft of Rs. i) Availability of Ph.for SAARC countries and USD 100/. all Regional websites and the International Division website. 750/. see Chapter 7 of the Prospectus please) Cost of the Prospectus: a) For Indian Candidates By Hand : Rs 750/By Post : Rs 800/Demand Draft should be drawn in favour of IGNOU. Maidan Garhi. payable at New Delhi or the City of the location of the Regional Centre.D Prospectus i) ii) An Electronic Version of Ph. b) For International Candidates Cost of Application Form for SAARC Countries : INR 1000/Cost of Application Form for other countries (other than SAARC) USD 100/2. 29571523 Fax: 91-011-29534389 Email-id: ignouru@gmail. Soft Copy of the Ph. iii) International candidates should enclose a Demand Draft of INR 1000/.110068 Tel: 91-011-29534326.D) programmes. 3.in Prospectus and Application Form 29 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. IMPORTANT TIPS FOR Ph. New Delhi – 110068 ii) iii) IGNOU Regional Centres (For addresses of Regional Centres.D CANDIDATES Tips given below are for information only. Procedures pertaining to Ph.(Indian Candidates) drawn in favour of IGNOU payable at New Delhi along with the application form. IGNOU.D programme registration are given in the 2nd Section of the Prospectus viz. Submission of Application Form Submit filled-in application form with all documents to: (see Chapter 13 of the Prospectus for documents to be attached with the form): The Director.ignou.D Prospectus is placed on IGNOU’s Website (www. India.for other countries drawn in favour of IGNOU payable at New Delhi. 3.ac. Doctoral of Philosophy (Ph.com. researchunit@ignou.D) Programme .4.ac.in).

6 Ph.D synopsis will be submitted toThe Director. Tel: 91-011-29534326. The Director. Research Unit will confirm his/her provisional Ph.4. ix) Acceptance Letter from an external supervisor along with a brief CV of him/her are required to be submitted (signed by the supervisor on the acceptance letter as well as on his/her CV giving all details as given under 2. Research Unit. ii) The Research Unit will conduct Entrance Examination with the support of the School/ Institute/Centre.D Programmes and Results (Category B) i) The Research Unit (RU) will scrutinize all Ph.com.D synopsis/proposal presentation before the Doctoral Committee of the discipline of the School concerned.D Candidates with M. Candidate with the support of the Ph. Research Unit. vi) Entrance Examination will be conducted at the designated centres to be decided by the Research Unit in consultation with School/Centre/Unit concerned. contact to: The Director. iii) Director of the School concerned of the University will invite the candidate for Ph. Research Unit of the University.D) Programme . Ph.D proposals/modified proposals if any) Prospectus and Application Form 30 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D Coordinator (if necessary) will develop the synopsis and submit to the Director of School Concerned. x) 5. Entrance Examination for Ph. iv) For Queries on Hall Tickets. 29571523 Fax: 91-011-29534389 Email id: ignouru@gmail. Research Unit IGNOU.D registration following the University norms. Similarly. Maidan Garhi.110068. New Delhi.in v) Entrance Examination Hall-Tickets will be sent by post to the candidates by the Research Unit as well as pasted on the IGNOU’s website (see the website of the School concerned as well as of the Research Unit of the University). viii) Candidates will submit filled-in Ph. iii) The Research Unit will issue Hall Tickets for Entrance Examination. iv) The Director of the School/Institute/Centre/Unit concerned will provide the feedback to the candidate including rejections (on fresh Ph. IGNOU New Delhi.Phil/5 years teaching/practical/professional/industry experience (Category A) Registration & Re-registration i) ii) Filled-in application form along with Ph.ac.D synopsis to the Director.D application forms and forward to the concerned Schools/Centres/Institutes of the University. results of the Entrance Examination will be sent to all non-qualified candidates also. researchunit@ignou. Offer Letter along with Ph.D Registration Procedure. vii) Results of Entrance Examination along with the Offer Letter will be sent to all qualified candidates by the Director. IGNOU.D proforma.

Specific student queries may be addressed to the Director/Registrar of the respective School/Institute/Centre/Division/Unit with a copy to the Director. vi) Confirmation of registration of the candidate for Ph. Seminars under Continuous Evaluation and Term-End Examination.D thesis to the Director. She/he must carry the IGNOU ID Card without which candidate will not be allowed to appear in the examination. Research Unit based on the Research Councils approval (full-time and part-time). 8. Pre-submission Seminar is required to be conducted by the candidate before submitting her/his thesis to the University. IGNOU will send Hall tickets to candidates.D Programme. 7.D proposals with names of candidates will be issued by the Director. Seminars under Continuous Assessment should be submitted to the Director of the School concerned through the supervisor(s). Maidan Garhi New Delhi. Research Unit through the Director of the School concerned.D Degrees Registrar.per course as examination fee) drawn in favour of IGNOU. Results declaration and Award of Ph. ii) iii) University conducts Term-End Examination twice a year in June and December. Candidate. Research Unit. Submission of Term-End Examination form for Course Work should be submitted to the Registrar. and issue Provisional Certificate and final Award (Ph. Assessment and Term End Examination i) Assignments and term paper.v) Notification of approved Ph. SED.D thesis to the Director. SED will declare the result.D will be done by the Director. Research Unit. 6. 10 The Director. Candidate will submit Ph. New Delhi. Addresses of every School/Institute/Centre/ Division/Unit are given in the Prospectus. payable at New Delhi. SED. IGNOU. 9. Prospectus and Application Form 31 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Candidate is required to submit exam form before March 31st for June and before Sept 30th for December without late fee. IGNOU.D) to all qualified candidates. The Faculty and Director concerned of the School will decide candidates’ capabilities for submission of Ph. Research Unit will send the thesis for evaluation and invite the candidate and experts and others for Viva –Voce as per University norms.D thesis based on the pre-submission seminar. practical if any under terminal evaluation and thesis and Viva –Voce form the assessment package for Ph. along with a demand draft (Rs 50/. SED. The Ph. Candidate can download the same and may use it for attending to exam at the exam centre allotted to her/him. Director of the School and an external expert will be intimated by the Research Unit about the date and venue for the Viva –Voce to be conducted.D Degree will be issued during the Convocation to be conducted by the University or sent to the candidate in absentia. Research Unit through the Director of the School concerned. Hall Tickets will also be available on IGNOU’s website. 11. Supervisor(s).D) Programme . Registrar. iv) Submit Term-End Exam form to the Registrar. Candidate will submit an Abstract of his/her Ph. Assignments and term papers.

in Prof. 4. Mergers and Takeovers Marketing Management.in Prof.in Prof. New Delhi – 110068. IGNOU. 7. 3. Kamal Yadava 011-29534245 kyadava@ignou. P. Srilatha 011-29534246 srilatha@ignou.B. Subbayamma 011-29534246 gsubbayamma@ignou.in Dr.in Prof.in Area of Specialization/ Interest Marketing Management. Anurag Saxena 011-29532219 anurags@ignou. 5. K. Sl.ac. Strategic Management. Strategic Management Operation Research. Human Resource Management 12.No 1.ac. Reader 011-29573020 neeti@ignou.C. Kamal Vagrecha. 9.ac. Sr.ac. Lecturer 011-29572112 nayantarapadhi@ignou. Fulzele 011-29534009 tufulzele@ignou. Marketing of Services Operations Management. Lecturer 011-29573022 kamalvagrrecha@ignou. Financial Services. E-Business 10. G. 8.in Dr.ac.ac.in Prof. Ravi Sankar 011-29534245 ravisankar@ignou.in Dr. Financial Management Prospectus and Application Form 32 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof.1 (i) Management (Internal Supervisors) School of Management Studies. RESEARCH GUIDES/SUPERVISORS FOR Ph. Basak 011-29534905 pcbasak@ignou. Khanna 011-29534905 bbkhanna@ignou.U. Public Enterprise Management Human Resource Management Organizational Behavior Financial Management. Supply Chain Management 2. Sr. Technology Management.in Prof.ac.5.in Prof.ac. Madhulika Kaushik (on EOL) 011-29532219 madhulikakaushik@ignou.ac. 6. B.D PROGRAMMES 5. Entrepreneurship Human Resource Management Organizational Behavior International Business.D) Programme .in Prof. Nayantara Padhi. T. Strategic Management and International Business 11.ac.ac.ac. Neeti Agrawal.

3 (i) Civil and Mechanical Engineering (Internal Supervisors) School of Engineering & Technology. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof. M.ac.5. Civil Engineering.ac.ac. Civil Engineering. New Delhi -110068.in Dr. K. Information Technology in Business. Senam Raju 011-29535747 senamraju@ignou. Ajit Kumar 011-29572916 ajit@ignou.acin Dr. N. 3. Marketing. 4.ac. International Business.in Prof. Water Resource Engineering Civil Engineering. Mannan 011-29572928 ktmannan@ignou.D) Programme . Narsimham 011-29535266 nvnarasimham@ignou.S.in Dr.in Dr. 7.in Prof.in Area of Specilisation/ Interest Civil Engineering. T. Ashish Agrawal 011-29572922 ashisha@ignou. IGNOU. Subodh Kesharwani (Lecturer) 011-29573018 skesharwani@ignou. Mechanical Engineering Prospectus and Application Form 33 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Sl.in Dr.V.ac.in Prof. 2 (ii) Commerce (Internal Supervisors) School of Management. Subhasis Maji 011-29572926 subhasis@ignou. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof.com Area of Specialization/Interest Marketing including Commodity Markets.ac. Energy System 2. Manoj Kulshrestha 011-29572927 kulshreshtha_m@ignou. Mechanical Engineering 3. Accounting 5. Earthquake Engineering 5. Financial Markets International Business. K. Nawal Kishore 011-29532219 nawalkishor35@ignou. Mechanical Engineering 4.ac.in Prof Madhu Tyagi 011-29535747 tyagimadhu@ignou. Management 5.ac. Vyas 011-29572928 skvyas@ignou. International Marketing. No 1. Foreign Trade Finance and Accounting 2. Value Engineering 6. Sl.ac. S. Munish Bhardwaj 011-29572930 mbhardwaj@ignou.in Prof. IGNOU.ac. Gayatri Kansal 011-29572921 gayatrik@ignou. Enterprise Resource Planning.ac. New Delhi-110068. Banking.ac. 1. Mechanical Engineering 8. No.in subodhkesharwani@gmail.in Dr. Entrepreneurship.

in Sl.in Prof.ac. Sl.ac. High Temperature Superconductors 4.No.R.C.ac. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details 1 Dr.in Area of Specialization/ Interest Neutron Transport and Reactor Physics (Theoretical) Physics Education Energy Studies Plasma Physics 2. New Delhi-110068.in 2 Prof. S.D) Programme .ac.ac. IGNOU. Garg 011-29572840 scgarg@ignou.ac. Parvin Sinclair 011-29535091 pksinclair@ignou. D.com 4 Dr.in 5 Dr.in Dr.5.co. Sl. Shubha Gokhale 011-29572816 sgokhale@ignou. IGNOU. Department of Mathematics Kirori Mal College University of Delhi 9810821948 khattar_dinesh@yahoo.ac. Deepika (Reader) 011-29572837 gargdeepika@ignou. Sujatha Varma 011-29534251 sujvarma@hotmail. S.ac. Subhalakshmi Lamba 011-29572814 slamba@ignou. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof. Jha 011-29572842 srjha@ignou. Prospectus and Application Form 34 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.Khattar Reader. New Delhi-110068.5 (i) Physics (Internal Supervisors) School of Sciences. 1.in Dr.4 (i) Mathematics (Internal Supervisors) School of Sciences.in Area of Specialisation / Interest Algebra Math Education Differential Equations Harmonic Analysis Functional Analysis Algebraic Number Theory Reliability Theory Operations Research 5. Venkataraman (Reader) 011-29572812 svenkat@ignou.K.ac.in 3 Prof.No.ac. 3.in Prof. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details 1 Prof. Sanjay Gupta 011-29572836 drsgupta@ignou. 5. No. Vijayshri 011-29572860 vijayashri@ignou. S.4 (ii) Mathematics (SOS) (External Supervisors) Area of Specilisation / Interest Fluid Dynamics 5.in Dr. Poornima Mital 011-29534251 pmital@ignou. Nanoscience Materials Science Electronics Optoelectronics Neutron Transport and Reactor Physics (Theoretical) Theoretical Condensed Matter Nano-materials 6.

ac. New Delhi-110068. Professor) Deptt.ac. Sunita Malhotra 011-29531234 011-29532167 sunita11@hotmail. 4. R. V.in Prof. 3. Farooqi (Reader) 011-29572822 jafarooqi@ignou. B. Vijay Raybagkar Deptt. No.in Dr.D) Programme .pillai@ignou. Sl. Rajasekharan Pillai Vice Chancellor 011-29532707. S. Kumar (Reader) 011-29533260 011-29572808 lalitaskumar@ignou. 6. science education Chemistry of Oils and Fats Synthetic Organic Chemistry Chemistry Education Synthetic Organic Chemistry Natural Products Chemistry Environmental Chemistry Chemistry Education Biochemistry Biophysical Chemistry Physical Chemistry Biopolymers Computational Chemistry 2. Prospectus and Application Form 35 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.ac.in 7.in rajasekharpillai@gmail.6 (i) Chemistry (Internal Supervisors) School of Sciences. Sanjiv Kumar (Reader) 011-29572819 9810473149 sanjiv_sos@ignou. 1.in Area of Specialization / Interest Biopolymers and Peptides Chemistry Education Polymer Science Technology –enabled Teaching/Learning Inorganic Chemistry Coordination Chemistry Organometallics Chemistry Education Synthetic Organic Chemistry Chemistry of Natural Products Green Chemistry Environmental Chemistry Chemistry Education Synthetic Organic Chemistry Chemistry of Natural Products ODL related issues like programme evaluation. Patil (Rtd. Saraswat 011-29572835 bssaraswat@ignou.ac.in Dr. retention studies.L.ac.5. Bharat Inder Fozdar 011-29572824 bifozdar@ignou. Physics Education 5. of Electronics Karnataka University Dharwad – 580 002 0836-2776265 Dr. N.com Prof. No. IGNOU. Prof. Lalita S.ac. 5.com Prof. 011-29535933 vnr. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof. of Physics Wadia College Pune – 411 001 Area of Specialization/ Interest Electronics Communication 2. Javed A. 1.5 (ii) Physics (External Supervisors) Sl.

Prof. Kamalika Banerjee Lecturer 011-29572814 kamalika@ignou.8. staff development. research methods.com Area of Specialization / Interest Molecular Biology Entomology Applied Microbiology Molecular Biology Microbial Technology Biotechnology Natural Pesticides Plant Taxonomy Nematology Animal Physiology Animal Genetics Neurosciences Plant Biotechnology 3. English literature.com Dr.com banosaidullah@gmail. programme evaluation.S. 011-29572838 neerakapoor@ignou. Ramanujam ramanujam_p_r@hotmail. open schooling and open basic education.in Prof.com 3.com 4. 1.ac. Prof. learners and learning. No. online and blended learning. educational technology. 5. Open and distance education.in Inorganic Chemistry Theoretical Concepts and Modelling Computational Chemistry Chemistry Education 5.com Dr. 5. learner support services. 011-29572848 Ptripathi14g@gmail. Pushplata Tripathi 011-29531045. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof. distance. virtual research. Madhu Parhar madhuparhar@yahoo. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof.in Area of Specialization / Interest Staff/ professional development/ online CPD/ distance teacher education. policy and management of open and distance learning. disability studies. Educational media and technology.011-29572810 Prof. candidate attrition and persistence. Amrita Nigam 011-29572809 amritaasthana@hotmail. Kripamoy Aguan 011-29572839 kmaguan@gmail.ac. New Delhi – 110068. curriculum development & instructional design. P. IGNOU. New Delhi .Hasan 011-29531045. 4. curriculum and course design and development. training methods. Bano Saidullah 011-29572818 banosaidullah@hotmail. curriculum design and development of multiple media materials. Neera Kapoor 011-29535075. impact studies. Open and distance education: theory and practices.R.8 (i) Distance Education (Internal Supervisors) STRIDE.R. Dr. 2.7 (i) Life Sciences (Internal Supervisors) School of Sciences. S. editing DE materials.K. economics of distance and online learning. online education.D) Programme .in Prospectus and Application Form 36 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Prof. Murthy murthycrk@hotmail. Sl.co. 1. quality assurance in ODL. Santosh Panda spanda@ignou.110068 Sl. 6.ac.com Prof. IGNOU. No. Planning and management in ODL. 2. C.

Prabir K. evaluation in open and distance learning.ac.in Dr. elearning.in (presently posed at office of the Vice Chancellor (VC) IGNOU. Evaluation. programme evaluation in ODL. Prof. 8. Candidate learning.com Area of Specialization / Interest Distance Education. New Delhi-68.com 4. New Delhi-110068. staff development. policy issues and networking. Dr. learner workload. formative and summative evaluation in distance education. Quality Assurance in ODL. Hyderabad) dr_rsn@hotmail. 5. (Reader) Presently Posted at the School of Vocational Studies. attrition and dropout studies. candidate learning. R. Nalini Lele 011-2953471 E mail. library and information services for distance learners Economics of open. attrition/ dropout.in Distance education theory and practice. Distance education and psychology. computer mediated learner support. Prof. Candidate dropout and retention. Reader (at Regional Centre. Dev Kant Rao 29533161 E mail: devkrao@hotmail. No.com Dr. nlele@ignou. use and impact of communication technologies. IGNOU. Gaba. Sanjaya Mishra. Assessment and Accreditation. Distance Education (Internal Supervisors) Distance Education Council. quality and management of DE. learning theories. ICT applications in ODL systems. open and distance learners and their learning. Candidate Tracer studies Zoology.5. Instructional design. learner support services. ICT in ODL. Innovative measures in ODL. Science and Technology policy formulations. learner needs and characteristics. Quality assurance in ODL Human and Urban Geography Planning and management of ODL. Instructional design. Ashok K. planning and management. Biswas pkbiswas_g1@hotmail. course development and instructional design. Distance education. ODL system development. learner support. Dr. Entomology. ODL policy formulation. Policy Planning in ODL. 2. Satyanarayana. learner support. Programme evaluation. (Reader) s-mishra@ignou. 1.in 7. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof. Tracer Studies. Science Education Educational development. IGNOU.D) Programme . Prospectus and Application Form 37 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. educational multimedia. Curriculum Design and Development. e-Learning.ac. bbhushan@ignou.ac. Geology. distance and e-learning. Funding of ODL system. Quality Assurance in ODL. Distance Education and IT.8 (ii) Sl. Bharat Bhushan 011-29533471 E mail. Manjulika Srivastava 011-29533340 E-mail: smanjulika@hotmail. Philosophy of ODL. policy. New Delhi110068 akgaba@ignou. 9.com Dr. Innovations in Distance education. Quality in ODL System. Planning and Management of distance education. 3. Buddhism and Social History. Basanti Pradhan pradhan_basanti@yahoo. use of SLM. Philosophical and theoretical foundations.ac. Dr. instructional design.com 6.

S. Assessment of Technological Gaps. Participatory Technology Development. Ranjit Singh 3317. Participatory Extension Management. R.com Dr. Karnal-132 001(Haryana) 0184-2259210 (o). Extension Education. 5. Communication Process and Transfer of Technology. University of Agricultural Sciences. Indian Council of Agricultural Research G. Dairy Extension Division & I/c Communication Centre National Dairy Research Institute.co. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof.D) Programme . Singh Zonal Coordinator. Self help group. Human Development and Management. Research and Educational Management. Zone-IV. Prospectus and Application Form 38 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Hirevenkanagoudar Department of Agricultural Extension Education. K. Technology Transfer. Hansra 011-29533167. 0184-4044082 (R) Fax:0184-2250042 Jancy_gupta@rediffmail. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof. Kanpur-208002 (UP) 0512-2533560. Dugri. No.in Dr. B. Market Innovation Systems. Technology transfer and training of Farmers 5. baljitsingh45@yahoo. Dharwad-580 005 (Karnataka). of Extension Education CCS Haryana Agricultural University. Phase 2. Information and Knowledge Management.com: lvhgoudar@rediffmail. Extension Management.com extnedu@hau. (Mrs.S. Hissar-125004 (Haryana) 01662-24662 (R) 01662-289251 (O) Malikextension1950@yahoo.com Dr.9 (i) Agriculture Extension (Internal Supervisors) School of Agriculture.V. Resource 4. Sl.com Area of specialization Extension Education and Rural Development.) Jancy Gupta Head. Ludhiana (Punjab) 09417087328 Ranjittambar1@yahoo. 2. 0836-3290689 lvhgoudar@yahoo. Technology Transfer. New Delhi – 110068. Academic and Research Management.9 (ii) Agriculture Extension (External Supervisors) Sl. 2554746 (O) 0512-2562075 (R) zcu4knp@rediffmail. Empowerment of Women. Project Formulation. Technology Dissemination Systems. 1. Urban Estate.5. Impact Assessment. L. 3. IGNOU. Malik Dept. Rawatpur (Near Vikas Bhawan).ernet.com Dr.in Area of specialization/ Interest Information and Communication Technology in Agriculture. Road. Natural Resource Management.T. No 1. A.

in.ac. 11/801. 575. 011-29532231 (office) Mb. New Delhi – 110016 (Res) 011-26855018. 9810542406 suryapparasher@yahoo. Open and Distance Learning. Transfer of Technology. B5. Dr. Selvaraj Director Directorate Open and Distance Learning.D) Programme . Hissar-125 004 (Haryana) 01662-289234 (O) 01662-289152 (R) Fax-01662-234952 jsmalik@hau. Surya Prabha Parasher (Res) C-22. Communication. Sl. 2. Sunita Lawrence. Kochuthresiamma Thomas. Shree Homes Behind Chinar Woodland Chunabhatti. 5. gs_kovai@yahoo. Mb) 9447159988 Dr. Bhopal (M.C. G. (Mrs.O. 1. New Delhi-110068. pkoul@ignou. P. 4. Coimbatore-641 003 (Tamil Nadu) 0422-6611229 fax-6611429 odl@tnau. (O)Pragyan College of Nursing P. 29532965 (office) 09910058606 bimlakapoor@hotmail. Training and Rural Development.) Bimla Kapoor. Human Resource Development. No. Prof. Hauz Khas. Sl. Kolar Road. Kanwal Jit Kaur Gill.P) India. Krishnanagar Pattom. (Mrs.com Psychiatric Nursing OBG Nursing Prospectus and Application Form 39 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Mb) 09425004934.com Dr.ac. (Res) 0755-3291659. No 1. First Floor.10 (ii) Nursing (External Supervisors) School of Health Sciences.in jsmalik67@gmail. Prof of Nursing 011-29533078. Fax) 0755.com Dr. Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Detail Dr. Principal (Res) 4.in Area of Specilisation/Interest Psychiatric Nursing Pediatric Nursing 5. O) 0471-2551147.) Pity Koul.2735933 sunitalawrence@yahoo.in. Punjab Dr. Joginder S. O) 2424845. Registrar Nursing Council Kerala (Res) T.co.in Dr. Malik Joint Director (Extension) CCS Haryana Agricultural University. School of Health Science 011-29533078.O. Post Office Ravishankar Nagar.9871812473 pkaul2001@yahoo. Dissemination of New Technology. Principal & Professor Shaheed Kartar Singh Sarabha. Bhopal – 462016 M.P. Dr. New Delhi-110068. College Of Nursing Ludhiana. Rural Innovations. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Detail Area of Specilisation/ Interest Medical Surgical Nursing Nursing Education 2. IGNOU.10 (i) Nursing (Internal Supervisors) School of Health Sciences. (Res) – 0471-2559988. IGNOU. Trivandrum -4.ernet.com Extension Approaches.com bkapoor@ignou.6. 3. No.ac. of Nursing Director. Mb. Kerala. 7.

