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8- Oracle Fusion Middle Ware 11g Build Applications With Oracle Forms Vol 2

8- Oracle Fusion Middle Ware 11g Build Applications With Oracle Forms Vol 2

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Published by: buddykutti on Dec 20, 2011
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WebUtil is a utility that:
•Enables you to provide client-side functionality on Win32

•Consists of:

–Java classes
–Forms objects
–PL/SQL library



WebUtil: Overview

Forms built-ins typically are executed on the application server machine. Some Forms built-ins
interact with the machine to create or read a file, read an image file, or execute operating system
commands. Although, in some cases, it is desirable to execute such built-ins on the application
server machine, there is often a need to perform such functionality on the client. To do this, you
can use a JavaBean or PJC, but that requires that you either write or locate prewritten
components and integrate each into Forms applications.

WebUtil is a utility that enables you to easily provide client-side functionality. It consists of a set
of Java classes, Forms objects, and a PL/SQL API that enables you to execute the many Java
functions of WebUtil without knowing Java.

For further information about WebUtil, see the WebUtil page on OTN at:

The graphics in the slide illustrate the fact that, while Forms built-ins interact with the middle
tier, WebUtil code executes functionality on the client.

Note:The client machine must be a Windows 32-bit platform, although the middle-tier server
on which WebUtil is installed can be any platform on which FormsServices is supported.

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