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Group Members: Sadiq Usman Allahdad Omar Khayyam

Acquire ADAMS from Pfizer in 2003.
Entry in gum industry. Gum category growing 10% per anum. Number one in the confectionary market.

Company Life Cycle

Acquisition success
Strategically fit with each other. Address fear and anxiety in ADAMS. Constant communication. Planned investment.

Integrating ADAMS
Retained old people. New task and roles. Team oriented approach. Clear goals


Working together to create the Americas fastest growing total confectionary power house

Key initiatives
Invest in power brands. Availability of product at retailers.

Innovate to win.
Cut the number of SKUS. Cost cutting.

6% growth in confectionary market. 7% growth of ADAMS in USA. Gum sale increased 14% globally. Innovative product delivery improved from 24 to 12 months. Competitive edge of Innovative products. Capture 5 market out of seven from Wrigley.

Product delivery issues.
Product display issues. Cost saving techniques. Operational problems.

Planning to exist from drinking business. Ready for merger. Strengthen the market share.

Conclusion and recommendation

Address the problems. Merge with potential company.

Focus on the core brands as well

Global Confectionery Market Category Share


Market share in the global confectionery market

LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST Cadbury needs to strengthen the brand name of its products in order to survive in competitive world!

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