Mb 9362103398 Dr. road. 12. Jyoti Sarin. Principal (RES) B2/406. Dean (Res) No. Ground Floor. Manjakuppam. Pondicherry – 607402 O) 0413-2615449-59. Principal (Res) 31/195. Dr. IInd Cross Street.com Dr. Professor (RES) Madhaper Navavas. New Delhi – 110024 O) M. Viruben H Bhudia.9998863508 vhbhudia@hotmail. 8. 10.5. Pillaiyarkuppam. Mhaske. T. S. Bhuj Kutch.700089 (Res) 033-25343402 Mb 9830962328 bhaduriaparna@yahoo.B. 1258. Bharti. Mulund (East) Mumbai.in Dr. 09443730041 Dr.com Dr. 22685095 (Res) 02832 241112. Kamalam. 7. Smt. 4th Cross.M College of Nursing Ambala (Res) 26412224. 13.com Prof. Mb) 09868058009 sarinjyoti@yahoo. Lajpat Nagar – IV.co. Mridula Saikia Khanikor Principal Regional College of Nursing Indrapur Guwahati – 781032 Assam (Res) 340913. 11. Block A Kolkata. Vrindavandham.com Aparna Bhaduri. Rajambal Nagar. V. Sumathi Kumaraswami.uk Medical Surgical Nursing Community Health Nursing Community Health Nursing Medical Surgical Nursing OBG Nursing Psychiatric Nursing MCH Nursing Paediatric Nursing Medical Surgical Nursing Prospectus and Application Form 40 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Cuddalore. 370020 Gujarat O) Ex-Principal/ Professor College of Nursing Ahmedabad.K. Mb. M Professor Cum Principal (Res) No. 2615809. 6.D) Programme . Sr. Principal Cum Nursing Superintendent Kasturba Gandhi Nursing College Pondy-Cuddalore Main Road.607001 O) Vinayaka Missions College of Nursing Paramedical Sciences Kirumampakkam Pondicherry – 607402 (Res) 04142-220245. O) 268552 drmskhanikor@rediffmail. 4th Stage Paduvana Rasthe. Layout Kuvempunagar Mysore O) JSS COLLEGE OF NURSING Saraswahipuram. .co.400081 O) Institute of nursing Education Mumbai (Res) 022-25688833. Mb. Professor (Res) P 830 Lake Town. Mysore -09 (Res) 0821-2542893 080-26567258 O) 0821-2542893 Mb) 98896208721 charum_64@yahoo. Narayan Nagar Kotak Nagar Road. Phadke.380016 O)22681406. Mb) 9819506042 anuradhamhaske@hotmail. Vikram Vihar. 31. 9. Mrs. Mary Lucita Regional Director & Principal O) Institution of Nursing Education Gandhi Nagar Kottayam Anuradha N.

com Psychiatric Nursing Medical Surgical Nursing MCH Nursing Psychiatric Nursing Pediatric Nursing Psychiatric Nursing Medical Surgical Nursing Child health Nursing Mental Health Nursing Prospectus and Application Form 41 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.K.) Jasbir Kaur. Vadapalani. Tamil Nadu (Res) 227521. 080-26567258 O) 0821-2340087. Professor Cum Vice Principal (Res) No.in.K. Devagiri.co. Manik Bagh Road. (Mrs.co. Indore – 452014 Bhopal (Res) 2764009 usha_mullick@yahoo. 16. O) 227552. 21. Calicut. Principal (Res) New No. Prof. 15. Chandigarh (UT) O) Dayanand Medical College & Hospital.Komarapalayam-638183. 4th Cross. K. Balaji Vasenth. K Uthramani.Sector-20A.com Dr. Ludhiana -141001 O)01614686604. End Point road. Anne Jose. 17. and Principal (Res) W/O K. KMC Quarters. Tamilnadu O) No. Mb) 09447018690 annejosesvm@yahoo. Sohara. Layout Kuvempunagar Mysore O) JSS COLLEGE OF NURSING Saraswahipuram.com Prof. 21) Second Main Road. O) 04288-221405 Nandha_nursing@yahoo.co. Mb)-9840192581 Dr. and Principal Nanda College of Nursing koorapalayam “pirivu”pitchandampalayam Erode – 638052. 18. Namakkal dist. Valayakkaranur Post B. Mysore -09 (Res) 0821-2542893. 1258.com Dr. O) 22482288. 44 – D. Dr. Principal (Res) House no. T. Kiran Batra. Karnataka -576104 Manipal COLLEGE OF NURSING (Res) 0820-2922502.in Dr.O.in Dr.in .V. Sr.D) Programme .9442155399 uthra5@yahoo. Sankari west post. Punjab Mb)9872986372 kiranbatra_20@yahoo.co. Dr. Nagar Chennimalai Raod Perundurai -638052 Erode dist. 19.com Dr.14. Muninarayanappa N. Ratna Prakash. Chennai 600069 (Res) 24729600. 3-44/1Sapthagiri Bhavan Dhanalakshmi Natarajam Nagar.. Ratna. Dean 231. uthrartcon@yahoo. Vengeeswarar Nagar. Manipal. 18. College of Nursing For Women. Chandigarh Rattan Professional Education College. 23 Gandhi . 131. 4686604. Mb) 98896063510 muninarayanappa@gmail. 22. Akchaya. Mb. Kerala. Box no.edu Usha Ukande. Sector. 09815545317 jksaini1952@yahoo. Chennai 600026 O)MIOT College of Nursing. sankari taluk salem district – 637303.Rajalakashmi. Calicut Kerla (Res) 0495-2357066. (Old no. Prof. 667. Tamilnadu O) Rabindharanath Tagoore. Professor (Res) Visitation Convent Hostel. mb) 9945246392 ratnaprakash2001@yahoo. 20. Veerachipalayam. College of Nursing.K.p@manipal. Principal (Res) House no-321/1. Tamil Nadu O) 04294-224611. 4th Stage Paduvana Rasthe. Mb.673008 O)Govt. Manapakkam. Principal & Dean Choithram COLLEGE OF NURSING P.










Dr. Mrs. Alamelu Venketaraman, (Dean) o) Omayal Achi College of Nursing Satyamoorthy Nagar, Avadi, Chennai – 600062 R) Iswarya, 53, Sarojini Street, Majestic Colony, Valasaravakkam Chennai – 600087 Mb. 9790850265 venketaram@eth.net Dr. Mrs. M.E. Patlia, Dean P.G. College of Nursing Bhilai R) Qr. No. 1/A, Street No. 5 Hospital Sector, Bhilai (C.G.) Pin – 490009 Mb. 9407670050 Dr. Rajinder Mahal, Professor, College of Nursing, C.M.C. & Hospital, Ludhiana Nursing Mb: 9815612648 Dr. C. Susila, Professor and Principal AP-878, 10th Sector, 61 street, West K.K. Nagar, Chennai – 600095 044-25963594, 044-32417090, Mb. 9884402024, 9791042242 susilachandrasekaran@yahoo.com Dr. Prakashama, Director Academy for nursing studies 83-898/22 Nagarjuna, Nagar Amerpet Hyderabad – 500073 Mrs. Swati Virseshwar Kambli, Additional Professor Sharada Institute of Nursing Education staff qtrs, 6th Floor, flat 601. J.J. Group of Hospitals campus, Mumbai- 8 R) 3710689, O) 3744655, M) 9833279044 Mrs. Adeline M. Nayamathi, Professor O) School of Nursing, University of California, Los Angeles 700 Tiverton Avenue, Box 951702 Los Angeles CA 900095-1702 H) 8101 Kentland Ave West Hills, CA 91304 (818) 720-9602 anyamath@sonnet.ucla.edu Dr. Subhash Chandra Sharma, Director SKIMHS&R 12/241 Malviya Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Mb – D) 9312095356, Jai) 09352028765 Sharma_sc53@rediffmail.com Dr. V.S. Reetha Devi, Principal College of Nursing Thalassery H) House no. 30/59-A , Medical College PO- Kozhikode – 673 008, Kerala Mb) 9847757001 reethad@rediffmail.com

Obstretrics Nursing

Medical surgical Nursing

Medical Surgical

Maternity and Neonatal Nursing

Community Health

Paediatric Nursing

Adult Nurse Practitioner

Paediatric Nursing

Medical Surgical

Prospectus and Application Form


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme

5.11 (i) Education (Internal Supervisors) School of Education, IGNOU, New Delhi-110068.
Sl. No. 1. 2. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof. M.B. Menon (on EOL) Prof. M.C. Sharma 011-29531302; 011-29572962 mcsharma@ignou.ac.in Prof. SVS Chaudhary (on EOL) 011-29532056; 011-29572931 chaudhary38@hotmail.com Prof. M.L. Koul 011-29535519; 29572944 mlkoul@ignou.ac.in Prof. C.B. Sharma 011-29534248; 29572936 sharmacb2000@yahoo.com Prof. N.K. Dash 011-29531302; 011-29572940 nkdash@ignou.ac.in Prof. Vibha Joshi 011-29534248; 011-29572932 joshi_vibha@yahoo.com Area of Specilisation/Interest


Teacher Education, Educational Evaluation, Educational Technology and Educational Psychology, and Science Education. Educational Technology, and Teacher Education. Teacher Education, Curriculum Development, Educational Technology, Distance Education, and General Education Research ICT in Education & Training, Language Education and Educational Research. Instructional Technology, Educational Technology, Educational Evaluation, Teacher Education and Educational Psychology. Teacher Education, Primary Education and Guidance and Counselling.





5.12 (i)
Sl. No. 1.

Library and Information Sciences (Internal Supervisors) SOSS, IGNOU, New Delhi-110068.
Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof. Uma Kanjilal 011-29572714 ukanjilal@ignou.ac.in Prof. Neena Talwar Kanungo 011-29572732 neena@ignou.ac.in Dr. Jaideep Sharma (Reader) Room No 140 Block- F, SOSS, IGNOU 011-29572740 J_sharma2002@yahoo.com Area of Specialization/ Interest Management of Libraries and Information Centres; Library Cataloguing and Classification; E-learning User Studies-Social Science; Information Products and Services; Use of e-resources Information Processing and Retrieval Library Classification



5.13. (i) Economics (Internal Supervisors) School of Social Sciences, IGNOU, New Delhi-110068.
Sl. No. 1. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof. Gopinath Pradhan 011-29532565; 011-29572718 gnpradhan@rediffmail.com Prof. Anjila Gupta 011-29536874; 011-29572730 anjilagupta@rediffmail.com Prof. Madhu Bala 011-29532230; 011-29572712 mbala@ignou.ac.in Area of Specialization/ Interest Development Economics, Industrial Economics, Quantitative Economics International Trade and Development, Environmental Economics International Trade and Development, Development Economics



Prospectus and Application Form


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme




Prof. Narayan Prasad 011-29532230; 011-29572708 Nps20@rediffmail.com Prof. K. Barik 011-29533845; 011-29572734 kbarik@ignou.ac.in Prof. B.S. Prakash 011-29533845; 011-29572759 bagurprakash@gmail.com

Research Methodology, Indian Economic Policy, Labour Economics, Economics of Education Environment Economics, Industrial Economics

Employment Planning, Skill Development Programmes, Vocational Education, Vocational Education, Productivity Measurement

5.14 (i) History (Internal Supervisors) School of Social Sciences IGNOU, New Delhi-110068.
Sl. No. 1. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof. Kapil Kumar 011-29536342; 011-29572719 profkapilk@hotmail.com Prof. Ravindra Kumar 011-29535140; 011-29572733 profravin@yahoo.co.in Prof. A.R. Khan 011-29535737; 29572731 arkhan@ignou.ac.in Prof. Swaraj Basu 011-29535737; 011-29572716 basuswaraj@hotmail.com Prof. Abha Singh 011-29532206; 011-29572717 as023@hotmail.com Prof. Salil Mishra 011-29532206; 011-29572721 misrasalil@hotmail.com Dr. Sangeeta Pandey, Reader 011-29533845; 011-29572737 spandey51@hotmail.com Dr. Shashi Bhushan Upadhyaya Reader 011-29533845; 011-29572739 Sbu11@hotmail.com Area of Specialization/Interest Modern Indian History, Tourism Studies.



Medieval Archaeology, Medieval Indian History, Art and Culture, Environmental Studies Economic History of Mughal India, Training in Distance Education Socio-cultural History of Modern Distance Education, Tourism Studies. Medieval Indian History, Socio-Religion India,




Communalism, Indian National Movement.


18th Century Indian History


Modern Indian History

5.15 (i) Sociology (Internal Supervisors) School of Social Sciences, IGNOU, New Delhi – 110068.
Sl. No. 1. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof. Debal K. Singharoy 011-29536874; 011-29572710 debals@hotmail.com Dr. Tribhuwan Kapur 011-29534715; 011-27572711 tksociology@yahoo.com Dr. Nita Mathur 011-29533845; 011-29572720 nitamathur@ignou.ac.in Dr. Archna Singh 011-29533845; 011-29572702 archanas20@hotmail.com Area of Specialization/Interest Agrarian Studies, Social Movements, Women’s Studies, Social Development Sociology of Religion, Sociology of Deviance, Sociology of Popular Culture Cultural Studies, Sociology of Education, Ecology and Environment Studies, Arts and Aesthetics Social Stratification and Change in Indian Society




Prospectus and Application Form


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme

011-29572742 alkadhameja@rediffmail. 1. American West European (French. Vayunandan 011-29536526. Rural Sociology Globalization. 011-29572755 sriven777@hotmail. Jagpal Singh 011-29533845. Anurag Joshi 011-29533845. 1.com Dr. Collective Rights. 011-29572729 jagpal9@hotmail.com Dr. 011-29572715 vijaysekhar@yahoo. R. Governance Public Sector. Modern Political Theory. Pandav Nayak 011-29536526. Dr. Democracy 2.5. 7. 011-29572741 umamedury@hotmail. Social movements.com Dr. Darvesh Gopal 011-29535515. New Delhi – 110068. Administrative Theory 3. Policy Sciences and Development Studies. 5.com Ms. Ethnicity. 011-29572706 Vayunandan@hotmail. Indian Society.D) Programme .in Dr. 3.ac.17 (i) Public Administration (Internal Supervisors) School of Social Sciences. 7. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Detail Prof.com Area of Specialization/Interest Public Policy. Social Development. No. Development Studies. Administrative Theory. School of Social Sciences (SOSS). Anthropology and Education Social Change. No. 011-29572713 anumegh@indya. Diaspora and Transational Studies.com Social Exclusion. Uma Medury Reader 011-29532202. African studies AfroLatin. Sl. 011-29572735 psahni@ignou. 4. 5. International.com Mr. IGNOU.in pardeepsahni@hotmail. 5. Rabindra Kumar rabindrakumar2@gmail. International Relations. Disaster Management. Local Governance Labour Administration. Pardeep Sahni 011-29535140. Vashum 011-29533845. B. Iberian) Studies. E. 6.16 (i) Political Science (Internal Supervisors). Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof. Amarjit Singh Narag 011-29535515. Human Rights Education International Relations. Alka Dhameja Reader 011-29532202. Asia Pacific and Australian Studies Modern Indian Political Thought. 011-29572727 pandav_n@hotmail.com Prof. Srinivas Venkatesh 011-29533845. Kiranmayi 011-29533845. 011-29572704 dgopal@ignou. IGNOU. Prospectus and Application Form 45 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Disaster Management. Identity Politics. S. Vijaysekhar Reddy 011-29533845. Comparative Politics.com Prof. Public Policies. Administrative Theory Human Rights Education Drought Management. etc.com Area of Specialization/Interest Political Economy of Developing States. New Delhi – 110068. Studies South Asia Studies Agrarian Politics. 011-29572725 reivashum@hotmail. 6. 4. Human Rights Indian Government of Politics.in Prof. Sl. 011-29572724 asnarang7@hotmail. Administrative Theory 2.com Dr. 011-29572709 bhushiki@yahoo.com Prof.com evayunandan@ignou.ac.ac.

Sunaina Kumar 011-29533651 sunainak@ignou. Ms.com Health and Hospital Management. Anuvad. 011-29572778 Prof. Vyavaharmulak Hindi. IGNOU. Bhojpuri Language and Literature Tulnatmak Sahitya (Mukhayata Marathi Evam Hindi Mai Dalit Sahitya). Jitendra Kumar Srivastava 011-29536441.19 (i) Sl. Pema Eden Samdup 011-29536441 Prospectus and Application Form 46 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. 4. Teacher Training New Literatures in English.5. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof. 011-29572786 Prof. Systemic Research into Distance Education Applied Linguistics. Durgesh Nandani Reader 011-29533845. 011-29572792 Area of Specialization/Interest Adhunik Sahitya.18 (i) Sl. 011-29572772 Dr. 1.com Dr. 011-29572736 dnandini136@rediffmail. 2. IGNOU. Mahila Lekhan. ELT. American Literature. Public Policy and Development Administration 5. Prof. New Delhi-110068. 3. 7. Shatrughan Kumar 011-29535160.ac. 4. Renu Bhardwaj 011-29536441. Indian English Literature. Fiction. 01129572784 Prof. 5. No. Jawarimal Parakh 011-29535748. Dr. E-Governance Disaster Management. Anuvad. Canadian Literature and Diasporic Literature Translation. 011-29572788 Dr. Lok Sahitya Katha Sahitya. Cultural Studies and Semiotics 2.in Prof. ELT. Hindi (Internal Supervisors) School of Humanities (SOH). Folklore Literature. 011-29572751 Area of Specialization/Interest British Drama. Anju Sahgal Gupta 011-29535160. Smita Chaturvedi 011-29536441. Anuvad. 6. Diaspora Literatures. 011-29572780 Dr. Dalit Sahitya. 7. Tulanatmak Sahitya. African and American Literature Indian Writing in English. Sociolinguistics. Neera Singh 011-29536441. English (Internal Supervisors) School of Humanities (SOH). 011-29572762 Dr. 011-29572764 Prof. Kathetar Gadya Sahitya. 6. Mridula Rashmi Kindo 011-29536441. Vimal Thorat 011-29534289. 5. New Literatures: Australian Literature. New Delhi-110068. Hindi Kavya. Boudh Darshan. 011-29572728 dollymathew@hotmail. Dolly Mathew Reader 011-29533845. No. 1. 011-29572790 Ms. Satyakam 011-29532054. Jansanchar Tulnatmak Bhartiya Sahitya. Feminist Writing and Experiential Learning paradigm in Distance Learning Indian Fiction in English. Lalitkala. Administrative Theory. Madhyayugin Kavita. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof. Children’s Literature. Rita Rani Paliwal 011-29533657. 5. Katha Sahitya. Nandini Sahu 011-29536441. 011-29572776 Dr. Bhartiya Sanskriti. 19th Century Novel. Adhunik aur Samkalin Kavita 3. Media Studeis Hindi Bhasha Evam Sahitya.D) Programme . Cinema Aur Jansanchar Natak Avm Rangmanch. 6. Madhyakaalin Hindi Marathi Sahitya Katha Sahitya.

Debal K.ac. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Dr. Thomas 011-29572961 athomas@ignou. New Delhi Dr. 1. 3.Chandrasekharan Nair 011-29534104 mcnair@ignou. No. 1. 5.21 (i) Gender & Development (Internal Supervisors) School of Gender and Development Studies (SOGDS). Sl. Sundaresan Nair Director.20 (i) Sl. Extension Education 5. Agrarian Studies.20 (ii) Extension Education (External Supervisors) Centre for Extension Education (CEE). Suresh Kumar Registrar.in 9811389095 Dr.D) Programme . Savita Singh 011-29532964 savitasingh@ignou. Jayashree Kurup jkurup1@rediffmail.5.ac. Reghu Rajiv Gandhi National Institute of Youth Development (RGNIYD). Women and Child Welfare 4.in Prof. Singharoy 29534715 dksingharoy@ignou. State Resource Centre Nandavanam. Comparative Literature & Women’s Studies 3.O Trivendrum – 695033 Dr. Extension Education (Internal Supervisor) Centre for Extension Education (CEE). Extension Education 4. Vikas Bhavan P. Adult and Non Formal Education 3. Sl.ac. Gender & Science.O. Community outreach Development Studies 2.602105 Dr. IGNOU. New Delhi-110068. Annu J.com 011-29534104 Area of Specialization/Interest Systemic Research. Social Movements.in Prof. Kerala Area of Specialization/Interest Community outreach ICT 2. ICTs and Knowledge Society Women and Work. Nilima Srivastava 011-29573077 nilimasrivastav@ignou.ac. New Delhi -110068. Babu P. IGNOU.in Prof. Anu Aneja 29532044 anuaneja@ignou. Prospectus and Application Form 47 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. TVM. IGNOU.in Dr. 1. Jorbagh.ac. Social Development. No. New Delhi-110068. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Dr. T. Sriperumbudur. (IDRC). Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof. Extension Education. Nutrition and Health Women’s Studies. Gender.in Dr. Child Development Centre Medical College P. Women’s Education. V. No. Chennai. M. Ramesh babu@ignou. Community Outreach 5.in Area of Specialization/Interest Political Theory & Feminist Thought 2. Basheerhamad Sadrach Senior Programme Officer International Development Research Centre.ac.ac. G.

22 (i) Women Studies (Internal Supervisors) School of Gender and Development Studies (SOGDS).23 (i) Rural Development (Internal Supervisors) School of Continuing Education (SOCE). Monitoring and Evaluation 2. P. Comparative Literature & Women’s Studies 3. 4. Social Development. R. Social Movements. Singharoy 29534715 dksingharoy@ignou.in Dr. Nilima Srivastava 011-29573077 nilimasrivastav@ignou. Anu Aneja 29532044 anuaneja@ignou. New Delhi 011-29572956 E-mail : s. Organizations. New Middle Class in India & Development. Gender. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof. Multi-Media in Distance Education.in Prof. IGNOU. IGNOU. IGNOU. Gender & Science. Communication and Extension.ac. Sl.com Area of Specialization/Interest Rural Development. M. IGNOU. Training Methodology.in Prof. Training skills. New Delhi – 110068. Rural Sociology. Gurchain Singh Reader in Rural Development School of Continuing Education. Voluntary Action in Rural Development 3. 1.k. Rural Development. No. Nutrition and Health Women’s Studies.ac. Agrarian Studies. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof. IGNOU. Debal K. 5. New Delhi 011-29572952 E-mail : rpsinghignou@yahoo.D) Programme . Women’s Education.palit@gmail. New Delhi 011-29572951 E-mail: gurchainsingh@hotmail. Class Debate in Marxism. Entrepreneurship. ICT. New Delhi 011-29536347. No. 5.in Prof.5. University Administration.com Dr. Land Reform. Annu J. Women and Child Welfare 4. IGNOU. Sl. Rural Development. New Delhi -110068.ac.ac.ac. NonRural Prospectus and Application Form 48 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Aslam Professor in Rural Development School of Continuing Education. Rural Development Programmes. Panchayati Raj.in Dr. 1.ac.in Area of Specialization/Interest Political Theory & Feminist Thought 2. 011-29572946 E-mail: maslam@ignou. 011-29532313. Governmental Development Environment.co. Thomas 011-29572961 athomas@ignou. Singh Reader in Rural Development School of Continuing Education. Historical-Materialism. Soumya Kanti Palit Reader in Rural Development School of Continuing Education. Distance & Continuing Education. ICTs and Knowledge Society Women and Work. Savita Singh 011-29532964 savitasingh@ignou.in Dr.

Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Dr. Micronutrient deficiencies.in Dr. C. Nutrition and Health Education. Designation and Address Prof. No. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Area of Specialization/Interest Details International Relations. New Delhi 011-29572959 Neerja_chadha@hotmail.D) Programme . Sl.27 (i) Gandhi and Peace Studies (Internal Supervisors).104.ac. Creativity.G. 1. Disability.in Area of Specialization/Interest Vocational Education 2. IGNOU.Gopal Environment and Sustainable Development Coordinator for the Programme on Gandhian Studies. Reader 011-29534393.in Area of Specialization/Interest Public Nutrition.26 (i) Vocational Education (Internal Supervisors).in Prospectus and Application Form 49 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.com Area of Specialization/Interest Child Development. 1. Clinical and Therapeutic Nutrition. No.24 (i) Nutritional Sciences (Internal Supervisors) School of Continuing Education (SOCE). IGNOU. Positive Social Behaviour. SOVET. Ashok Gaba. Human Development and Family Studies Early Childhood Care and Education. No. Ethnotheories 5. F-Block. New Delhi 011-29572958 rekha_s_sen@hotmail. IGNOU.ac. IGNOU. Sl. Sen Reader in Child Development School of Continuing Education. Child Development.ac. D. IGNOU. IGNOU. IGNOU. Adolescence. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof. Rekha S. Human Development and Family Studies.5. No.25 (i) Child Development (Internal Supervisors) School of Continuing Education (SOCE).com Dr. New Delhi – 110068. School of Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Studies. Room No. New Delhi 011-29572960 Deekshakapur@ignou. New Delhi – 110068. Vocational Education 5. IGNOU. Psycho Social Aspects of human Development 2. Sl. 1. (O) 2953 5515 (R) 2649 2240 Mobile-98734 97720 E-mail: dgopal@ignou. Name. School of Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Studies (SOITS). School of Continuing Education. Naidu 011-29534393 cgnaidu@ignou. New Delhi-110068 Sl. Communication 5. akgaba@ignou. Neerja Chadda Reader in Child Development School of Continuing Education. Sports Nutrition. Gandhian Studies and Prof. Deeksha Kapur Professor in Foods and Nutrition Discipline of Nutritional Sciences. New Delhi – 110068. 1. Tel No.ac.

Jeyapragasam Head Deptt. Madurai Kamaraj University NMR Subbraman House-3.in Dr. Director (I/c. of Politics & Public Administration University of Pune. Remesh. Pune. New Delhi. Shivaji University. Department of History University of Calcutta. Tel No.110068 Prof.New Delhi 110068 babu@ignou.com Prof.700 027. Maharastra O) 0231. Gandhian Studies 3 Indian Thought and Gandhian Studies 4 Gandhian Studies 5 Modern Indian History and Gandhian Studies Political Theory and Gandhian Studies 6 Prospectus and Application Form 50 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Reformatory Street. (R) 2649 6386 (M) 98712 10630 Indian Economic Thought and Gandhian Studies Ancient Indian History Modern Indian History 5. Former Vice Chancellor Allahabad University Resi: 35/1.211 001. Director Gandhi Smriti & Darshan Samiti. Vallabhai Road. Dr.110068 Tel No. 011. Ashok Chousalkar Head. 1. Nandini Sinha Kapoor. of Gandhian Studies and Ramalinga Philosophy. 1. Allahabad.2.D) Programme . (R) 0532-2266 325 Mobile: 094508 68788 E mail: sdf. SoSS. Mobile: 098300 57666 Email: suparna_caluniv@yahoo.2690571 Ext: 5344 (R) 0231-2639485.ernet.. Block No-1. of Political Science.) SOITDS.misra@gmail. E-mail: majabetsy@rediffmail. 3. 011.co. Block No-1 IGNOU. Tel No.27 (ii) Gandhi and Peace Studies (External Supervisors) School of Interdisciplinary and Transdisciplinary Studies. New Delhi. 011-23011480 Mobile : 98104 22055 E-mail: mkgandhi@del12. No.in & savita_dsingh@hotmail.ac.vsnl. IGNOU. Reader SOITDS.in Dr.23392710.in Area of Specialization Interest Gandhian Studies 2. Professor of History Faculty of History. Deptt. Madurai – 625 002. Swaraj Basu. New Delhi – 110068 Sl. 09881716608 E-mail: mangesh@unipune. Suparna Gooptu Reader. Dept.033-2358 2389. IGNOU.co. Mangesh Kulkarni. Tel: (R) . Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Dr. R P Misra.net. 4. (O)020-2560 1286. Kolhapur. 011-23012843. Savita Singh. IGNOU. Stanley Road. Mobile: 094211 72868 E mail: ashok_chousalkar@yahoo.com Prof.in Dr.23392709. Tamil Nadu. Babu P. Chokkikulam. Rajghat New Delhi – 110 002. Kolkata . New Delhi .com Prof.

Resi:CB/7B. Ahmedabad – 380 014. University of North Bengal Siliguri. of Political Science.442 001. 98711 87162 – 098979 06122 Tel No (R) – 011-2954 1387 E mail: vijapur_rahim@rediffmail.com Prof. G.D) Programme .221 005. Mobile: 094152 56554 Fax. Tel No. Head Deptt. Maganwadi. Narayanan (Retd. Mohanan Pillai. Varanasi . Of Politics and Public Admn. Karunakaran. Thomas Pantham 7/122. Hyderabad. Priyankar Upadhyay. New Delhi – 110067 Tel No. Gujarat. Mobile : 09376213833 e-mail: tpantham@dataone. Koteswara Prasad. Mobile: 093921 58487 E-mail: ragh. Tel No. Darjeeling . C V Raghavulu. Deptt.bhu@gmail.. Mobile – 094344 64858 Prof. R. Deptt. Tel No. Ashram Road. Mobile No. Mobile – 094440 46480 E-mail:koteswaraprasad@gmail. Governance and Gandhian Studies Gandhian Economic Thought Gandhian Thought and Rural Development Prospectus and Application Form 51 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.com Prof. No. of Politics & International Studies Pondicherry University. Phone: 07152-253512 Email: director. Jaya Residency. of Political Science Aligarh Muslim University.(R 0265-338381. Abdulrahim. 11-4-646/D1/B A C Guards. Professor & Head Deptt.com Prof. gkprasad1@hotmail.in Prof. Sudarshan Iyengar. West Bengal Tel No: 0353-450471 (O) 450745 (R). Tel No. Mobile: 98181 35919 E mail: rnarayanan_jnu@rediff. Director Malaviya Centre for Peace Research Banaras Hindu University. Head. University of Madras Madras – 600 005.7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Prof. Mobile: 094431 37938.P. Aligarh – 202 002. Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Rural Industrialization. Former Vice Chancellor Nagarjuna University Resi: 102. (R) 2331 3357.). Maidan Garhi.Vijapur. Director. (O) 0542-6702291 (R) 2369062.com Dr. Vadodara-390020 Ph. Wardha.com Political Science and Gandhian Studies Human Rights and Gandhian Studies Conflict Studies and Gandhian Studies Political Theory and Development Studies Peace and Conflict and Gandhian Studies International Relations and Peace Conflict Studies Indian Thought and Gandhian Studies Conflict Studies.com Prof. Munirka.(0) 079-27541392 (R) 65449002 E-mail: sudarshan54@gmail.mgiri@gmail. (R)-26172069.pa@gmail. DDA Flats.Pradip Kumar Sengupta. New Delhi – 110 068. Mobile: 094863 65526 E-mail: mohapillai@gmail. Maharashtra . T.605 104. 0542-2369845 E. Adjunct Professor School of Social Sciences IGNOU. Associated Society Near Akota Stadium. Phone: (R) 0431 2655525 (O) 0413 -2654337. Pondicherry.mail: mcpr.com Prof.com Dr.com. Dist. B. Vice Chancellor Gujjarat Vidyapeeth. (O) 044-2539 9698 (R) 2475 8484.

P. of Political Science University of Delhi. Chandigarh – 160 014. 044-24411574 (O).in Prof. Deptt. Chennai – 600 020. Jai Narain Sharma. Economy and Peace Studies Political Science and Gandhian Thought 21 Indian Social Thought and Gandhian Studies 22 Indian Economic Thought and Gandhian Studies 23 Indian Economic Thought and Gandhian Studies 24 Gender Studies and Gandhian Studies 25 Gender Studies and Gandhian Studies 26 Indian History and Political Science Prospectus and Application Form 52 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.com Dr. Tel No. Gandhi Nagar Adyar.17 18 19 20 Prof. Head. University of Delhi. Delhi – 110 007. Mobile: 9868219032 E-mail: ramanroy@yahoo. (R) 2674 1105/2674 1330. School of International Studies Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi – 110 067. Narasimha Reddy House No. Deptt. Madras Instt.in Prof. of Gandhian Studies Punjab University. (R) 0522-2762593 E-mail: dmdiwakar@yahoo. of History & Political Science St. Bidyut Chakravarty. (M) 98181 25088 E-mail rwanchoo@ststephens.du. Chaya K. (R) 040-2303 3283. Mobile : 9818686224 mail: bidyut@polscience.ac. Cell: 91. Lucknow – 226 024 (U. L.ac.094496 08373 E-mail: reddy_dn200@yahoo.com Prof. P. Mobile: 98101 02250 E-mail: chenoy@gmail. of Studies & Research in Economics Gulburga University. Aliganj. Professor of Economics Giri Institute of Development Studies Sector-O. Delhi Tel No.com Prof. Chairman. : (O) 0522-2321860. (O) 0172-2534186 (R) 0172-2724 142 Mobile: 094171 92372 E-mail: drjnsharma@yahoo. Mobile: 093423 31301 Mail: chayadegaonkar23@rediffmail. Anjoo Saran Upadhyaya. Hyderbad – 500 019.in Prof. Stephen’s College.) Tel No. Tel No. Tel No 08472-297 187 (O) 296096 (R). 011-4702 7915.edu Indian Economic Thought and Gandhian Studies Indian Thought and Gandhian Studies Gandhi. D. Radhakrishnan.com Prof. Anuradha Chenoy. Coordinator. Degaonkar.com Prof.Center for the Study of Nepal Banaras Hindu University Varanasi-221 005 Phone:91-542-2369062. (R) 27667396 (O) 27666670. Shalimar Bagh (East). 3-33-33.D) Programme . Tel No. Professor and Chairperson Deptt.Venkat Reddy Colony Lingampalli.co. Mobile. New Delhi – 110 088. Of Development Studies 79. Ramashray Roy BM-36. Gulburga – 585 106. Rohit Wanchoo. D M Diwakar. Tel No.com & prk@mids.9336911439 Dr. Tel No. 044-24402003 (R) Mobile: 094449 39261 E-mail: prk1949@gmail. Second Main Road. Deptt.

Gujarat Tel No. Kolkata-27. Bangalore-560 056.(R) 033-2425 4023. 37. Sudhir Jacob George Resi:. Trupti Shah. Mohit Bhattacharya. Abdul Nafey Chairman Centre for American. Formerly Professor & Vice-Chancellor Burdwan University.of Political Science Bangalore University. Macleodguda. Mobile: 9848054847 E-mail: sjgss@yahoo. of Political Science Calcutta University. Church Gate Mumbai – 400 020 Tel No. Deptt of Politics & International Studies Pondicherry University. Email: pnmehrotra@rediffmail. 33. Deptt. P. B Krishnamurthy.co. 37. (M) 093210 40048 E-mail: vibhuti. Baroda. Reader in Political Science Deptt. of Economics. Samir Das.2954 1387. Tel No. Savitri. Jamia Millia Islamia New Delhi – 110 0125 Tel No. (O) 0471-24118307 (R) 0471-2433987. Mobile: 09980809998 E-mail: mahipande@yahoo. Meena Deshpande.com Dr. Secunderabad – 500 003. of Political Science. 0413-2654 335 E-mail: krishna53@sify.D) Programme .com Prof. 36.np@gmail. Vibhuti Patel. SNDT Women’s University.1-8-103. 0265-2320 399 E-mail: trupti. Mehrotra. Allahabad -2. Latin American and Canadian Studies. PGSR.com Prof. Gopa Kumar.vadodara@gmail.com Dr. Faculty of CommerceResi: M S University. Mobile: 09415635444.Purwanchal Cluster-VIII.(R) 080-2341 6312. Department of Political Science University of Kerala.in Dr. Tandlaja Road. SIS Jawaharlal Nehru University. Trivandrum Tel No. Pondicherry – 605 014. (Mobile) 9349433987 E.com Prof. mail: ggkumar88@hotmail.co. Department of Economics University of Allahabad. 6th Floor. 35. Tel No. Nathibai Thakersey Road. Kariavattom.in Gender Studies and Gandhian Theory Conflict Studies and Gandhian Thought Gender Studies and Political Science Human Rights and Gandhian Studies Human Rights and Gandhian Studies Economic Thought and Gandhian Studies Indian Thought and Gandhian Studies Political Science and Indian Thought Indian Thought and Gandhian Studies Conflict Studies and Gandhian Studies United Nations and International Peace and Security Prospectus and Application Form 53 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. New Delhi – 110 067 Tel No. N. (O) 0532-2601416.of Economics. Deptt. Tel No.com Prof. Patrakar Colony.com Prof. Prof. Tel No. (R) 033-2335 2317 Prof. & Head Post Graduate Deptt. 26107676 (O) 26741243 (R) E-Mail : nafey_jnu@hotmail. 34. Sector-3. K-6.com Dr. Director.(O) 26770227 (R) 22052970. Po: Akota Vadodara – 390 020. Salt Lake.27 28 29 30 31 32. Mobile: 98108 18470 Email: savi_kad@yahoo. Mobile-098302 10265 Email: kdas17@rediffmail. Deptt. Calcutta – 700 091 Tel No. K.

co.com Sustainable Development and Gandhian Thought Indian Thoughts and Gandhian Studies Indian Thought and Gandhian Studies Gandhian Studies Indian Thought and Gandhian Studies Asia Pacific and Peace Studies Gandhian Studies UN and International Politics Modern Indian History Environment. (Mobile) .com Dr. 42. Noor Nagar Extension Jamia Nagar. 39.) Chairman & Head. Deptt. Academic Staff College Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi – 110 067. (R) 2674 1078 E-mai-ganganathjha@hotmail. Organisation Disarmament School of International Studies Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi – 110 067 Tel No. 47 Prof. Tel No. Sustainable Development and Gandhian Studies Prospectus and Application Form 54 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.in Prof. of Political Science University of Mysore.98912 23125 E-mail: batabyalr@yahoo. Rizwan Qaiser 12. Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi 110067. New Delhi 110 021. Resi: I-1689.com Prof. Dy. Subrata Mukherjee (Retd. Sushila Ramaswamy. 43.com Prof.com Dr.com Prof. New Delhi – 110 019.. New Delhi -110 025 Tel No.D) Programme . Manasgangotri Mysore – 570 005 Tel No. of Geography Delhi School of Economics. Rajghat. 46. (R) 26935238.9810594839 Dr. Mobile: 094481 86295 E-mail: muzaffar. Chittaranjan Park.Director. of Political Science University of Delhi New Delhi – 110 021. Sailaja Gullapalli. (R) 2674 1534. Delhi Mobile: 99719 50226. 44. Tel. R B Singh. Deptt. Reader in Political Science Jesus and Mary College. (O) 0821 -2419501 (R) 2543336. Centre for South East Asian Studies School of International Studies. Sun City Indira Puram.(R) 2674 2119 Dr. University of Delhi. Duplex. (M) 9811795482 E-mail: sushilaramaswamy@hotmail. Ghaziabad. . Rakesh Batabyal. 45. Nite Khand-3. Tel No : (O) 2688 2503 (R) 26279121. Deptt. Ganganath Jha. C S R Murthy Chairman & Head Centre for International Politics.com muzaffarassadi@hotmail. S N Jha145. Mobile: 98104 50534 E mail: Cicero@vsnl. Muzaffar Assadi. 40 41. Mobile. (M) 98107 86946 E-mail: sailajagullapalli@rediffmail. Tel No (R) 011-2755 3850 Email: rbsgeo@hotmail.38.assadi@gmail. Delhi – 110 002. Research Associate Gandhi Smriti & Darshan Samiti. UP Mobile: 95120-6451841 Prof.

5.28 (i) Computer & Information Sciences (Internal Supervisors) School of Computer & Information Sciences (SOCIS). Human Rights. Media and Governance. Prof. Ravi Kant. Science and E-mail: srikrishnadevarao@ignou. Haryana. Dewal Reader. New Delhi-110068. Srikrishna Deva Rao Criminal Law. SOJNMS 5. O. Former Director. Kurukshetra. Prof. Prof.in Technology. Elumalai Consumer Protection. Centre for Culture.P. No. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Dr.30 (ii) Journalism & New Media Studies (External Supervisors) School of Journalism & New Media Studies. & Director SOJNMS Area of Specilisation/Interest Journalism Communication Theory Cultural Communication Political Communication International Communication Journalism Communication Research Radio Radio Television 2. New Delhi Dr. IGNOU. IGNOU. 4. No. EMPC. 1. New Delhi-110068 Sl. 3. 2.30 (i) Journalism & New Media Studies (Internal Supervisors) School of Journalism & New Media Studies. New Delhi-110068. Sl. SOJNMS Dr. 011-29572901 E-Learning mlal@ignou.D) Programme 5. Communication Research. Biswajit Das Professor & Director. Kurukshetra University. New Delhi-110068 Name of the Supervisor and Contact Area of Specialization/Interest Details Prof. Shambhu Nath Singh Prof. New Delhi Prof. Kiron Bansal Reader SOJNMS Dr.K. Sl. IIMC. Cooperatives and Cyber Law Human Rights. IGNOU Area of Specilisation/Interest Communication Research Development Communication International Communication Television studies Communication Theory Development Studies Communication Research Development Communication 2. 5. Gita Bamzai Professor & Head. B.5. Director. IIMC. Institute of India Technology. 1. Prof. Manohar Lal Artificial Intelligence 011-29533436. Subhash Dhulia Prof. Jamia Millia Islamia.ac. Banking Law. No.29 Sl. Kuthiala Professor & Director.in Theoretical Computer Science LAW (Internal Supervisor) School of Law (SOL). IGNOU.S. J. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof. Prospectus and Application Form 55 . Community 011-29531115 Legal Education and Law. No.Yadav Former Director. K. Communication Research Health Communication Educational Media Audio-Video Production Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.ac. 1. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Area of Specialization/Interest Details Prof. 4. 1. 3. IGNOU.

R. 1. pertain to all sectors.110068 011-29535140. architecture. IGNOU. 011-29571717-19 srivathsan@ignou.32 (ii) Informatics. New Delhi. computational sciences etc. bio.com Area of Specilisation/Interest Modern Indian History.in Artificial Intelligence E-Learning Theoretical Computer Science 5. New Delhi.com Prof. Knowledge Management. Art and Culture.ac. Human Rights Education 3.110068 Sl. Subramanian 011. IGNOU. Ravindra Kumar SOSS.31 (i) Tourism and Hospitality (Internal Supervisors) School of Tourism and Hospitality Service Management.32 (i) Informatics. Sl. Comparative Politics. C. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Dr.S. IGNOU. 2. Dr. 1. Areas of ICT including embedded system. IGNOU. H/W. spatial. 011-29572901 mlal@ignou. New Delhi.D) Programme .110068 011-29535515.5.co. Knowledge acquisition analysis presentation and organization. Manohar Lal 011-29533436. 011-29572733 profravin@yahoo. 1. 011-29572724 asnarang7@hotmail. Environmental Studies Indian Government of Politics.in Prof. No.ac. Advanced Centre for informatics and Innovative Learning (ACIIL). Venkatesh. IGNOU. Narag SOSS. audit. agri. No. 3. Medieval Archaeology Medieval Indian History. Information Communication Technology. S/W and firmware etc.29533068 ksmanian@ignou. K. No. Knowledge Management External Supervisors Advanced Centre for informatics and Innovative Learning (ACIIL).110068 011-29536342. A. Internal Supervisors. 5. New Delhi. IIITM-K Dr. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof.110068 Sl. Srivathsan 011-29534215. Networking & ICT Applications 2. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Prof. inference etc. Manoj Kumar Chem Informatics and Computational Area of Specilisation/Interest Prospectus and Application Form 56 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Kapil Kumar (Adjunct Professor) SOSS. New Delhi-110068.in Area of Specilisation/Interest Areas of information such as Governance. New Delhi. 011-29572719 profkapilk@gmail.ac. K. Tourism Studies. sciences. IGNOU. 2.in Prof. Information Communication Technology.

Jaijit. Dr. Chief. K B Athreya. 10. ISI Bangalore Prof. Gulshan Rai. Dr. CVC. NARAM. No. Director. Chennai. Bangalore Dr. Indira Narayanaswamy. Jaya Indiresan. Kaloor. New Delhi. Prof. Prasad. Dr. 6.D. CII & Former Vice Chancellor of Punjab Technical University & Former Scientific secretary. 20 5. DRTC. Management Education 2. 18. S.Sciences 3. M. 9. 15. Linguistics (English) Prospectus and Application Form 57 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. New Delhi.S. Krishnan. IIT. Mob: 09495572139 E-mail: ksdnair@rediffmail. Former Deputy Auditor General of India. Education Sector.com Dr.33 (i) Internal Supervisors. Sathya Murthy. Computational Sciences Library and Information Sciences Library and Information Sciences 8. School of Automation. Kaimal. Director. Regional Director IGNOU Regional Centre. Mr. New Delhi. New Delhi. Cochin Pin : 682017. DRTC. Dy. EDNERU IGNOU Maidan Garhi. SA to Prime Minister of India Dr. Name of the Supervisor and Contact Details Dr. Asha Khare. Prof. Dr. Prof. President Asian Cyber Law Association & Advocate Supreme court. SK Gupta. Regional Centres and Regional Services Division (RSD) Sl. Former Chairman Telecom Commission & Chairman. Trivandrum Prof. 17. Indian Space Research Institute. IIT New Delhi. 13. 1.R. IISC. 12. former Director IIMC & Chairman Singeri Management Trust & Former Chairman. 11. 5.) Kerala University (AI). M. C E Veni Madhavan. G Surya. IIT Mumbai. Kirti Ramamirtham. 4. ADA Prof. Prof.D Nair. Dr. Annamalai University. A. Devika. Director. ISI. K. 14. Educationist. Telecom Reforms Commission Mr. Information Library sciences. Dr. N Vittal. S.R. Professor DMS. (Retd. Mr.110068 Area of Specilisation/Interest Management. 19. Rao. Banglore. CERT-in.D) Programme . 7. Hyderbad. Y S Rajan. Pawan Duggal. DG. 16.

Chekkalamukku. Regional Director IGNOU Regional Centre. Ph: 044-22541919 / 22542727. Physics/ Materials Sciences /Solid State Theory/ Numerical Methods Distance Education Botony / Bio Corrosion Distance Education/ E. AP Mob: 09490794000 E-mail: mohocecri@yahoo. Pin : 411016. Regional Director IGNOU Regional Centre. Tuglakhabad. 9-76-18 SKPVV Hindu High School Premises.600 113 Tamilnadu. Maharashtra Mob: 09011059717 E-mail : rcsharma@ignou.in Dr. Kothapet. 0141-2274292. Add:70/79. Regional Director. Srinagar .D) Programme . Mob: 09968667742 E-mail: tsrinivasan@ignou. 11.302 020 RAJASTHAN. 70/79. IGNOU.in Dr. IGNOU Regional Centre. 01412274292.302 020 Rajasthan. Taramani Chennai .T. 4.190 008 Jammu & Kashmir. Ram Chandra.ac. Patel Marg Mansarovar. 044-22542121 Dr. s. RSD.I. Pin 695017 Kerala Mob: 094475500581 E-mail: bsukumar@ignou. Mamta Bhatia. 1st Floor.in Dr.C. IGNOU Regional Centre. K.asha@yahoo.Jaipur . 0141-2784043 E-mail:rcjaipur@ignou.com Dr. Sector – 7. rcchennai@ignou. 10. Pin: 520001. Mohanan. Jaipur .T.ac. C. Patel Marg Mansarovar. 52 Institutional Area.in.ac.600 113 Tamilnadu. 8.I. E-mail : rgnldirector@yahoo. Regional Director. Jaipur.L.Ph: 0141-2785750. 0141-2784043 Dr. Mantoo House. Sukumar. Ph: 04422541919 / 22542727. Pune. MSFC Building. Raj Bagh Near Masjid Alfarooq.co.ac.in Dr. S. 9.ac. Ph:0194-2311251 Physics/ Energy Studies Education/ Teacher Education Educational Technology/ Open Distance Learning (ODL) Computer & Information System. Kishre. Deputy Director.3. Maidan Garhi. IGNOU Rgional Centre.in Dr. Economics Chemistry. New Delhi – 110068. Pannesselvam. R. Srinivasan. Deputy Director. IGNOU Regional Centre. 7. Sharma.R.T. New Delhi. Regional Centre. S. Campus. Senapathy Berpat Road. Vijayawada. Distance Education Commerce & Management Prospectus and Application Form 58 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. IGNOU Regional Centre. Nagendra Ambedkar. Regional Director IGNOU Regional Centre.110062 Mob: 09650583700 E-mail: ramchandrajoi@yahoo. Jt Director. T. 6. Sector – 7. B. Sreekariyam P. Campus./Evaluation Political Science Public Admn. Regional Director.in Dr. C. 12. Taramani Chennai . Regional Director. 5. Mob: 09818764131 E-mail: khare. Adul Gani.com Dr.O Trivandrum.Ph: 0141-2785750.

ac. Anil Kumar Mishra. Uttar Pradesh.D) Programme . Ph: 0522-2745114. Regional Director.B. College Compound.in Electrical Engineering Commerce & Management Electro Organic Chemistry Prospectus and Application Form 59 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. M. 15 0194-2311258 E-mail: rcsrinagar@ignou.com.in Dr.in Dr. K. P. No. Varanasi. Regional Director.094179665405222762410. Deputy Director. rclucknow@ignou. Agartala College. Agartala – 799004 Tripura.S.O.Ph: 0381-2516715 / 2516266.in Dr. Chakraborty. 0522-2364893 ignoulko@sancharnet.in.(RCL/ 2364453 0522-2364889 E-mail:ignoulko@sancharnet. IGNOU Regional Centre.ac. Uttar Pardesh.B. 0381-2516714 rd_agartala@rediffmail.ac. Ph.Sector– Haliganj Lucknow-226 024. Manaorama Singh. IGNOU Regional Centre. rcagartala@ignou. B-1/33.13 14. IGNOU Regional Centre.

