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The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries

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The Awakening Elena Gilbert - most beautiful & popular girl in all of Robert E. Lee High School.

She is driven by a desire to be the best at everything. Elena feels an intense, immediate and indescribable connection with a handsome new student named Stefan Salvatore. Stefan eventually rescues Elena from Tyler Smallwood on the night of the Homecoming Dance. Afterward, the two gradually bond, leading him to reciprocate her affections. As the pair fall deeply in love, their town, Fells Church is being terrorized by inexplicable, horrifying 'animal attacks', with Stefan becoming a suspect. Elena tries to confront Stefan & discovers his secret. Stefan is a vampire, born in the Italian Renaissance during the late fifteenth century. But Stefan isn't the one who has been committing the murders; the perpetrator is Stefan Salvatore's diabolical older brother, Damon Salvatore, who lives to wreak havoc and distribute misery on Stefan's life. The two brothers were turned into vampires by a Lady called Katherine Pierce, whom both brothers fall in love with. Katherine was sent to stay with Stefan and Damon's family to recover from her family being killed. When Stefan and Damon had an argument over Katherine and asked her to choose between them, she refused to do so and she got upset and ran off. The next morning, her dress was found with a pile of ashes and her ring that protected her from the sunlight under a tree. The two brothers had a fight to the death, in which they both killed each other. They woke up days later inside their tomb. The reason why Stefan initially avoided Elena was because Elena is a doppelganger of Katherine and brought back memories of his life with his former vampire girlfriend. For this same reason, Damon also chooses to pursue Elena, following her around in the magical disguise of a crow and he invades her dreams. Despite the duress, Elena rejects Damon's advances and remains stoically loyal to Stefan. Elena's rejection angers Damon. In a fit of rage, he provokes Stefan to fight. In the aftermath, Stefan disappears. The townspeople of Fell's Church believe Stefan's disappearance cements the truth that Stefan is behind the attacks. However, Elena's sure she doesn't know what had really happened. She thinks that Damon is responsible for Stefan's disappearance, and she knows that Stefan is in grave danger. [edit] The Struggle Picking up where The Awakening left off, Elena confronts Damon about Stefan's disappearance. But when Elena stands firm on her rejection of Damon's romantic advances, Damon refuses to help her find Stefan. Elena is miserable and she is willing to do anything to find Stefan at any cost. Elena must turn to her best friends, Bonnie McCullough and Meredith Sulez. Bonnie, who is believed to have psychic powers, uses magic to track down Stefan. The girls discover Stefan trapped in the bottom of a well, close to death. After Stefan's rescue, Elena offers him her blood to recover. Because of the belief that he perpetrated the horrific 'animal' attacks, Stefan still faces hostility in the town. And as the town's monumental anniversary, 'Founder's Day' approaches, Elena reaches her breaking point. Elena's adversary, Caroline Forbes, has stolen Elena's diary. Elena confesses all her secrets to her diary, and its contents can be read as evidence that Stefan is a violent criminal. Worried about Stefan's mental and physical well-being, Elena enlists the help of her friends to retrieve the diary. Bonnie, Meredith and Elena try to break into Caroline's house to find the diary but there is no success. In a mad attempt to escape, she discovers Damon lurking in the shadows of the Forbes house. Damon offers to help Elena's cause - if Elena gives him blood in return. Elena refuses. Damon gives her a terrifying ultimatum. She must choose between Damon feeding off of her (Elena), or her baby sister, Margaret. Elena decides to sacrifice herself. Damon and Elena do a blood exchange. Soon after, Elena tells Stefan about the diary. Stefan tells Elena that even if Caroline reveals the contents of Elena's diary to the whole town, because of his

love for Elena, Stefan will stay. On Founder's Day, Elena and her friends try their best to steal Elena's diary, but their attempts are futile. However, when Caroline tries to read the diary, it is discovered that Damon has switched out Elena's diary for Caroline's own. Damon smugly accepts Elena's thanks, but his satisfaction quickly turns to anger when he hears about Elena's engagement to Stefan. Not only does Elena endure dissatisfaction from Damon but she also endures dissatisfaction from her Aunt Judith. Frustrated by their reactions, Elena storms off. Elena angrily drives to Stefan's residence, but when she finally gets there, Stefan isn't home, and there is something malevolent about the weather. It is vicious and brutal, and it wants Elena dead...She feels there is something lurking in the dark. She jumps into the car and tries to cross running water, as she thinks this will keep her safe. The bridge then breaks and she drives into the water. She then drowns in the car, and becomes a vampire. [edit] The Fury This book begins with the newly "turned" Elena watching Damon and Stefan engaged in a fight to the death. Initially, she does not recognize the brothers due to her confused state, having recently died and risen as a vampire, but soon a flicker of memory causes her to realize the one she loves is hurt and needs her help. The reader is led to believe she is referring to Stefan. But instead Elena attacks him, and fully intends to kill him for hurting Damon. Stefan, upon recognizing Elena, doesn't fight back and allows her to bite him. Damon eventually commands her to stop and takes her in search of human blood. Stefan intervenes, not wanting Elena to kill someone, and instead makes her drink Matt's blood. Afterwards, Damon hides her in Alaric Saltzman's attic and once she has rested, her disorientation begins to lift. Elena is deeply bothered and upset about the way she attacked Stefan. When Elena wakes up she hears Alaric speaking about vampires and then about a memorial service. Elena goes to the service and is found by Stefan and Damon, who agreed that all of them would work together. Stefan is relieved when Elena remembers their love and Damon is enraged, but the three are distracted by the strange behavior of a large pack of the town's pet dogs who are attacking their owners. More strange events lead the three vampires, with the help of Bonnie, Meredith, Matt and Alaric, to conclude that the same Power which forced Elena off of the bridge is still stalking the town. It transpires that Katherine, the vampire who turned Damon and Stefan, faked her own death 500 years before in a vain attempt to bring the brothers closer. Her plan failed, and the brothers killed each other and then rose as vampires instead. Katherine was infuriated by the brothers' continuing feud, so she fled to Klaus, the one who had turned her into a vampire on her death bed. Under his teaching, Katherine became more powerful and quite unstable. She eventually has Damon, Stefan and Elena tied up in an underground crypt where she plans to torture and dispose of them all. It is here that Katherine confesses that she has always loved Stefan more than Damon. During the struggle, Elena manages to free herself, forcing Katherine into a shaft of sunlight and tearing off her protective lapis lazuli necklace. Elena is badly burned herself as Katherine had already removed the protective ring from Elena's hand. Stefan pulls Elena back into the shadows but it is too late; Elena has died in Stefan's arms after she made him promise to take good care of Damon. [edit] Dark Reunion As a psychic, Bonnie has dreams of Elena in the Other world. But the dreams quickly turn frightening, which then causes the death of one of their friends. A source of power has infiltrated Fells Church, putting its inhabitants in danger. Not knowing what to do, Meredith, Matt, and Bonnie use a summoning spell to call for Stefan and Damon — but whose side is

