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Electromagnetic Breaking
By: Dibyasundar Nayak, 7th Sem, Mechanical Engg. Click of Engineering and Technology to edit Master subtitle style College Bhubaneswar

Magnet and Copper Pipe Expt.

Electromagnetic brakes are used as supplementary retardation equipment in addition to the regular friction brakes on heavy vehicles.

General Principle of Brake System

“Brake Fading” Effect

Reasons why conventional friction brakes fail to dissipate heat rapidly:


Working Principle
The working principle of the electromagnetic brake is based on the creation of magnetic field within a metal disc rotating between two electromagnets, which sets up a force opposing the rotation of the disc (Lenz’s law)

Set Up

A typical retarder consists of stator and rotor. The stator holds 16 induction coils, energized separately in groups of four. The rotor is made up of two discs, which provide the braking force when subject to the electromagnetic influence when the coils are excited. Careful design of the fins, which are integral to the disc, permit independent cooling of the arrangement.

Typical Electromagnetic Brake

Installation Location

Electromagnetic brakes work in a relatively cool condition and satisfy all the energy requirements of braking at high speeds Electromagnetic brakes are mounted in the transmission line of vehicles. The propeller shaft is divided and fitted with a sliding universal joint and is connected to the coupling flange on the brake. Installation of electromagnetic brake is not very difficult if there is enough space between the gearbox and the rear axle. The brake is fitted into the chassis of the vehicle by means of anti-vibration mounting.

Electric Control System

Characteristic of Electromagnetic Brakes

Advantages of Electromagnetic Brakes

Supplements Braking friction brakes



Increases life of friction lining of breaks, keeps them cool It doesn’t need a separate cooling system for heat dissipation Can absorb the load during heavy braking without self destruction Better controllability

With all the advantages of electromagnetic brakes over friction brakes, they have been widely used on heavy vehicles where the ‘brake fading’ problem is

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