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T e da , Decembe 13, 2011

ATTORNEY SEARCH Ma k Thoma Polli - #237626 C en S a : Ac i e
Thi membe i ac i e and ma p ac ice la in Califo nia. See belo fo mo e de ail .

P ofile Info ma ion
The follo ing information is from the official records of The State Bar of California. Ba N mbe : Add e : 237626 3162 Y kon A e Co a Me a, CA 92626 Map i O ange Di ic 8 La School: Uni of Michigan La Sch; Ann A bo MI Phone N mbe : Fa N mbe : e-mail: Unde g ad a e School: No A ailable No A ailable mpolli @gib ond nn.com Uni of Califo nia San a Ba ba a; CA

Co n : Di ic :

Sec ion :


P e en

Hi o
Sa Ac i e Admi ed o The S a e Ba of Califo nia a Change

Effec i e Da e 8/12/2005

E plana ion of membe

Ac ion Affec ing Eligibili
Di ciplina and Rela ed Ac ion O e ie of he a o ne di cipline

o P ac ice La

Thi membe ha no p blic eco d of di cipline.
members.calbar.ca.go /fal/Member/Detail/237626 1/2

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