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Chap 016

Chap 016

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The California Pistachio Growers Association has an ongoing ad campaign in which it
encourages people to think of pistachios when they think of good times and good friends. The
goal of the ad is to increase consumption of pistachio nuts. The ads are examples of __________

a.competitive institutional
b.competitive product
d.pioneering product
e.pioneering institutional

Answer: a

Page: 345
Rationale: Institutional ads are designed to create or maintain an image or to build good will for
an organization. The ads are not designed to sell specific brands. Competitive institutional ads
promote the advantages of one product class over another and are used in markets where different
product classes compete for the same buyers. In this example, the California Pistachio Growers
Association is suggesting eating pistachios in social situations instead of other nuts or snacks—
competitive product classes to pistachios.

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