New Delhi-110068 School of Interdisciplinary & Trans-disciplinary Studies (SOITS) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. New Delhi-110068 School of Management Studies (SOMS) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. New Delhi-110068 School of Health Sciences (SOHS) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi.D) Programme . 16. New Delhi-110068 School of Agriculture (SOA) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. 9. 19. New Delhi-110068 School of Social Work(SOSW) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. 15. New Delhi-110068 School of Extension and Development Studies (SEDS) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. New Delhi-110068 School of Sciences (SOS) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. Sl. 2. New Delhi-110068 School of Computer and Information Sciences (SOCIS) Indira Gandhi National Open University. New Delhi-110068 1. Name of the School School of Journalism & New Media Studies (SOJNMS) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. New Delhi-110068 School of Gender & Development Studies (SOGDS) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. New Delhi-110068 School of Social Sciences (SOSS) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. New Delhi-110068 School of Law (SOL) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. New Delhi-110068 School of Tourism and Hospitality (SOTHSM) Service Management Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. New Delhi-110068 School of Performing and Visual Arts (SOPVA) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. New Delhi-110068 Sl. 18. New Delhi-110068 School of Foreign Languages (SOFL) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. 17. 7. 13. 4. New Delhi-110068 School of Continuing Education (SOCE) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. 5. New Delhi-110068 School of Education (SOE) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. 10. New Delhi-110068 School of Translation Studies and Training (SOTST) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. New Delhi-110068 School of Vocational Education and Training (SOVET) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. No 1. 20. 8. Maidan Garhi. SCHOOLS/INSTITUTES/CENTRES/DIVISIONS/UNITS OF THE UNIVERSITY Schools Name of the School School of Humanities (SOH) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi.6. New Delhi-110068 School of Engineering and Technology (SOET) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. 21 11 Prospectus and Application Form 60 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. 6. 3. 14.No 12.

8. 10 Prospectus and Application Form 61 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.2. New Delhi-110068 Academic Co-ordination Division Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. New Delhi-110068 Electronic Media Production Centre Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. New Delhi-110068 Centre for Extension Education (CEE) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. 9 5. 7. Material Production & Distribution Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. 8. Sl. New Delhi-110068 Research Unit Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. New Delhi-110068 Administration Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. Centres/Institutes Staff Training & Research Institute of Distance Education Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. 3. 4. New Delhi-110068 Regional Services Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. 7. New Delhi-110068 6. New Delhi-110068 Research Unit Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. New Delhi-110068 6. New Delhi-110068 Student Registration and Evaluation Division (SED) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi.D) Programme . 3. 9. No 1. New Delhi-110068 International Division Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. New Delhi-110068 Library & Documentation Division Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. New Delhi-110068 Finance & Account Division Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. Divisions/Units Student Registration & Evaluation (SRD) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. No 1. New Delhi-110068 Centre for Corporate Education Training and Consultance (CCETS) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. Sl. New Delhi-110068 National Centre for Disability Studies Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. 4. National Centre for Innovation in Distance Education Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. New Delhi-110068 2. 5. New Delhi-110068 Educational Development of North East Region Unit(EDNERU) Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. 3. New Delhi-110068 Inter-University Consortium for Technology Enabled Flexible Education and Development Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi. New Delhi-110068 2.

rcaligarh@ignou. Regional Centre also assist the University in conducting Entrance examination.com rcagartala@ignou.ETAWAH.com.02717-241580 rcignouahd@yahoo. IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE M.BADAUN.ac. register candidates as per University norms and provide candidate support through its Study Centres and other forms of Centres within the Region. IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE SANCHI COMPLEX. Sl. 8TH BLOCK.com rcaizawl@ignou.DADRA & NAGAR HAVELI 3 AIZWAL 19 STATE OF MIZORAM 4 ALIGARH 47 5 BANGALORE 13 6 BHOPAL 15 REGIONAL DIRECTOR. within the jurisdiction of the Region.BELGAM & UTTARA KARNATAKA STATE OF MADHYA PRADESH EXCEPT DISTRICTS MENTIONED UNDER REGIONAL CENTRE JABALPUR Prospectus and Application Form 62 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.2701365 ignousrcaligarh@yahoo. NIRMA INSTT OF TECHNOLOGY SARKHEJ-GANDHINAGAR HIGHWAY CHHARODI AHMEDABAD – 382481. 39TH CROSS. and Recognised Regional Centres (for Defence Personnel).D) Programme . BOARD OF SECONDARY EDN. Ph. Programme Study Centres.ac. P. SHIVAJI NAGAR BHOPAL .in REGIONAL DIRECTOR.560 070 KARNATAKA 080-26654747 / 26657376.B. 0381-2516714 rd_agartala@rediffmail. The Regional Centre advertises academic programmes being offered in the Region. All Regional Centres of IGNOU placed below have full-time academic staff and administrative staff to look after publicity and promotion of academic programmes of the university. 0755-2578454 0755-2578452 0755-2578454 ignoubhopal@rediffmail. and recommend by the School/Centre/Institute with the approval of the Vice Chancellor of the University.MORADABAD. sells/ distributes prospectus. and infrastructure based on the research candidates request. Term-end examination for candidates/candidates who intend to enroll for Entrance/Termend Examination.B.IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE NSSS KALYANA KENDRA 293.MA NPURI. IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE 3/310. REGIONAL CENTRES OF THE UNIVERSITY The University has vast student support service network across the country in terms of Regional Centres.ac.BULAN DSAHAR. JAYANAGAR BANGALORE . establishment of Study Centres.ALIGARH. The list of Regional centres are given below for information and contact. COLLEGE COMPOUND. MATHURA & J P NAGAR STATE OF KARNATAKA EXCEPT THE DISTRICTS DHARWAD. ETAH.HATHR AS.in REGIONAL DIRECTOR.in DISTRICT OF UTTAR PRADESH. KASGANJ. MADHYA PRADESH 0755-2578455.7. Special Study Centres etc. UNION TERRITORY OF DAMAN.rcbangalore@ignou. 080-26639711 080-26644848 ignourcblr@gmail. 3RD FLOOR OPP. MARRIS ROAD.com.DIU.G.O.com ignou_bhopal@yahoo. rcbhopal@ignou. No 1 NAME OF RCS & CODE AGARTALA 26 ADDRESS REGIONAL DIRECTOR. In brief every activity performed by Study Centres in providing student support is being managed and monitored by the Regional Centre incharge of the (Region area) which fall under its jurisdiction.) AIZAWL – 796001 MIZORAM 0389-2311693 0389-2311692 0389-2311789 rd_aizwal@rediffmail.ac.in OPERATIONAL AREA STATE OF TRIPURA 2 AHMEDABAD 09 STATE OF GUJARAT. AGARTALA COLLEGE AGARTALA – 799004 TRIPURA 0381-2516715 / 2516266.FIROZABAD.in REGIONAL DIRECTOR.AGRA. RAMPUR.462 016.com. ROAD KHATLA (NEAR CENTRAL YMA OFF.com.in REGIONAL DIRECTOR. rcahmedbad@ignou. IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE LAL BULAIA BUILDING M.D candidates are also being attached to Regional Centres subject to availability of supervisors. GUJARAT 02717-242975 02717-241579. IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE OPP.ac. ALIGARH-202001 UTTAR PRADESH 0571-2700120.ac.


in REGIONAL DIRECTOR.7 PATEL MARG MANSAROVAR JAIPUR .com rd_itanagar@rediffmail.in STATE OF SIKKIM STATE OF ASSAM EXCEPT DISTRICTS PLACED/TO BE PLACED UNDER RC. CHHINDWARA. 0191-2546995 jammurc12@rediffmail.2421191.com rcjammu@ignou.com REGIONAL DIRECTOR. KATNI.2421190 .6533569.in rcguwahati@ignou.16 GANGTOK 24 17 GUWAHATI 04 18 HYDERABAD 01 19 IMPHAL 17 20 ITANAGAR 03 21 JABALPUR 41 22 JAIPUR 23 23 JAMMU 12 REGIONAL DIRECTOR (I/C. IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE HOUSE NO 71. IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE ASHA JINA COMPLEX.com ignou_itanagar@yahoo. SINGRAULI & ANUPPUR STATE OF RAJASTHAN JAMMU REGION UNDER JAMMU AND KASHMIR 24 JORHAT 37 OPERATED FROM RC GUWAHATI Prospectus and Application Form 64 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.) NAHARLAGUN ITANAGAR -791110 ARUNACHAL PRADESH 0360-2247536 / 2247538/0360-2247537 rd_itanagar@rediffmail.D) Programme .0761-2600411. 0385-2421192 385-2421192 ignouimphal@rediffmail.23221260. SECTOR . ignouimp@man.com rcjabalpur@ignou. 0141-2784043 ignou-raj@.ac.NORTH AOC IMPHAL – 795001 MANIPUR 0385.IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE GAIRIGAON TADONG.in. 0761-2609919 ignoujabalpur@hotmail.in REGIONAL DIRECTOR.ac. SHAHDOL. 0141-2274292. DINDORI.in REGIONAL DIRECTOR. IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE SPMR COLLEGE OF COMMERCE CANAL ROAD. 23221261 040-23221261(FAX) hyd2_ignourch@sancharnet. 'HORNHILL COMPLEX' 'C' SECTOR (NEAR CENTRAL SCH.IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE 2ND FLOOR.GUWAHATI ASSAM 0361-2662879 grcignou@sancharnet. JAMMU .nic.in rcjaipur@ignou.com rcimphal@ignou.in website:www. IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE. 03592-212501 rd_gangtok@rediffmail.SIDHI. RAJSHEKHAR BHAVAN RANI DURGAVATI VISHVAVIDYALAYA CAMPUS. JORHAT STATE OF ANDHRA PRADESH EXCEPT DISTRICTS COVERED UNDER RC VIJAYAWADA STATE OF MANIPUR STATE OF ARUNACHAL PRADESH STATE OF MP COVERING DISTRICTS OF JABALPUR.ac.ignoujabalpur. IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE RAHUL CHAMBER HOUSE NO.3-5-909 HIMAYATNAGAR NARAYANGUDA MAIN ROAD HIMAYAT NAGAR HYDERABAD .ac.302 020 RAJASTHAN 0141-2785750. BALAGHAT. 0191-2579572. PO SHUMBUK HOUSE GANGTOK – 737102 SIKKIM 03592-2311102.UMARIA.ac.in REGIONAL DIRECTOR.23221255.MANDLA.GMC ROAD CHRISTIAN BASTI.nic.in rchyderabad@ignou.ac. IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE 70/79. PACHPEDHI JABALPUR .500 029 ANDHRA PRADESH 040-23221254.NARSIMHAPUR.in REGIONAL DIRECTOR.com rcgangtok@ignou.ac.in REGIONAL DIRECTOR.SEONI.482001 MADHYA PRADESH 0761-2609269.180 001 JAMMU & KASHMIR 0191-2546529.270923 03592-270364.




com REGIONAL DIRECTOR. IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE.799004 TRIPURA TEL:0381-2516715 / 2516266 FAX: 0381-2516714 rd_agartala@rediffmail.2421190 ignouimp@rediffmail.EAST REGIONAL CENTRES Sl. DZUVURU(MHON KHOLA) I. Regional Centre and Code AGARTALA (26) Address of the Regional Centre Tel.) AIZAWL .MANIPUR TEL : 0385.com REGIONAL DIRECTOR.793 014 MEGHALAYA TEL: 0364-2521117 FAX:0370-2241905 ignou18@sancharnet. Fax& E-mail REGIONAL DIRECTOR. No 1. KOHIMA (20) STATE OF NAGALAND 8.com ignou_itanagar@yahoo.270923 FAX: 03592-270923/231383 (PVT) sig_nougkrc@sancharnet. COLLEGE COMPOUND P.in vardhini08@hotmail. KOHIMA – 797001 NAGALAND TEL: 0370-2241903 / 2241904 FAX: 0360-2247537 rd_kohima@rediffmail. AGARTALA COLLEGE AGARTALA .com REGIONAL DIRECTOR. GAIRIGAONTADONG PO SHUMBUK HOUSE GANGTOK – 737102 SIKKIM TEL : 03592-231375.com REGIONAL DIRECTOR. OPP.IGNOU NORTH .B. GUWAHATI (04) STATE OF ASSAM 5.G. SHILLONG (18) STATE OF MEGHALAYA Prospectus and Application Form 68 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.B. IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE LAL BULAIA BUILDINGM.O.com Jurisdiction STATE OF TRIPURA 2.796001 MIZORAM TEL: 0389-2311693.781 003. IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE 'HORNHILL COMPLEX''C' SECTOR (NEAR CENTRAL SCH. IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE M. FAX: 0389-2311789 rd_aizwal@rediffmail.O. ASHA JINA COMPLEXNORTH AOC IMPHAL – 795001.D) Programme . IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE.in rd_shillong@rediffmail.C. IMPHAL (17) STATE OF MANIPUR 6. IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE NH-39. ROAD KHATLA (NEAR CENTRAL YMA OFF.com REGIONAL DIRECTOR.in rd_gangtok@rediffmail. ASSAM TEL : 0361-2668409/2662831 FAX: 0361-2662879 grcignou@sancharnet. GANGTOK (24) STATE OF SIKKIM 4. IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE.com REGIONAL DIRECTOR. ITANAGAR (03) STATE OF ARUNACHAL PRADESH 7.) NAHARLAGUN ITANAGAR -791110 ARUNACHAL PRADESH TEL: 0360-2247536/2247538 FAX: 0360-2247537 rd_itanagar@rediffmail. IGNOU REGIONAL CENTRE SUNNY LODGENONGTHYMMAI NONGSHILLIANG SHILLONG . AIZWAL (19) STATE OF MIZORAM 3. NAVAGIRI ROAD1ST BYE-LANE CHANDMARI GUWAHATI .com REGIONAL DIRECTOR.



Library and Information Sciences. Engineering and Nursing. Management Studies. 2. The International Division has promoted the University’s programmes outside India. Prospectus and Application Form 71 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Offering its academic programmes in collaboration with established higher educational institutions of repute those are known for professional delivery mechanisms. IGNOU’s collaborative efforts at the international level are varied. INTERNATIONAL DIVISION & PARTNER INSTITUTIONS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS The International Division was established in 1996 to look after the University’s overseas academic activities. Journalism and Mass Communication. Commerce and Business Studies. Madgascar and Liberia in collaboration with the International Institute of Capacity Building in Africa and UNESCO. 3. Education and Distance Education. Oman. Sierra Leone. Malaysia. 4.D Prospectus are offered to all international candidates as well. Doha Qatar. Kuwait. Mauritius College of the Air. Singapore. In collaboration with the Commonwealth of Learning. for the PGDDE and MADE programmes in Jamaica. IGNOU offers COL-Rajiv Gandhi Fellowship. IICBA.8. Mauritius Institute of Education. Application form and guidelines for filling application form is given in the Section 13 of the Prospectus for all categories of research candidates irrespective of the country. Computer and Information Technology. Fiji Islands Indonesia and Mongolia. Currently IGNOU’s academic programmes are on offer in UAE. National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN). NIT in Nepal etc. International University of Kyrgyzstan. Seychelles. IGNOU collaborated with Seychelles. To share IGNOU’s academic resources through licensing of course materials for adoption / adaptation in the educational environment of the countries who have sought them. Swaziland and Nigeria. Malawi. Tourism. At present the University has more than 13000 candidates outside India on rolls. Admission procedures for Ph. ATEICO Communications in Saudi Arabia. Namibia. Bahrain and Saudi Arabia in the gulf countries and Seychelles & Mauritius the Indian Ocean Rim. ICA. such as. international agencies. IGNOU offers its academic programmes in 33 countries through 53 Partner Institutions. and ODL institutional building by sharing the experiences gained by IGNOU and sharing the knowledge resources. 1. Afghanistan. such as. Samoa. Important tips are also given for all research candidates (national & international) in the Section 4 of the Prospectus. The programmes that are currently popular among learners in various countries include. UNESCO.D Programmes for International Students All research programmes listed under section 2 of the Ph. On the collaborative and network front the International Division has adopted a four-fold strategies. COL and private enterprises. Wisdom Institute and UEIT in Dubai. established bilateral and multilateral cooperation and provided capacity building through training and technological support. Nepal.D) Programme . IGNOU’s academic programmes are also on offer in Sri Lanka. Lesotho.D for Indian as well as International candidates are same (see Section 2 of the Prospectus). At present. Ph. orientation and workshops and to create trained human resource to empower a state. Capacity building of ODL practitioners through training.

7.Tech. Civil (Construction Management) Bachelor in Library and Information Science Sl. 21. 43. 18. 44. of India. No 1. No 23. 35. 16. 33. 41. 37. 42. Ethiopia for offering the IGNOU MBA programme to the candidates of these Universities. Under this pilot project. and Hotel Admn) Bachelor of Science (Nursing) PG Diploma in Hospital & Health Management Prospectus and Application Form 72 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. 10. 8.Phil Programme (See section 4 of the Prospectus) Master in Library and Information Science Master of Arts (Distance Education) Master of Arts (Rural Development) Master of Arts (Economics) Master of Arts (Hindi) Master of Arts (History) Master of Arts (Political Science) Master of Arts (Public Administration) Master of Arts (Public Policy) Master of Arts (Sociology) Master of Arts (Tourism Management) Master of Arts(English) Master of Business Administration Master of Business Administration (Banking & Finance) Master of Commerce Master of Commerce (Finance & Taxation) Master of Computer Applications B. 39. 25. 17. 9. 28. 26. IGNOU has signed a MoU with the Universities of Addis Ababa and Harmaya.PAN-Africa e-Network Project IGNOU has been given the responsibility of meeting the educational requirements of African learners through the distance mode in collaboration with TCIL under the PAN-Africa E-Network Pilot Project of the Govt. 27. 4. 31. 13. 29. PG Diploma in Human Resource Management PG Diploma in International Business Operation PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication PG Diploma in Management PG Diploma in Marketing Management PG Diploma in Maternal and Child Health PG Diploma in Operations Management PG Diploma in Rural Development PG Diploma in School Leadership and Management for Head Teachers Diploma Programme in Value added Products from Fruits and Vegetables Diploma in Creative Writing in English Programme Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Arts (Tourism Studies) Bachelor of Commerce Bachelor of Commerce (Finance & Accountancy) Bachelor of Computer Applications Bachelor of Education Bachelor of Science Bachelor of Science (Hosp. 38. 2. 6. Programmes on Offer for International Students Sl. 36. 40. Civil (Water Resource Engineering) B. 22. 34.Tech. 11. Programme Doctor of Philosophy Programmes (see section 2 of the Prospectus Doctor of M. 30. 5. 20. 19. 15. 12.D) Programme . IGNOU has also signed an Agreement with TCIL for SAARC Tele-Education eNetwork in November 2008. 3. 14. 32. 24.

67. eligibility criteria. MHD. 68.ac. 47. PGJMC. UAE PARTNER INSTITUTION NAME & ADDRESS Wisdom Educational Institute. 71.ac. MCA. 64. Certificate in Human Rights Certificate in Nutrition and Child Care Bachelor of Social Work Bachelor Preparatory Programme PG Diploma in Disaster Management PG Diploma in Distance Education PG Diploma in Environmental and Sustainable Development PG Diploma in Financial Management PG Diploma in Higher Education Certificate in Primary Teaching Certificate in Rural Development Certificate in Teaching of English Certificate in Teaching of Primary School Mathematics Certificate in Tourism Studies Computer Literacy Programme For details like duration. 49. P. Ahmed Rafi B.htm) of the university www.in/divisions/int_cell/index1. fee details etc. 60. 55. Ahmed Rafi B. MBA. MCA. Fax: +9714-3964422 E-mail : wisdom@emirates. PGDOM. 73. 48. 46. 59.I. Fax: +971-2-214484 E-mail : wisdom@emirates. B. PGDMM. PGDHRM. MHD. BED BPP. 56. PGDHRM. DIM. 52. MBA. PGDMM.CODE / COUNTRY NAME 5102 ABU DHABI.ae Contact Person: Mr.net. 72. Ferry. Director 2. candidates may visit web site of the International Division (http://www. UAE Tel : +971-2-621 44 74. Ferry. 58. MEG. 62. 66. Director PROGRAMMES ON OFFER BPP. BCA. CIC.net.O. PGDFM.O. 5502 DUBAI. 75.in Partner Institutions Under Individual MoU Sl. BED Prospectus and Application Form 73 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.ignou. No.D) Programme .ae Contact : Mr. UAE Tel : +971-4-396 44 55. BCA. 51. P. PGJMC.COM. PGDOM. 1. Dubai. BA. 69. BA.ignou. PGDFM. DIM. P. 53.COM. Abu Dhabi. 74. 63. 65. Box : 26791.45. 57. B. Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education Diploma in HIV and Family Education Diploma in Management Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education Diploma in Primary Education Diploma in Tourism Studies Certificate in Computing Certificate in Consumer Protection Certificate in Craft & Design (Pottery) Certificate in Disaster Management Certificate in Environmental Studies Certificate in Food & Nutrition Certificate in food and safety (online) Certificate in Guidance Certificate in Health Care Waste Management Certificate in HIV and Family Education 61. 54. 70. 50. MEG. Box 71296. UAE Wisdom Educational Institute. CIC.

