Demand Forecasts for Indian Automobile Industry

industrial production. interest rates. stock indices – Sector variables: eg. considering all the relevant demand drivers for each segment • Models prepared after considering an exhaustive list of relevant variables – Macro-economic variables: eg. GDP components. intersegment competition – Enablers/barriers: eg. Model launches.• Statistical methods used for forecasting. Finance availability. inflation. vehicle price. road connectivity .

) 2-4% 9-11% 13-15% 4-6% 20-23% 5-7% 4-6% 13-15% 13-15% 9-11% 3-6% 4-6% 11-14% 1 3W Total Auto Total .Forecast for 2011-12 Outlook Segment Cars UVs Vans PV Total LCV Goods MHCV Goods Passenger Buses Total CV 2W 3 W Goods 3W Passenger Source: SIAM Data F12 Growth (Oct-11 Est.

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