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Position Paper

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Published by Usman Mohammad

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Published by: Usman Mohammad on Dec 19, 2011
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ÞLkSCNALI1¥ť un SLC8L1A8? CLnL8AL 8An kl MCCn
Accordlng Lo analysLsţ Lhe onŴgolng Arab Sprlngs have been named Lhe mosL
lmporLanL evenL of Lhe 21
cenLuryţ more lmporLanL Lhan Lhe renowned 9/11
aLLacksţ Lhus maklng lL Lhe focus of noL only Lhe Mlddle LasL buL Lhe enLlre worldŦ
Any change ln Lhese sLaLes wlll lead Lo a change ln Lhe world pollLlcsŤ Lhe maln
reason for Lhls change belng Lhe replacemenL of leaders who have
governed(dlcLaLed) Lhe sLaLes for a very long perlod of Llmeţ for some 10ţ for
oLhers more Lhan four decadesŴ Caddafl belng an exampleŦ
1he unlLed naLlons ls playlng an acLlve role ln prevenLlon of Lhe desLrucLlon
caused by Lhe Arab SprlngsŦ lL doesţ howeverţ favor Lhe rebels who are flghLlng a
revolL for Lhelr own rlghLsŴLhe rlghLs LhaL have been Laken away from Lhem by
Lhelr leadersŦ 1he mosL challenglng revolL ls Lhe rebelllon agalnsL Caddaflţ Lhe
ÞresldenL of Llbya for 41 yearsţ 303 daysŦ 1he people of Llbya have sLood up for
Lhelr rlghLsţ howeverţ Lhey have faced a mulLlLude of problemsŦ 1he proŴCaddafl
people have vlolenLly opposed Lhls rebelllonŦ Clvlllans have been LargeLed and
Caddafl supporLers have openly sworn Lo hunL down Lhe rebels and drag Lhem
from Lhelr housesŦ uesplLe Lhe slLuaLlon of 'hls' counLryţ Caddafl has noL
proLecLed hls peopleţ lnsLead he has Lurned Lhe gun Lowards Lhelr foreheads Lo
proLecL LhemselvesŦ 1hereforeţ Lhe un has found lL necessary Lo lnLerveneŦ Cn
leb 22
2011ţ Lhe un lssued orders asklng Caddafl Lo sLop Lhe vlolence agalnsL
hls own peopleŦ Poweverţ as no such acLlon was lmplemenLedţ Lhe order Lo
creaLe a noŴfly zone over Llbya and allow alr sLrlkes LargeLlng Caddafl's forces
whlch were vlolaLlng human rlghLs was allowedŦ An embargo was placed on arms
and Caddafl's asseLs were frozenŦ 1he acLlon was passed wlLhouL any opposlLlon
from Lhe veLo SLaLes of Lhe unSCŦ 1hls acL was done Lo remove Caddafl's forcesţ

Lo push Lhem away from Lhe clvlllansţlnorder Lo proLecL Lhelr llvesŦ AparL from
Lhlsţ Lhe lC! lssued a warranL for Caddafl's arresL wheneverţwherever he was
ƍln many ways Lhe żSecurlLyŽ Councll has become more acLlve on all Lhose fronLs ln
Lerms of coerclve lnsLrumenLsţƍ Ldward Luckţ Speclal Advlsor Lo un SecreLaryŴCeneral
8an klŴmoonŦ