World Trade & Business Innovation Centre-V PO. PGDMM. MBA. MHA. BPP. PGDOM. BTS. PGDFM. PGJMC. PGDMM. 5402 QATAR Middle-East Educational Services P.D) Programme . BTCM. MHD. Balaji Jagdeesan. MTM. MBA. MAH. UAE Universal Empire Institute of Technology Block No. UAE Tel: +971-1-2272203. BTS. BCOM. 5507 RASAL KHAIMAH BED 6.O. DIM. MBA. 7.3. BA. BTWRE.com Contact Person: L. MAH. PGDHRM. BED. PGDOM.com. DIM. DECE. BCA. Balaji Jagdeesan Coordinator Royal College of Applied Science & Technology. Director CIC. Ras-Al-Khaimah.com Contact Person : Mr. MBA. Bin Thaher Street. BTCM. 5704 KUWAIT Gulf Centre for University Education P. Alloysius Martin. CTE. Fax: +9744505264 E-mail: mesoffcampus@gmail. alloysiusmartin@hotmail. 11. PGDMM.O. Dubai Tel: +971-508530647.COM.COM. FZE. MCA. Manager Ph: +971-7-2278689 BPP. Shuwaikh 70451. P. BA. MCA. Box 10059. 2407119 Fax: +965-2407049 E-mail: almartin@gcuekw. PGDIM. BA. MPS. UAE DTS. MEG. MHD. 4. P.Box : 3453. Post Box No. BA. Box: 10559. PGDMM. +97150-8530647 E-mail: contact@ueitonline. PGDHRM. PGDHRM. BLISc. Coordinator DTS. MCA. CIC. CIC. 5505 RAS-ALKHAIMAH. MCOM. Kuwait Tel: +965-2407110. DIM. QATAR Tel: +974-4687707.3672779. BED. MLISc. CPLT 5. PGDFM PGDOM. MCOM. PGDHRM. PGDIM. Academic City. RAK Free Trade Zone. CIC. Manoharan. MLIS. Natarajan Rajendran. +971504317647. MCA. MTM. MEG. 3rd Floor. BED. PGDFM. B. Fax: +971-72272281 E-mail: contactrak@rcast. MTM. MTM. MPS. Doha. Coordinator Vinayaka Missions University Second Floor.org.Box: 64070. Ras Al Khaimah. B.O. Prospectus and Application Form 74 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. PGDFM. MCOM. BCOM. MLIS. Al-Nakheel. 30948. MEG. Mr. 5503 DUBAI. BCA. Fax : +971-4. MEG. MHD. UAE Sh. BTS.org Contact Person : Mr. BCA. MHA. Contact Person: Sh.

O. Box:5791. BTS. MP. DTS. Muscat Tel: +968-24817612. MCOM MTM. DECE.58. MAH. BED. BCOM. MHA. Fax: +973. CIC. Muttrah. PGDFM.. MEG.O. BAHRAIN Tel : +97317811451/39888092/39824602. PGDHRM. T. BA. Riaz Mulla ATEICO Communications P. DIM. . 9. DIM. Box 89630. PGDIM.20. PGDHRM. Kutty. MAH.Box: 583 PC:114. BCA.O. MEG. CTS. DIM. PGDIM. PGDOM. Shell Petrol Pump. MADE. BOX : 10584 MANAMA. 24812125 and 24817645.com Contact Person : Mr. MLIS. PGDIBO. Building No. PGDIM. Dharan Street.net. Riaz Mulla ATEICO Communications. MCA. BCA. MEG. PGDIM. S. Chairman ATEICO Communications P. N.itoindia. MPS.L. to Al Johra Market. PGDDE 11. Fax: +966-1215-3539 E-mail: ignouriyadh@ateico. MCA. MAH. CIC.com Contact Person : Mr. PGDFM. MHA. MBA. MLIS. BED.8. MTM. MTM. PGDOM. CIC.itoindia. BA. BCOM. Riaz Mulla BA. PGDFM. MAH.ED. PGDMM. Tel + 966 3 8653122.17811663/17811461 Email : elam63@hotmail.om Contact Person: Mr. BCA. BTS. MCA. BED. BA. Wadi Kabir. MCA. DTS.com Contact Person : Mr. 6103 SAUDI ARABIA Prospectus and Application Form 75 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. CTS.com Contact Person : Mr.L. P. MTM. MHD. 5905 SULTANATE OF OMAN Glory Institute Dharamsy Nancy Complex Opp. PGDMM. MPS. MADE. PGDMM. BCA. MAH. PGDOM. Coordinator. Sultanate of Oman Indian Academy W. BTCM 10. MTM.COM. MPS. MEG. Al Khobar Saudi Arabia. MPS. Fax:+9662669-0403 E-mail: ignou@ateico. DIM. BCOM. DIM. Riyadh – 11692. MCOM. MCOM. MPS. DECE. PGDHRM. PGDDE BPP. B. Way No. PGDHRM. Jeddah 21432 Saudi Arabia Tel: +9662-668-4287. Elamurugu. PGDFM. Opp. Postal Address : P. MTM. BED. CIC. Saudi Arabia Tel: +966-1-215-3537. Fax: +968 24813329 E-mail : iahemct@omantel. PGDMM. BPP. 6001 BAHRAIN B. DECE. MCOM. MADE. MCOM. PGDOM. MBA. Al Khuzyiam Commercial Centre. BTS. BTS. 6101 SAUDI ARABIA BPP.net Websise: www. MCA. Fax +966 3 8657185 Email ignoudammam@ateico. 6102 SAUDI ARABIA 12.com Website: www.net Website: www. PGDIBO. PGDIBO. MBA. DTS. CTS.itoindia.O.D) Programme . MP.

D) Programme . PGDIM. 8105 ETHIOPIA CIC. Fax: +230-4672508 Email: mcade@mca. MBA. BA. Fax: +966-38647169 Email : elam63@gmail. PGDDE. MP.ac. MCOM DIM. BCA. PGDHRM. Managing Director B.mu Contact Person: Mr. 9401 KENYA BPP. 7202 MAURITIUS Asian International IT Establishment P. Addis Ababa. BCOM. CTE. Division of Distance Education.BDP 15. Fax: +656339576 Email: admin@openminds.sg Contact Person : Mr. +966507264620. DIM. Kenya Tel: +254 .O. AL-KHOBAR Easter Province of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tel : +966-38647168. BTS. MAURITIUS Tel: +230-4038200.com Contact Person: Ms. 9301 SINGAPORE CIC. Rochor Canal Road # 05-11. Mary’s University College PO Box 18490. Reduit. MBA. Elamurugu Mauritius College of the Air. Hospital Road P. MADE . MADE. Singapore – 188 504 Tel: +65 – 6336460. PGDMM. PGDHRM. BTS. Ethiopia Tel: +251-1-553 79 94. Sim Lim Square. Dhurbarrylall Mauritius Institute of Education (MIE). DTS.com Contact Person : Mr. BCOM. BOX : 9209 Office No. PGDHRM. MLIS.O.com. Mauritius Phone No : +230-4661654 Email : kencathan@hotmail.com. Box 43364-00100. PGDOM. R. MBA. Vinod Wadhwa. Joe Mwangi Mbuthia. Reduit. BLIS. BCA. Nairobi. BTS. smucignou@ethionet. Al-Garabi Centre.com Contact Person: Mr. PGDMM. BED 17. 6105 SAUDI ARABIA 14. CFN. MP. Director Open Minds International 1. PGDFM.et Contact Person: Mr. CIG. MADE. 553 79 96 Fax: +251-1-553 80 00 E-mail: alemugashie2@yahoo. DIM. Ooma Vedi Cudian St. PGDIM.13. Alemu Gashie. CTE Prospectus and Application Form 76 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. MEG. PGDDE.Ed. 18. DIM. Upper Hill.2712720 Email: centre@wananchi. 7203 MAURITIUS Primary Teacher Education 16. PGDFM.20 . PGDOM. PGDJMC. Coordinator Centre for Open and Distance Education Kasneb Towers.3.

PGDIM. 33. PGDDM. PGDIBO. . DTS. Coordinator DLP Management Consortium (P) Ltd. BED. MARD. DAFE 20.bishkek. DIM. PGDOM. PGDFM. PGDDM.D) Programme .basak@gmail. Raman Karna. Anura Gunasekhra BPP. Miriswatta Gampaha. 9702 SRI LANKA MP. MPA. BLISC. BTS. 5. DNHE BDP 23. CHR 22. PGDMM. BCA. PGDHRM. 9202 KYRGYZSTAN Virtual Academy of the International University of Kyrgyzstan. Bishkek 720001 E-mail: root@iuk. Putali Sadak Height. DAV Complex. BCOM. MSO. PGDIM. MEG. Pranab Basak.19. GPO Box:15142 KPC320. BCA. BA. Sri Lanka Tele : +94-33-4670388/2224559. Director Kyrgyz-Indian Institute of Distance Education DIM. DCE. +7-3312219615 Contact Person: Dr. Director Regent International Institute of Higher Studies No. MBA. MEC.edu.su. MARD. Ltd Shankar Sadan. Tel: +977-1-4445540/2042289 Fax: +977-1-4473684 E-mail: ica@ica. PGDRD. PGDFM. 012211153 Fax: +977-1-4273987 E-mail : nitgroup@mos. 9602 NEPAL International Centre for Academics P Ltd. PGDOM. BA. MBA. MBA. PGDOM. PGDIM. PGDHRM. Biswajit Mukherjee.kg Tel: (+7-3312-218335. PGJMC. 9603 NEPAL 21. DIM. PGDMM. Nepal Tel: +977-1-2004321. 4418019 Fax: +977-1-4418019 E-mail : pranab. Lalitpur PO Box:21928. MSO. PGDHRM. 9604 NEPAL MBA. CIC. Nepal Tel: +977-016226026. Nepal.com. PGDHRM. MTM. PGDIM. MCA Prospectus and Application Form 77 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Mudungoda. DIM. land@iuk. Karayeva Zina. PGDRD.Gyaneshwor (Beside Embassy of Germany) Ward No. PGDOM.com Contact Person: Mr. PGDFM. DAFE.Kathmandu.np Coordinator: Mr. MPA BPP. Director Nepal Information Technology Pvt. BCOM. Kathmandu.np Contact Person: Mr. PGDMM. CAFÉ. Kathmandu. PGJMC. 777554694 FAX : +94-33-4670388 Email : riihsgampaha@yahoo.com Contact Person : Mr. PGDFM. Prospect Chui 255. PGDMM. MCA. CIC. Dhobighat. BTS.

moh@moh. Bangladesh Contact Person : Dr. Abdul Latif Roshan Executive Director BA. A. MHD. MLIS. Bujin.D) Programme . BTS. Bishkek. Saweni. Transport & Architecture (KSUCTA). 9802 MONGOLIA Health Policy and Planning Division.af. Akymbek Abdykalykov. BLIS. 9801 BANGLADESH CHCWM 28. waheedrokhan@kakhtar. 9710 AFGHANISTAN Bakhtar University Kart-e Char. Department of Community Medicine Ph: +88-01556-338349 MCA Joint BCA 27.ac. National Centre for Communicable Diseases. Ministry of Health.com Contact Person : Mr.. Rajesh Chandra Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College and Hospital (HFRCHCH) Dhaka. Mazid. M. Fiji Islands. Kabul.kg Tel: +996 (312)543561 Contact Person: Dr. Kyrgyzstan E-mail: ksucta@elcat. Tel: +679-6640600. Nam-Yan-Ju-Street Ulaanabaatar 210648. Fax: +6796640700 E-mail: rajeshc@unifiji.com. BCOM.mn Contact Person : Dr. 9203 KYRGYZSTAN Kyrgyz State University of Construction. Ts. MPS. MCOM 26.edu. Mongolia E-mail: tsetsegsaikhan@yahoo. MEG.af. Lautoka. Director CHCWM Prospectus and Application Form 78 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. +93(0)79 020 051 E-mail: info@bakhtar. Mongolia NCCD Campus. MBA.24. BCA 25. PO Box 15000. MAH. Afghanistan Ph: +93(0)70 273 515.edu. Rector BPP. MTM. Asstt Prof. 9305 FIJI The University of Fiji Private Mail Bag.fj Contact Person: Prof. latif_roshan@hotmail.

University of Cape Coast. Ministry of Education. (Science). 8102 GHANA (W) PGDDE & MADE 31. IICBA-UNESCO. Ghana Fax: +233-0432-22397 Dr. Chichiri. Getachew Kelemu.UNESCO-IICBA SPONSORED CENTRES 29. 8403 GAMBIA PGDDE & MADE 33.265 1 860 924 Email: mcdedpl@globemw. Department of State for Education. 8602 SWAZILAND PGDDE & MADE Prospectus and Application Form 79 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. ETHIOPIA Tel: +251-11-5445284. Sokpah Assistant Minister for Teacher Education. 8201 MADAGASCAR 8202 LIBERIA PGDDE & MADE 35. Centre for Continuing Education. Project Officer Dr. PO Box: 9012 Monrovia. O. Koomson Director. Sierra Leone Fax: +232-22-223030 / 235011 EMAIL : bis_konneh2005@yahoo. Fax: +251-115514938 Mr. PGDDE & MADE 36. Deputy Director. Malawi Tel: +2651670034. 5445435 Fax: +251-11-5514938 Email: info@unesco-iicba. Fax . Higher Education & Research. 8103 GHANA (C) PGDDE & MADE 32. Fax: +2651677452. (Next to the Gables Shopping Complex) P. Swaziland Phone . Mbabane. Gambia Mr. Winneba. Glen Mazibuko Emlalatini Development Center.+268 4161983 PGDDE & MADE 30.org Contact Person : Mr. Blantyre 3. Ministry of Education.+268 4161171/2. Marcus S.D) Programme . +233-43222497 Mr.net Mr. P. Bethel Sandra Masauli. Liberia Ms. ETHIOPIA Tel: +251-11-5445284. Musa Sowe. Kuyateh. Wily Thorpe Building. Sanasi M. Principal Malawi College of Distance Education Private Bag 302. Kingsley Andoh-Kumi Institute of Educational Development and Extension. Banjul.Box : 2305. University of Education.O.com C/o IICBA. Ghana Fax: +233-042036946. 8101 ETHIOPIA International Institute of Capacity Building in Africa . Mobile . Freetown. Science and Technology. Addis Ababa. Albert K. Box 547. Director. 8402 SIERRA LEONE PGDDE & MADE 34. Cape Coast. 9001 AMALAWI PGDDE & MADE 37. New England.

Mahe. MADE 41.com. 8501 A LESOTHO PGDDE. Maseru 100.com Mrs. 9001 B MALAWI PGDDE. MADE 39. Seychelles.sc Dr. Malawi Tel: +2651670034. Mahrookh Pardiwalla. Fax: +2651677452 Email: mcdedpl@globemw. Esampally Chandraiah Associate Professor & Coordinator Academic Institute of Distance Education University of Swaziland Kwaluseni Campus Private Bag No. 8601 SWAZILAND PGDDE.net Dr. Kwaluseni Swaziland Tel: +2685184011. Apia Samoa Tel: +685 21 428. 8801 SAMOA PGDDE. Fax: +685 25 489 Email: emkv@sampol. Continuing Education Lesotho Distance Teaching Centre (LDTC) PO Box781. Claude Packer. Jamaica Tel: +876 926 52606. Private Bag 15008. PO Box 48. Fax: +26461216987 Email: titus@namcol. Principal Malawi College of Distance Education Private Bag 302. MADE 43. Bethel Sandra Masauli.edu. Chichiri. Fax: +26622310245 Email: ldtc@adelfang. 8703 NAMIBIA PGDDE. MADE 40.RAJIV GANDHI FELLOWSHIP SPONSORED BY COMMONWEALTH OF LEARNING CENTRES 38. Mont Fleuri. Fax: +2685187083 Email: chandraiahe@yahoo.ws Ms. Jane Khahliso Malefane Deputy Director. Blantyre 3.is Ms. Lesotho Tel: +26622316961.na Mrs. Namibia Tel: +264 61 320 5201. 4. 8901 JAMAICA Dr. Principal The Mico College. Director School Improvement Programme Ministry of Education and Youth.com PGDDE. Katutura. MADE 44.col. Fax:+248 324 585 Email: aldecdir@eduhq. Independence Avenue. 7102 SEYCHELLES PGDDE. MADE Prospectus and Application Form 80 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Fax: +876 926 2238 Email: cpack@cwjamaica. MADE 42.edu. Emma Kruse Vaai Academic Director/Deputy CEO Institute of Technology National University of Samoa PO Box 861. IA Marescauz Road Kingston 5. Tel: +248 283 150. Norah Bennett Executive Secretary Namibian Open Learning Network Trust (NOLnet) NAMCOL Head Office.D) Programme .

9503 NIGERIA PGDDE. Bontleng. Ethiopia T : 00 251 11 1110860. Ethiopia Tel. 9502 NIGERIA PGDDE. Lagos. Box 1176 Addis Ababa. +251 25 5530329 or +251 911 212257(cell phone) Fax: +251 25 5530338/25 E-mail: shimelis65@yahoo. Dr. Addis Ababa University Continuing & Distance Education. MADE 47. Nigeria. In-service & Distance Education. P. Fax: 234-1-4970628 National Open University of Nigeria Planning Office.ac. 8106 ETHIOPIA Mr. Gaborone Tel: 00267 3646149. NIGERIA Email: batundeipaye@educo-health.org Tel : +234-803-310-1920 (Office). FAX : 00 251 11 1239729 Email: fekadu_2@yahoo. 8107 ETHIOPIA Mr. Dire Dawa. Fekadu Mulugeta Director. Abdurrahman Umar Director. Mokeresete Boima Manager: Human Resource Botswana College of Distance and Open Learning (BOCODOL) Private Bag BO 00187. Academic Services. 00 251 11 1552513 M: 00 251 91 1624616. 245 Ademulegun Street. 8505 BOTSWANA Mr. MADE PAN-AFRICA E-NETWORK PILOT PROJECT 48. Abuja.com PGDDE. PMB 80067. Learner Support Services. 9501 NIGERIA Professor Babatunde Ipaye Director. Victoria Island. National Teachers’ Institute (NTI) PMB 2191 Kaduna. Fax: +23462319982 Email: Ntikad@yahoo. Shimelis Wolde Hawariat ARTP Coordinator. Fax: 00267 3191089 E-mail:mboima@bocodol.D) Programme . MADE 46.bw PGDDE & MADE Prospectus and Application Form 81 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.com MBA MBA RAJIV GANDHI FELLOWSHIP SPONSORED BY SOUTH AFRICA DEVELOPMENT COMMUINITY (SADC-CDE) – CENTRES 50. Nigeria Tel: +23462317672. +234-1818-8850 (Mobile). National Open University of Nigeria 14/16 Ahmadu Bello Way. Haramaya University P. Central Business District.O. O.45.Box 138.com 49.

Directorate of Open and Distance Education (DODE) P.com Mrs. PO Box781. Kasase Ministry of Education. Fax: 00260 1 254330 E-mail: skasase@moe. Stellar C. 8501 B LESOTHO PGDDE & MADE 53. Box 50093. Maseru 100.gov.zm.net PGDDE & MADE 52. Blantyre 3. 9001 C MALAWI PGDDE & MADE Prospectus and Application Form 82 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Jane Khahliso Malefane Deputy Director. 10101 Tel: 00260 1 252319. Lusaka. Fax: +26622310245 Email: ldtc@adelfang. 8506 ZAMBIA Mrs. Principal Malawi College of Distance Education Private Bag 302. sckasae@yahoo. Malawi Tel: +2651670034.is Ms.col. Fax: +2651677452 Email: mcdedpl@globemw.51. Chichiri. Lesotho Tel: +26622316961.O.D) Programme . Continuing Education Lesotho Distance Teaching Centre (LDTC). Bethel Sandra Masauli.

In scientific research. the objectives of the study should be categorically (point-wise) listed. iii) Tools and Techniques In this sub-section. experimental (and the type of experimental method). For scientific research. Women’s Studies. ii) Population and Sample In this sub-section. Prospectus and Application Form 83 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. policy and practice may be underlined. It may also be noted in what way a group of sample or even a single case is representative of the population species. category statement be made and discussion be undertaken with regard to the exact research method followed in the study. The implications of the study for theory. Hypotheses (if any): The hypotheses of the study (if any) in research or null form should be stated point-wise. demographic. and methods used to observe and/or measure the corresponding changes in the treatment and the depending variables. an explanation be provided to the nature of experimental design used for the study. Child Development.9. the various tools and techniques to be adapted or to be developed for use in the study be noted. philosophical. Reliability and validity of the tools and techniques. the research proposal should follow the following guidelines and should be within 3000-5000 words: (i) Background and Rationale (1000-1500 words) In this part of the proposal.D) Programme . and an explanation be given as to how this present study is a new study exploring new vistas or extending the exploration of previous research findings. the rationale may underline a previous theorem or formula or a tested hypothesis which needs further investigation. a brief review of related studies be undertaken. a brief description may be given on a variety of instruments and objects to be used for conducting the research. Social Sciences. Gender and Development Studies and Distance Education. Humanities. Commerce. The rationale for selecting the research method be given. physical. This may include historical. GUIDELINES FOR PREPARING RESEARCH PROPOSALS For Preparing Research Proposals in Education. an introduction to the research area along with relevant related literature be given. corresponding to the objectives of the study listed above. Social Work. should be mentioned. as appropriate. Also. A theoretical basis to the study be established. Objectives of the study: Based on the preceding discussion. or a mixed research methodology. in relation to the objectives of the study. case study. the population should be categorically defined geographic. descriptive. one may underline the process of experimentation and testing. given as follows: i) Research Methodology: In this sub-section. For scientific research. Aspects to be included in the questionnaire/interview schedule/observation schedule/rating scale. Methods: The ‘methods’ section of the proposal should be divided into four sub-sections. should be mentioned. and the sampling method followed to select the sample be noted. social and other aspects as appropriate). Management. Rural Development. etc. The nature of the proposed sample be stated and the rationale for selecting the sample method and the sampling (and its size) be underlined.

Statement of the Research Problem: The researcher is expected to spell out the specific area/problem chosen for investigation or the hypotheses of the study (if any) in research corresponding to the objectives of the study listed above. and an explanation be given as to how this present study is a new study exploring new vistas or extending the exploration of previous research findings. an introduction to the research area along with relevant related literature be given. including the rationale for selecting it. Prospectus and Application Form 84 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Background and Rationale (up to 1000 words) In this part of the proposal. a brief review of related studies be undertaken. and/or the process of conducting the experiment or case study. then the procedure for data collection and data handling should be given. and what contribution it makes to scientific theories or interpretations. the objectives of the study should be categorically (point-wise) listed. Further.iv) Procedure of Data Collection: This sub-section should focus on the procedure/steps proposed to be followed for administration of tools and techniques to collect data. and an explanation be given as to how this present study is a new study exploring new vistas or extending the exploration of previous research findings. this section should show what referencing style has been followed (and therefore will be followed) in the research proposal/report. in what way the results support/contradict previous such findings. Statistical and other qualitative techniques (if any) to be applied for data analysis should be mentioned. Methodology: In this section. The techniques and procedures to be adopted for the study should be outlined. Discussion of Results and Implications of the Study: In this section. the researcher should give a brief description of the research methodology. If the study required data collection. References: This section should note the references quoted in the proposal. an introduction to the research area along with relevant related literature be given. Objectives of the study: Based on the preceding discussion. (ii) Mathematics/Statistics The research proposal should be according to the headings given below. Background and Rationale (up to 1000 words) In this part of the proposal. Data Analysis and Interpretation : In this section. In case of experimentation. (iii) Physics The research proposal should follow the following headings and should be within 3000-5000 words. or those which have been consulted to prepare the research proposal. a brief review of related studies be undertaken. References: This section should note the references quoted in the proposal or those which have been consulted to prepare the research proposal. A theoretical basis to the study be established. A theoretical basis to the study be established. and should be within 3000-5000 words. and how will the analysis be interpreted in relation to the stipulated objectives and hypotheses of the study and how conclusions be drawn should be noted. proposed methodology to be followed to tabulate/collate various data collected for the study should be noted. policy and practice be drawn. Statistical and numerical tools used (if any) should be mentioned. the stages of the process. how and in what respect implications for theory. and quantitative and qualitative changes/effects and their process of analysis and interpretation should be stipulated. it should be mentioned how the results obtained as above will be discussed.D) Programme .

techniques and procedures to be adopted for the study should be outlined. Statement of the Research Problem: The researcher is expected to spell out the specific area/problem chosen for investigation or the hypotheses of the study (if any) in research corresponding to the objectives of the study listed above. an introduction to the research area along with brief relevant literature be given. then the procedure for data collection and data handling should be given. or those which have been consulted to prepare the research proposal. Methodology: In this section. If the study required data collection. it is advisable that the scholar makes a preliminary study of the research publications done in the selected area. Statement of the research problem. original and should be at the advanced level so as to contribute meaningfully to the nursing profession. (iv) Engineering and Technology The research proposal should be given according to the following guidelines under given headings. Before deciding on a research topic.D) Programme . A clear statement should be made and discussion should be undertaken with regard to the proposed method to be followed in the study. The techniques and procedures to be adopted for the study should be outlined. a brief review of related studies be undertaken and an explanation be given as to how the proposed study is a new study exploring new vistas or extending the exploration of previous research findings and useful for the mankind. (v) Nursing The research proposal should include the following headings and be within 3000-5000 words. proposed methodology to analyze data collected for the study should be described. Data Analysis and Interpretation: In this section. Statistical and numerical tools used (if any) should be mentioned. the researcher should give a brief description of the research methodology. the researcher should give a brief description of the Research Methodology including the rationale for selecting it. References: This section should note the references quoted in the proposal. the objectives of the study should be categorically (point-wise) listed. It should be within 5000 words.Objectives of the study: Based on the preceding discussion. A theoretical basis to the study be established. The tools. The research is expected to spell out the specific area/problems/technology chosen for investigation or the hypotheses of the study (if any) in research corresponding to the objectives of the study listed above. including the rationale for selecting it. Background and Rationale (up to 1000 words) In this part of the proposal. It will help identifying the aspects of the topics that have been studied and what remains to be further researched. the objectives of the study should be categorically (point-wise) listed. Objectives of the study: Based on the preceding discussion. i) Selection of Topic: The topic selected should be need based. Methods: In this section. References: This section should note the references quoted in the proposal or those which have been consulted to prepare the research proposal. Prospectus and Application Form 85 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.