They concoct a plan and lure Tyler into the graveyard. Klaus isn't hurt badly. It is revealed that Mrs. trapping them inside. but let he and "his girls" get out safely. She appears as a glowing mist along with the spirits of Civil War soldiers that had fought and died in Fell's Church. but crash into a tree. Bonnie calls Damon for help. He chooses to save the nearly dead Bonnie. Damon makes a deal with Shinichi to let them destroy the town. Meredith and Bonnie go to Caroline's house where they find her scuttling like a lizard. Tyler reveals startling information about the killer. She also uses the "Wings of Rededemption" and "Wings of Remembrance" to help Damon regain the memories when he was possessed. along with Elena and Matt. and Caroline to visit Elena. which end in the town's destruction. except with mental pictures)." and a scarf that the girls remember Caroline wearing to Meredith's birthday party. Klaus makes a deal with Stefan. She also finds a possible romance with Matt Honeycutt. Bonnie. who kisses Caroline on the lips to identify her. Misao loves to play games. while Damon heals Bonnie. the vampire who made Katherine a vampire is the killer. Flowers is a witch and her mother had died at the turn of the twentieth century. Meredith and Matt try to persuade Stefan to take some of their blood to make him stronger but he refuses and warns them not to follow. They charge Klaus and carry him away. Meredith. They ignore his threat and follow. Stefan and Elena floating in the air. Damon appears out of nowhere and proves his loyalty as he stakes Klaus. who calls himself the "Hell Shinichi" appears. which grows larger and larger. [edit] The Return: Shadow Souls A penitent Damon. Elena wakes up one morning back to normal. The ending is the most surprising yet for Elena's friends as she almost leaves forever and then is granted another chance to come back to life so she takes it. Damon watches from a tree with jealously. as Damon observes. However. He is about to drain her of blood. Bonnie screams for Elena. After some research in the library Stefan realizes Tyler Smallwood is a werewolf. They find out Klaus. but asks Caroline to invite him in. She and Stefan invite everyone for a picnic. They are losing the fight and Stefan is on the brink of death. Elena uses "Wings of Purification" to heal Damon from the malach. More malach enter him as well. evil parasitic creatures. follows Stefan into the Dark Dimension in an attempt to set him free from the prison he has been tricked into instead of the salvation he was seeking. write or speak. After threatening him. There is a fight at the old Francher place deep in the Old Wood. Bonnie. [edit] The Return: Nightfall Picking up one week after Elena was brought back to life. "Come alone or the girl dies. Stefan goes back to save Matt and Meredith. A kitsune. He feels a sting at his neck. They see Stefan with a branch of White Ash wood and Bonnie realizes it's a trap and cries out to Stefan before he gets hurt. Caroline awakens early every morning to talk with a reflection of herself in the mirror. a fox-spirit from Japan. He explains that he and his sister Misao want the town of Fell's Church. lost in bliss. but realizes something was influencing him. and he attacks Damon. she is in a child-like state and cannot read. Stefan allows Bonnie. The young girls of the town are acting strange. Shinichi makes the malach inside Damon(the one that entered him though the sting he felt earlier) grow. The four find out from Meredith's mad grandfather that the only thing that can weaken Klaus is White Ash wood.Damon on? This novel greatly expands Bonnie and Meredith as characters. This upsets Caroline who is ordered to leave. have infested the Old Wood. where they agree that malach. When Matt sees Elena and Damon getting too close he turns back and sends . and that they are under the control of someone. and Matt are in the car on their way back from the boardinghouse. Meredith. One night. Bonnie takes the leading role as she writes in the diary.

on the other hand. As they leave. to keep their home together until Elena. Elena Gilbert is once again at the center of magic and danger beyond her imagination. Only by these means may they be able to find Stefan's keys to release him and then Elena will be able to reunite with her soulmate. but humans must live as slaves of their supernatural masters. Elena feeds him her blood as they try to make it home alive. the boarding house owner. Stefan isn't there to help. During this time. Elena is forced to entrust her life to Damon. Stefan and Damon only wish that they could switch places with each other (with Stefan as a human. When getting back to the boarding house Damon's curiosity gets the better of him and the flower turns him human with one smell. And once more. She and Damon exchange blood many times throughout the book and in turn finds she has true feelings for him. both her body and soul. Bonnie. . and Isobel's grandmother. and only Elena can free him by finding the two hidden halves of the kitsune key to his cell. who was once a priestess. hates being a mortal and is now stuck as a human. and Damon as a vampire). [edit] The Return: Midnight Front cover for The Return: Midnight. and Meredith must all fit into the world of the Dark Dimension and venture into its deadly high society. Stefan. Matt enlists the help of the local doctor and her nephew. wants absolutely nothing to do with humanity. a good kitsune gives Elena a bouquet "For Stefan". Bonnie and Meredith join Elena as all three are forced to enter as slaves. and was supposed to be for Stefan. the chained and leashed property of a vampire – Damon. They must journey to the slums of the Dark Dimension. adding a choice to her already mixed up life: Which brother does she really want? Stefan is imprisoned here. a world where vampires and demons roam free. Damon. The flower was from a kitsune Stefan met in the Dark Dimension. who is now stuck as a vampire. Elena. Elena later finds out the gift she got from the Kitsune is a flower that can turn a vampire into a human. Damon. and Damon return. and is trying to make a better relationship for him and Elena. Elena becomes closer to Damon.Bonnie and Meredith to inform Elena what's happening back home. the handsome but deadly vampire who wants Elena. While this is going on. Elena and Damon go down to Stefan's prison and free him. back home Matt is hiding from the law and trying to fight the evil kitsune who are destroying the very core of their community.

a soldier at the court. Elena . The kitsune say they are working for someone who told them to destroy Fell's Church.Damon is now human. Caroline changes into a werewolf at the sight of him. She is the Japanese goddess of rice and foxes. and a new type of vampire with small fangs. but unfortunately. Sage is the guardian of the Gate where the treasures are. Shinichi throws Bonnie out of a window. Vicki Bennett. including Stefan. and Mr. Damon is unexpectedly killed by the tree when it stakes him in the heart while he saved Bonnie from falling to her death. Soon after the four of them travel to the Nether World in search of the largest star ball ever made in hopes that it will save their town from The Last Midnight (the Last Midnight is then revealed to be all the possessed children attacking their parents). Shinichi buys Bonnie to extract information about Misao's star ball. However. which is a hunter-slayer. Flowers changed into a younger version of herself before Inari died. Angered by her attempt to kill them. and especially Elena. and Stefan. He lets the group pass and visit one of the 7 gateways. Since the group has drained Power out of it. stops her from speaking the words and therefore the power is not unleashed. Sue Carson. Shinichi had died earlier from the "Sin of Regret" and Misao dies when all the Power from her star ball has been drained. mourns the death of Damon. The book ends on the Nether World's smallest moon. Sage tells them that maybe the Celestial Court can reverse all the damage done in Fell's Church. They bring in Saber. Only it seems to not be lifeless. Stefan and Elena sit in her old room and cherish the memories that they have of Damon. Elena was the one meant to have died in the accident (although they had planned on simply kidnapping her) so she could become a Guardian in the Dark Dimension. Stefan and Elena go into the Dark Dimension to find their friends. Mrs. Elena uses her "Wings Of Destruction" to destroy the tree and star ball. Meredith discovers that she had a twin brother named Cristian. Elena and Mrs. Bonnie is arrested as a runaway slave and taken to an auction house to be sold. Matt is arrested for assaulting Caroline. who almost died. killing Inari. Bonnie. Isobel's Grandmother. All the other officials at the court all turn into werewolves as well. In the Nether World. Elena quickly asks to just be sent home to Fell's Church after they have undone everything. on the smallest moon. the group finds the star ball in a large tree. Misao is dying. The Celestial Court agrees to reverse what was done in Fell's Church (in return for the treasures they had collected) and erase the memory of what happened there. When Matt is free. There it is revealed by the leader of the blonde Guardians that Elena was destined to become a guardian and when she and her family were driving in their car they appeared to her on earth. However Lenea. including the star ball. Meanwhile back in Fell's Church. When angered that the Celestial Court will not do anything to save Damon she begins to unleash her wings of destruction. It turns out to be Inari. her wings and telepathy (with everyone but Stefan) are lost and she is practically fully human once again with no supernatural aspect about her. He uses Misao's star ball to reopen the gate to the Dark Dimension and takes Bonnie with him by accident. She also tells the group what she really is. but Damon saves her. which they do at Lady Ulma's house. Tanner all get their lives back. The Three Guardians of the Celestial Court decide Elena is unfit to wield the great power of her wings and so they clip her of all six of them. but Klaus had taken him when they were only 3 years old when the "attack" went on with her grandfather. Damon is then turned back into a vampire by Princess Jessalyn. while Elena promises to never forget him or how she loved him. It is raining from the tree Elena had destroyed and liquid drips onto a lifeless body. Everyone. Her parents have been feeding her amounts of blood in their meals. Flowers have to get him out. a hell hound Sage left to protect them. Young Elena was more talented then they expected and was able to see them passing and she distracted her father when she told him about what she saw. she is the most powerful Kitsune in the world and the star ball is hers. there is nothing that can be done for Damon. Elena can go back home as if she had never died and Stefan will be accepted as her boyfriend. it thinks of a girl with golden hair and blue eyes and a girl with a small face and brown eyes.

