External environmental factors that are impacting “pegasus”

Presented by: Nida Younus Asma Siddiqui Sumaira ShAukat Sana Waggan Aqib Mughal

” .Current law & order situation in our country • Daily bomb blasts • government’s insincerity “Since last year I personally have experienced that my potential clients regret clearly that our government doesn’t allow us to go Pakistan or first ask me about the current law and order situation.

” .Source of revenue Local Exhibitors “They now clearly ask our sales team to bear all or partial (differs client to client) cargo charges if machinery is coming from any other city of Pakistan.

. •Exhibitors plan their visit before 7-8 months.Dates of the event •Exhibitors have limited budget.

December • Any date associated with worst law & order situation Example :12 may.27 December . Example 27. • any political leader’s death day.New strategy about dates.

For example : Expo Pakistan. if it is raining Extension in duration of the show • When minister is scheduled to come. .• Weather Show might be extended .

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