NGFFL Board :: 2011 Plan of Attack

Focus, Priority, Results :: Progress as of 12/20/11
December 2010 • BIG PICTURE: Fundraising outreach to low-hanging fruit • BIG PICTURE: Begin crafting local-league development toolkit • Sort out roles and responsibilities for ’11 • Recruit local-league development task force January 2011 • BIG PICTURE: Member survey : what’s wanted in 5-yr vision? • BIG PICTURE: Secure new national sponsor 1 • Develop brief ‘11 operating plan (assignments, timeline, success metrics; includes fundraising and communications sub-plans) • Review / approve 2011 operating budget • Recruit Gay Bowl progress & evolution task force • Recruit 501(c)3-pursuit task force • Request for input: desired rules updates • Deliver notice of dues deadline February 2011 • BIG PICTURE: Announce results of member survey • BIG PICTURE: Begin crafting 5-yr vision, solicit input • Begin discussion: potential bylaws updates • Review Houston GBXI plan; begin support • Draft, solicit input on potential rules updates • Support / help market Ft. Lauderdale tournament • Hear recs. from local league development task force March 2011 • BIG PICTURE: Unveil 5-year vision • BIG PICTURE: Launch local league development program • Call for Hall of Fame nominations • Hear recs. from Gay Bowl progress and evolution task force • Bids due to host Gay Bowl in 2012 April 2011 • Collect annual dues • Vote on potential rules updates • Begin support / help market Chicago Pride Bowl • Announce rules changes • Deadline for 501(c)3 application filing • Decision on what city will host Gay Bowl in 2012 May-June 2011 • BIG PICTURE: Secure new national sponsor 2 • Hold summer in-person meeting in Chicago • Affirm, ratify any potential GBXI structure updates • Test rules changes (at Chicago Pride Bowl) July-August 2011 • BIG PICTURE: Secure new national sponsor 3 • Secure GBXI team list • Solicit input on any potential bylaws updates • Review learnings on rules changes; affirm for GBXI September-October 2011 • BIG PICTURE: potential “town hall meeting” in Houston • Player registration • Vote on any any potential bylaws updates • Facilitate NGFFL board election November-December 2011 • Sort out roles and responsibilities for ‘12 • Agree on mandate and opportunities • Begin ‘12 brief operating plan • Goal for securing 501(c)3 status

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Unplanned achievements! • Developed and passed a sweeping update to NGFFL Bylaws. • Established all-new corporate partner mindset, strategy! • Launched 2-Minute Drill monthly enewsletter! • Detailed, well-publicized meeting minutes! • Reined in contact lists! • Dallas and Toronto! • Speaking out in NYTimes! • Rewritten rulebook for Gay Bowl play!

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