and her grandfather had died in a nursing home two years ago. Flowers' knitting. Bonnie knocks down some of Mrs.and Bonnie. and he tells her that the energy from Inari's Star Ball eventually condensed and rained down on him. but ends up in a coma after being overcome by darkness. who has hired Caleb Smallwood to work on their yard over the summer. giving him life again. As they leave to pick up Alaric at the train station along with his friend. but Elena sees people from high school and becomes jealous that they have normal lives. the rose that had appeared at Elena's doorstep cuts Bonnie. Stefan and Elena go shopping. It says if he can only remember who he is. but they are still sad that Damon has died. Stefan shows up and throws Caleb against a tombstone out of jealousy that he may like Elena. had gone to boarding school at age 12 and had joined the military at 18. but Caleb can see some of them for what they really are because he is clearly supernatural. Neither he nor Meredith are supernatural anymore. Elena is reunited with her family. Darkness overtakes her on the street and she passes out after Stefan notices the shopkeeper's hair flowing in the shape of the name "Matt". but Stefan saves her by ripping the scarf. Everyone is confused about the appearance of Damon's name since he is supposed to be dead. so no one notices his comatose body.of the events that actually happened and everyone's fabricated memories. Meredith (whose last name is now Suarez) discovers that Cristian (whose name is now spelled "Christian") was the black sheep of the family. but his conscious ends up on the Dark Moon again. That night. she tries to do a spell to contact Damon. Dr. Lee High School (where they first met) or Alaric's attic (where he took her after she became a vampire). When Elena tells Damon of this one night. Celia Connor. He also says not to tell anyone else that he's alive. He was in crow form. he can live again. [edit] The Hunters: Phantom The group explores the restored Fell's Church. which spells out "Bonnie" on the ground. since he wants to do so himself when the time is right. Stefan and Elena come to the conclusion that the Guardians just changed these. Stefan takes Elena to the Smallwoods' shed and they see that Caleb had collected many photos and newspapers about them. He helps Damon remember who he is and gives him some clothes. as he has set up a spell on the floor to make the friends jealous of each other. Later. Not only is he descended from werewolves. Damon finally crawls out of the mountains of liquified ash and slowly walks toward the door back to the main planet of the Netherworld. and with time a self revelation came. He says that he's Tyler's cousin and that he'd been staying with Tyler's parents ever since Tyler had "ran away". Stefan takes her back to the boarding house to be with Bonnie and. Meanwhile. Up to this point. whom he met while studying the Island of Doom. The blood pouring out of it spells "Celia" on her arm. Elena is surprised to see him in her room one night. He almost falls into a deep pit of more ash. The group forgets to check on Caroline. They detail both realities . At the train station. takes . Damon has appeared to Elena in dreams of important places in their relationship. the gym of Robert E. then lets him use the Mystical Elevator to go back to Fell's Church. The group goes to the board brings her to land. but Sage notices and saves him. The shreds on the ground spell "Meredith". he decides to investigate by letting the darkness take him. yet they wonder if she's still a werewolf and pregnant. such as Lady Bloddeuwedd's courtyard (where she freed his inner child). but he possesses some abilities of witchcraft. knowing something is clearly wrong. who has lost both of his parents as well. Damon. Elena goes to the hospital with Caleb. He says that he went to the Smallwoods' house and discovered evidence that Caleb is evil in the shed (his aunt and uncle were away on vacation). Celia is almost killed when her scarf gets caught in the train door. on the Dark Moon. a name. She's delighted that everyone will be trying to keep her safe and stays in one of the rooms at the Boarding House. too. Elena later goes to the cemetery to visit her parents and sees Caleb.

the land through one of the other gates in the Netherworld.Meredith and Matt to the Smallwoods' house to confront Caleb. The phantom starts telling everyone why they should be jealous of others. pitting Stefan and Damon against each other in a brutal fight. helps Damon deliver Caroline’s twin babies when she goes into labor deep in the woods. L. Meredith tells him that they truly don't know what happened to Tyler. Smith wrote: "I wanted to write Moonsong. Meanwhile. Bonnie says she has been there for days. J. Smith said she wanted this book to be about the group going to Dalcrest College. A phantom is a being that feeds off of peoples' emotions. who is now out of the hospital. As the rest of the group admits their jealousies and casts them away. Flowers says she believes that a phantom may be the culprit. who happens to be a werewolf with moonlight colored hair and the same blue eyes when he’s human. But that’s one scene that I would have had to fight tooth and nail for. They see Sage in the nexus room and run to the Dark Moon. because they had gone back into them. In an email. Meredith and Stefan find Matt and take him back to the boarding house where Mrs. hoping to get closer to her so that he could find out where Tyler went. although that seems to have been resolved in the ghostwritten books. He hoped that making everyone jealous of each other would get them to confess the truth. I wanted to show Damon’s surprising reaction to Xander the good werewolf (not at all happy about it— so much that he ―accidentally‖ almost kills the poor innocent wolf). where they see Damon battling a misty blue female-like figure that's about 1. They perform a spell to summon the phantom in the garage. But I still want to write it. Elena reaches into the phantom's solid core and pulls out the rose inside. and the phantom of jealousy followed them back to Fell's Church. so when she is distracted. They all start fighting it. J. The original phantoms were trapped on the Dark Moon by the guardians. Elena makes the brothers reconcile and then Damon throws a candle at the phantom. Damon would help Meredith to control her bloodlust. Caleb says that he deduced that the group of friends was behind his contradicting memories and gave Elena the rose. 2012. L.5 times the size of a human. Darkness overtakes him and he passes out. They go along one direction and eventually find it. The book ends with a happy ending and everyone looks forward to the future. and give Bonnie an admirer who is just as sweet and even more naïve than she is—a pure white wolf with radiant blue eyes. Their bodies that were behind the rest of the group had disappeared. Meredith and Stefan go upstairs. who knows a little medicine from her sister Mary. so badly. This does not change anything. destroying it and destroying the phantom. because even the glow that Damon and Bonnie share at seeing new life come into the world wouldn’t be enough for them to call it decent. and he is shocked to hear that Tyler killed Sue Carson (who is alive again). . weakening the phantom. And I wanted to show how Bonnie. and suddenly they all end up in the garage of the boarding house. Damon says that it is one of the original phantoms. which is much more powerful than an ordinary phantom and it can actually take a form and a voice. and Matt arrives a bit later. but Matt looks around the first floor and thinks of Tyler's popularity. and then let her fly away with him. though. They would undoubtedly have tried to make me cut it. setting her on fire. Elena tells them all to look for the way out. The group goes outside and Damon gives Elena his blood to heal her burns as the fire department arrives to put out the fire. [edit] The Hunters: Moonsong In stores March 13. Elena meets Bonnie in the land of the flowers that can hold special spells. but Elena destroyed their prison. and the one in Fell's Church must be feeding off of jealousy. I also wanted to show how Damon rescues Bonnie from a vicious wolf-pack attack.

Book 3) o "The Return: Shadow Souls" (Vol 6. outgoing. She is the heroine. self-absorbed. Book 2) o "Dark Reunion" (Vol 4. I like to write things from Bonnie’s point of view. Her personality is described as being popular. You can help. ''The Return arc" o "The Return: Nightfall" (Vol 5. Elena is selfish. along with Stefan. as I did in Dark Reunion. in which she used in order to hide her inner emptiness. passionate. Book 2) 2. There are repeated references in the series that state that she looks like an "angel" or "angelic" in appearance. Although Elena is very beautiful and popular. which is later revealed to be the air car of the Dark Dimensions Guardians. opinionated. sociable. (May 2011) [edit] Main characters  Elena Gilbert: Elena is a beautiful and popular 17-year-old human girl from the town of Fell's Church. and overly headstrong. She was supposed to die in the accident to become a guardian angel. cheerful. The discussion page may contain suggestions. and how Bonnie once again begins to write in her diary. Book 1) o "The Fury" (Vol 3. she often felt extremely painfully lonely at the beginning of the series. He then decides to Influence Elena so that she will forget his existence. Book 6) o "The Hunters: Moonsong" (Vol 9. the main female protagonist (opposite Stefan) and the main female character of the series. to Damon and Bonnie and Meredith’s consternation. optimistic. childish. protective and loyal. Elena has endured tragedy in her life. Book 1) o "The Struggle" (Vol 2. and he does so. Her selfishness and vanity in the beginning of the series was a facade. nurturing. confident. She is also described to be good-hearted. shallow. because I won’t be around to write it. since Elena’s diary is also forgotten. She is raised by her Aunt Judith and has a younger sister named Margaret. I wanted to show how this affected each one of the characters.I even had the last book in that trilogy plotted out. caring. Elena over a period of time. . cool. vain. But none of these things will happen. where Stefan’s worst nightmare comes true and he takes so much blood from Elena that she has to be taken to the hospital for a massive transfusion. At first. active. Her parents died in a fatal car accident when she was younger because she distracted her father when he was driving because she saw something pretty. Book 5) 3. ''The Vampire Diaries arc" o "The Awakening" (Vol 1. Book 8) [edit] Characters This section may need to be rewritten entirely to comply with Wikipedia's quality standards. loneliness and sadness. transforms from an Ice Princess to a significantly more compassionate." [edit] Story Arcs 1. Book 7) o "The Hunters: TBA" (Vol 10. Book 4) o "The Return: Midnight" (Vol 7. ''The Hunters arc" o "The Hunters: Phantom" (Vol 8.

