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AUDIO CULTURE READINGS IN MODERN MUSIC EDITED BY CHRISTOPH COX AND DANIEL WARNER UNDERCURRENTS: THE HIDDEN WIRING OF MODERN MUSIC Published by Continuum Booka in 2002 to music magazine The Wire, this anthology of oss convents and underying thorws narchwires into t Contents Recording Aapitse The esotare oxipins of tha Rhanosraph eh Fe ow spaion aed eo nod BEL rewe 1 dot An nun ONCE Ora HEV lectin UTR cto nal mung sce dettance ‘he ntl ona: Gand bration, ance to fture jncida with the 20th anniversary of tho UK independent experimental 1, many adapted ‘rom hack issues ot Tho Wie, cullines tre key adival music cf the past 10 year. ‘he hate tor the music of tha phones fy het Tha Ragged Trowsered srtholopints Hory Seth and sorte by Bui aheer'a Pra Sie “The Solo Mh Apprduah Sum Ra, Sheckhausae, Funk, How the Uva apt tual heen tlie Humane, are Thy italy Noceceany?: Sound act, sutosiata, muSien! seuIpALt Ee Gwe tone ‘utamating The Beat: The bees a hyton Estate sear {he futabah Goss On Forever tho road with Kraftwerk, Mak Wn Wades bret hs ogk Conerter Counioreatra plage nto the aeadouy Ereen tenes ‘Duck Wicckers The turnbabie as Ensturent Grea Sipe soy Al Mes Tho Retr of Meio ere he int Lanes: Sou oct wt tiie ae ea makin tral “Tha cs Of Chance: Cage, Kail Zaen: Ghanem onmratars musical cleo ma Br fate teat Sng Faces Sometimes: Soul musie's atinners ane bachatetrs iipPae Shocta Flares Of Freudoen: Improstsstion, othemeas and ina limits of pentane fy tel Tuas ‘Generation Eoatay: Maw Yan’ tree azz continu tyler conahe Cecoeraphy wel Bibixapny Also available from Continuum: THEODOR W. ADGRNO Philosophy of Modern Music ANDREW HULTKRAANS Forever Changes ANDY MILLER The Kinks are the Vilage Green Preservation Society JOE PERNIGE Meat is Murder STEVE TAYLOR The A to X of Alternative Music ROB YOUNG (ed.) Undercurrents: The Hidden Wiring of Modern Music WARREN ZANES Dusty in Memphis