The project entitled “Banking Soft " which keep the day by day tally record as a complete banking system. It can keep the information of bank employee, transactions, loan solution, ATM information and account information. The exciting part of this project is; it displays the employee details, payment details, loan details and transaction details.

In the existing system the transactions are done only manually but in proposed system we have to computerize all the banking transaction using the software Banking Soft. They are: Administrative Module

ADMINISTRATIVE MODULE This module is the main module which performs all the main operations in the system. The major operations in the system are:          Admin login Add/Delete/Update Employee Withdrawal/deposit/payment Transaction Creating new Account/Loan account/Fixed Deposit Searching account information/Transaction information E-Solution ATM information saving Report generation Settings Change Password

USER MODULE This module is also a main module which performs all the main operations in the system. The major operations in the system are:       User login Creating NewAccount/Loan Account/Fixed Deposit Searching Account Information /Transaction Information E-Solution ATM information saving Report generation Change password


TABLES STRUCTURE Table: login Primary Key: username Field username password rights Data Type Char(15) Number(9) Char(10) Constraints Primary key Description Table: employee Primary Key: emp id Field Emp no Employee name Address City State Country pincode Phone1 Phone2 fax Data Type Number(9) char(30) char(30) Char(30) char(30) Char(30) number number number Char(30) Constraints Primary key Description 2 .

SYSTEM DEVELOPEMENT SYSTEM SPECIFICATION HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS Processor RAM Hard disk Monitor Keyboard Mouse SOFTWARE : X86 Compatible processor with 1.7 GHz Clock speed : 512 MB or more : : : : 20 GB or more VGA/SVGA 104 Keys 2 buttons/ 3 buttons REQUIREMENTS : Windows 2000/XP : Visual Basic 6.0 : MS Access Operating System Front end Back end 3 .


Add Employee 5 .

Update Member 6 .

Transaction 7 .

Deposit 8 .

Payment 9 .

Account Information 10 .

Loan Application 11 .

Fixed Deposit Information 12 .

Account Information 13 .

Transaction Log 14 .

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