Elena's life changes forever when she meets the mysterious. feeling he has become more to her than one of her disposable boyfriends from the past. Elena is best friends with Bonnie McCullough and Meredith Sulez. It is also said that Elena's blood creates heightened power for vampires and it heals them and gives them extreme power and strength beyond words. especially vampires. and eventually fall deeply and passionately in love. passionate romantic bond and relationship with Stefan Salvatore. In Shadow Souls. In the beginning. so she makes up a fake boyfriend named Jean Claude in order to hide the fact that Stefan has rejected her. Elena loses her special angelic powers which were given to her from the Guardians and the afterlife after she completed her mission as a Guardian and she returned back to begin regular human girl with no special abilities. including her ability of telepathy. Stefan Salvatore. She also used to be friends with Caroline Forbes until they became rivals. although Stefan immediately realizes that beneath the physical appearance. The major reason for this significant change within Elena as an individual. Elena has an incredibly strong. In The Return: Nightfall. In Midnight. influence and persuade Elena into joining him so that he and Elena can live in the darkness for all eternity as vampires taking innocent human life. sometimes also referred to as the Red String Of Fate) connecting her soul (heart) to Stefan's soul. Katherine. Elena's blood is also made out to be extremely irresistible and attractive to all supernatural beings. suffering and hurt feelings to come up within Stefan due to centuries of grief and heartache. . Damon. However. Elena fell into a lucid dream. mostly had to do with meeting and encountering Stefan Salvatore. Katherine. It is described as being unlike any kind of blood on the Earth and the taste is completely unique and different. She dies a total of two times throughout the series after sacrificing her very life to save Stefan and protect her family and friends. Matt Honeycutt around the time when school starts. He does this because Stefan is strongly overwhelmed by the intense connection he shares with her and also.kind. dreaming about Stefan. the vampire being Stefan) to spirit (after an unknown power from the afterlife brings her back). there are many unexpected obstacles that try get in the way of them being together. Stefan's older brother. Elena is immediately drawn to Stefan with an electrifying and indescribable intensity after their first meeting or encounter. which is the basis of the whole series. Elena repeatedly rejects Damon's advances and remains fiercely and stoically loyal to Stefan and her undying love for him. changing from human to vampire (after she gets enough blood from both Salvatore brothers. she comes back a perfectly normal human albeit with unusual angelic supernatural powers intact and bestowed unto her from the afterlife. trying to force. Stefan realizes that there is also an extremely strong physical resemblance between Katherine and Elena. Her school reputation is important to her. despite Damon's wishes and requests. Katherine and Elena are two completely different people with Stefan stating that Elena is a much more emotionally stronger person. although in the later books. handsome new student at Robert E. indicating that Stefan and Elena are true. Lee High School. including the unexplained deaths and unusual events occurring in Fells Church and also. However. which initially caused suppressed pain. guilt. coerce. Stefan initially makes attempts to ignore Elena. she died a good person. Bonnie comments in Elena's diary when she first died that Elena was far from perfect and while she was never an angel. Elena breaks up with her long-term boyfriend. The two form a strong. where her killer. and had an out of body experience and saw the silver cord (which is also known as the SoulMate Principle or the Silver Cord of Fate or Destiny. selfless. brave and open minded person as the series progresses. according to Stefan. as they fight to stay together. deep and passionate bond. ultimate soul mates. He makes comparisons between her and his former vampire girlfriend. thought she only got blood from one vampire. warm.

Stefan is over 500 years old. Part of this is because he was once a member of the Italian nobility and his tutor taught him to dress as befitted as his position. gallant and brave. and plays the position of wide . In regards to his personality. the high school quarterback. He is stoically loyal and fiercely protective of mankind and he often plays the role of saviour. no matter how much Damon tries to conceal it through immoral acts. Stefan often ends up disappointed because of his naivety when it comes to Damon." and has never had to face reality because of his sheltered life. He refuses to drink human blood under any circumstances and chooses to live in the shadows. pessimistic. In fact. sullen. Stefan deeply loves and cares for Damon and always tries to see any humanity within him. he also has his share of flaws. mysterious and inscrutable. cuttingly sarcastic. and benevolent vampire brother. moody. Stefan spends his time "among books and paintings. brooding. Stefan has felt guilty for the longest time for "damning" his brother for all eternity and killing him. as well as transforming him into a vampire. the hero and the main male character of the series. he also has a strong tendency to be rather stubborn. he is highly appealing to women in general. He has strong morals and values and a strict code of ethics. Stefan is said to strongly resemble his older brother Damon. comes along. Stefan plays on the high school football team with Matt. Stefan is deeply tortured by his vampirism. He also says that Stefan is attached to his friends. Stefan is taller than his brother. self destructive and incredibly guilt ridden. he displays wit. courageous. with fine facial features which are Roman in appearance — pale complexion with a classic straight nose. Stefan is described as being exceptionally beautiful and classically handsome. family. compassionate. Stefan has an old soul aura about him but also. the male protagonist (opposite Elena).she starts to develop some feelings for Damon. selfless. and his duty to Florence. Although Stefan can be rather serious. a clear.  Stefan Salvatore: Stefan is Damon's younger. Lee High School. but physically has the youthful appearance of a teenager (he is 17 human years old when he dies and is transformed into a vampire). that might just be why she finds herself drawn to him. According to Damon. he attempts to blend in with the other high school students at Robert E. fine classic features and clear. but he has a hold on his humanity and the belief of doing the right thing. Although it is evident that there is tension between Stefan and his elder brother. the complete opposite of Damon. short wavy dark hair. charisma and a dry sense of humour and because of this. Upon his arrival to Fell's Church. his reserved nature keeps him from making friends easily until Matt Honeycutt. Stefan is mostly calm and laid back and is only hot headed when he is provoked. Following Katherine's "suicide" and his transformation into a vampire. Stefan is known to be the good vampire brother of the series. forest green eyes. Stefan is described as being emotional. except they have slightly different colouring. noble. Yet. depressive. However. brave. Unfortunately. In regards to his relationship with his brother Damon. He puts others before himself and is always incredibly self-sacrificing. Stefan is the male lead. intense. blunt. Stefan can be rather cynical. moral. fresh and youthful appearance. although she thinks of him as wild and dangerous. Stefan tends to wear very expensive clothing and they are usually darker in colour. empathetic. charm. self-pitying. Stefan wears a lapis lazuli ring on the middle finger of his right hand to protect himself against the sunlight. Damon but not imposingly. He is also described as being kind. Stefan can also be impulsive. hot headed and he possesses a quick temper when provoked. Although Stefan possesses many good traits and qualities. too. Like Elena. well-shaped lips. Stefan spends the next 500 years consumed with guilt. Stefan has an inner darkness and it comes out from time to time.

