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NON-CONFORMING BAT LIST (updated 3/1/2011)
The rules that apply to bats can be found in Rule 1.27 on page 10 of the “L.A. City Municipal Sports Softball Official Rule Book” (Red Cover, Printed 1/03). Here’s a basic breakdown: 1) Bats shall be made of Wood or Metal, No 100% Composite bats – (handles may be composite, barrels can only contain metal). 2) Metal bats can have only one layer of metal on the barrel (No Multi-walled or Exterior Shell bats). 3) Outer surface of non-wood bats must be metal (No Fiber wrapped bats or non-metal coated bats). 4) Bats cannot contain Titanium. 5) Bats must be designed for Softball (no Baseball or Little League bats) and cannot be tampered with or altered, including manufacturer's labeling. 6) Bats cannot exceed 1.20 BPF (Supplemental Rules). Below is a partial list of bats that do not conform to our rules. Any bat not listed below but breaking 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 above is also unable to be used in our leagues.
Adidas Phenom Akadema Catapult Black Akadema Extension (All Models) Albin Incinerator (All Models) Anderson Fasttech Anderson Matrix Anderson Nanotek (All Models) Anderson RocketTech (All Models) Anderson TechWrap Anderson TechZilla (All Models) Anderson WrapTech AST Max Force Bass Jeff Hall (All Models) Bombat TD2 Boombah – (All Models) Combat (All Models) DeBeer Clincher EST DeBeer Shockwave DeMarini Juice DeMarini 375 (All 375 Models) DeMarini B-52 DeMarini Creature DeMarini CF3 (All Models) DeMarini CF4 Black DeMarini Classic DeMarini Dark DeMarini Demolition DeMarini Distance (All Distance Models) DeMarini Double Wall DeMarini Evo DeMarini Flame DeMarini F2 DeMarini F3 DeMarini F4 DeMarini FatBoy DeMarini Flame Demarini Juggernaut Easton Reflex Dan Schuck Easton Reflex Gold Easton Reflex Todd Joerling Easton Salvo Easton Synergy (All Synergy Models) Easton Synthesis Easton Stealth Comp (All Models) Easton Stealth + IMX Easton Stealth Reveal Easton Stealth Speed Easton Stealth Trizone Easton Ti-Core Easton Titanium Easton Tri-Shell (All Tri-Shell Models) Easton St1-Z & ST2-Z Easton Z-Core Titanium Grover Dual Shell Platinum Grover Platinum Grover Platinum II Hale HaleStorm Kelley Wraptech Louisville Slugger/TPS Ai Louisville Slugger/TPS Air Attack Louisville Slugger/TPS Air Attack 3 Louisville Slugger/TPS Air Attack II Louisville Slugger/TPS Air C555 Louisville Slugger/TPS Air Epitome Louisville Slugger/TPS Air Gen1X

Demarini J2 Demarini Destroyer DeMarini Phenix
DeMarini Ray DeMarini Signature DeMarini Rayzr DeMarini Stadium DeMarini The One DeMarini Vendetta DeMarini Voodoo Dudley Fusion Dudley Fusion 2 Easton – Any bats with “C-Core” or “Z-Core” Technology Easton CNT Flex Energy Easton ConneXion Z-Core Easton ConneXion CXN Sc888 Easton CV12 Easton Redline C-Core & Z-Core Easton Reflex C-Core Easton Reflex Sheila Cornell Easton Reflex Ultra (All models)


Any questionable bat not listed above should be brought to the attention of the League Directors before use.htm for updates. Primo Worth Asylum Worth 3DX (All Models) Worth EST (All EST Models) Worth GX4 Worth Insanity (All models except W4SB7) Louisville Slugger/TPS Xeno Louisville Slugger/TPS Zephyr Louisville Slugger/TPS Z-1000 Mattingly Beast Miken (All Models of Miken Brand) Mizuno Blur (All Blur Models) Mizuno Classic Mizuno Craze (All Models) Mizuno Envy Mizuno Frenzy (All Models) Mizuno Fury Mizuno Crush (All Models) Mizuno Orange Crush Mizuno Rage Mizuno Techfire (All Techfire Models) Mizuno Wrath (All Models) Nike Aero Fuse udgments by an Umpire regarding the legality of bats not listed above are final and cannot be protested.Louisville Slugger/TPS Air Inertia AI Louisville Slugger/TPS Catalyst Louisville Slugger/TPS Double Action Louisville Slugger/TPS Double Threat Louisville Slugger/TPS Dynasty XXL Louisville Slugger/TPS Gen 1X XXL Louisville Slugger/TPS Gen1X Louisville Slugger/TPS Genesis Louisville Slugger/TPS H2 Hybrid Louisville Slugger/TPS Inertia (except model SB17) Louisville Slugger/ TPS Maverick Louisville Slugger/TPS Mendoza Louisville Slugger/TPS Omaha (All Models) Nike Aero Athena Composite Nike Air Max Thrust Nike Air Storm Nike Air Storm GPT Nike MX5 Nike Surge Nokona Tomahawk One Cryo Equalizer 2 Powerflite Aerodyne Powerflite JA-7 ERC Powerhouse Ozone Powerhouse Ozone II Rawlings Plasma Fusion Worth Jeff Hall (All Models) Worth Launch Worth Lithium Edge Worth Lithium EST Worth Max 120 Worth Mayhem (All Models) Worth Mutant (All Models) Worth Powercell (Model #B5CABFP) Worth Prodigy Worth PST (All PST Models) Worth Quad Shell Worth WS23 EST (All WS23 Models) Worth Revolver TST Worth Resmondo (All Models) Worth Titan Worth Toxic Worth Wicked (All Wicked Models) Worth – any bats with “EST” or “TST” technology Louisville Slugger/TPS Voltage Louisville Slugger/TPS Voltage II Louisville Slugger/TPS Titan Louisville Slugger/TPS Triton Louisville Slugger /TPS Responsive Louisville Slugger/Nexus (all models) Louisville Slugger/TPS Outlaw Louisville Slugger/TPS Response XXL Louisville Slugger/TPS SpringSteel Louisville Slugger/TPS TiXXL Louisville Slugger/TPS Warrior XXL Louisville Slugger/TPS XXL (All XXL Models) Rawlings Rush Comp Rawlings Silverback (All Models) Reebok Dictator Reebok Melee Reebok Vector O Rip-It (All Models) Schutt Bustos Schutt Fernandez LFC9 Steele’s 7178 XXL Steele’s 7178 XXLG Steele’s Alien Steele’s C555 Steele’s Impact 2 Steele’s Laserflex 2-wall Steele’s Triple X Steele’s Turboflex TNT Power Toledo Katana (All Models) Toloso Maximus. This list will be updated as . Please go to www.