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Hydraulic Hydraulic Formulas Formulas

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Brake horsepower (BHP) at duty point =

GPM x TDH x S.G. 3960 x pump efficiency


Water horsepower (WHP) = GPM x TDH 3960 Wire to water efficiency = WHP x .746 kW Input or GPM x TDH Input Hp x 3960 or GPM x TDH kW Input x 5308


4. 5.

Overall efficiency = motor efficiency x pump efficiency. Capacity in GPM in a discharge line is proportional to the square of the inside diameter. GPM1 GPM2 = D (D)
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For the same discharge line diameter, the friction loss head increases approximately as the square of the velocity. Hf Hf

(V ) V
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Net positive suction head available (NPSHA) = Ha - Hvpa + Hst - Hfs WHERE: Ha = Absolute pressure in feet on the surface of the liquid being pumped. This is atmospheric pressure in non-pressurized conditions. Vapor pressure of the liquid being pumped in feet. Static head in feet of the liquid level above the impeller eye. Suction entrance losses in feet.

Hvpa Hst Hfs

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