Giuseppe. because he never obeyed his father. cold-hearted. Damon lives by his own rules and doesn't care who he hurts in the process due to his ruthlessness and . a black belt. Giuseppe and wasn't the good. He and Matt Honeycutt become very close and best friends during The Awakening. He does possess the standard and basic vampire powers such as superhuman strength. Stefan admires Matt because of his goodness and his giving nature. possessive. guiltless. Matt plays the position of quarterback. unmerciful. especially whenever his brother Damon is involved. cruel.  Damon Salvatore: Stefan's elder. super speed. responsible. arrogant. which lessens his powers. Though Stefan is usually gentle by nature. jealous. who always shows his emotions no matter what they are). ruthless. Stefan breaks his promise to himself and drinks human blood. manipulating. unkind. and careless. vain. even though Stefan is aware that Matt still has feelings for Elena. Damon is self-contained and reserved on the surface most of the time and he is not an emotional person whatsoever (the opposite of Stefan. Stefan lives on an animal blood diet. amoral and malevolent vampire brother. Lee High School. Stefan. Stefan and it is said that he and Stefan have a strong resemblance to each other. Damon was always in the shadows of his younger brother Stefan. remorseless. never got along because of Damon's lack of responsibility and his constant disobedience. which is the essence of a vampires strength. agility and he also has the ability to influence people's minds (mind compulsion). Stefan is the "weaker" brother in terms of Power because he chooses not to survive on and drink human blood. although he has the youthful appearance of a man in his early 20's. Damon is known to be the bad vampire brother of the series. Stefan deeply. He is over 500 years old. in order to walk around in the sunlight. passionately and strongly in love with Elena and he is willing to do absolutely anything and everything to protect Elena and keep her safe from harm. black sweater and a black leather jacket. he is automatically able to sense her mind and presence and he is able to notice that her mind is significantly "different" from all of the other human minds within the school. He has absolutely little to no remorse or guilt over killing innocent human life or torturing. although he often shares blood with Elena throughout the course of the series. emotionally or physically. Damon. and a slim but muscular body type. dangerous. When Stefan first meets Elena when he arrives at Robert E. Growing up. even if it means having to kill him if he attempts to harm her in any way. though he is often very misunderstood. Damon is slightly shorter than his brother. He is also described as being sadistic. events in both The Fury and Dark Reunion show that Damon can be capable of fierce loyalty and affection. Damon and his father. the complete opposite of Stefan. Damon is the main antagonist. Like his brother. This gives him the power to change and shape shift into animal form and he transforms into a hawk. Physically. he has a bit of a temper. Damon wears a lapis lazuli ring on the middle finger of his left hand. Damon most often wears black clothing. Damon is described as being extremely uncaring. black jeans. obedient and upstanding son that Stefan was. anti-hero and a main male character of the series. only letting his emotions show when he's extremely angry . In regards to his personality. Stefan. abusing. He seems to favor black leather riding boots as footwear. unsympathetic.usually at his brother. pitch black eyes like midnight. Damon is frequently shown to engage in immoral situations throughout the series although.receiver. especially from his dangerous and impulsive brother. he is described as handsome and sexy. pale skin. Instead. obsessive. and using innocent people mentally. In The Struggle. which was given to him by Katherine. extremely selfish and proud. with fine straight black hair.

In The Fury. though Elena receives more attention. unnatural. although the reason for this is highly unknown and unexplained. with Stefan always being the one to try and break up the physicality between Giuseppe and Damon. He believes that the vampire nature is inherently dark. he would physically abuse him. Damon has an aristocratic. Bonnie seems to be the only person to bring out the "true Damon". kind. However. this is particularly evident in The Fury. he is also portrayed as a very dark and seductive figure. Bonnie is Scottish-American and her ancestors originate from Scotland. Bonnie is a small. tender and loving. "Go to hell. this comes from all the blood he has taken in from humans.‖ Damon allegedly engages in gambling. Elena Gilbert. It appears that Giuseppe was a cold-hearted. It is not known what Stefan and Damon's mother was like since there is no actual description of her. Damon's morality is always in question — and he is constantly suspected of mischief. long and thick strawberry-blond curls. when he started his own mercenary company. Tanner. jousting. arrogant. Giuseppe also suggests that for Damon to leave the university will embarrass Giuseppe because his friends will believe he has a son who is a ne’er-do-well and an idler who makes no useful contribution to the city.carelessness. because he feels that Stefan is responsible for killing their mother due to giving birth to him. but it seems as though she might have been the opposite of their father." Damon is regarded as one of the strongest vampires residing on Earth. that they are natural hunters and predators who are meant to kill and therefore. She also shares a very deep connection with Damon . He has deep feelings for Elena that are not understood by others. an offer both Elena and Stefan believe he will accept. he believes that Stefan's attempts to not feed on humans are therefore. it is also revealed that Elena also has strong feelings for Damon. and womanizing instead of studying. In The Return: Shadow Souls. and reveal his deeply buried inner tenderness and humanity. caring. Damon has a deep. He generally acts flippant. and very fair skin. supporting their beliefs that Damon is taking advantage of her. in the end he tells her.  Bonnie McCullough: Bonnie is an 17 year old psychic human girl from Fells Church who is also a witch. but claims he did so only because Tanner pulled a knife on him and that it was thus selfdefense. especially when it comes to dancing around an issue. While attending the unnamed ―University. He shows feelings towards Elena and Bonnie. petite girl who is very pretty and dainty with deep. He has a significantly very violent history due to his early vampire life. and even more especially when that issue involves his true feelings on a serious subject. His father says Damon would be failing every class if it were not for his tutors and his secretary. large brown eyes.who now is in love with Elena. Throughout the series. She is a main female character after of the series after Elena and she is the best friend of the protagonist. Damon has frequently shown to have a "soft spot" for Bonnie. Bonnie is best friends with Meredith Sulez. elegant demeanor and a very pragmatic outlook on life. He blames Damon for wasting his time and Giuseppe’s money and suggests that Damon wants to leave to return to his hunting and hawking. and constantly plays word games. Throughout the series. There is something very innocent about her physical appearance. but does not share this knowledge with any of her friends. indescribable but tender bond/connection with Bonnie McCullough. warm-hearted. Katherine offers to let Damon live and for him to reign in the shadows. uncaring. He kills Mr. a heart shaped face. Matt Honeycutt and Stefan Salvatore. intense. but weak and vulnerable. ruthless and cruel abusive man who was an alcoholic and when Damon was a child. Damon has hated and loathed his younger brother since childhood due to extreme jealousy and also. which is almost translucent.

it is revealed that Bonnie is in love with Damon. especially with death. who is two years older than her and it is hinted that Bonnie might have two other siblings as well. the school's history teacher. Bonnie has an older sister. She is also the only human female in the novel that seems to be completely unfazed by Damon Salvatore and his charm and is the only person that Damon admits to being afraid of. She is somewhat of a child and she faints constantly as she lacks self restraint of her strong powers. dark eyes. Although Bonnie's characterization generally appears to be rather light. with an olive complexion.Salvatore. She falls in love with Alaric Saltzman. In Dark Reunion. Matt has been seen to be protective over Bonnie. Bonnie seems to be the only one to fiercely believe in Damon and she understands him in a way that no one else does in the series. Most of the time. She is normally very cool and unflappable. and he is always there for her. such as when she jokingly reads Elena's palm on the first day of school and comes up with a genuine prophecy that she would meet "a dark and handsome" stranger who was once tall. displaying grace. Bonnie begins to dabble in the art of witchcraft. She even surprises herself a few times with her own insightful and helpful contributions to the fight against Klaus. amongst Elena's friends and often comes across as "the voice of reason". Bonnie is often said to resemble a bird — cute. Mary. Bonnie seems to act as an unwitting. She begins to develop a bond with Matt Honeycutt in the original trilogy. most notably the spirit of Honoria Fell. heavy black lashes. She is extremely cynical when it comes to vampires and the reason is suspected amongst fans to be because of the attack by Klaus on both her and her grandfather. especially where Damon is concerned. bubbly. She has a very wry personality. and dignity. In "Dark Reunion". Bonnie is deeply. and sweet. By the end of the original series. she never wears make-up because she doesn't need any. According to Elena. Meredith is best friends with Elena Gilbert and Bonnie McCullough but she is also friends with Stefan Salvatore. and extremely competent. strongly fascinated with and drawn to darkness. Calm and collected: Meredith seems to be one of the most sensible and grounded characters in the books. often making keen observations or (somewhat humorous) comments in a dry tone. She also has occasional prophetic flashes. Bonnie has become more grounded and serious. small. Meredith tells Stefan that Damon is . focusing on the problems at hand rather than boys at hand. One of Meredith's "distinguishing features" is that she has a "very elegant eyebrow". although she has very strong psychic powers and abilities. and has a long distance relationship with him as he studies abroad in Russia. Bonnie seems to be strongly drawn to Damon because of the seductive and dark aura that he exudes. Bonnie has a deep and intense connection with Damon Salvatore and later on. and loose black hair. is greatly overwhelmed by her powers. She is described as very elegant and beautiful. Damon has been seen to be fiercely protective of and over Bonnie.  Meredith Sulez: Meredith is one of Elena's closest friends. whenever she happens to be in trouble. She does things with minimal fuss. Bonnie is highly expansive and visionary but she can also be rather damsel-indistress like. Bonnie. who several times attempts to aid the girls through Bonnie. and successfully pulls off a summoning ritual to call Stefan back to Fell's Church. Bonnie does not remember anything she says or does while she is in this kind of catatonic state. skill. and relatively harmless. and attempts to repress the true extent of them without much success. who is a powerful psychic with supposed witch ancestry. unknowing medium for helpful spirits. although Matt is still in love with Elena. then successfully manages to help Stefan communicate with a ghostly Elena by various means. Meredith is tall. calm under pressure.

