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Governance of Shared Waters

Governance of Shared Waters

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Published by: Uğur Özkan on Dec 21, 2011
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This is the continuous process of water changing within its three states: solid, liquid and gaseous,

within all systems containing water, i.e. the atmosphere, snow-capped mountains and glaciers, rivers

and lakes, soil, vegetation, oceans and seas. The hydrological cycle, or the water cycle, consists of

the following phases or transfer processes:



Surface runoff;

Permeation into the subsoil;

Aquifer replenishment.

These components or phases refer to a local hydrographical system, irrespective of any dependence

on global phenomena. This is partly under the restriction that precipitation data, for the territorial unit

being studied, adequately refects causal relationships with that of the global hydrological cycle.

Precipitation or rainfall is therefore not a fxed value, but a variable, measured as a historical aver-

age and used as a constant in the water basin local methodology analysis. The other components

considered within the hydrological cycle are linked to the qualities of the area directly receiving the


Evaporation is the process of releasing molecules from bodies of water and from the water retained

in vegetation growing in the area, and is produced by heat from solar radiation.

Runoff is the movement of water from the upper areas of the basin to the lowest areas, occurring

either on the surface or at subterranean level.

Infltration is the process by which water seeps into the subsoil from the soil surface layers. This

phenomenon is determined by the topographic characteristics of the land itself, the runoff speed and

the permeability of the subsoil.

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