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January 2012 Newsletter 8

January 2012 Newsletter 8

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Published by: Angela Bartels Curtis on Dec 20, 2011
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Contact Information S.A.S. in the evening or weekend
Patty Yarrow 636-293-3506 Tracy Bono Angela Curtis

S.A.S. during the day
Patty Yarrow: 636-534-5264 Shelley Saale Cindy Burrows

We have lots of fun activities for you to participate in while you usher in the New Year. Learn about 2012 being the Year of the dragon and get in touch with your creative side by making a Chinese New Year’s craft. Exercise with us to help get rid of those extra holiday pounds. Make a scrapbook all about your hopes and dreams for 2012. Come Eagle watching with us in Illinois. Don’t miss our Annual Winter Dance; a chance to dress up, enjoy the music and show off your dance moves. Join us for a great meal out at Pizza street in St. Peters for their pizza buffet. Once again we are attending the Festival of Ice which showcases an ice carving competition in Old town St. Charles. Get in the “grove” during the January 70’s DISCO birthday celebration. Attend the “all about dogs” activity and get a chance to observe several breeds of dogs and to learn more about them. So come and join us for a fun start to 2012.

Important Info. S.A.S. now has a BLOG! Check it out at http:// www.sasisfun.blogspot. com Please ensure that when registering for activities for either program that you forward the registrations to the SAS mailbox or e-mail your registration.. Make note of any costs related to the activities. When in doubt about needing money for an activity contact SAS staff.

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Monday 2

Jan 2011
Tuesday 3 Exercise 10-11:30
Wednesday 4

Thursday 5

Friday 6

CLOSED FOR THE New Year’s Holiday

Cooking class 1-2:30
Scrapbook & paper crafts 6:30-7:30

Coffee & current events 1011:30 Table games 1-2:30

Bingo 10-11:30

Wii gaming 10-11:30 Movie 1-2:30

Friendship Circle 1-2:30 Chair Exercise 6:307:30
Lowfat cooking 6:30-7:30

Tuesday 10

Wednesday 11

Thursday 12

Friday 13

Monday 9

Exercise 10-11:30
Table games 10-11:30 Pictionary 1-2:30

Floor bowling 10-11:30
Bingo 1-2:30

Craft 1-2:30

Catholic Mass 11:00-11:30 Horseracing with the Home school kids 1-2:30

Karaoke 10-11:30 Movie 1-2:30

Project Heart 5-6:30
Bingo 6:30-7:30

Birthday party 6:30-7:30

Music with Larry 6:307:30

Movie Out TBA
Wednesday 18 Thursday 19 Friday 20

Monday 16

Tuesday 17

Closed For Martin Luther King ‘s Birthday

Bingo 10-11:30 Wii bowling 1-2:30 Great River Road Outing to Eagle Watch –9:30-3:00 Scrapbooking 10-11:30 Puzzles 1-2:30 Key Club 6:30-7:30

Table games 10-11:30

Exercise 10-11:30 Movie 1-2:30

Friendship Circle 1:00-2:30
Winter Dance 6:30-7:30

Monday 23

Tuesday 24

Wednesday 25

Thursday 26

Friday 27

Cooking class 10-11:30 Table games 10-11:30 Floor bowling 1-2:30 UCC group & Card bingo 1:30 -2:30

Coffee Social 10-11:30 Horseracing 1-2:30

Craft 10-11:30 Friendship Circle 1:00-2:30

Wii gaming 10-11:30 Movie 1-2:30

All about dogs 6:30-7:30

History of the Chinese New Year 6:30-7:30

Table games 6:30-7:30

Craft 6:30-7:30

Monday 30

Tuesday 31

Table games 10-11:30 Beach ball volleyball 1-2:30

Bingo 10-11:30 Karaoke 1-2:30

Movie in 6:30-8:00

Sweating to the music 6:30-7:30

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Saturday 7

Jan 2011
Sunday 8

Event Descriptions
1/3 Scrapbook club- Bring your holiday photos (if possible) and learn how to make a Christmas themed scrapbook page. 1/5 Chair Exercise -Let’s get rid of those holiday pounds! 1/6 Cooking class– We’ll be making a low fat snack or two and learn tips for eating low fat; just in time to help with your New Years resolutions. 1/6 Movie– The movie will be The Green Lantern; the new action adventure version.

Saturday 14

Sunday 15

1/10 Craft– We will be making scrapbooks and filling them with what things we want to have in our lives in 2012. 1/10 Project Heart– The menu is a casual dinner. 1/12 Movie out– Join us as we watch a new release film. The time and movie will be announced closer to the date. 1/13 Movie-The movie will be The Lion King ; a Disney classic. 1/13 Birthday party– Celebrate all the January Birthdays at a 70’s DISCO party!! 1/14 Pizza Street– Join us for a great meal out at Pizza Street in St. Peters. This is a pizza buffet which includes pizza and desert. Please make sure you have funds for the meal. The senior meal is $3.99 and .99 for a drink. The adult meal is $4.49 and $1.49 for a drink. We will meet at the flagpole at 3:30pm. 1/15 Service project– Brighten someone else’s winter by making a sun catcher that we will donate to a local nursing home. 1/17 Key club– Come find out what activities the Key Club high school students have planned for you. 1/18 Eagle Outing - We will be meeting at the flagpole at 9:30 to go Eagle watching along the Great River Road and then stopping for lunch in Illinois. Remember to bring between ten to fifteen dollars for lunch.. We should be returning by 3:00.

Out to eat at Pizza Street 3:30-5:30

Service project 1:30-2:30

Saturday 21

Sunday 22

Saturday 28

Sunday 29

Festival of Ice 10:30-12:00


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Descriptions Continued

1/20 Movie -The movie will be The Help ; this poignant story will make you laugh. 1/20 Winter Dance -Come party with us as we celebrate winter! 1/23 All about dogs– You will get the opportunity to visit with a variety of dog breeds and learn more about them. 1/24 History of the Chinese New Year- Come find out about this year 2012 ; the Year of the Dragon. 1/26– Craft– We are working with mosaic tiles to make a trivet. 1/27 Movie– The movie will be The Smurfs; an animated comedy. 1/27 Chinese New Year craft- Help us create a Chinese New Year craft. 1/28 Festival of Ice– Bundle up and stroll down Main Street while watching amazing ice sculptures being created. Meet at the flagpole at 1:00pm or on Main Street in St. Charles at 1:30. 1/30 Movie- Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer . Join us for some laughs and snacks. 1/31– Sweating to the Music- Come and exercise with Angela as she shows you the moves to lose the pounds.

Important Contact Info. S.A.S In the Evening Patty Yarrow: 636– 293-3506

S.A.S During the Day Patty Yarrow: 636-534-5264


Free Events to attend
1/7 The Audubon River lands Environmental Demonstration- See a bald Eagle up close and personal. Learn about eagle watching and join in the fun of the kickoff of the eagle watching season from ten until two.

Remember SAS is offering “kits” for a monthly project or activity to be done in-home. If you would like to participate in the offered project ask your home manager to contact Angela Curtis.

I/28 The Festival of Ice is an outdoor ice carving competition where you can watch skilled carvers turn blocks of ice into amazing creations. Call 636-946-1898 for more information.

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