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WA5HINCTON UNIVERSITY Human Resources Department

Ak .rlrdl oppatuni', unieBity

M5 5221 516 High Street BeLlingham, washingron 98225-5996 (.360) 6sO-3774 tr Fax (360) 650 2810

May 26,2077

To Whom

lt May Concern,

It is my pleasure to write a letter ofrecommendation for Kirsten Lew- She has been employed at Western Washington lJniversity in Human Resources for 3 years. Kirsten started her employment in the Benefits unit of Human Resources and later became interested in the management ofinformation aspect of HR. HerprimaryresponsibilitieshavefocusedonthemanagementoftheHumanResources lnformation System (Banner HR). This is a complex relational database requiring analytical skillt communication and teamwork as the core competencies.
Kirsten is one of the most dependable people on the team. tcan relyon Kirstento complete assignments and keep commitments. Herwillingnesstotakefullresponsibilityisarealassettothe


She does a terrificjob ofdealing with change and rarely lets it interfere with her ability to meet her goals. lnstead ofwaiting to be told what to do, she independently chooses the best way to respond to a situation. Kirsten is punctual, conscientious, and always reliable. When herschedule changesfor

any reason, she keeps the rest ofthe team informed. Kirsten is acutely aware ofchanging circumstances and handles them quickly and independently. She aggressively tackles new problems, asking for input from others only when absolutely necessary. While Kirsten takes on new developments independently, she is also conscientious about communicating her

actionstoherteamwhenneeded. She isflexible and open,minded. She hasdemonstrated flexibility and creativity in adjusting her activity to meet evolving Western objectives.
Kirsten speaks clearly and concisely and can explain complex issues to co-workers and customers. She promotes an atmosphere where all team members feel comfortable sharing and discussing their ideas.

the lead in offering information and uses her listening skills to encourage her colleagues to be open with her. She uses sbund judgment when analyzing situations and making decisions and drawj from her experience to make good choices,
She takes

Kirsten works well with people at all levels ofthe organization and is a real team player who knows how to give and take and uses constructive criticism to improve on her performance. She has built strong

relationships with key people inside and outside the company and moves comfortably through Western. Kirsten handles an enormous amount of information. She has developed routines and processes to

make 5ure she keeps on top

ofthe latest data.


ofthis, she

is an

invaluable resource for her

teammates, as wellas the university.



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ChyerlWolfe-Lee Director, Human Resources