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Linda M.

Hodgdon, Commissioner Department of Administrative Services 25 Capital Street Concord, New Hampshire 03301 Re: Vehicle Utilization Committee Waiver Request


Pursuant to RSA 21-I: 19-h, authorization is requested for the New Hampshire Fish & Game Department, Office of the Director to retain vehicle F1 which exceeded the 15% nonbusiness use threshold during fiscal year 2011

F1 a 2006 Chevy Impala assigned to Glenn Normandeau, Executive Director was driven 22,405 total miles, of which approximately 16,380 miles were non-business use. The percentage of non-business miles for FY 11 was 73%. This vehicle was purchased for, and is used as, the Executive Director's vehicle. I am the third director to use this particular car (Director Perry & Acting Director Clark also used it) which currently has 114,000 miles. The vehicle is used only for official purposes and commuting by the Director. It carries state plates and seals. I personally care for this vehicle, including doing much of the mechanical work and maintenance in my own shop at home, recognizing it is unlikely in my tenure that I will ever see a replacement. The Executive Director can be called or scheduled to be anywhere in the state at anytime including evenings and weekends. Having to come to Concord to pick up a vehicle in many instances would be a collosal waste of time - an hour out of my way if going north to Berlin or Lancaster. At 55.5 cents a mile the alternative of using a personal vehicle for business use will not show any savings to Fish & Game. Respectfully submitted, Glenn Normandeau Executive Director NH Fish & Game Approved by: <<NAME>> Commissioner