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Simulation and Modelling in SCIENCE.

Group Members :

Name Azuita bt Zookiflie Khairunnisa bt Mohd Lazim Nor Izati bt Yusoff

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Charless Law
Charless Law show the relationship between the volume and temperature at a constant pressure. The temperature of the gases increases cause the volume of the container to increase. This is due to the increasing in kinetic energy cause the walls container to increase. In the mathematician equation is : Vf = Vi Tf Ti



Features of the simulation :

There are two different conditions ; low temperature and high temperature. The simulation has covered all aspect such as pressure, temperature, volume and movement of particle. The animation is continuous repetead so that it is easy for students to study.

Volume of the cylinder is changed. Movement of particle in two different temperature.

The graph is already plotted.

Pressure is constant.

Temperature is manipulated variable.

Unique features :

Momentum and Impulse : The momentum of a body is equal to its mass multiplied by its velocity. The impulse of a force (also measured in N s) is equal to the change in momentum of a body which a force causes. This is also equal to the magnitude of the force multiplied by the length of time the force is applied. Impulse = change in momentum = force time


The result when we varies the mass and the velocity (initial). The mass of the vehicles can be varies.

The initial velocity.

Final velocity.

Reset button can reset the modelling. Go button. The types of bumper car can be differ. More to safety precaution.

Unique feature of modelling :