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Chap 016

Chap 016

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Published by: Deepak Raj on Dec 24, 2011
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What are the two conflicting goals advertisers face when choosing advertising media? What is
the relationship of reach and frequency to these goals?


The conflicting goals are maximizing exposure and minimizing costs. Because advertisers try to
maximize the number of individuals in the target market exposed to the message, they must be
concerned with reach. In general, advertisers try to maximize reach in their target market at the
lowest cost. Although reach is important, advertisers are also interested in exposing their target
audience to a message more than once because consumers often do not pay attention to
advertising messages. When they want to reach the audience more than once, the advertisers are
concerned with frequency. Like reach, greater frequency is desirable but because of cost, the
advertiser (or media planner) must balance reach and frequency.

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