Tools and Techniques In this sub-section. A brief description may be given on a variety of instruments to be used for conducting the research. 8. and the rationale for selecting the sampling methods and the sample size be underlined. Data Analysis and interpretation: In this section. the various tools and techniques to be adapted/adopted or developed for the study should be mentioned. philosophical. The nature of the proposed sample be stated. population. Conceptual/Theoretical Framework should be listed out clearly. The statement should be comprehensive reflecting study approach. clear statements be made and discussion be undertaken with regard to the research method followed in the study. Bibliography References: References used in the proposal should be listed out. Plan for Pilot Study A detailed plan for pilot study should be mentioned. experimental or a mixed research methodology. setting and time period. Aspects to be included in the questionnaire/interview schedule/observation schedule/rating scale etc should be mentioned. the population should be defined (geographic. case study. It may also be noted in what way a group of sample or even a single case is representative of the population. Statement of the Problem: The researcher is expected to spell out the specific area/problem chosen for investigation. should be mentioned. descriptive. physical. variables. social and other aspects as appropriate) and the sampling method followed to select the sample be mentioned. Statistical and other qualitative techniques (if any) to be applied for data analysis should be mentioned and also how the analysis be interpreted in relation to the stipulated objectives and null hypotheses.ii) Background and Rationale (1000-1500 words): In this part of the proposal.D) Programme . as appropriate. and an explanation be given as to how this present study is a new study exploring new vistas or extending the exploration of previous research findings. The rationale for selecting the research method be given. in relation to the objectives or the study. Procedure of data collection This sub-section should focus on the procedure/steps proposed to be followed for administration of tools and techniques to collect data. A theoretical basis to the study be established. Hypotheses (if any): The hypotheses of the study (if any) in research or in null form should be stated point-wise. Methods: This section of the proposal should be divided into five sub-sections given as follows: iii) iv) v) vi) vii) Research Methodology In this sub-section. an introduction to the research area along with relevant related literature be given. 9) Prospectus and Application Form 86 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. demographic. corresponding to the objectives of the study. a brief review of related studies be undertaken. proposed methodology to be followed to tabulate/collate various data for the study should be mentioned. Reliability and validity of the tools and techniques. Population and Sample In this sub-section. Objectives of the Study: The objectives of the study should be clearly listed in relation to the topic chosen. This may include historical.

D) Programme . 1956 to ensure mandatory requirements viz. A circular was earlier issued vide UGC letter N.: As above. 2004 is enclosed. 2004 Sir/Madam There are a number of Open Universities in the country offering various degrees/diploma through the mode of non-formal education. Sd/(Dr. empowered to award degrees in terms of Section 22(I) of the UGC Act. F.in May. 152/97(CPP-II) dated 31st January.1-52/2000(CPP-II) The Registrar. 1956. Indira Gandhi National Open University Maidan Garhi New Delhi-110068 Sub: RECOGNITION OF DEGREES AWARDED BY OPEN UNIVERSITIES 5th May.ac. I therefore request you to treat the Degrees/Diploma/Certificates awarded by the Open universities in conformity with the UGC notification on Specification of Degrees as equivalent to the corresponding awards of the traditional Universities in the country. F. The details are also given in UGC website: www.10 RECOGNITION OF IGNOU DEGREES Annexure 10. Yours faithfully. The UGC has specified the nomenclature of degrees under Section 22(3) of the UGC Act.ugc. therefore.1-25/93(CPP-II) dated 28th July. F. Prospectus and Application Form 87 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. These universities are. minimum essential academic inputs required for awarding such degrees.] Pankaj Mittal) Joint Secretary Encl.1 UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION BAHADUR SHAH ZAFAR MARG NEW DELHI – 110002 No. A copy of Gazette Notification regarding specification of degrees issued vide No.1-8/92(CPP) dated February.[Mrs. 1992 mentioning that the Certificate. Attention is further invited to UGC circular No. 1993 (copy enclosed) for recognition of degrees and diplomas as well as transfer of credit for courses successfully completed by candidates between the two types of Universities so that the mobility of candidates from Open University stream to traditional Universities is ensured without any difficulty. 1956. Diplomas and Degrees awarded by Indira Gandhi National Open University are to be treated equivalent to the corresponding awards of the Universities in the country. The Open Universities have been established in the country by an Act of Parliament or State Legislature in accordance with the provisions contained in Section 2(f) of University Grants Commission Act.

Government of India. Association of Indian Universities (AIU). Sd/(V. New Delhi-110001. Maidan Garhi. The Vice-Chancellor.Copy to:1. The Vice-Chancellor Dr. Kota Open University (Vardhaman Mahaveer Open University. The Vice-Chancellor.K. Karnataka State Open University. Department of Secondary Education and Higher Education. Shastri Bhavan. Manasagangotri. IGNOU Campus. Mysore-570006 (Karnataka). Sports Complex. Maidan Garhi. New Delhi110002. Yashawant Rao Chavan Maharashtra Open University. Road No. Indira Gandhi National Open University. Distance Education Council. The Vice-Chancellor. New Delhi110068. Shahibaug. 46. All India Council for Technical Education. Hyderabad-500033 (Andhra Pradesh). 16 Comrade Inderjit Gupta Marg (Kotla Marg). Dr. Netaji Subash Open University. Ministry of Human Resource Development. Ahmedabad380003(Gujarat). West Gandhi Maidan. Nashik-422222 (Maharashtra). Ambedkar Open University. New Delhi-110002. 5. Nalanda Open University. The Vice-Chancellor. Patna-800001 (Bihar). National Council for Teacher Education. 9. The Vice-Chancellor.G. Jaiswal) Under Secretary 12. Madhya Pradesh Bhoj (Open) University. The Secretary. Babasahib Ambedkar Open University. The Secretary.D) Programme . 4. The Vice-Chancellor. 7. Estate. B. 10. I.P. Kolkata – 700020 (West Bengal). Indraprastha Estate. New Delhi110068. 11. Prospectus and Application Form 88 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. 13. Bhopal-462016 (Madhya Pradesh).R. The Vice-Chancellor. The Secretary. I. Kota324010 (Rajasthan). The Secretary. 6. Stadium. New Delhi-110002. 14. The Secretary. Jubilee Hills. 3. I.G. 2. The Vice-Chancellor. 8.

KALRA) Joint Secretary Prospectus and Application Form 89 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme . Thanking you. if required in this behalf. provided that the entrance qualification. “Further resolved that in case of Degrees awarded by Open Universities. 3313390 3310059. EV/II(449)/94/176915-177115 January 14. The additional information.C. 3312429 Gram: ASINGU Telex:3166180 Fax: 011-3315105 No.2 ASSOCIATION OF INDIAN UNIVERSITIES AIU HOUSE. the conditions regarding entrance qualifications and duration of the course be relaxed provided that the general standard of attainment are similar to those prescribed by the recognized university”. The decision is brought to the notice of the Universities for favour of appropriate action in the matter. may kindly be obtained from the Registrars of the Universities directly. NEW DELHI-110002 Phones : 3312305. Sd/(K. duration of course and the general standard of attainment are similar to those prescribed by the recognized university”. The Standing Committee at its 237th meeting held at Utkal University and the 68th Annual Session of the AIU and in December. 16 KOTLA MARG.Annexure 10. 1994 The Registrar(s) Member Universities Subject: Recognition of Degrees/Diplomas of Open Universities Dear Sir. Yours faithfully. 1993 at the University of Delhi have decided in principle that the Degrees of the Open Universities be recognized in terms of the following resolutions: “Resolved that the examinations of one university should be recognized by another on a reciprocal basis.

1956. The Programme of Action-02 also aims at promoting the mobility of candidates among open universities and among traditional universities. 1986.P.1-25/03(CPP-II) 28 July.D) Programme . It has been brought to the notice of the Commission that the candidates who have done their M. No.: 3319659 D. therefore. the Open Universities have been established in the country by an Act of Parliament or State Legislature in accordance with the provisions contained in Section 2(f) of University Grants Commission Act. 1993 Dear Vice Chancellor.A. from open universities are debarred by universities from registration for Ph. As you are aware.3 UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION BAHADUR SHAH ZAFAR MARG NEW DELHI-110002 R. These universities are. This is most unfair in view of the importance attached to the Open University and distance learning in National Policy on Education. I hope that your university will make necessary efforts in this direction and let the Commission know the progress. Yours sincerely. GANGURDE Additional Secretary Tel. A Memorandum of Understanding has already been signed between University of Pondicherry and Indira Gandhi National Open University which provides for recognition of each other’s degrees and diplomas as well as transfer of credits for courses successfully completed by candidates between the two universities.D.Annexure 10. This can be made possible only when there is a workable understanding between open universities and traditional universities for recognition of each other’s degrees on reciprocal basis. With regards.P. The other universities may also make similar arrangements so that the mobility of candidates from Open University stream to traditional universities is ensured without any difficulty.O. studies. empowered to award degrees in terms of Section 22(I) of the UGC Act. Gangurde) To All the VCs as per List attached and Copy to AIU Prospectus and Application Form 90 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. F. Sd/(R. 1956.

New Delhi and is competent to award its own Degrees/Diplomas. F. Ministry of Human Resource Development. Diplomas and Degrees awarded by Indira Gandhi National Open University are to be treated equivalent to the corresponding awards of the Universities in the country. Yours faithfully. 1992 Sub: Recognition of Degrees/Diplomas awarded by Indira Gandhi National Open University. New Delhi I am directed to say that Indira Gandhi National Open University. New Delhi has been established by Sub-section (2) of Section (I) of the IGNOU Act.1-8/92(CPP) The Vice-Chancellors/Director’s Of all the Indian Universities/ Deemed Universities/Institutions Of National Importance ………………………….Annexure 10.13-12/85Desk (U) dated 19-09-1985 issued by the Government of India. 1985 (50 of 1985) vide Notification No.4 UNIVERSITY GRANTS COMMISSION BAHADUR SHAH ZAFAR MARG NEW DELHI-110002 No. The Certificates. (Department of Education).D) Programme . F. February.. Sd/(Gurcharan Singh) Under Secretary Prospectus and Application Form 91 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.

M. Maidan Garhi.00 A. besides back issues of the Hindu.M. The library has a spacious Reading Hall with a reader friendly environment.in Prospectus and Application Form 92 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. March 24. economic. New Delhi-110068 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Sapru House. but also to a very large number of Civil Services Officers and aspirants through establishing a library and reading room. It has a press-clippings section since 1950s. Yours sincerely. political science. The ICWA Library subscribes to more than 300 standard research journals from India and abroad which are indexed comprehensively on a regular basis. A very large number of latest books-Indian and foreign-have added to its existing rich collection this year. 2006 The Indian Council of World Affairs was established in 1943 as a think tank organization for the study of Indian politics and international relations.net. New Delhi-110001(India) Tel. The library has a rich collection of more than 200 thousand books on international relations.00 P. to 5. It remains open from 8. Barakhamba Road.D) Programme . China Today and International Herald Tribune in Bound form. You may like to bring this facility to the notice of your candidates. Fax: 23310638.M. economics and international law for the benefit of those scholars.30 P. Indira Gandhi National Open University. academicians and international law experts. 23317246-49. We provide bibliographic support to the users and arrange reading materials from other libraries also on Inter-Library loan basis. human rights and international terrorism. on all days of the week and it is open from 10.in:icwa@bol. Since then the Council has not only provided facilities to the research scholars. specialists and civil services aspirants. It is a fully depository library for the United Nations publications and European Union’s documents and also has readily available documents on Parliamentary Debates of India and other countries. candidates and intellectuals who are working in the field on political.net. 23311208 e-mail: sapruhouse@bol.: 23311902. to 8. Separate reserve seats are provided to serious research scholars. We have now decided that the research scholars/candidates of your University be allowed to avail of the facilities of ICWA Library and Reading Hall.5 INDIAN COUNCIL OF WORLD AFFAIRS No. Times of India.Annexure 10. ICWA/LIB/2006/4705 Sir. Washington Post.M. disarmament and development related subjects including globalization. on Sundays too. Sd/(Zakrur Rahman) Officer on Special Duty The Vice-Chancellor. The requirement is that the candidates bring a letter of introduction from the University as a proof of their enrolment in your University. world peace.30 A.

in 011-29534246/ 29573009 mlal@ignou.ac.D in Hindi Ph.D in Political Science Ph.ac.Neena Talwar Kanungo & Dr.D in Life Sciences Prof.com 011-29532054 sunainak@ignou.com profkapilk@gmail.ac.in jaideep@ignou.D in Public Administration Ph. Sanjay Gupta Prof. Srilatha Prof.in ptripathi@ignou.in 011-29536874 evayunandan@ignou. Sharma Prof. Gopinath Pradhan Prof.in phdmath@ignou. Singha Roy Prof.ac. Neera Kapoor & Prof.D in Computer Sciences Prof.ac.in 011-29533436/ 9818919429 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.in satyakamji@gmail.D in Tourism Studies Ph.com 011-29536526 gnpradhan@rediffmail. Kamalika Banerjee 13 Ph. Pushplata Tripathi 14 15 16 17 18 Ph.D in English Ph.11.D in Mathematics Prof. Kapil Kumar Prof.in 011-29572836 smalhotra@ignou.in 011-29535091/ 011-29572837 11 12 Ph. Satyakam Prof. Jaideep Sharma 9 10 Ph.in kamalika@ignou. Sunaina Kumar Prof.ac. Malhotra & Dr.com pandav_n@hotmail.in 011-29572823/ 011-29572841 Neera_kapoor@hotmail. Kapil Kumar Prof.D in Management Ph.com neerakapoor@ignou.D in Nursing Ph.ac. PROGRAMME COORDINATORS FOR Ph.com 011-29534248 profkapilk@gmail.in gargdeepika@ignou.in 011-29533657 nvnarasimham@ignou. N.V.D) Programme Prospectus and Application Form 93 .B. & Information Science Name of the Faculty Incharge Prof.D PROGRAMMES Sl.D in Physics PhD in Chemistry Dr. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Name of the Programme Ph.com 011-29532565 dksingharoy@ignou.ac.D in History Ph.Bimla Kapoor Prof.Narasimham Prof.ac.ac.in 011-29533845 bkapoor@ignou.D in Education Ph.ac.D in Economics Ph.ac.ac.ac. Debal K. S.D in Sociology Ph. Pandav Navak Prof.ac. Manohar Lal drsgupta@ignou.in 011-29536526 neena@ignou.Vayunandan Prof.D in Commerce Ph.D in Lib. E. C.ac.in 9910058606 pksinclair@ignou.ac.in 011-29535266 srilatha@ignou. Parvin Sinclair & Dr Deepika Contact Details sharmacb2000@yahoo.

M.in 011-29535714 / 29572513 mandinisinha@hotmail.com 011-29572958 deekshakaur@ignou.in 011-29532863/ 011-29572916 ashisha@ignou.D in Vocational Education Ph.D) Programme .co.ac. Chandrasekharan Nair Prospectus and Application Form 94 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Subramanian Prof.in 011-2953 4104 mcnair@ignou. Debal K.in 011-29572614 baljitsingh45@yahoo.in 011-29532964/ 011-29572961 s_mishra@ignou.D in Informatics Ph.ac. S.ac. Srikrishna Deva Rao 27 28 29 30 31 32 Ph.D in Journalism & Mass Communication Ph.ac.in athomas@ignou.D in Mechanical Engineering Ph. C.ac.19 20 21 22 Ph. Subramanian Prof.in 011-29533068 ksmanian@ignou.D in Community Outreach Prof.D in Sri Aurobindo Studies Ph.ac. Ghosh Dr. C.D in Civil Engineering Ph. Subramanian Prof. S.ac.Hansara Prof. Ajit Kumar Dr.in 011-29533166 ksmanian@ignou. Aslam Dr.sen@gmail.D in Nutritional Sciences Ph.Anu Aneja & Prof. Deeksha Kapur Prof.S.K.ac.in 011-29532044 dksingharoy@ignou. M. K.B. G.in 011-29533068 ksmanian@ignou.ac.ac.in 011-29534104 33 34 35 36 37 38 Ph.N. Sanjaya Mishra Prof.com 09810791956 mcnair@ignou.D in Extension Education Ph.ac. Sen Prof.in 011-29536347 Rekha. Ashish Agarwal Prof. Annu J.in 011-29533068 23 24 25 26 Ph.ac.D in Rural Development Ph. Savita Singh & Prof.ac.in 011-29534715 maslammir@yahoo. K.D in Physics and Astrophysics Ph. Nandini Sinha Kapur Dr. K. Chandrasekharan Nair Dr. Singha Roy ajit@ignou.co. Thomas Dr.D in Women’s Studies Prof. Gracious Thomas Prof.in 011-29536982 snsingh@ignou.D in Social Work Ph.D in Distance Education Ph.D in Knowledge Management Ph.D in Gender & Development Studies Prof.in 011-29536443/ 011-29572922 sosw@ignou.ac.in 011-29571105/ 29534392 ckghosh@ignou.ac.in 011-29531115 cgnaidu@ignou.Singh Dr.ac.Naidu Prof. M.in 011-29572960 savitasingh@ignou.G.s.in 09871846768 anuaneja@ignou.D in Child Development Ph.ac.D in Agriculture Extension Ph. Rekha.ac.D in Law srikrishnadevarao@ignou.D in Information Communication Technology Ph.

ac. M. K. M.in 29572734 basuswaraj@gmail.in 011-29532044 sacar@auromail. 17. 5.B. 29572955 akoijam@ignou. 21.D) Programme 22.com 011-29535140.ac. 20.Dash Ms.com 011-29535737. 29572707 darveshgopal@yahoo.in 011-29535519 mca@ignou.12 ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES OFFERED BY THE UNIVERSITY Name of Programme Name of School/Centre/ Institute SOH SOH SOSS SOSS SOSS Name of Programme Coordinator Email address /Telephone No.in 011-29533845.net 9894778977 ramanujam@ignou.in 011-29531302 santosh_tanwar@hotmail.Khanna Prof.Srilatha malati_mathur@hotmail. 13. E.in 011-29535747 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Finance and Taxation SOSS SOSS SOE SOCE SOTHSSM SOSW SOITS STRIDE SOITS SOE SOCIS SOMS SOMS SOMS Dr. 29573027 srilatha@ignou. SOMS SOMS Prof. Naveen Kumar Prof.in 011-29571113. 2.ac. 3.ac.in 011-29534905.com 011-29536347.C.ac. 7. Rita Rani Paliwal Dr.in 011-29533436 bbkhanna@ignou.ac.com 011-29572783 rrpaliwal@hotmail.ac.S.ac. Master Degree Programmes Sl. (Social Entrepreneurship) M. Madhu Tyagi Prof.in 01129535266 nkishor@ignou. 12. Alka Dhameja 8.B.Gracious Thomas Dr. 29572716 ukanjilal@ignou.Santosh Tanwar Ms. 29572720 pardeepsahni@gmail.in 011-29534245. N.Nita Mathur Prof. 29572701 rsevukan@ignou.ac.B. M. Nawal Kishor Prof. Tangjakhomdi Akajam Prof. 29572784 kbarik@ignou. Pardeep Sahni Prof. (through Entrance Test) M.ac.ac.D. N.A. Ravi Shankar Prof.Ed. S.Kaustava Barik Prof. Sociology Public Policy Education Rural Development Tourism Management Social Work Sri Aurobindo Studies Distance Education Social Anthropology M.ac.Com M.R.in 011-29535266 mssraju@ignou.com 011-29533657.A.ac. Raju Prospectus and Application Form 95 . P. 29572706 alkadhameja@yahoo. Swaraj Basu Prof. Political Science Public Administration SOSS SOSS Prof.K.co. 29573008 krsankar@ignou. 18.com 011-29532202.in 011-29536526. Nandini Sinha Kapur Prof.ac.ac. Narasimham Prof. M.Gopal Prof. (Banking & Finance) M. 19. No.in 011-29535747 nvnarasimham@ignou. 11.Vayunandan Prof.in 011-29534246.in 011-29533399 nandinisinha@hotmail. 29573009 mtyagi@ignou. M.Com. 9.A.V.ac. Ramanujam Dr.A. 16.Kaul Mr.ac.R Sevukan 6. Ananda Reddy Prof.in 011-29535515.in 011-29533845. 14. Uma Kanjilal Dr. 4. 23. 10. 29572735 nkdash@ignou. 1.ac. B.A.in 011-29534336.S. English Hindi Economics History Library and Information Science Dr.L. 29572742 nitamathur@ignou. 29572704 evayunandan@ignou. Malati Mathur Prof.B.com 9810791956 mlkoul@ignou. 15. 9971783155 sosw@ignou.

Singh Prof. S. Sunil Kumar 26. Srikrishna Deva Rao srikrishnadevarao@ignou.in 011-29572823 cgnaidu@ignou.A. Annu J.Naidu Dr. Electronic Media Production & Management 29. D.Com.in 09717033945 deoshankar@hotmail.ac. 38. N.ac. Pattanaik Prof.K. Actuarial Science Dietetics and Food Service Management Hospitality Admn M. Gandhi and Peace Studies 30. SOGDS Prof. C.ac. 9873497720 babu@ignou.in 9811389095 bkpattanaik@ignou. 32.N.in 011-29571105.ac.in 011-29573024 pmital@ignou.in 29536982 deekshakapur@yahoo. Dr. Rashmi Bansal 25. Mathematics with Application in Computer Science (offered in January session only) SOMS Prof. Remesh Prof.com 011-29571107 smalhotra@ignou.in 011-29532044 41.Singh snsingh@ignou. Deoshankar Navin Dr.in 011-29572812 Master Degree Programmes M.K.K. 36.G.ac. Narasimham Dr. 33. 43. 37.ac.Sc.ac. Thomas Prospectus and Application Form 96 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.Poornima Mittal Dr. 09495572139 SOJNMS SOJNMS SOITS Prof. S.K.N.D) Programme . Savita Singh Dr. Venkataraman mtyagi@ignou. Divakaran Nair ksdnair@rediffmail.in 01129535266 aggarwalsk1975@ignou.in 011-29572961 savitasingh@ignou.in 011-29535747 rashmibns71@yahoo. SOMS Prof.in 011-29531115.Sc. Ghosh 42. SOS Prof.in 011-29532964 ckghosh@ignou.ac.S. Nandini Sinha Kapur M. Management Accounting & Financial Strategies M.ac. Malhotra Prof.ac. S. Madhu Tyagi Dr.in 011-29571112 ksdnair@rediffmail. Divakaran Nair 39. in Physics and Astrophyiscs MSW Master in Social Work SOITS SOSW Prof.ac. C.ac.ac. Prof. 31.Sc. 29534392 dgopal@ignou.ac. 29534392 snsingh@ignou.Babu P. Deeksha Kapur Dr.in 011-29572513 sosw@ignou. Sonia Sharma Dr. Integrated M. Policy and Corporate Governance M.ac.co.in 011-29572826 svenkat@ignou. Labour and Development Extension and Development Studies Translation Studies Social Anthropology (Full Time & On-Campus) Prof. 9871504622 athomas@ignou.ac.Com.24.com. Chemistry 35.ac. 0484-232330891. 27. M. Journalism & Mass Communication 28. 29572960 soniasharma@ignou. 34.V. S.S. B.in 011-29535571.com 0484-232330891. G.com 011-29536347. Thomas and Prof.ac.uk 011-29573006 nvnarasimham@ignou. 09495572139 40.Gopal SOITS SOEDS SOTST SOITS Dr.Tech Airport Infrastructure Engineering MBA Aviation Business Management Masters in Intellectual Property Law (Online) Master in Gender and Development Studies SOS SOVET SOCE SOTHSM CCETC (Cochin– from Jan2010) CCETC (Cochin– from Jan2010) SOL Prof.-Ph D.in 011-29571105.com 9868110994 nandinisinha@hotmail.