boy-nextdoor type. Before Klaus kidnapped Cristian. Matt is extremely jealous of Stefan and still pines for Elena. Meredith makes a comment and Damon does not respond. Due to his family being poor. Cristian was able to grow up into an eighteen-year-old even though he is a vampire. On Meredith and Cristian's third birthday. When he does so. with blonde hair and blue eyes (Stefan observes that his eyes are open and honest). 3: Midnight. Meredith's mother used to be friends with Caroline's mother a long time before the start of the series. Klaus Influenced Meredith to drink Cristian's blood." Later in The Return: Midnight she is revealed to be a vampire hunter and has been keeping it a secret all her life. He continues to be very protective of Elena. Later in the series. he instructed Meredith's parents to feed Meredith a tablespoon of animal blood every week or else Meredith would die. Then he kidnapped Cristian and fed him blood slowly turning him into a vampire. In The Vampire Diaries: The Return Vol. Matt and Elena were best friends since childhood and they know everything about each other and Matt understands Elena better than anybody. loyal and is described as the friendly boy-next-door type. the relationship between Stefan and Matt is closer to that of best friends. He's the typical 18 year old All-American boy-next-door high school star quarterback. Klaus has sent Meredith's parents pictures of Cristian. In Dark Reunion. He has . and likes to see the best in people. Despite being captain of the school football team. Matt is very tall and athletic. he is able to not only let her go as a girlfriend. even after breaking up with him. Bonnie says that Meredith's parents "considered her grandfather's condition such a blot that they never allowed him to be mentioned to outsiders. Matt is about as far from a stereotypical jock as you can get. and Bonnie has shown some interest in him. who by all rights should be considered his rival in his love for Elena. Certainly Elena still thinks that he's handsome. Tanner. and Elena surmises at the beginning of The Awakening that his scuffed shoes must have been the same ones he had the previous year on account of not being able to afford new ones. Despite being deeply in love with Elena. Both her parents and at least one grandmother are alive. he's quite mature for his age. Physically. Meredith's grandfather became a source of deep shame for the family. which gave him a tanned complexion. he accepts it. but afterward begins to think that Stefan might have killed Mr.dangerous. He is forgiving. Even more surprisingly. He's described as being an attractive. but he shows some feelings for Bonnie. all-American. Matt was the only boy in Elena's life who has had any kind of "influence" on Elena's transformation. Matt helps Stefan escape the Haunted House on the night of the attack. Meredith's grandfather currently resides in a mental institution in West Virginia. Although it is not explained how. While Matt is heartbroken at losing Elena to Stefan. coming to her aid several times (above and beyond the call of duty) in the story. Since Cristian was four. When it comes to the subject of love and relationships. This has resulted in Meredith's canines being like "kitten teeth" although she is not a vampire. During the summer prior to The Awakening Matt helped out on his grandparents' farm. but he's also able to remain her friend while not being bitter about his loss. and that he never should have brought his brother back to Fell's Church. he tends to wear older clothes. After the attack. wholesome. He's fiercely loyal. Damon admits to finding Meredith to be "a very scary person" and seems to be incapable of making rude remarks towards her when being face to face but only when they're facing away from one another. he's able to become best friends with Stefan. Before Elena met Stefan.  Matthew 'Matt' Honeycutt: Matt is Elena's childhood best friend and long term exboyfriend and first love. it is revealed that Meredith has a twin brother named Cristian.

Forbes mutters that the situation was a mistake and no one except. Mr. it is revealed that Caroline is pregnant with Tyler Smallwood's unborn twins but Tyler does not know about this. Caroline eventually gets involved in a relationship with Tyler Smallwood. and when Elena returns on the first day of school. it . It's not that fact that Stefan is a vampire that sends him spiraling into denial in The Fury. At first." Caroline also used to be friends with Bonnie McCullough and Meredith Sulez. slanted. regardless of legal or ethical implications.faith in the basic goodness of people. Caroline turned on her for reasons unknown to Elena (and thus unknown to the reader). Lee High School. Caroline seems to have a change of heart. presumably. it was suspected that Matt Honeycutt that was the father of Caroline's unborn children but it is confirmed that Tyler is the real father. bright green eyes. Caroline's personality is difficult to ascertain. to even managing to work out some motives for Damon's actions that prove him to be not quite as evil as he'd like people to believe. Mr. It takes a renewal of friendship and a heart-to-heart with Stefan for him to start to regain some of his earlier determination and good humor. Mr. and displays this several times during the course of the books. like a Vogue model or an international model. shallow. Caroline has a younger brother named Daniel Forbes. and seems to value social status above most other things. Bonnie and Meredith. as we mostly only see her being adversarial to Elena so it could be said that she is misunderstood. and stops speaking ill of Elena. After Caroline admits her identification is uncertain and the lynch mob breaks up. curvaceous and bronzed. Forbes says he is willing to use his daughter Caroline to trap Stefan and to let her witness his death because that sort of psychological damage would be less than the damage when her throat got ripped out. This caused the rivalry between them to heat up even more and become fiercely competitive. Stefan-should take it too seriously. Elena notes that she and Caroline used to be the best of friends. Her father. She takes social slights very personally. Mr. After Elena's second and then-final death. and he spends much of Dark Reunion in a previously uncharacteristic pessimistic and defeated state. Indeed. In The Return: Nightfall. cunning. She has thick wavy. Caroline is extremely competitive. the basic concept of vampires existing. Because Tyler is a werewolf. Smallwood to the crypt to lynch Stefan and Damon after Katherine's death. Caroline Forbes wanted Stefan Salvatore for herself but Elena also had a significant interest in him as well. she is met with a surprisingly cold reception from her former friend and newfound rival.  Caroline Forbes: Caroline is tall. selfcentered and seems to be willing to do anything in her power to get what she wants. doesn't seem to bother him particularly. She frequently wears skimpy clothing that emphasizes her assets and shows off much of her bronzed complexion and is always perfectly coiffed. Matt's faith in humanity and the world has been severely shaken. while Elena was in France. After the events of The Fury. Forbes may be one of the unidentified men accompanying Mr. but the fact that Stefan pretends to feel no remorse over attacking Tyler and his associates in the Quonset hut. At some point over the summer. selfish. Forbes. from sticking by Stefan despite damning evidence against him. auburn colored hair with catlike. is one of a group of fathers who join in a lynching party to stake Stefan through the heart and/or shoot him with wooden bullets. From what is displayed of Caroline's personality in the books. Originally. she rejoins her old friends. while a shock. When Alaric suggests that the attacker might have been "Damon Smith" and not Stefan. manipulative. though they developed a healthy rivalry for social status in their social group and who would be named "Queen of Robert E.

Her face is also described (by Elena) . He has a frequency to smile a lot. At first. and he made her into a vampire. and can't stand to see innocents hurt in any way. Physically. Saltzman: Alaric is the new. He even denies being a vampire hunter. [edit] Vampire characters  Katherine Von Swartzschild: Katherine is the young and beautiful vampire whom Damon and Stefan both fell in love with when they were humans during the Italian Renaissance.means that the babies are hybrids. Alaric is good at power-seeking and he has high material goals. Virginia. Katherine is described through flashbacks of memory. Gudren. and while they don't really have any romantic scenes together in the books. His research took a sideways step upon the discovery of the victim of a vampire. both unborn children are carrying the werewolf gene and could possibly change into werewolves in the future. and has a long distance relationship with her while he goes abroad to further his studies. be ambushed by people of the town. It's clear he feels comfortable around different groups of people since he is highly sociable. with jewel-blue eyes. She finally makes her appearance in The Fury. Born in Germany in the 1500s to the Baron von Swartzschild. Despite trying to appear as a fearsome vampire hunter and killer. falling back on what must be his own area of comfort to get to know the students and the potential killer among them by inviting them all to his place for a party. and pale skin. saving her from death and making her much stronger than she had been in life. nor are they as outwardly affectionate as Stefan and Elena. Alaric is good-looking with an athletic build. half werewolf. He's clearly not a certified teacher. sought out a vampire named Klaus who was in the local village at the time. being half human. and this displays that Alaric has a rather easy-going. specialising in the research of psychic powers. and is able to function very well as a host. Lee High School that was in suspicion of being a vampire hunter when he was in fact studying vampires ever since he discovered that they were real. In Dark Reunion. Katherine looks almost exactly like Elena. Alaric develops a romantic relationship with Meredith on the sly. The reason for their secrecy may well be the inappropriate nature of a student/teacher relationship. Alaric falls in love with Meredith Sulez later on in the series. He has a boyish smile. and likely not just to save his own skin. Alaric is immediately concerned for Stefan's well being and safety upon learning he has gone to meet with Caroline Forbes. he's really not a violent. young and attractive and extremely annoying History teacher at Robert E. Alaric is an Aquarius and he originally comes from Charlottesville. there are implications that the relationship is quite serious and going strong. Katherine was frail during her childhood and her last illness was terminal. and Elena observes that he's not really much older than the students in his class. He focused his research on vampire victims. hazel eyes. in The Fury. when Damon accuses him of being one. He's an experimental psychologist from Duke University. her maid. and sandy brown hair (which he wears a little long). which would age him at around 22 years old at the top end. especially during The Struggle. where he will no doubt.  Alaric K. becoming the foremost expert in the field. hateful person by nature. and a desire to connect with many different people. golden blonde hair. Once it is established that Stefan is not the killer plaguing the town of Fells Church. Later on. even though Alaric only went to Fell's Church to research vampires and only used teaching as a cover. Elena assesses him to be around two or 3 years older than she is. charming nature. Therefore. shape or form. Bonnie believes that Alaric is approximately 22 years old.

