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Clint Olivier Talking Points

Clint Olivier Talking Points

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Olivier for Congress talking points
Olivier for Congress talking points

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Published by: D Publications on Dec 19, 2011
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for U.S. Congress



1. Congressman Jim Costa (Olivier’s opponent) would have lost the 2010 election if it had been held in the new 16th district. Jim Costa squeaked out a 3.6% victory (3,050 votes out of 89,444 votes) over unknown cherry farmer (and first-time candidate) Andy Vidak in 2010 in the 20th Congressional District where the Democrats had a 20.13% registration advantage (51.23% to 31.10%). The new 16th Congressional District only has a 14.94% Democrat registration advantage (48.33% to 33.39%). If Costa performs the same in 2012, he will lose by a minimum of 1.59%. 2. The new 16th CD has a decidedly Republican and Conservative tilt. A. Steve Cooley beat Kamala Harris for Attorney General (44.2% to 41.1%) in 2010. B. Carly Fiorina beat Barbara Boxer for U.S. Senate (46.71% to 43.33%) in 2010. C. Proposition 8 (California Marriage Protection Act) won by 36.92% (67.48% to 30.56%) in 2008. 3. The 2010 generic ballot favored Republicans for Congress by 4.22% If the 2010 election were held using the new 16th CD boundaries, the Republican candidate would have beat the Democrat by 4.22% (52.02% to 47.98%). That’s 18.63% over registration. 4. Olivier handily won his 2010 election in a district that includes much of the 16th’s Fresno area Clint Olivier easily beat his opponent, Marcelino Valdez by 26.05% in the June 2010 election for Fresno City Council District 7 (62.80% to 36.75%). Clint won 26 of 30 precincts, covering central and southeast Fresno, much of which is now in the new 16th Congressional district. 5. Voters are looking for Problem-Solvers, not Career Politicians Public opinion surveys from both sides of the aisle agree that voters are looking for candidates who can solve problems, not career politicians. As a former newsman and anchor, now City Councilman Olivier has a huge edge in ballot designation and candidate profile. Costa is the consummate career politician, having first been elected in 1978 when disco was the most popular music, Grease was the number one movie, Jimmy Carter was president and a gallon of regular gas only cost 63 cents. 6. Congressman Jim Costa is vulnerable on the Valley’s #1 issue, water. Costa voted against turning on federal water project pumps 3 times (Roll Call Vote 616 on 7/23/09, Roll Call Vote 465 on 6/25/09 and Roll Call Vote 153 on 3/25/09). This valley needs a stable and reliable water supply to grow and prosper. Water = jobs is a fact of life here in the valley. 7. Congressman Jim Costa’s liberal voting record is out-of-step with Valley values • Costa votes with Bay Area liberals Nancy Pelosi and George Miller more than he votes with us. • Costa voted for the $700 Billion TARP bill that bailed out Wall Street but failed to help Central Valley families (HR 1424, 2008). • Costa voted for the $800 Billion Stimulus Plan that has failed to create jobs but has added to the deficit (HR 1, 2009). • Costa voted for the $2 Trillion Obama/Pelosi Health Care that puts government in control of our health care decisions (HR 4872, 2010). • Costa voted to increase the national debt limit (HR 1065, 2010 and HR 690, 2011) to well over 15 trillion dollars. That’s $48,093 per U.S. citizen and $133,619 per U.S. taxpayer. He is mortgaging the futures of our children and grandchildren to Chinese and Middle East bankers.
Paid for and authorized by Olivier for Congress Exploratory Committee • FEC#C00505594 • 504 Ness Ave. • Fresno CA 93721

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