Sara Triggs 9/22/11 I would rather be making silence.

I don’t often feel the need to impregnate the atmosphere with my angsty inner monologue, Because the world needs no more noise pollution. Yes I’d rather steep in silence And introspectively explore the vast dichotomies between reason And longing. Paradox runs rampant though my mentality As if harshly satirizing life itself. I am a citizen of the world. My country has just committed an abortion of justice. The land of the freeIncarcerating and slaughtering dreams. My country has failed millions. The home of the braveWhere the elite shield themselves with the almighty dollar. I believe in simplicity. I feel God But your theology holds no intimacy for me. Bring me to some primordial cathedral! A forest for shit’s sake! Leave me among the humblest of beauty To worship the intangible. Command me not with exacting principles. Abdicate your throne And offer me only mirth. I’ve been to Ecuador, and I’ve been to the threshold of my capabilities. Self-assurance lies at the foundation of my being, So I’d rather rely upon my own approval. My flaws only serve to fortify me once amended. I do get drunk from the bitter chalice of narcissism,

I’ve hidden behind deceit and indifference, And I have bathed in the vile sea that is materialism. Nonetheless, I’ve worked incessant hours in the name of social justice Carrying with me the knowledge that I’ll never see my progressive ambitions come to fruition. And I’ve taught myself that trepidation can devour and spoil life I’m seated on the precipice of autonomy & thus far I’ve lived a life of abundant advantage, and sparse misfortune. I despise all that I recognize within myself as ignorance, And if life leads me nowhere but to discovery, I will hold satisfaction in my hands