Bachelor Degree Programmes
44. B.A. (General) with ‘Major’ in Hindi English, Political Science History Economics Public Administration Sociology Mathematics Philosophy SOH SOH SOSS SOSS SOSS SOSS SOSS SOSS SOSS SOS SOEDS SOTHSM SOH SOSS

45. 46. 47.

48. 49.

50. 51. 52.

53. 54. 55. 56. 57.

International Hospitality Administration BPP Bachelor Preparatory Programme B.Sc. (General) as well as with ‘Major’ in Chemistry Mathematics Physics Botany Zoology B.Sc.Nursing (Post Basic) B.Sc.(Hons) Optometry and Ophthalmic Technology Medical Laboratory Technology Anaesthesia & Critical Care Technology Medical Records & Health Information Technology Radiation Therapy Technology Medical Imaging Technology Hospitality and Hotel Admn B.Com B.Com. (A&F) (with major in Accountancy & Finance), B.Com. (CA&A) (with major in Corporate Affairs & Administration) B.Com. (F&CA) (with major in Financial and Cost Accounting) BBA in Retailing (with modular approach—1st year Diploma in Retailing, 2nd year Advanced Diploma in Retailing and 3rd year BBA in Retailing)

Dr. Paramita Suklabaidya Dr.Neeta Mathur Prof.Javed A. Farooqi for Chemistry

SOS SOS SOS SOS SOS SOHS SOHS Prof.Bimla Kapoor Prof.S.B.Arora

paramitaz@ignou.ac.in 011-29571113 nitamathur@ignou.ac.in 011-29533845, 29572720 javed_farooqi@redifmail.com jafarooqi@hotmail.com 011-29532167

bkapoor@ignou.ac.in 9910058606 sbarora@ignou.ac.in 9310116392 sbarora@ignou.ac.in 9310116392 sbarora@ignou.ac.in 9310116392 sbarora@ignou.ac.in 9310116392 sbarora@ignou.ac.in 9310116392 sbarora@ignou.ac.in 9310116392 soniasharma_smart@rediffmail.com mssraju@ignou.ac.in 011-29535747 nvnarasimham@ignou.ac.in 011-29535266 mtyagi@ignou.ac.in 011-29535747 mssraju@ignou.ac.in 011-29535747 madhulikalal@gmail.com 011-29573023 nkishor@ignou.ac.in 011-29535266 skesharwani@ignou.ac.in 011-29573018 ignouru@gmail.com 011-29534326, 011-29571523 madhulikalal@gmail.com 011-29573023 rashmibns71@yahoo.co.uk 011-29573006


Prof.S.B. Arora Prof.S.B. Arora Prof.S.B. Arora


Prof.S.B. Arora Prof.S.B. Arora Dr. Sonia Sharma Prof.M.S.S.Raju Prof.N.V.Narasimham Prof. Madhu Tyagi



Prof.M.S.S.Raju Dr. Madhulika P. Sarka



Dr. Nawal Kishore Dr. Subodh Kesharwani



Dr. Venugopal Reddy Dr. Madhulika P. Sarka Dr. Rashmi Bansal

Prospectus and Application Form


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme





65. 66. 67.

B.Ed Bachelor of Education) (through Entrance Test) B. Tech. Civil (Construction Management (offered in January session only) B.Tech. Civil (Water Resource Engineering (offered in January session only) B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering (Computer Integrated Manufacturing) (offered in January session only) B.Tech. Aerospace Engineering B.Tech.. (Bachelor in Architecture) BLISc. Bachelor of Library and information Science BCA Bachelor of Computer Applications BTS Bachelor of Tourism Studies BSW (Bachelor of Social work



mcsharma@ignou.ac.in 011-29531302 kulshreshtha_m@ignou.ac.in 011-29572927


Dr.Manoj Kulshrestha



skvyas@ignou.ac.in 011-29532863


Dr.Ashish Agarwal

ashish_ka@yahoo.com ashisha@ignou.ac.in 011-29536443


Prof. Subhasis Maji Dr. M.K. Bhardwaj Prof.Neena Talwar Kanungo Dr.Jaideep Sharma




subhasis@ignou.ac.in 9810592438 mbhardwaj@ignou.ac.in 011-29572930 neena@ignou.ac.in 011-29533845, 29572732 jaideep@ignou.ac.in 011-29533845, 29572740 bac@ignou.ac.in 9868424079 arvindkrdubey@ignou.ac.in 011-29531113 sosw@ignou.ac.in 011-29532014



Mr. Arvind Kumar Dubey



Prof.Gracious Thomas

Bachelor Degree Programmes (Full-Time)
71. B.Tech Airport Infrastructure Engineer (Civil) B.Tech. Aircraft Manufacturing & Maintenance Engineering B.A. in 3D Animation & Visual Effects Bachelor of Fashion Design Bachelor of Textile Design Bachelor of Fashion Merchandising & Production CCETC (Cochin– from Jan-2010) CCETC (Cochin– from Jan-2010) SOJNMS SOVET SOVET SOVET Dr.K.S. Divakaran Nair ksdnair@rediffmail.com 0848-232330891, 09495572139 In collaboration with Cochin International Airport Limited, Cochin, ksdnair@rediffmail.com, 0484-232330891, 09495572139 snsingh@ignou.ac.in 011-29571105, 29534392 urshla.kant@gmail.com 011-29536982 urshla.kant@gmail.com 011-29536982 urshla.kant@gmail.com 011-29536982


Dr.K.S. Divakaran Nair

73. 74. 75. 76.

Prof. S.N.Singh Ms. Urshla Kant Ms. Urshla Kant Ms. Urshla Kant

Post Graduate Diplomas
77. 78. Translation Book Publishing SOH SOH Prof.Rita Rani Paliwal Prof.Sunaina Kumar rrpaliwal@hotmail.com 011-29533657, 29572778 sunainaignou@gmail.com 011-29533657, 29572785 Mobile: 9873311723 rsevukan@ignou.ac.in 011-29572707, 9717211645 umamedury@hotmail.com 011-29532202, 29572741 dollymathew@hotmail.com 011-29533845, 29572728 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme

79. 80.

Library Automation and Networking Disaster Management


Dr.R.Sevukan Prof.Uma Medury Dr.Dolly Mathew

Prospectus and Application Form



Intellectual Property Rights Participatory Management of Displacement, Resettlement and Rehabilitation Diploma in Analytical Chemistry


Ms.Suneet Kashyap



Prof. Madhu Bala

suneet_910@hotmail.com 011-29531115, 29572978 Mobile: 9871088309 mbala@ignou.ac.in 011-29572712



Dr. Lalita S. Kumar and Prf. J.A. Farooqi

lalitaskumar@ignou.ac.in 011-29572808 Javed_farooqi@rediffmail.com 011-29572822 smalhotra@hotmail.com 011-29572823 anigam@ignou.ac.in 011-29572809 pbhushan@ignou.ac.in 011-29572934 sbose@ignou.ac.in 011-29572942 lakshmireddy_m_v@hotmail.com 011-29572935/ 29535519


Environment and Sustainable Development Higher Education Educational Technology Adult Education: Participatory Adult Learning Documentation and Information Networking (offered in July session only). School Leadership & Management Rural Development Social Work Family Therapy and Mediation Management in Industrial Safety, Health & Environment International Business Operation Management Financial Management Human Resource Management Marketing Management Operation Management Teaching and Research in Management


Prof.Sunita Malhotra Dr.Amrita Nigam

85. 86. 87.


Ms.Poonam Bhushan Dr.Sutapa Bose Dr.M.V.Lakshmi Reddy

88. 89. 90. 91. 92.


Prof.M.C.Sharma Dr.Gurchain Singh Prof.Gracious Thomas Dr.A.Ratra Prof. Subhasis Maji

mcsharma@ignou.ac.in 011-29531302 gurchainsingh@hotmail.com 011-29536347, 29572951 sosw@ignou.ac.in 011-29532044 amiteshwarr@yahoo.co.in subhasis@ignou.ac.in 9810592438 nkishor@ignou.ac.in 011-29535266 gsubbayamma@ignou.ac.in 011-29532073, 29573001 krsankar@ignou.ac.in 011-29534245, 29573027 srilatha@ignou.ac.in 011-29534246, 29573009 kyadava@ignou.ac.in 011-29534245, 29573010 anurags@ignou.ac.in 011-29532219, 29573029 gsubbayamma@ignou.ac.in 011-29532073, 29573001 sbarora@ignou.ac.in 9310116392 sbarora@ignou.ac.in 9310116392

93. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99.


Prof.Nawal Kishore Prof. G. Subbayamma Prof.Ravi Shankar Prof. S.Srilatha Prof.Kamal Yadav Prof.Anurag Saxena Dr. G. Subhayamma Prof.S.B.Arora

100. Acupuncture (Online)

101. Hospital & Health Management


Prof. S.B.Arora

Prospectus and Application Form


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme

Divakaran Nair Prospectus and Application Form 100 . 09495572139 In collaboration with Cochin International Airport Limited. Salooja mksalooja@ignou. Security Management Dr. Airport Operations Management Dr. C. Fire Fighting & Safety Dr. 9818514907 tkjena@ignou.in 011-29533166 103.ac.com. Plantation Management (offered in January. Disability Management for Medical Practioner SOVET NCDIS Prof.102. 0484-232330891. Prasad and Dr.in 9868007747 sbarora@ignou.ac.S.in 29531575 SOJNMS Prof.Ramanujam Prof. Folklore & Culture Studies 114.Agarwal and Dr.ac.S.in 011-29572849/29532231 rkuba@ignou.R. Journalism and Mass Communication 109.Naidu Dr.net 9894778977 sacar@auromail.com skprasad@ignou.in 9871504622 gurmeet_kaur97@rediffmail.com 9911988613 javed_farooqi@rediffmail.K. Studies in Indian Culture 112. M. Biplab Jamatia Prof. Audio Programme Production 110.ac. Farooqi Dr.S.Javed A. Jain akagarwal@ignou.Dhuliya SOJNMS SOJNMS Dr.Jena Dr. Broadcasting & Web Journalism 111. Security Operations 119. Srikrishna Deva Rao Ms.K.com.S.com sdhuliya@ignou.K. Cochin.in biplab@ignou.K. ksdnair@rediffmail.in 011-29534450 kbansal@ignou. K. Food Safety and Quality Management (Online also ) 108.com.ac.D) Programme 120.S.ac. P.A. Gurmeet Kaur SOITS SOITS SOITS STRIDE SOL 116. Pharmaceutical Sales Management 117. Maternal & Child Health 104.D. 0484-232330891.K.in 011-29533078. S. Nair (RC Cochin) Dr.in 011-29535399 srikrishnadevarao@ignou.com 011-29535399 ramanujam@ignou. 0484-232330891. 09495572139 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Hemlata Advanced Diplomas (Full Time & On-Campus) 118.ac. Clinical Cardiology SOHS Prof.ac. Geriatric Medicine 105. Cochin.in 29536982 In collaboration with Cochin International Airport Limited. 09495572139 sacar@auromail. Divakaran Nair cgnaidu@ignou.net 9894778977 kavinandini@rediffmail. Ananda Reddy (Sacar Pondicherry) Dr.in 011-29533166 sdhuliya@gmail. 09495572139 In collaboration with Cochin International Airport Limited.G. Kiron Bansal Dr. Legal Process Outsourcing(Online) SOHS SOHS SOHS SOA SOA Prof.P. ksdnair@rediffmail.ac.S. ksdnair@rediffmail. District Health Management 106.B. Rescue. ksdnair@rediffmail.T. Arora Dr. Divakaran Nair 121.com.K.in 9310116392 pkjain@ignou. Ananda Reddy (Sacar Pondicherry) Dr. K. Ruchika Kuba Prof. Divakaran Nair 122.ac.in ksdnair@rediffmail. 0484-232330891.in 29531574 hemlata@ignou.2009 Session) 107.ac. Distance Education 115. Cochin. S. Advanced Diploma in Air Cargo Management SOVET CCETC (January 2010 – Only in Cochin) CCETC (Cochin– from Jan2010) CCETC (Cochin– from Jan2010) CCETC (Cochin– from Jan2010) Prof.K.com. K. 09495572139 In collaboration with Cochin International Airport Limited. Integral Education 113.ac. 0484-232330891. Nandini Sahu Prof. Cochin.ac.ac.

ac.K.S.in 011-29572930 kulshreshtha_m@ignou. Cochin. 29572960 mbhardwaj@ignou.in 011-29533166/3167 mkumar@ignou.B. Thomas and Dr.in 011-29572927 sbhasis@ignou. B.(Army Only) 136.N. Meat Technology 146.D) Programme SOCE SOET SOET Dr. Pulses and Oilseeds] 145. Munish Bhardwaj Dr. Civil Engineering(G) 135. Thomas and Prof.in nvenkateshwarlu@hotmail. Management 140. 29572961 deekshakapur@yahoo.ac. 29572959 rekha_s_sen@hotmail.Advanced Diplomas 123.Mita Sinhamahapatra Prof. Divakaran Nair Dr.ac. Khanna Prof. Subhasis Maji SOMS SOHS CPMS SOHS SOA Prof.ac.Manoj Kulshrestha Dr.Neerja Chadha and Ms. Radiology & Imaging Technology 143. S.ac. S. 09495572139 127.ac. Early Childhood Care and Education 133. Dairy Technology SOET SOET SOET Dr.B.in 9310116392 mksalooja@ignou.ac. Optometry 142. Mechanical Engineering 137. Cochin. Value added Products from fruits and Vegetables 144.com 011-29536347. Manoj Kulshrestha Mr. M.Bimla Kapoor Prof.ac. 29573008 bkapoor@ignou.in 011-29532092.in 011-29572961 dksingharoy@ignou. ksdnair@rediffmail.ac.in 9910058606 sbarora@ignou.K.in 011-29535519 athomas@ignou. Annu J. M.com 022-29536443 kulshresjtja_m@ignou.in 9310116392 sbarora@ignou.co.Venkateshwarlu sunainak@ignou.Debal K Singha Roy SOCE Dr. Annu J. Electrical & Mech. 29572785 ignoukhan@yahoo. ksdnair@rediffmail. Computer Integrated Manufacturing 124.Sunaina Kumar Prof Naseer Ahmad Khan Ptof. Urdu 130. Arora Prof.Ashish Agarwal Dr.Sen Dr.(Army Only) 138. 29572928 In collaboration with Cochin International Airport Limited.in 9810592438 bbkhanna@ignou.Rekha S.Mukesh Kumar SOA SOA Dr.Deeksha Kapur 134.in 011-29534715 011-29536347.in 011-29572927 nvenkateshwarlu2008@ignou.com Ph: .ac.in 011-29534905.in 011-29534689. Divakaran Nair Diploma Programmes 128.in 011-29533166 mksalooja@ignou. Engg. 0484-232330891.B.com. Arora Prof.ac. Manoj Kulshrestha Prof.ac. Health & Environment 139.Salooja SOA Er. Nutrition and Health Education SOH SOH SOE SOGDS Prof.ac. M.com 011-29536347.29532958 annu_thomas@hotmail.L.com 011-29532863 kulshreshtha_m@ignou.Koul Prof. Civil Engg.Salooja Prospectus and Application Form 101 . Management in Industrial Safety. Construction Management 125.Shiv Kumar Vyas ashish_ka@yahoo. Retail Management SOET SOET SOET Dr. Primary Education 131.ac.S. Relationship Management CCETC (Cochin– from Jan2010) CCETC (Cochin– from Jan2010) Dr.com.K.com 9868334281 mlkoul@ignou. Nursing Administration 141. Value added Products from Cereals. Creative Writing in English 129.in 011-29533166 mitasmp@yahoo.in 011-29533166/3167 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.in 011-29533657. 0484-232330891.ac.ac. Water Resource Engineering (offered in January session only) 126. Women’s Empowerment and Development 132.K.ac. 09495572139 In collaboration with Cochin International Airport Limited. 29572927 skvyas@ignou.ac.

com 011-29533657.ac.in 011-29572927 ashisha@ignou.in 981043788 rkuba@ignou. Malyalam-Hindi Translation (Offered in July Session Only) 170. Agriculture Policy(Online also ) 168.ac. 0484-232330891.com ashisha@ignou.com Mobile: 9968259651 ashish_ka@yahoo.P.K. Gaba akgaba@ignou.Narasimha Rao Dr.P. Gaba Dr.C.S. Manoj Kulshrestha Dr. A.in 011-29531113 sosw@ignou.Nair Dr.B.in 9310116392 srikrishnadevarao@ignou.in 011-29536982 geetikajohry@rediffmail. Security Management 152.ac.K. Mobile:9871504622 anandsep9@gmail. Corporate Governance SOET CCTEC 159. 29572103 In collaboration with Cochin International Airport Limited. A.in 011-29536443 SOHS SOHS SOA SOTST SOTST Prof. 29534392 geetikajohry@rediffmail. Spoken English & Personality Development SOVET Dr.K.com.K. Oral Implantlogy 167. Arora Prof.com 011-29536982 011-29532167.in 9868007747 pkjain@ignou.ac. Ruchika Kuba Dr. Para-legal Practice SOA SOTHSM SOSW SOSW SOVET SOVET SOVET Dr. Anand Gupta Dr. Sustainable Farm Management CCETC (Cochin– from Jan2010) Diploma Programmes (Full Time) 160.in nayantara@ignou. 29572784 suneet_910@hotmail.ac. Medical Laboratory Technology 156. A.K.in 011-29531115. Youth in Development Work 151. Agarwal Dr.in 981043788 rkuba@ignou. Ruchika Kuba Prof.ac.ac. Gaba Dr. Arvind Kumar Dubey Prof. Bangla-Hindi Translation 169. ksdnair@rediffmail. Tourism Studies 149. Johry pvkumar@ignou.com 011-29536982 Professional Certificates 162. Gedika S.in 011-29536982 akgaba@ignou. Aquaculture 155.K. Divakaran Nair 157. Johry snsingh@ignou. Business Process Outsourcing: Finance & Accounting 154. Endodontics 166.in 011-29571105.com 9871088309 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.N. Ashish Agarwal gurmeet_kaur97@redifmail. Vijay Kumar Mr.Gurmeet Kaur Dr.in 011-29536982 Post Graduate Certificate Programmes 163.in 011-29533166 arvindkrdubey@ignou.ac.Ashish Agarwal Dr. Nayana Tara Dr. Project Management (Online) (Programme Application Form to be downloaded from IGNOU website) 165.ac.147.Singh Dr. Patent Practice SOL SOET Ms.Rita Rani Paliwal Prof.ac.ac.Gracious Thomas Dr. Gedika S.in 011-29532044 nairmc@gmail. Fire Safety 153.Rita Rani Paliwal akagarwal@ignou.com 011-29572225 akgaba@ignou. 09495572139 SOS SOHS SOL Prof. P.Suneet Kashyap Prospectus and Application Form 102 .in 9868007747 akagarwal@ignou. Amrita Nigam Prof. Computer Integrated Manufacturing 158. Entrepreneurship & Skill Development SOJNMS SOVET Prof.ac. S.R. Cochin. Cyber Law 164.ac. Agarwal Dr.M. S.ac.com 011-29533657.com 9911988613 kulshreshtha_m@ignou.ac.ac.ac.ac.in 011-29533166 rrpaliwal@hotmail. Jain Prof. A.K.in 011-29572112. A.D) Programme SOL Ms. 29572784 rrpaliwal@hotmail. HIV and Family Education 150. 29572809 sbarora@ignou.in 011-29536443 narasimhabpr@ignou.B. Srikrishna Deva Rao and Mr. Fish Product Technology (DFPT) 148. Diploma in Computer Generated Imagery 161.ac.

in 011-29536982 akgaba@ignou. Arora Prof. Consumer Protection SOL Prof. S.Deeksha Kapur 188.in 9310116392 sbarora@ignou.Pardeep Sahni Prof. Disaster Management 183.Gracious Thomas Prospectus and Application Form 103 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Guidance 187.ac.D) Programme . Arora Prof. Chandra Bhushan Sharma Sharmacb2000@yahoo.ac.ac.com 9811032713 arvindkrdubey@ignou.ac.. Health Insurance 174.com 011-29572822 sosw@ignou. Creative Media Arts (Digital Sound) 173. Quality Management in Healthcare SOE Prof.Vibha Joshi Dr.com 011-29572961 deekshakapur@yahoo.in 011-29534248 annu_thomas@hotmail.com 011-29572960 asnarang7@hotmail. Ravi Kanth Prof.ac. Tourism Studies 192. Fire Safety SOET SOVET Prof.ac. Teaching of English 191.Thomas and Dr. Gupta Mr.in 9310116392 sbarora@ignou.Narang and Mr. Mob.com 011-29572951. 29572733 deekshakapur@yahoo.K.Deeksha Kapur Prof.com 011-29536526. Gaba Certificates Programmes 182.com 011-29532525.Anju S.Pandav Nayak and Prof.in 9310116392 sbarora@ignou. Medical Informatics 175.ac.ac. Arora Prof.S. Professional Development of Teachers (Only for teachers working in Navodaya Vidyalaya) 172. 29572735 profravin@yahoo. Gaba sbhasis@ignou.com 011-29535140. Nutrition and Child Care SOE SOCE Prof. Arvind Kumar Dubey Prof.B.Ravindra Kumar Dr. Farooqi 193.ac. A. Laboratory Techniques SOCE SOH SOTHSSM SOS Dr.B.in 011-29532044 SOVET Dr.Gurchain Singh Prof.com 011-29534248 SOJNMS SOHS SOHS SOHS SOHS Mr. S. S.B. Spoken English & Personality Development 181. C. Food and Nutrition 185.in 011-29536982 paradeepsahni@gmail. Anand Gupta 186.com 011-29531115 vjoshi@ignou. 29572727 nicmkel@rediffmail.K.G.com 29533079 sbarora@ignou. Medical Laws 176.ac. Gaba cgnaidu@ignou.:9717249316 gurchainsingh@hotmail. Arora krkanth@yahoo. Power Distribution Management 180. PG Security Operations 178.com 011-29535140.com 011-29572960 pandav_n@hotmail.Naidu Dr. Environmental Studies 184.in 011-29536982 Advanced Certificate Programmes 179.com 011-29535519 anandsep9@gmail.in 9810592438 akgaba@ignou.Annu J.Javed A.in 9310116392 Post Graduate Certificate/Diploma Programmes (Full Time) 177. Subhasis Maji Dr. Rural Development 190.A. Human Rights SOSS SOS SOCE SOL Prof. Elumalai 189. S.com jafarooqi@hotmail.ac. 29536347 anjusgupta7@rediffmail.171.K.ac. PG Diploma in Security Management SOVET SOVET Prof.in 011-29531113 javed_farooqi@rediffmail. A. K.in 29536982 akgaba@ignou. HIV & Family Education SOSW Prof. A.B.