Alsoţ on 30
!une 2011ţ a hlsLorlcal resoluLlon wlLh unanlmous voLes was passed
ln Lhe SecurlLy Councll ln relaLlon Lo Lhe MluuLL LAS1 Sl1uA1lCnŦ
1he unlLed naLlon SecreLary Ceneral has played an lmporLanL role ln Lhe
opposlLlon Lo Lhe vlolaLlon of human rlghLs ln Arab SLaLes faclng such revolLsŦ Pe
has conLacLed Lhe Syrlan presldenL many Llmesţ pressurlzlng hlm Lo glve ln Lo hls
peopleŦ 1he facL LhaL Lhe Syrlan leader ls aglLaLed wlLh such calls shows Lhe
amounL of Llme spenL by Lhe SC ln Lrylng Lo negoLlaLe wlLh Lhe leaderţ prevenLlng
a crackŴdown ln Lhe sLaLeŦ lfţ howeverţ no progress ls madeţ Lhe SC ensures acLlon
wlll be Laken Lo proLecL Lhe clvlllans as accordlng Lo hlmţ Lhe un works for Lhe
rlghLs of Lhe affecLed peopleŦ
1he SecurlLy Councll has also called on Lhe SC Lo reporL on progress ln conLexL Lo
Lhe resoluLlon passed on 30
!une 2011 unLll Lhe slLuaLlon ls fully resolvedŦ 1hus
provlng acLlve parLlclpaLlon on behalf of Lhe organlzaLlon and lLs membersŦ

1he SC ls also acLlvely lnvolved ln vlslLlng Lhe areas LhaL have faced such revolLsŦ
Pe had a Lwo day vlslL (13
march) Lo LgypLţ anoLher Arab sLaLe whlch had
undergone Lhe Arab SprlngŦ Pe worked LhroughouL hls vlslL Lo ensure Lhe
democraLlc process was belng developedţ wlLh fewer hlndrancesŦ Cn Lhe eve of
Mubarak's reslgnaLlon he saldť
"4t this historic momentţ l reiterote my co//ţ mode os recent/y os /ost niqhtţ for o tronsporentţ order/y
ond peocefu/ tronsition thot meets the /eqitimote ospirotions of the £qyption peop/e ond inc/udes freeţ
foir ond credib/e e/ections /eodinq to the eor/y estob/ishment of civi/ion ru/eŦ l urqe the interim
outhorities to chort o c/eor poth forword with the porticipotion of o// stokeho/dersŦ" 1he stotement is
on imoqe of whot is wonted by the peop/e of o free countryŴwhot the rebe/s ore fiqhtinq forŦ ln this
couseţ it is the duty of the internotiono/ community to support them ond support the uN in their
efforts to he/p these cititensŦ
1hese Arab sprlngs are a sLep Laken by Lhe people for Lhelr rlghLsŦ 1he un hopes
Lo proLecL Lhe people flghLlng for Lhelr rlghLs agalnsL dlcLaLors buL Lhe maln focus
ls how Lhe counLry wlll develop once Lhe perlod of revolL endsŦ 1he un hopes LhaL
wlLh asslsLance from Lhe developed sLaLes Lhe counLrles wlll develop and become
sLableţ wlLh a properly elecLed democraLlc governmenL whlch rules Lhem
approprlaLely and guards Lhelr rlghLsţ oLherwlse Lhe efforLs of Lhe clLlzens wlll be
frulLlessŦ 1he enLlre lnLernaLlonal communlLy has Lo work LogeLher aL a Llme llke
Lhls and help lLs fellow sLaLesţ noL only Lo emerge ouL of Lhe dark abyss buL also Lo
make lLs place as sLrongţ pollLlcally sLable democraclesŦ

nuclear power has been a maLLer of concern for Lhe enLlre lnLernaLlonal
communlLy slnce Lhe 1943 PlroshlmaŴnagasakl nuclear bomblngs whlch kllled
90ţ000Ŷ166ţ000 people ln Plroshlma and 60ţ000Ŷ80ţ000 ln nagasakl wlLhln Lhe
flrsL four monLhsŦ 1he laLer generaLlons were elLher born dead or deformedŦ Lven
nowţ 63 years laLerţ Lhe people of Lhese areas are vlcLlms of Lhe bomblngsŦ Penceţ
Lhe developmenL of nuclear weapons has been a maLLer of dlsLressŦ uue Lo
developmenL of sophlsLlcaLed Lechnologyţ accordlng Lo experLsţ Lhe use of a
hydrogen bomb by any counLry wlLh Lhe ablllLyţ can mean Lhe end of Lhe worldŴ a
mlshap Lhe un alms Lo prevenLŦ
1he efforLs by lran Lo develop a nuclear program has ralsed an alarm as lL may
lead Lo developmenL of nuclear weapons whlch can be used by Lhe counLryţ arlsk
Lo Lhe world securlLyŦ As a resulLţ Lhe un has placed sancLlons on lranţ prevenLlng
oLher counLrles from Lradlng wlLh lran ln relaLlon Lo lLems requlred for nuclear
asseLsŦ 1hls ls Lo prevenL a nuke war from belng LrlggeredŦ 1he un keeps an eye
ouL for counLrles developlng nuclear asseLs Lo ensure LhaL no war occurs beLween
counLrles who avall possesslon of nukesŦ

