What should be the ideal composition of work area for knowledge intensive organization.

Knowledge intensive organization should have a compositions such that: • Different people from different educational background so that each of them will have a different point of view and hence enhance the knowledge of each other employee having different opinion or point of view. • Also it may also create conflict and groups may be form of same background creating a problem for the employer. • A knowledge intensive organization should have an heterogeneous composition • Employee should be recruited such that their nature, attitude, aptitude match with that of the organization; or if it dose not match than proper training facility must be their so that the employee get adopted with the existing culture and share his/her and also listen to others knowledge. • The physical environment must be such that it encourages employee to share threre knowledge.

which in turns leads increase productivity . • also it leads to high specialization. of homogeneity in work stations? homogeneity leads employee • feel bored after a huge specialization.What would be the impact.

Also secrecy force employee feel that they are not consider as a part of the organization. to fulfill their personal interest).How would secrecy impact the work pattern in labor intensive organization? (the worker will feel that management is playing some conspiracy. . or either they are just used by the mgmt.

.What is the difference between convenient and organized – describe it in large industrial context.

How should the work place affairs be treated – give multidimensional AND critical views .

in civic infrastructure development in morally right but legally questionable context.Define “Collective Profitism” of government and Commercial Ventures. With focus on. Hence government has to give tender at a price beyond the tender limit which might be legally questionable but morally it is necessary to build road (infrastructure) in the rural area for its development. What is the extent of institutional gain and What is limit of masochistic exploitation EXAMPLE Road construction tender in a rural area given to a company at very high rate as no other company is willing to work there for any cost which is reasonable for that kind of project. .

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