S.in 011-29534403 sacar@auromail. Introduction to Sri Aurobindo Studies 210.in 011-29535091 svarma@ignou. Thomas Dr.com subhasis@ignou.ac. Primary Education 212.com 011-29572961 deekshakapur@yahoo.Pity Koul Prof.ac.in 011-29535747 skesharwani@ignou.com subhasis@ignou.194. M. Food Safety SOCE Dr.in 9810592438 subhmaji@rediffmail. Japanese language (Bangalore & Pune only) SOH Prof.S. 29573020 pvkumar@ignou.com 011-29533166 renub@ignou.com 011-29572960 rkuba@ignou.ac.S.S.ac. Gupta SOMS SOA SOA SOH Dr. Competency Enhancement for ANM/FHW 197.Renu Bhardwaj SOH SOH SOH Prof. Leather Goods Making (CLGM) Prospectus and Application Form SOITS CEE Dr.Pity Koul annu_thomas@hotmail.Parvin Sinclair Prof.Ruchika Kuba Prof.in 9871812473 cptm@ignou. Shoe Upper Stitching (CSUS) 217.in 011-29573018 anjusgupta7@rediffmail. Maternal and Child Health Care 199.ac. Teaching of Primary School Mathematics SOHS SOHS Dr.ac.in 011-29533166 skyadav30@gmail.in 9811032713. Organic Farming 205.ac. 29572751 renub@ignou.Annu J. Primary Curriculum & Instruction 214.in 9871812473 pkoul@ignou. Shoe Lasting & Finishing (CSLF) 218. Health Care Waste Management 196. Spanish Language (Online only) 208. Craft & Design(Pottery) (CCDP) 215.S.ac.Ajit Kumar Prof. Ananda Reddy Dr.Maji 104 .in 011-29536441.net 9894778977 nairmc@gmail.in 9810592438 subhmaji@rediffmail.in 011-29536441.Koul Prof.in 011-29536441. 29572776 neeti@ignou.Maji SOET Prof.com subhasis@ignou. Sericulture 204. Shoe Upper Cutting (CSUC) 216. 29572751 renub@ignou.ac. ITeS & Related Sectors 211.ac. Sujatha Varma 200.P. 2953160.com subhasis@ignou.ac. Raju Prof.com asgupta@ignou.S.ac.L.Renu Bhardwaj Prof. Saleem 207.ac.in 9871812473 pkoul@ignou.M.Yadav Prof.S.ac. German Language (Offered only in Tamilnadu & Kerala) 206.in 011-29532863 subhmaji@rediffmail.in 9868007747 pkoul@ignou.ac.in 9810592438 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.Neeti Agarwal Dr.ac.in 9810592438 subhmaji@rediffmail.com 011-29572225 mlkoul@ignou. Business Skills SOMS Prof.ac.M.ac.Koul Prof.Nair SOE SOE SOE SOET SOET Prof.in 011-29572830 mssraju@ignou.in 011-29535519 mlkoul@ignou.ac. Communication Skills for BPO.M. Persian Language (Online only) 209. M. NGO Management 203. Anju S.in 011-29532073.L.in 011-29535519 ajit@ignou.K.Maji SOET Prof.C.in 011-29535519 mlkoul@ignou.Maji SOET Prof.D) Programme SOHS SOHS SOS Prof. Functional English(Basic Level) 202.Subodh Kesharwani 201.L.ac.Pity Koul Prof.ac.ac.Deeksha Kapur 195. 29572751 saleem@ignou. Newborn and Infant Care 198. Primary Teaching 213.Vijaykumar Dr.Koul Prof.Renu Bhardwaj Mohd.ac.

29532958 105 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.ac.in 011-29536133. Early Childhood Special Education Enabling Inclusion (Mental Retardation) (July 2009) 241. P. Bimla Kapoor Mrs.in 011-29533436. A.com 9868334281. Spoken English & Personality Development 228.s. Visual Arts 235.com 011-29534104.Nair Dr.ac. Reeta Devi Dr.K.ac.sen@gmail. Rekha Sen rekha.ac. Gaba Dr. Early Childhood Special Education Enabling Inclusion (Hearing Impairment) (Jan 2010) Prospectus and Application Form SOHS SOHS Mrs.com 011-29571992 ksunil@ignou. 29572413 grcignou@sancharnet.Farooqui Dr.ac.S. Handmade Paper Items (offered in January session only) SOET Prof. A.in 011-29536982 akgaba@ignou.29532958 SOCE Dr. Travel Agency Operations 231. Security Management 226. A. Gaba subhmaji@rediffmail.ac. 29572777. 29531303 akgaba@ignou. Information Technology 233.ac.ac. Mukesh Kumar Dr.com Ph: . A. Rekha Sen rekha. Urdu Language 225. 29572908 bharasenu@gmail. Early Childhood Special Education Enabling Inclusion (Visual Impairment) (Jan 2010) 242. Airline In-Flight Services 230.in 011-29536982 akgaba@ignou.ac. Community Radio 236.com subhasis@ignou. Elementary Teacher Education 221. Neerja Sood Dr.in .in 011-29535519 mkumar@ignou.com 9818494554 bkapoor@ignou.9810364533 rekha.in 011-29536982 cit@ignou.faruqui@ignou. A. Gaba Mr. Early Childhood Special Education Enabling Inclusion (Cerebral Palsy) ( July 2009) 240. 29572225 jkurup1@rediffmail. Fire Safety 227.sen@gmail.ac. Performing Arts 234.Maji SOE SOA SOA SOA SOH SOVET SOVET SOVET Prof.L.in 011-29536982 akgaba@ignou.in 9968266396 hisam.K.29532958 SOCE Dr. P.D) Programme .Vardhini Bhatacharjee 237.K. A.M. Air Ticketing.ac.in 011-29533166 pvkumar@ignou.9910058606 reetadevi@ignou. Diabetes Community Worker 238.sen@gmail.29532958 SOVET SOVET Dr.ac. Gaba SOVET SOVET SOCIS SOPVA SOPVA SOJNMS CEE Dr. Gaba Dr.in 011-29536982 akgaba@ignou.in.K.s.com 011-29534034.G Bhardwaza Prof.ac.K. Bee-Keeping 224.V.in 011-29536982 akgaba@ignou.K.K. Competency Certificate in Power Distribution (CCPD) 220. Gaba Dr.in 011-29536982 akgaba@ignou.ac. Gaba Dr. Rekha Sen rekha.ac. Yadav Prof Naseer Ahmad Khan Dr.in 011-29533166 Sky30@mail.in 9810592438 mlkoul@ignou.in 011-29534104 0361-2668409/2662831 neerjasood@sify.M.com Ph: .219.com Ph: .ac. Tour Guiding Skills 232. Vijay Kumar Dr. A. 29573211 nairmc@gmail. Sunil Kumar Mr. 229. Rekha Sen SOCE SOCE Dr. Water Harvesting and Management 222.H.s.sen@gmail. S.C.K.Koul Er. Poultry Farming 223. Home Based Care Providers 239.Jayshree Menon Kurup Dr.com 011-29533166/67 ignoukhan@yahoo.s. Suresh Dr.com Ph: .

Ram Chandra Dr. Johry snsingh@ignou. Divakaran Nair Dr. Divakaran Nair Dr.Singh Dr. 9650583700 ramchandrajd@yahoo.Nair Dr. 1 Regional Centre Delhi.com. 09495572139 ramchandrajd@yahoo.com 011-29536982 rachna-india@yahoo.com 011-26058354. K. 9650583700 Dr.S. Ram Chandra Dr. 09495572139 ksdnair@rediffmail.S.com 011-26058354. Airport Ramp Handling (Full Time – Cochin) 251.K.com 011-29534034. 1 Regional Centre Delhi. Certificate in Communication Skills SOET Dr.in 011-29572927 ramchandrajd@yahoo. 0484-232330891. 9650583700 ramchandrajd@yahoo.in 044-22542499 Certificates Programmes : (Full Time) 249. 1 Regional Centre Delhi. 0484-232330891. Ram Chandra Dr. Rachna Agarwal Non-Credit Courses 253. 1 Regional Centre Delhi. Safety & Intelligence Assistant Officer (JCO) Industrial Security. Security and Vigilance 246. Entrepreneurship & Skill Development (Full Time) 252. 9650583700 ramchandrajd@yahoo. 29572413 kulshreshtha_m@ignou. Certificate in Retail Services Management (CRSM) 261. 9650583700 ramchandrajd@yahoo. 1 Regional Centre Delhi. Certificate in Publishing Services Management (CPSM) 258. Certificate in Industrial Security. 1 Regional Centre Delhi. 9650583700 ramchandrajd@yahoo. 9650583700 SOVET Dr.ac. 9650583700 ramchandrajd@yahoo. Entrepreneurship SOMS Dr. 09495572139 ksdnair@rediffmail.com.ac.K. 0484-232330891.C.com 011-26058354. Ram Chandra and Prof. Ram Chandra Prospectus and Application Form 106 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. Certificate in Business Entrepreneurship Development (CBED) 260. Safety & Intelligence Officer 263. 9650583700 ramchandrajd@yahoo. Paneerselvam nairmc@gmail. Ram Chandra Dr.com 011-26058354. Ram Chandra Dr.com 9650583700.com. 09495572139 geetikajohry@rediffmail. Certificate in Garment Manufacturing Services Management (CGMSM) 259. Computer Literacy programme 254. 29534392 ksdnair@rediffmail. 29572225 ksdnair@rediffmail.com 011-26058354. Certificate in Industrial Security. 9650583700 ramchandrajd@yahoo. Ram Chandra Dr. Certificate Programme in Motorcycle Service and Repair 255.com 011-26058354.com 011-26058354. Digital Film Making 250. Certificate in Service Management (CITSM) 256.D) Programme .S. Jayashree Menon Kurup Dr.S. Ram Chandra ramchandrajd@yahoo.ac. 1 Regional Centre Delhi. Certificate in Desk Top Publishing 264.com 011-29534104. Energy Technology & Management (CETM) CEE/SOEDS CCETC CCETC CCETC RC-1 SOET Dr. 29958078 ajit@ignou.com 011-26058354. Geetika S.Manoj Kulshrestha Regional Centre Delhi.com 011-29536982 jkurup1@rediffmail.K. Life Long Learning 244. Divakaran Nair Dr. Ram Chandra Dr. 1 Dr.com 011-26058354. X-Ray Inspection 247. Rescue and Fire Fighting 245.N.com 011-26058354. Safety & Intelligence Supervisor (NCO) 262. Certificate in School Services Management (CSSM) 257. Hospital Administrative Assistantship SOJNMS CCETC SOVET Prof.in 011-29532863.in 011-29571105. Divakaran Nair Dr. 1 Dr. Ram Chandra Regional Centre Delhi. 011-29956015. 0484-232330891. 29572916 rcchennai@ignou.243. Ajit Kumar 248.com. S. 1 Regional Centre Delhi.ac. M.

Neerja Chadha. Jaswant Sokhi Prof. Salooja ace@ignou.29532958. SOEDS (School of Extension & Development Studies). SOSW (School of Social Work). Ms. SOHS (School of Health Sciences). Awareness Programme on Value Added Products from Fruits & Vegetable 271.com 011-26058354.Rekha Sen. Training & Consultancy) Prospectus and Application Form 107 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.com 011-26058354. 1 Regional Centre Delhi. M. 9650583700 SOCE Dr. Narayan Prasad Prof. Ram Chandra ramchandrajd@yahoo. Appreciation Course on Environment 274. Leadership Course on Nutrition Security and Sustainable Development SOS CSD Dr . SOJNMS (School of Journalism & New Media Studies). SOTST (School of Translation Studies & Training). SOA (School of Agriculture). SOET (School of Engineering & Technology). 1 Dr.Salooja Regional Centre Delhi. IGNOU.D) Programme . 1 Regional Centre Delhi.D & M.com 011-26058354.K.in 29536982 Separate Prospectus for Ph.in 011-29533166/3167 Master of Philosophy Programmes 276. SOET (School of Continuing Education).ac.ac.ac. NCDS (National Centre for Disability Studies). SOSS (School of Social Sciences). Security Supervisor Regional Centre Delhi. STRIDE (Staff Training & Research Institute of Distance Education).in 011-29533166/3167 mksalooja@ignou. Security Guard 272.Salooja mksalooja@ignou. Salooja edrsusd@ignou. 1 Regional Centre Delhi. SOGDS (School of Gender & Development Studies). Hearing Impairment & Cerebral Palsy) 269. 29572959 rekha_s_sen@hotmail. M. SOMS (School of Management Studies). New Delhi and in all Regional Centres.G. SOS (School of Sciences). 9650583700 ramchandrajd@yahoo. Certificate in Garment Stitching 266. 9650583700 ramchandrajd@yahoo. Dr.K. CEE (Centre for Extension Education). SOFL (School of Foreign Language). M. SOCIS (School of Computer & Information Sciences). Ram Chandra Dr.com 011-29532230. Details of Abbreviations SOH (School of Humanities).com 011-26058354. Certificate in Assistant Security Officer (for JCO) Security Supervisor (for NCO) 268. SOVET (School of Vocational Education & Training).ac.ac. 29536347 SOA Prof.265. 29572708 cgnaidu@ignou. SOTHSSM (School of Tourism & Hospitality Services Sectoral Management).(online) 275. CCETC (Centre for Corporate Education. Ram Chandra ramchandrajd@yahoo. Awareness Programme for Dairy Farming for Rural Farmers 270. 1 Dr. Ram Chandra Dr. Mental Retardation. M. Neena 011-29536347. Ram Chandra Dr. SOPVA (School of Performing & Visual Arts). Certificate in Retail Marketing 267.in 011-29533166/3167 SOA Prof. 9650583700 Appreciation Courses 273. Certificate in Awareness-cumTraining Packages in Disability (Visual Impairment. Economics Aurobindo Studies SOSS SOVET Prof.K.com 011-26058354. C. Naidu nps20@rediffmail.com 011. 9650583700 ramchandrajd@yahoo. Appreciation Programme on Sustainability Science. SOITS (School of Interdisciplinary & Trans-Disciplinary Studies).K. 277. SOL (School of Law). SOE (School of Education).ac.in 011-29533166/3167 CSD Prof.in 011-29572850 mksalooja@ignou.Phil Programmes are available at the Student Registration Division.

Also provide relevant details if a candidate choose a retired person as research guide/supervisor. like Education. Consent of External supervisors may be attached on a separate sheet with his/her CV (brief) one page only) along with a letter of consent.for SAARC applicant as application fee. 2. S H A R M A Please write your Father’s/Husband’s/Mother’s name (strike out whichever is not applicable). Category Certificate for SC/ST/OBC and other category candidates.D) Programme . Demand draft of Rs. 5. b) Additional Items for International Candidates (See Section 2 for details). 16 Please enter details of all your work experience (current only). Block 6. Synopsis of proposed research proposal. (if the application form has been downloaded from the website). Physics. Age Certificate where required. Please mention your educational qualifications starting from matriculation onwards to research degree. Research Unit. etc. Acceptance letter and CV of the external supervisor if a candidate propose any external supervisor for Ph. Maidan Garhi. c) Enclose the following documents: i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) vii) viii) ix) Certificates in support of educational qualification(s) Experience Certificate wherever required. 10-15.D PROGRAMMES Here are some specific instructions that will help the candidate in filling-up the APPLICATION FORM for admission. 24. (see Ph. GUIDELINES FOR FILLING UP THE APPLICATION FORM FOR Ph. (i) & (ii) Give your Enrolment no. Demand draft INR 1000/. 23. 750/-. Sharma. Hindi. The instructions are aimed at getting the correct and accurate information from you so that candidate do not face the hazard of rejection of his/her candidature when the information is processed by the university. Please fill up the form and mail or send in person the same along with attested copies of certificates to the Director. New Delhi-110068. Provide relevant details if a candidate propose an external supervisor/ guide for research guidance (see 24). 4. Check List for National & International Candidates a) For National Candidates Please check before sending the form to IGNOU whether you have: a) Affixed your photograph and signed over it. Please cross ( ) the appropriate box only. Demand draft of USD 100/.for other Countries other than SAARC countries as application fee. Candidate Card duly filled in and photograph pasted (not signed). if you have access and email-id. Incomplete applications are likely to be summarily rejected without giving any information to the candidate thereof. leave a blank box in between parts of the name.. Leave a blank box in between different parts of the name. and programme code if you are already registered for any other programmes of IGNOU. i) ii) iii) Photocopy of passport. 17. History. IGNOU.13. (compulsory).D programmes on offer under the Section 2 and 4). Acknowledgement Card. Some instructions for filling-up the columns of the application form are given below: 1.D programme. (attach attested copies of certificates/degrees along with mark sheets). Write the address for correspondence. For example R. Write one letter per box only leaving one box blank between two words. Give a telephone and mobile no and fax no. Prospectus and Application Form 108 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. If your name has different initials. Then write as: R 3.. b) Signed the application form at the end under the declaration of the form & put date. Write the name of the discipline viz.

Street No. Discipline: (Write name of the discipline) _____________________ a) Name of the Programme : Ph.D) Filled in Form along with the copies of certificates should be sent to the Director. Leave a blank box between each unit of address like House No..Form No: . Box No. INDIRA GANDHI NATIONAL OPEN UNIVERSITY MAIDAN GARHI.D) Programme . Name of the Candidate 3. please give details and also name the Institution/ Agency with full address. Research Unit. Address for Correspondence (Do not give P.O.D. NEW DELHI – 110 068 APPLICATION FORM FOR ADMISSION DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY (Ph.O. as your address. Programme? If yes. _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ 2..D b) Part Time/Full Time: ___________________________________ c) Whether received/will receive any scholarship for Ph. P.. New Delhi-110068 Affix your latest passport size photograph duly attested by you 1. etc. Maidan Garhi. Father’s/Husband’s/Mother’s Name (Strike out whichever is not applicable) 4.) City District State (if in India) Country Pin Code Prospectus and Application Form 109 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.

Religion 10. 5 (i) Enrolment No. if already registered in IGNOU for any other programme Enrolment Number 5 (ii) Programme Code 6. Social Status Code: Cross (x) the appropriate box only. (if any) with STD Code STD Code Telephone No. Territory Code: Cross (x) the appropriate box only 13. (if an International Candidate) iii) Date of Issue Date of Expiry 9. Employment Status: Cross (x) the appropriate box only Unemployed Employed IGNOU others (specify) Prospectus and Application Form 110 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Programme . i) Country of Residence ii) Passport No. Ex-SM War widow Others 15. Category: Cross (x) the appropriate box only Gen SC ST OBC PH Minority 12.Telephone No. Marital Status Code: Cross (x) the appropriate box only Married Unmarried Urban Rural Kashmiri Migrant 14. Fax No. Gender: Cross (x) the appropriate box only Male Female 11. Mobile (If any) E-mail address (if any): _____________________________________________ 5. Date of Birth: Date Month Year 7. Nationality 8.. (if any) with STD Code STD Code Telephone No.

of years of teaching experience/ other experiences (Months & Years) Name of the Institution with address and Type of Institution (From…. Academic distinctions (if any) (specify details). Prospectus and Application Form 111 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………. If employed. Work Experience (Please give details chronologically). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ii) Occupation/Profession iii) Period of Employment: from iv) Name of the Organization: v) Address of the Organization: Educational Qualifications: (Starting from Matriculation till higher Learning Degree. month & Year) Nature of post (temporary/ adhoc/ permanent) Tasks undertaken/ Performed No. Attach attested photocopies of certificates/degrees along with mark sheets).to ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------vi) Telephone: vii) Mail Id: 17.16. No.D) Programme . Post held and (Date. give details of the employment: i) Designation: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------. Name of the Examination Year of Passing Subjects of Study % of marks obtained Board/University Sl. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………. To) 19. 18.

………………………………………………………………………………………………. iii) What kinds of research questions/concerns/problems are uppermost in your mind. which you would like to undertake for your thesis work.. ……………………………………………………………………………………………….. Prospectus and Application Form 112 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. ………………………………………………………………………………………………..... Any other work experience relevant to doctoral studies proposed and.Phil) from IGNOU help you? ………………………………………………………………………………………………. 23. …………………………………………………………………………………………….D/M.D Programme).. i) ii) iii) iv) v) How will. i) Specify a theme of research.20.. (Only in case of Ph. and methodological details to investigate into the theme systematically.. Any other degree (specify) 22. …………………………………………………………………………………………………… …………………………………………………………………………………………………… 21. Area of Specialization (mention special/optional papers offered) at: Post-Graduation M. which can be tackled through the proposed research? ……………………………………………………………………………………………….... iv) Attach (on separate sheets) a brief research proposal (1000-5000 words) giving relevant details about substantive dimensions of the theme.. ………………………………………………………………………………………………. ii) Tentative title of the proposed thesis.. (Mention details of work in specific terms)... ………………………………………………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………………………………………………...D) Programme ... not covered under 18 above.. in your opinion... ……………………………………………………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………………………………………………….. ……………………………………………………………………………………………….. ………………………………………………………………………………………………. ………………………………………………………………………………………………... ……………………………………………………………………………………………. ……………………………………………………………………………………………….Phil. the Doctoral Degree (Ph.

i) Furnish the following details pertaining to external supervisor (in case you propose) Name of the proposed external supervisor: ……………………………………………… ……………………………………………… ……………………………………………… iii) Present position of the supervisor (If retired/ not working) iv) Address and contact details (telephone & e-mail) v) Consent Letter of External Supervisor (enclosed /not enclosed) ……………………………………………… ii) Full address of the Institute (if employed): (Telephone & mail-Id): ……………………………………………… ……………………………………………… ……………………………………………… vi) CV of the External Supervisor (enclosed /not enclosed) 25. the admission. Prospectus and Application Form Full Name 113 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.24. if made will be cancelled and I shall not be entitled to refund of any fee paid by me to the University. ( ) Signature of the Candidate Place : …………………… Date : ……………………. I am aware that if at any stage it is found that the statements made are not true or are incomplete or misleading.D) Programme . Further. I have carefully studied the rules of the University as printed in the Prospectus and I accept them and shall not raise any dispute anywhere in India/Abroad in future over the same rules. Details of Fee enclosed: ……………………………………………… ……………………………………………… i) For Indian candidates: details of application fee (if soft copy of the application form used) Amount Demand Draft Date Name of the Bank and place Purpose (Rs) No (drawee) For International candidates: details of application fee (if soft copy of the application form used) Amount (Rs) Demand Draft No Date Name of the Bank and Purpose place (drawee) ii) DECLARATION I declare that the statements made in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief.

CATEGORY CERTFICATE (SC/ST CANDIDATES) This is to certify that Mr./Mrs. (Signature of Tehsildar/Commissioner/District Magistrate) Place : __________________ Date : __________________ Signature : ____________________ Seal/Stamp OTHER CERTIFICATES FOR OTHER CATEGORIES a) b) c) OBC (as per GOI rules) Physiology (as per Govt of India rules) Any other Category (as per GOI rules) Note: Please enclose relevant certificates under these categories. /Ms.______________ belongs to _______________ Caste which is recognised as Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribe under the Constitution (Scheduled Caste Part-C States) Order 1951 read with the SC/ST list (Modification Order.T. ______________./Ms. _________________________ son/daughter/wife of Shri _________________________ of Village_______________________ Town _______________ Distt.D) Programme . but they should attach copies of their Registration Certificates (if any) ii) Use similar formats (if employed prior to current employment) and enclose them. ________________State/U.T. Mr. Place : ______________________ Date: _______________________ Signature : ___________________ Name : ______________________ (in Block letters) Designation: _________________ Name of Institution/ Organization/Office (Seal/Stamp) ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ Note: i) Self employed professional may certify on their own behalf. /Mrs.EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATE This is certified that Mr. Prospectus and Application Form 114 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph./Mrs _______________________________ and his/her family reside in Village/Town ______________ District ___________ State U. if a candidate is eligible as per GOI rules. is employed with this Institution/Organisation/Office as since . 1956)./Ms.

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