We have been listening the word FDI for last two or three months.

So before starting, what I want to share, I would like to explain the word FDI. The term FDI stands for foreign direct investment. It is the mode of investment in which a foreign company can start their business in any country (which allow FDI) by purchasing fixed assets like land, building etc. It differs from FII which stands for foreign institutional investment. In FII, a company can start its business in any country without purchasing fixed assets. My memory is not so weak as I can surely tell this that we became the slave of British government because of FDI. Ruler of ancient India allowed East India Company to start business in Ancient India. After independence in 1947 India decided not to allow FDI in any circumstances. But the best thing the history teaches us that it repeats itself. Now a days, India has allowed FDI in many sector and recently it is retail which gives self-employment to many of the Indians. Government is giving a stodgy reason about allowing FDI. According to government officials FDI will sort out the economy or employment or farmers true value purchasing Problem. Do we really having problem of economy or employment? If yes, then according to me no company in this world can remove the problem of unemployment. As we all know, a man get a job by their own capability. So we need to develop some good human resource in our country to remove the problem of unemployment.

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