PHASE 2. 18 months until our USA VISA ends.

Help us finish well & either return to Oz or enter a new chapter in America. (June 013)
We just celebrated 2 years in America. We have birthed Forge America in several cities. Helped Community Christian Church transition to a significant missional posture & started a new mission in Hometown Aurora. Churches and pastors are asking for our networking & coaching all over America. We need to raise support immediately for 3 days a week. We are hoping you will join our support team in 2012 for 18 months. We need 10 people to support us $100 a month, 5 people @ $200 a month, 3 people @ $250 a month & 2 people @ $500 a month. We need 20 people who believe in us & our mission to America. Carter will hopefully finish treatment in 18 months. All donations are tax deductible through fill out form and go to additional info donation for (pull down menu choose Kim Hammond-Forge) Email us so we can keep in contact.


Contact 1753 Nancy Lane Aurora IL 60504 • 16304019369

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