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Design and Implementation of Voice Recognition Based Home

Design and Implementation of Voice Recognition Based Home

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Published by: Vadivel Raja on Dec 22, 2011
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Presenter Name: J. Frolich Rajakumari, E.Y.Vijaya Tharani.

This uses an automation centers on recognition of voice commands and uses low-power RF and Zig Bee wireless communication modules which are relatively cheap.ABSTRACT: This project deals with the overall design of voice recognition home automation system. Upon recognition of the commands. . The home automation system is intended to control all lights and electrical appliances in a home or office using voice commands. data is passed to the computer through the sound card. The voice is captured using a microphone and sent to zig bee . At the receiving end (Central Controller Module). control characters are sent to the microcontroller serially and it is given to rf transmitter which in turn passes the control characters to rf receiver through which appliances can be turned ON or OFF depending on the control characters received. running on the PC. A Visual Basic application program. uses Microsoft Speech API library for the voice recognition.

This system uses a GSM modem in which a predefined contact number is stored . In case of fire accidents or some theft problem a message will be automatically sent to the predefined number and they will be rescued from the danger.The important application of home automation system is security system which help elder or disable people those who are alone at home to be safe . .

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