some of Katherine's powers included owl form.simply as looking "wrong" and "distorted. He later realizes that Elena was emotionally stronger than Katherine. That girl was Katherine von Swartzschild. When the Salvatore brothers first meet Katherine during the Renaissance. thus leaving the choice of a husband to Katherine. close-cropped platinum blond hair. who has never been a human. Klaus is very Nordic in appearance. she fails to grasp the deep roots of the conflict between Stefan and Damon. He is described as being handsome despite the fact that his features are often contorted in madness. Over the course of 500 years. with electric blue eyes and short. Katherine wore a necklace with lapis lazuli around her neck. The people thought that he was the devil himself. kitten form." he writes "Goodnight. who was docile and gentle. sweetheart" on Vickie's mirror after brutally murdering her and leaving that same song playing in her room. and excessively naive." twisted by hunger and mocking. tiger form. As a vampire. feeding her with his blood. He then turned her into a vampire. and the line between his evil and his madness is very blurry. Centuries later Katherine thought that she killed him. One day. because her young mistress was dying. Elena's resemblance to Katherine caused Stefan's initial attraction to her. and his evil deeds during Dark Reunion are always tinged with irony. their fathers were pleased and discussed a possible marriage. Stefan believes Katherine’s father is too fond of her to force her to marry against her will. The two brothers fought to the 'death' because of her loss. According to his words. but most of the time he seems unnaturally chipper. She is revealed to be the Other Power that is damaging the town. She is jealous of Elena and hates Damon and Stefan for daring to pursue another woman. she does not appear to understand the darker side of life. Her voice has been described as light. and he is very unpredictable. After that. where he somehow comes in contact with Tyler and helps him become a werewolf. he lived in a village in Germany. weather and mind manipulation. and months afterwards he took her under his care and instructed her how to be malevolent and despotic. When Katherine and Stefan spent time together every day. as was the standard in Renaissance Italy. In order for her to walk around in the sunlight as a vampire. she is a fragile young German noblewoman with a dark secret. Katherine reveals that she always loved Stefan more than Damon. When this didn't work she staged her 'suicide' by going into the sunlight without her ring. She displays her childishness by refusing to choose between the two brothers and believing that killing herself will resolve their difficulties. Katherine turned the two brothers into vampires in an attempt to be happy with both brothers. Katherine dies from burning to death after Elena tore off her lapis lazuli necklace and pushed her into a shaft of sunlight.  Klaus: Klaus is a pureblood vampire. When pressed. He wears a dusty long tan coat. Klaus is extremely deranged. Katherine is soft-spoken. leaving behind a pile of ashes in one of her dresses. he is deadly serious and reminds everyone about his unfathomable old age. he uses Tyler and his own enhanced vampire powers to play with . but Klaus arrives in Fell's Church. He refers to everyone as "sport. and he existed long ago before the pyramids were built. a maid showed up and begged for his help. Despite being a vampire. partly attributable to the influence of Klaus. Katherine has grown powerful and sadistic. melodic and silvery. instead of having to choose between them. In the late 15 century. His mood changes from cheerful and amused to absolutely enraged in seconds. innocent. and he kills (or nearly kills) Stefan with the same white ash wood spear that was intended for him. he seems to be a patient and methodical killer capable of elaborate plans. Despite his seemingly erratic and scattered personality. one of the 'Old Ones'. Personality-wise. he fought in the Trojan war and even helped for the downfall of the Roman empire. She boasts about killing many humans and vampires over the past few centuries. Physically.

presumed to be an Old One by Elena. mild face and flyaway red hair pushed back untidily. and their human friends. and nearly kills Damon as well. When Bonnie and Meredith go to her house. who is 4 years old. thinking it was the best for Margaret. peachy skin and light blue eyes. Elena and Margaret's parents died when she was around 1 year old. In fact. Then she is accused of killing Sue because she relapsed after her death and she was the only one present. She is the sister of Elena and Margaret's father. leading an army's worth of unquiet Civil War ghosts (the site of their battle was also the site of a bloody Civil War battle) against him.  Sage: Sage is vampire. and even secretly talks to her as a vampire after her death. Vickie Bennett: Vickie was an acquaintance of Elena. Tyler Smallwood's best friend. She has platinum blond hair. though unfortunately the kitten she chooses is an animal shape of Katherine von Swartzschild. although it is never proved. She moved in with Elena and her baby sister Margaret right after the death of the girl's parents. and his current whereabouts (and state of being) are unknown. though she briefly broke the engagement after Elena's death. she catatonically says that the murderer said she is next. she had a thin. Meredith and Bonnie but she was never particularly a part of their inner circle. she gives little to no evidence of ever truly understanding the activities and concerns of her older sister or the other characters. Physically. Robert Maxwell. as the reader only sees her with Elena or Aunt Judith. it is considered unlikely by her new friends. The ghosts carry a screaming Klaus away. It is unknown how she spends her time or if she has any friends. later married to. In the final showdown against everyone. Matt. She is deeply caring and one of the last people Elena talks to before dying the first time. She had stayed there in the church with Dick Carter. pink. all of the weapons used against him fail. Margaret is generally cheerful. Elena considers her to be very innocent. she does not seem to have understood that Elena is supposed to be dead even though she asks Elena if she has become an angel. He murders both Sue Carson.the Salvatore brothers. she was small with light brown hair and dark brown eyes. so she has little memory of them. She perceives Elena’s death as her older sister’s having gone to be with their parents. Due to her age. however after the turnaround of events and her transition away from the "fast crowd". She was at the cemetery with Elena when they left the Homecoming dance. given the ease with which she welcomes the vampire Elena's return. until an intervention from Elena's spirit. She is engaged to. a friend of Bonnie and Meredith. and she is empathetic enough to offer Elena some Halloween candy when her older sister seems distressed.   . Klaus more or less kills Stefan. She likes animals well enough to adopt a kitten. She was attacked and that caused her to go insane and she accused Elena of being part of it. She is the sort of woman who always looked vaguely flustered. and Vickie Bennett in an extremely violent manner and offers Damon a truce if he'll keep out of his way while he kills Stefan. Margaret doesn't have much of a history as she's only approximately 4 years old. saying that it is not yet her time to rejoin her deceased parents. She is left under the protection of Damon by his brother Stefan. Klaus also kidnaps Caroline Forbes and holds her hostage as bait to get Stefan to fight him. but is later violently murdered by Klaus. Margaret Gilbert: Elena's much younger sister. [edit] Human characters  Judith Gilbert: Judith is Elena's aunt and legal guardian.

