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Project Work (8809)/2011

Preliminary Ideas

Project Task: Risk Title of Project: Children swimming in private pools Name of Candidate: Xavier Quek Jia Jing CG: 1151A Date submitted: 6th May 2011 Name of Approving Supervising Tutor: Mr. Ong Seck Chye ___________________________________________
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Risk Working at heights in construction sites Construction workers in Singapore. Falling from height, causing injury/death. It is part of their job to work at heights, which is the risk. Action taken to reduce risk, by Ministry-ofManpower. Using safety net systems or body harnesses. This minimized the risk of falling from heights. Although there are safety devices for workers, some did not comply with the safety procedure of equipment usage and this resulted in mishaps occurring. Fall from height was the leading incident type for workplace fatalities, according to Ministry-of-Manpowers 2010 report. (

Technology improves the success rate of the solutions. Higher authorities such as government or management committees play a part in providing safety to the people.


Drowning, leading to injuries/death. Recreation, learning how to swim and good exercise. GI


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According to Singapore Medical Journal, children have highest number of deaths in swimming pools. (Bar chart from condominium swimming pools have the tendency not to have lifeguards on duty, increasing the risk.

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Children (5-10 years old) swimming in condominium swimming pools.

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Providing safety to next step can be achieved with involvement of new developers of condominiums to set up barriers (fences, etc.) around pools to restrict pool entry to one point only (where a security guard will the be present) when the condominium is still under construction, so children who are not supervised by adults will not be allowed into the pool. This is due some reasons, such that residents are unwilling to pay for having lifeguards and not having enough people using the pool, so management does not

see the need to hire lifeguards. The guards duty is to observe movement at the entrance and to render assistance to swimmers when needed. ( DirID=107&rec_code=103989)


Condominium community would enjoy safety features. Main idea is to minimize risk of children swimming, they would be banned from pools without adult supervision, and guard at entrance can monitor the activities at the pool and to provide assistance to swimmers when necessary. Technology like turnstile is available for use. It is controlled by the guard for movement of swimmers to block children. Guard can access the turnstile by a access card from the outside. Condominium developers might be interested in project as it gives residents a peace of mind and assures pool safety. Design can be aesthetically appealing by putting barriers made of glass.

MANAGEABILITY: Time taken is approximately 4 months, including researching; interviewing and doing surveys, one month used for compilation of documents. Condominium developers (City Developments) can be interviewed about feasibility. Cost, receptivity. ACCESSIBILITY:

Medical Journals of child drowning and their frequencies of happening. Condo-residents to be interviewed about safety of current pools and how they would accept the idea. Examples of questions: how do you think of the pool safety features?