lran clalms LhaL Lhe onŴgolng nuclear program ls meanL Lo generaLe elecLrlclLy
howeverţ Lhe un SC 8an kl Moon sLaLed ln a un conference afLer a flery speech
from Ahmedenl[ad of lranť
"I call on Iran to comply fully with Security Council resolutions and cooperate
fully with the International Atomic Energy Agency. Let us be clear: The onus is on
Iran to clarify the doubts and concerns about its program."
The UNSC passed a resolution UNSC Resolution on Nuclear Nonproliferation and
Nuclear Disarmament in September 2009. 1he un SC requesLed lran Lo fulflll Lhe
requlremenLs of Lhe lALAţ Lhen some consLrucLlve developmenL would occurŦ Pe
Look a sLep forward and requesLed lran Lo allow Lhe un Lo lnspecL Lhe
developmenLs Lo ensure no weapons were belng madeŦ lf Lhls was doneţ lran
would be permlLLed Lo develop energy resource under supervlslonŦ Poweverţ lran

dld noL Lake much noLlce due Lo whlch Lhe un sLlll opposes Lhe developmenL of
nuclear energy as Lhe rlsk of golng ln anoLher dlrecLlon ls presenLŦ
SecreLary Ceneral 8an klŴmoon sald on 29
sepL 2010 LhaL lranƌs consLrucLlon of
Lhe Com uranlumŴenrlchmenL faclllLy vlolaLes uŦnŦ resoluLlons requlrlng lL Lo halL
all nuclear enrlchmenL acLlvlLlesţ addlng LhaL 1ehran musL prove Lo Lhe world LhaL
lL has no lnLenLlon of developlng nuclear weaponsŦ
Poweverţ Lhe un SC has also meL wlLh Lhe lranlan leadershlp ln varlous
placesŧŦsuch as on hls vlslL Lo lran ln SepLember 2010Ŧ Pe saldť
ƍn numerous occosions l hove been urqinq ond use this opportunity to urqe
oqoin lron to extend its cooperotion with the żlnternotiono/ 4tomic £nerqy
4qencyŽ ond to reso/ve o// outstondinq issuesŦ l wi// hove on opportunity to meet
with the officio/s from the lronion /eodershipţ possib/y with the President of lron
durinq the 6enero/ 4ssemb/yŦƍ
1he SecreLary Ceneral hopes LhaL Lhe lranlan Leadershlp wlll compromlse and
asslsL Lhe un by agreelng Lo cerLaln Lerms and resLrlcLlons whlch alm Lowards
world securlLy and welfareŦ lf soţ Lhe un plans Lo help Lhe lranlans ln Lhls pro[ecLŦ
1he un hopes for such a coŴoperaLlonŦ
A posslble soluLlon ls lran's accepLance of Lhese Lerms Lo develop a nuclear
programŦ lL ls a meLhod preferable Lo lllegal Lrade and sancLlonsŦ Ahmedenl[ad
sald ln hls speechť
"The nuclear bomb is a fire against humanity, rather than a weapon of
defense. The possession of nuclear bombs is not a source of pride.
Its possession is disgusting and shameful."
1hls proves LhaL even he agrees LhaL nuclear weapons are harmful and a rlskŦ 1hls
ls un's sLance LooŦ 1husţ boLh should collaboraLe and make a plan Lo ald lran
wlLhouL vlolaLlng any un resoluLlons or lawsŦ 1he only guaranLee un requlres ls
proof of no dlgresslon from Lhe orlglnal almŦ lf supervlslon ls allowedţ lran can
conLlnue lLs pro[ecLŦ

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