he is very tall. In the first book. Tyler eventually develops a relationship with Caroline Forbes later on in the series. it was dormant until he knew how to activate the werewolf gene. black eyes. On two occasions. Flowers is. It's never actually confirmed in the original series just what Mrs. although he is rather fleshy in appearance. Meredith and Bonnie have all taken notice of this physical feature on Tyler. Mrs. Tyler has fleshy hands and he also has significantly large teeth. He is described as being handsome and attractive. Tyler is the stereotypical "jock" type. husky and muscular with jet black hair. Physically. He is also the father of Caroline's unborn babies at the end of The Return: Nightfall.and a smiling face with bright. is one of the founding families of Fell's Church. She helps cure Matt. the Smallwood's. She makes knowing references about there being things lurking out in the woods and makes jokes about Stefan flying off the roof. were the real founders of the town. the Smallwoods. . Flowers) used to be a medium or vaudeville. she was strangely absent from the Boarding House when she had every reason to be there. there appears to be some deep-seated resentment on the part of the Smallwood's over the history of the town's creation. She tells Bonnie and Meredith that her mother died sometime back in 1901 and that she (Mrs. pale skin and very dark eyes. after which the town is named. She then confirms everyone's suspicions about her by stating that she is a witch and has known about Stefan all along. Elena has observed that Tyler is significantly much taller than Stefan and is at least twice as broad as him. even though she wanted to be a doctor. This is something that Matt observes as very strange. She seems to suspect what Stefan is. It is quite possible that she has psychic premonitions. it's possible she knew they were coming and wanted to do it as secretly as possible. They once thought she was just a crazy old woman. when Elena discovers that Stefan is a vampire. Flowers is the owner of the boardinghouse where Stefan lives. He is later revealed to be a werewolf. Tyler makes an aggressive move for Elena and then to Meredith later on in the books. It's as if she were deliberately keeping out of their way so that the necessary could take place. It is noted that she's educated in the usage of herbs. [edit] Witch characters  Mrs. Mrs. In The Return: Nightfall. She has grey hair. Tyler took Elena away to the graveyard where she saw his grandfather's grave. more so than the Fell family. Flowers reveals to Elena that she became a nurse when she was younger. During The Return: Nightfall. Elena. Again. Tyler seems to feel that his family. but Stefan observes early on in The Awakening that she seems to be more than she appears. she is revealed to be a witch like Bonnie and helps the friends search for Elena in the woods. While she is eccentric. Flowers is smart. Tyler has been antagonistic towards Stefan and Elena ever since. who has gone missing. she is absent from the boarding house when they return with him. because women back then were discouraged from becoming doctors. She tells Elena that she has a "soft spot" for him and has decided to help Elena find Stefan. yet the doors are unlocked. broad. and that you'd have to be crazy to leave your doors open like that given the recent deaths. Flowers is said to be over 100 years old. Theophilia Flowers: Mrs. Stefan comes to save Elena in the graveyard after Tyler tries to force himself on her and because of this.[edit] Werewolf characters  Tyler Smallwood: Tyler Smallwood is an 18-year-old direct descendant of the Smallwoods that were present at the founding of Fells Church. after Stefan has been rescued from the well in The Struggle. She paved the way for them while making herself scarce. The first is on Halloween. Tyler's family. Mrs.

However. in the television series. which can be the size of a pinhead or big enough to swallow your entire arm. In his human form. Misao.[3] Filming for the series began in July 2009 in Vancouver. red all around the tips and golden eyes. making him entirely under Shinichi's will. the girls did terrible things to themselves. and used her to spread the virus-like creatures in the town. Shinichi and his twin sister. although she will appear sometime later on in the series.Flowers into the woods. like the case with Matt. 2009. Elena is played by Nina Dobrev. The malach entered his body and took him over from the inside. to make Damon one of his pawns. Her personality is spoiled and arrogant. and black eyes. Misao: Misao is Shinichi's twin sister. Misao possessed Caroline with malach. which enabled Caroline to get her revenge on Elena and Stefan. In the beginning of Nightfall. Under their influence. who offered a partnership to Damon in order to destroy the entire Fell's Church. almost translucent skin. Elena is portrayed to have pale. Despite the fact that they're brother and sister. long and straight dark brown hair and brown eyes. Shinichi looks like a young and beautiful Asian boy with pitch black hair. while in her fox form she has more than six tails and black and scarlet fur. the most obvious one probably being the change in Elena's physical appearance. In her human form Misao looks like pretty young Asian girl with long black hair. called Malach. Georgia after wrapping the pilot episode.[2] On May 19. Matt. she appeared in Caroline's mirror in the form of the girl's reflection. In his real fox form he has more than six tails and black and red fur. Many changes were made when adapting the novel series to a television show. Shinichi made Damon torture Elena and even kidnap her. 2009. Alaric and Mrs. but in the television series she has not appeared. In the books. His personality is twisted and evil. Meredith. and used her bad feelings for Elena to making them sign a contract. At first. scarlet all around the tips. corrupting his body and his soul. The high school and football scenes were shot at Walton Career Academy in Monroe. Georgia.  [edit] Adaptations [edit] Television series On February 6. Misao has a passionate and sexual attachment to Shinichi. mostly among the young girls. the colour of lapis lazuli. Variety announced that The CW Television Network greenlit the pilot for a television series entitled The Vampire Diaries with Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec set as the writers and executive producers. With the influence and help of Damon. he appeared as a dark and mysterious person.[edit] Kitsune characters  Shinichi: Shinichi is a magical fox spirit called a "Kitsune" from Japan. and they even shared a hot and intimate kiss in the scene where they lured Bonnie. used terrible tentacled creatures.[4] Bonnie also has both . making her believe that Stefan wanted her to be under Damon's care. One of Elena's best friends in the novels is Meredith Sulez. Stefan is lured away from the town with the promise of becoming a human again. who has olive skin. like home made piercings and offering sex to the older boys. long blonde hair reaching almost to her waist and dark blue eyes. while he and Misao spread the malach like a virus among the citizens of Fall's Church. British Columbia and then shooting moved to Covington. the pilot was officially ordered to series for the 2009-2010 season.

Also.In the book it is said that the brothers fought to the death. Isobel. who is in love with Matt. but in the TV series. in the book The Return: Nightfall. Isobel left Alaric to seek out Damon to seduce him into turning her. was a servant of Katherine's. her Aunt Judith (who is engaged to Robert) came to look after her and Margaret. Damon and Stefan in the novels were both born in the 1500s. who helped to protect her. They are also both significantly younger than the brothers in the books. However in the novels. In the books. Stefan has a strict 'no human blood' rule. Bonnie is known to be a psychic with strong psychic abilities and powers due to her ancestors being druids while on the TV show. Klaus is not known to be a hybrid. manipulative. in the novels. But recently. Vicki is Matt's younger sister.a physical appearance and name change (from Bonnie McCullough in the books to Bonnie Bennett in the TV series) in the television series. and now currently expresses an interest in Jenna. she is mainly nasty. while in the TV series. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. the Salvatores own the boarding home since the brothers are originally from Mystic Falls. trading in her red curls and pale skin for those of Katerina Graham. Virginia. who was also a witch. but in the TV series they were shot by their father because he discovered them trying to save Katherine from being imprisoned inside the church. is an Asian girl that lives with her grandmother and her younger sister. this has changed. but instead. In the books. Bonnie's ancestor named Emily Bennett. while Damon and Stefan on the TV show. he and Elena exchange blood often and willingly. Here. and she is not timid and damsel-in-distress like Bonnie is in the books. but an original vampire. In the books. as in the TV series. Also in the books Alaric Saltzman is 22 years old and Meredith's boyfriend and later fiance. In the TV series. but in the TV series. [edit] References This section includes a list of references. Elena has a four-year-old sister named Margaret but in the TV series. since they were turned during the time of the Civil War. the Salvatore brothers are born in Mystic Falls. (May 2011) . In the books. (who is half Liberian and half Russian). Stefan was renting a room at a boarding house in the book. It was mentioned he has a ripper past during the 1920s where he met Klaus. Bonnie is a witch because her ancestors were salem witches not druids. the Salvatore brothers are born in Florence. In the TV series. were both born during the 1800s. he is older (about in his early to mid 30's). Elena and Jeremy's Aunt Jenna (who is the younger sister of Elena's adoptive and Jeremy's biological mother) looks after them and Robert does not exist. while in the books Matt has no siblings. In the novels. Stefan is 17 years old when he dies and turns into a vampire and Damon is 21 or 22 when he dies and becomes a vampire. she is Elena's selfinvolved. he has already been married to Elena's biological mother. she has a slightly younger brother named Jeremy. Virginia. oblivious friend. he is the most powerful original and a hybrid (mixture of werewolf and vampire). but its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. In the TV series. is rather courageous and strongwilled. In the TV series. and always plotting ways to bring Elena down but in the television series. Italy while on the TV show. after Elena's parents died. Klaus recently returned to Mystic Falls and brought back Stefan's dark ripper days by force. Isobel. Caroline Forbes has a big personality change.

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