Peaceful and Gentle The defining moments of something peaceful and gentle, Purity untouched is always benevolent Poetry

is speakable in tongues is beneficial to the one, who hears his or her tongue Languages break down barriers of untapped floetry Connection between the two is always poetry, so always realize this is an illusion As something stands between the one sharing moment in despair Of glowing upon the face of the dreaming voices hearing songs As beauty encompasses into the hearts of the one Who needs to hear it one last time, before he or she is put to rest And moved up or down below the underground of tomorrows busy bodies All these things could be a confusing memory relapse Or simply words of enchanted moments of understanding the reason for your reasoning Still a confused face of unknown, so let me speak to you alone Listen and hear yourself plea Look inside the face and then do not escape your grace This music is supposed to touch your gaze and change your ways So nothing, extreme of negativity destroys your face Relax and glide into the moments of joy and peace Tranquility is something you supposed to feel Without much complexity as this is once again purity for the one That simply lays down to sleep and dreams big dreams Sweet dreams… So kindness beams into your moving heart Leon Basin http:/

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