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SACS Training in Abudhabi

SACS Training in Abudhabi

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Published by Adamu Kogh Enemona

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Published by: Adamu Kogh Enemona on Dec 24, 2011
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Training on Offshore Structural Analysis Computer System (SACS®


Course Title Offshore Structural Analysis Computer System (SACS®)
(Intermediate + Advance)

Course Date/ Venue
20 – 24 FEB, 2011 Abu Dhabi, UAE

Course Duration
Five Days

ARYATECH MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES PVT LTD (SACS exclusive agent for India and Middle East)
B-1, HAUZ KHAS, NEW DELHI – 110016 Tel: +91 – 11 – 46018102, Fax: +91 – 11 – 46018103 Email: info@aryatech.net, support@aryatech.net Website: www.aryatech.net

ARYATECH MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES PVT LTD Page 2 . 2. workshops. The training will be a 5 days training and scheduled for 20th to 24th February 2011 in Abu Dhabi. However the same may be revised by the course instructor as per requirement of candidates. case studies.SACS ADVANCED TRAINING Proposed Training Program: We propose to have intermediate + advance training in the SACS Software. The training on the application and usage of the SACS software will be carried as per the below plan. General discussions and practical usage of the SACS software by each candidate. Training Topics: 1. however candidates with theoretical Structural background can also attend. Though the training is meant for engineers with exposure to the basic level of the SACS Software. The objectives of the training will focus on: • • Awareness and familiarization of SACS Software Intermediate + Advance SACS Practical and theoretical training Schedule: 1. the owners/developers of the Software. The training will be carried out by trainer from EDI USA. The lap top to be brought by the candidates. SACS Software and Keys for the Training to each candidate will be provided by Aryatech Marine & Offshore. The training will include Lectures. The venue of the training will be confirmed.

Jacket spectral fatigue analysis / exposure deterministic fatigue & wind fatigue 5 Collapse and boat impact Course Trainer: The course trainer/instructor will be Parvinder Jhita from EDI USA Course Fees: 1. India. Lift analysis based on the model that has been created. 3D viewing etc). Tea/coffee on arrival and in the morning/afternoon will be provided. Lunch. 3. New Delhi. equipment/dead load generations. Loading & Combinations. All other expenses like boarding/lodging/travel/visa is responsibility of the candidate. Ltd. environmental cards. Purchase Order to be made in favor of: Aryatech Marine & Offshore Services Pvt. exposure to Transportation 4 Earthquake analysis . launch and upending (1/2 day). Pile Soil interaction (PSI) 3 Dynamic analysis. types of Elements and usage.SACS ADVANCED TRAINING Day Description 1 Precede (including Axis systems. gap elements 2 Performing the Inplace Analysis. joint Offsetting. Also understand about the various factors to be considered for doing the Inplace analysis& also the calculation of the COG shift for conducting the Lift analysis. wave dynamics (1/2 day) and basic floatation studies (reserve buoyancy. Jacket natural frequency. The cost per candidate for the above Training will be US$3000. 2. model generation using in-built option. ARYATECH MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES PVT LTD Page 3 .

The same will not be copied/circulated without written permission of Aryatech Marine & Offshore Pvt Ltd.SACS ADVANCED TRAINING Confidentiality: All the training materials provided for the training are confidential and only for use by the Attendees. Certification: SACS Training certificates issued by EDI USA will be provided. ARYATECH MARINE & OFFSHORE SERVICES PVT LTD Page 4 .

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