From San Francisco I hopped on an evening flight to Seattle, jumped in a rental car, and made it to Tyler Johnson’s house

around twelve midnight. For those that don’t know Tyler, he’s a bit of a masochist. The man pulls a full school load, works a steady job, has a small career modeling clothing, and rides bikes faster and harder then you thought possible. Knowing all this, it didn’t come to much of a surprise to me that despite the late hour and rainy weather, we were out shooting five minutes after I reached his house. Much like SF, this was my first time in Seattle and I found the tales of constant rain in this city were pretty much true. Weather was an issue for parts of the trip, but my camera gear is weather sealed and Tyler was willing to shoot rain or shine so we were able to produce under the given conditions. That first night of working was probably the most rain we had to shoot in, and despite the slippery conditions Tyler had no problem giving me bar spin to fakies consistently on a bank. After spending a few days shooting barspins, wheelies, wall rides and other tricks that Tyler’s known for, we headed toward downtown Seattle on my final day to shoot up some pictures of Tyler riding through traffic. Much like the riders I had the chance to work with in SF, Tyler’s a blast to shoot on the street as he makes his way through traffic. He’s competed in numerous races on BMX bikes, track bikes, and even on a Taylor Sizemore commuter bike. My last stop of the trip was Portland Oregon to photograph Patrick, owner and

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Tyler Johnson boosts a wallride off a hastly put together kicker.