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Poka Yoke - Examples

Poka Yoke - Examples

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Published by: Sairam Yeturi on Dec 24, 2011
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Poka Yoke Examples – Bifurcation into strong / weak / innovative

There are three types of Poka yoke: (Source :


1 - Contact type: The use of shape, dimensions or other physical properties to detect the contact or non-contact of a particular feature. E.g. Things only fitting one way 2 - Constant number type: If a fixed number of actions or movements are not made an error sign is triggered. eg: completing data entry fields when taking an order 3 – Performance sequence type ensures steps are performed In the right order : eg, the use of a checklist for pre-flight checks or completing forms In a logical way.

Very Strong Poka Yoke

1. 2. 3. 4.

Main door lock – shuts off the gasoline inlet line Auto-detection of trains on same track, avoid accident – GPS Gas leak detector – Auto turn off electricity supply Insulin Vial – Detect existing levels and send reqd. amount to body.

Poka Yoke

Moderate / Soft Poka Yoke

1. Contact Devices -. Fixtures, Limit switches, probes or Non-contact devices ,LEDs, Pressure transducers etc 2. Iron box / Geysers / Auto off 3. Atendance Card Swipe at turnstile 4. Autosave in MS Applicaions 5. Phone cord plugs 6. Spell check on Outlook

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