Overview Communication Strategies Suggestions Creative Brief

Introduction •Launched in 1948 •Core Values •Physical and mental fitness •Chocolaty taste •3 flavors •Cadbury Bournvita •Cadbury Bournvita 5-star magic •Bournvita Li’l Champs CADBURY BOURNVITA .

Market Share • Bournvita – 17% • GSK – 66% • Horlicks – 50% • Boost • Maltova • Viva CADBURY BOURNVITA .

Bournvita bright • 1990’s – ‘Tan ki shakti. Man ki shakti’ • 21st Century – ‘Confidence to achieve’ CADBURY BOURNVITA .Communication Strategies • Target – 2 – 14 years olds • 1970’s – ‘Goodness that grows with you’ • 1980’s – ‘Brought up right.

longest running sponsored program running on India’s national television •Association with Cartoon Network •Packaging •Colors (orange and yellow) •Purple •Chocolate. milk and wheat visuals CADBURY BOURNVITA .Communication Strategies •Cadbury Bournvita Quiz Show .

S W O T •Strong brand presence of Cadbury that •Gives it a lot of credibility •Children relate very well to its chocolate taste •One of the oldest brands •Support from the parent Cadbury Schweppes •A very strong research team since they are constantly modifying their product •A very strong advertising team CADBURY BOURNVITA .

S •Lack of launch of new flavors W O T CADBURY BOURNVITA •Mothers associate it with the chocolate flavor ie only the taste so convincing them about its nutritional values is a challenge .

CADBURY BOURNVITA .S •The rural areas and the Southern and Eastern markets W O T •Having a wider reach by tapping other media sources •White malted drinks •Widening target market •Using information and technology to bring efficiency in logistics and distribution.

mainly on account of imported cocoa beans and cocoa butter in US Dollar and Pound Sterling CADBURY BOURNVITA .S •Stiff competition from Horlicks W O T •Large variety of flavors introduced by other brands •Large exposure to foreign currency exchange rate risk.

Problem Low penetration in the South Indian Market CADBURY BOURNVITA .

Solution Make advertisements for the South Indian Markets in South Indian Language CADBURY BOURNVITA .


is the mother of a 10 year old boy.Creative Brief Person Profile A 35 year old lady. She wants him to be an all rounder and succeed in every walk of life. who is physically and mentally very healthy. Saurabh staying in Chennai. Rukmani Iyengar. Mrs. She attaches a lot of emotional importance to nourishment while bringing him up. he wants to look out for the tastiest option to make his daily dose of milk more enjoyable. However. CADBURY BOURNVITA . now as well as in the future and he aspires to become a successful cricketer. She wants him to grow up into a confident individual.

CADBURY BOURNVITA . She associates with the chocolate flavor and doesn’t believe that it can give any nutritional value.Creative Brief Current Belief and Behavior She is not aware of the nutritional benefits that Bournvita provides.

Bournvita is the answer to her anxieties as he will enjoy it a lot. Cadbury cares for the development of my child CADBURY BOURNVITA . It is the perfect drink blending both taste and nutrition. Choosing this would be a wise decision and she won’t have to run after him to make him drink.Creative Brief Desired Belief and Behavior Bournvita has a lot of nutritional benefits apart from the taste.

nutritional. Cadbury provides a lot of credibility. self assured. tasty. street smart. CADBURY BOURNVITA . Brand Personality Healthy. innovative. Guaranteeing all round development of your child. intelligent. confident. up to date.Creative Brief Promise and Reasons One of the oldest players.

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