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Innovation Status Report

Innovation Status Report

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Published by Andrea Rael
First Innovation Schools Status Report
First Innovation Schools Status Report

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Published by: Andrea Rael on Dec 20, 2011
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All seven principals mentioned that a reason they wanted Innovation status was in order to have more
control over their school schedule or calendar. This was also frequently mentioned as one of the major
changes which the school made once it gained Innovation status (12 people at 7 schools). Schools
tended to make calendar/schedule changes which would provide additional collaboration or planning
time for teachers (e.g., banking time each day to use towards PD days), though a few made schedule
changes to provide students with additional opportunities to receive assistance, or to provide additional
time to pursue project-based learning. Increasing students’ core instructional day was not a focus for the
Innovation schools. Several principals noted that they had to consider the ramifications for parents and
teachers in making substantive changes to their school’s schedule, i.e., changing non-pupil contact days,
creating early release days, or adding time to the daily schedule.

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